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5 Steps to Quickly Overcome your Fear of Women

fear of women

You want to approach the lady crossing you in the street. You want to hit up the girls in the club. But. You’re afraid of women. In this article you […]


How To Make A Connection: 7 Simple Conversation Tips For Spicy Flirts

Man: ‘Where are you from?‘ Woman: ‘Brooklyn, you?‘ M: ‘Manhattan… what do you do for a living?‘ W: ‘I’m a kindergarten teacher, you?‘ M: ‘I’m a mason’ W: ‘Ah, okay.’ […]


10 Unique Romantic Date Ideas to Make Him/Her Melt for You

I’ve had enough of this bullsh!t. Again and again I see dates sitting wordlessly across each other in fancy-schmancy restaurants, while she pokes her pasta as he clamps the next […]


What Women Want in Bed: 10 Ways to be Her Sex God

“I f***ed the shiat out of her, mate!” “Mother of God, that was epic sex, I tell ya.” “I just grab them by the pussy.” Expressions Monsieur Trump would call […]


15 Oklahoma City date ideas to sweep her off her feet. Giddy up, Cowboy!

oklahoma city date ideas

Looking for some fun and romantic dating ideas in OKC to impress a special lady friend? Are you ready to come off as adventurous, creative and most important, different than […]