About us

Hi, my name is Dan de Ram.

Yes, what they say about me is true:

  • I have indeed helped hundreds of men across the world achieve a life lavishly filled with women.
  • I meet and kiss women during the day as if I’m doing my groceries.
  • I can arouse women at the snap of a finger over text with just a few lines.


…seducing women is NOT my talent.

Not at all!

I was a humble and lonely gamer, addicted to Call of Duty and RPGs.

An underdeveloped manchild, not even capable of seducing a girl if I were to be locked up in a female prison. With me possessing the only key.

But you know how the saying goes: desperation makes resourceful.

I had to come up with something, or I’d remain a kissless virgin for the rest of my life. Deprived of social freedom, sex, and love.

My rescue were the principles and techniques, that I perfected and systematized into my now popular system: FLOW.

Yet, I do have one big talent.

My talent… is teaching other men how to seduce women.

  • Recently during one of our trainings, I coached a 55 year old guy approaching a 31 year old lady. A few hours later they both walked through his hotel room’s front door (in broad daylight!)
  • A Belgian coachee sleeps with 3 different women in 3 days, all the while he couldn’t seduce any lady weeks before.
  • During all this another client dates 3 girls in 1 week using my copy-paste texting lines.

Yes, this is my work, my job, and my passion.

Together with my skilled coaches, we’ve been building on project AttractionGym for over 10 years now. My team and I have just one goal: Giving ordinary guys extraordinary results with women.

I do this by inspiring them with daily mail updates and videos on the best YouTube channel about online dating within the Benelux.

Also during our LIVE-trainings: Our Bootcamps.

And online, in the book with our complete method and history, and online courses like Conversation King.

And I do it all to give today’s feminized man a fatherly kick in the butt. To make him grab his love life by the balls, and take action.

Daily I get mailed or texted by men sharing their success stories. And I hope you too, will soon come bragging to me about your transformation.

You can reach out to me here: