Will I Be Alone Forever? Probably Yes Unless You Do THIS

I have a certain problem in my profession as a dating coach.

And that’s that I’m constantly being asked by men the following:

“Hey Dan, why I’m still single? Am I going to be alone forever??”

“What is wrong with me – why am I single??? Am I destined to be alone forever?”

“I’m so single. No women seem to find me attractive. I will probably be lonely forever and die a virgin…”

Well, you can imagine how difficult it’s to confront them with the brutal truth in this situation, can’t you?

Okay, that’s a lie.

It’s not hard at all.

You’re not going to get any “the right one will come along” here. No. You get to know the truth about why you’re always single and why you’ll stay single if you don’t dare to change some things in your life.

So, why are you still single?

It’s because of these reasons:

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Reason #1: You’re not interesting

No one wants to be with someone who’s average.

After all, you want an attractive partner, right?

If there’s nothing about you that makes you stand out from other guys, is flashy or makes you interesting, then you deserve to stay single forever.

You know why I’m so ruthless right now?

Because it’s damn easy to be more interesting than the average guy.

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There are five things you can do:

  1. Explore

The world, but also new opinions, views and ways of life.

The own four walls and a stuck world of thoughts are the places where all boring people hang out.

  1. Share

Even if you’ve experienced everything and visited every goddamn country, you’ll be boring to death if you don’t share your experiences with other people. Sorry not sorry.

There’s no excuse for not sharing your beautiful memories with others!

  1. Do

Don’t complicate it. You don’t have to invent a portal cannon that allows intergalactic travel or rescue puppies from exploding shelters…

It’s all about you doing something. Anything.

Sitting around and complaining that no woman wants you isn’t only unhelpful, but absolutely pathetic.

  1. Enjoy your quirks

You’re a fucked-up freak? Nice! At least you’re interesting.

No one is normal, and pretending to be is one thing:

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Don’t hide your strange quirks but wear them with pride.

  1. Be passionate

Everyone has different hobbies. Often two football enthusiasts get together, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

A woman doesn’t have to share your passion for collecting exotic turtles. If you live your hobby positively, you’ll still infect her with it.

Reason #2: They’re unrealistic

Yes, they do exist…

We’re talking about these men who still live with their mother in the basement, never leave the house, paint little Star Wars figurines and only shower every fourth day…

That is no problem; everyone should live his life as he pleases.

But then when they reject nice, pretty women because they only want to date supermodels who speak five languages fluently and have a master’s degree in cultural anthropology, then unfortunately I have to step in and say:

Have you ever looked in the mirror, bro??

They use the “I have high standards” excuse to justify being single.

The idea that it’s probably more likely to be due to other reasons doesn’t occur to them most of the time.

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Reason #3: You’re Ditto

You know Ditto?

You know… that pink Pokémon that looks 1-1 like a turd…

You know what’s even more disgusting than the fact that it looks like my stool from this afternoon? That it can take on any shape… totally grotty!

You know this man. He does anything to please that woman. All his life he has eaten steak for breakfast without bread and suddenly he is vegan because his beloved is leading a WWF campaign.

He used to hate tattoos, but now he’s got a colorful upper arm…

To sum up: He’s being a ditto…


Look… Maybe you can temporarily impress a woman with such behavior, but is this really a long-term strategy for success?

At some point the real you will come out and if she doesn’t like it then you’ll stand there like an idiot.

So instead, start by standing by your opinions and personality 100% from the very first date.

This isn’t only better in the long term, but also more attractive in the short term; believe me.

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Reason #4: You’re too ugly for women

“It doesn’t matter what you look like. What counts is what’s inside. You just have to believe in yourself…”

Stop before I puke!

A lot of “dating coaches” spread that crap. Of course, they also want to take the money out of the pockets of men who are less good-looking.

Of course, looks play a role; what did you think?

The good news is that I’ve written a comprehensive article on this topic.

There you’ll learn why you’re probably not ugly at all and how you can improve your appearance fundamentally.

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Reason #5: You’re a chewing gum on the sole of a shoe

There’s nothing more annoying…

You’ve had a shitty day anyway, and now you’ve stepped in fresh spit-up gum.

You’re on a run!

And the most annoying thing about it: No matter how hard you try to wipe it off, it sticks firmly to the sole of your shoe.

This is how many men behave towards women and it just sucks.

Once a woman is nice to them, they feel they have to stick to her all the time, shower her with compliments and drown her in a sea of cringy messages…

You’re allowed to behave like that; that doesn’t make you a bad person.

But if you want to stick your penis into a REAL pussy – and not into the cheap imitation you ordered the other day – then “neediness” should be a foreign word for you.

Reason #6: You don’t face reality

I put my head above the parapet and claim that you know exactly why you’re single, AND what you have to do about it.

However, many men lack the ability to deal with the brutal truth.

That’s why I have to take over this part and give them a loving bro-slap.

Reality isn’t always pleasant, but if you want to be successful in life (in which area doesn’t matter), you CAN’T afford to run away from it.

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I suggest: Be brutally honest with yourself. Always.

Keep in mind which aspects you still have to work on, but also what’s already attractive about you!

The fact is that people also run away from the positive aspects of reality. Hey, take a good look, there are so many cool things about you. Open your eyes!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being aware of your strengths. What do you think self-confidence is otherwise.

Reason #7: You don’t consider yourself worthy

That’s the most important reason.

Because how the fuck is a woman supposed to love you if you don’t love yourself?

You should seriously ask yourself this question.

It ruined even my last relationship, even though everything else was perfect. We were a perfect match and I thought she was extremely attractive.

She was pretty, athletic, intelligent… the whole package. The only problem was she didn’t see herself in that light.

Over and over again there were sentences like:

  • “What do you see in me?”
  • “I don’t deserve you at all.”
  • “You could have a way better girlfriend.

I went through it for a long time because I really loved this person, but after 1 ½ years it was no longer possible.

I said to her:

“I can no longer allow you to talk about the person I love like that.”  

She tried to change it, but couldn’t…

Love can’t be divided. It’s impossible to love only one person and nothing else and nobody else. That wouldn’t be love, but something else… morbid.

First work on feeling love for yourself and your environment and you’ll be amazed how many great people you’ll magnetically attract into your life.

I can even suggest a little narcissism.

Consider yourself the greatest. Consider yourself worthy. Think of yourself as enough.

I no longer want to have to be the only one in love with myself.

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How to deal with being alone forever: Become a BOSS

So, if you think I’m an asshole after that blog post…

…then you’re probably right.

But I’m an asshole with the best intentions.

Listen. We write articles every day on the subject of “having more success with women” and there’s a lot to learn.

This article is just a kick in the ass to make you aware of one thing:

Whether you stay single forever or whether you get together with the woman of your dreams is entirely up to you.

I’ll accompany you on your way, but I’ll also give you the necessary bro-slaps if you cry around instead of taking action.

It’s almost impossible to stay single if you’re sexually attractive to women; unless you actively choose to be.

Therefore, I’ve put together a free Transformation Kit for you, which will be waiting for you in your e-mail inbox once you pounce this link.

Good night!

My Free Transformation kit.

Your bro,

Dan de Ram

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