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Compliments for Women: #1 Guide to Make Her Melt For You

compliments for women

Crime scene: Local Cocktail bar Time: 23:44h Victim: Long-haired brunette with ice-blue eyes in an elegant navy-blue cocktail dress that underlines her outrageously long legs. Suspect: A brave man who […]


Ultimate Second Date Guide: Tips, Conversation & What to Do

second date

Your first date went successfully. Great! But… don’t cheer too soon. Because everything can still crash and burn during the second date… So that’s why in this article, I’ll give […]


19 Tips How to Pick Up a Girl – Get Her Easily

how to pick up a girl

You! Pay attention! I know exactly what you want. You want exactly what this popular guy has. This beautiful chick on his arm. You would want that too, then to […]


Short or slow replies? 9 Phrases that really grab attention

slow replies

You’re having a fun conversation with a woman. Either on WhatsApp, Tinder or in real life. However, after some time she starts to become slow in her replies. There’s a […]


The 131 Least boring Questions Ever to Ask Your Date

Would you rather have the gift of invisibility or teleportation? If you could sleep with any celebrity, who would it be? What is your fondest memory? What do you hate […]