Asking a Girl Out Over Text – 9 Ways She Can’t Reject (+ Examples)

asking a girl out over text

Every woman you met in a club… you text with.

Every woman whose number you got via online dating… you text with.

Every woman you want to go on a date with, you…? Correct! Text with.

Texting is a central point that everyone must go through if they want to win a woman over.

If your messages aren’t solid…

…then there’s a good chance you’re going to lose a lot of women here.

But don’t panic, amigo.

Today, I’m going to teach you how to seduce women on WhatsApp like a boss.

What you’ll learn:

  • 9 Tips for texting a girl: Learn how to seduce her via text
  • How you get her addicted to your messages
  • How you stop yourself from driving yourself crazy
  • WhatsApp’s most powerful weapon and how you use it to melt a woman’s heart
  • What you can do if you’re too nice (and why it makes you seem more dominant immediately)
  • How to make your profile your wingman if you use it correctly
  • Asking a girl out via text: Why you should never ask her for a date (and how to arrange a WhatsApp date properly)
  • And many more tips on how to text her like a boss…

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Tip #1: Make an alliance with the “blue ticks” (if you use WhatsApp)

You know them…

Those little check marks located in the lower right corner of every WhatsApp message.

  • An isolated grey tick means that your message has been sent but not yet received. Maybe her smartphone is in airplane mode or she’s in the deepest Congo, where she has bad internet
  • Two grey ticks mean that your message has been received by the destination device, but the person hasn’t read your message yet. Maybe she hasn’t checked her phone yet. Maybe she’s doing yoga. Maybe she’s ignoring you.
  • Two blue ticks mean that your message has been sent, received and read. This is the case where a lot of men usually start to worry.

This meme illustrates this scenario perfectly.

A guy sends a message only fit for scrap and expects a response.

The woman “reads” this message, feels no motivation to respond… and then it remains silent…

Alright, alright, now you know how the blue ticks work, but… how do you use them to your advantage?

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Tip #2: How to be more relaxed while texting

Do you keep unlocking your smartphone and opening your WhatsApp conversations?

Maybe you want to see if…

  • She has already responded.
  • You texted something wrong.
  • The gray ticks have already turned blue.

These little nervous acts are ruining all your chances with that woman.

You are obviously paying too much attention to your chat.

It’s fantastic that you like her so much. But if you don’t want to scare her away with your paranoia, then do yourself a favor and turn off your “blue tick” obsession.


  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Go to the settings
  3. Tap on “Account”
  4. Select “Privacy”
  5. Uncheck the box next to “Read receipts”

As you can see in the screenshot, it’s no longer possible to track when someone has read your message. And others can’t tell if you have read theirs either.

And that’s a good thing.

This way, neither of you has to get paranoid just because the answer takes time.

There’s one more attitude that will help you in this respect:

If you get a heart attack every time your desired one was online at midnight without having written to you, this is the setting for you.

You can no longer see when women were online. Another reason not to get unnecessarily obsessed and open your conversation several times a day.

Bonus advantage:

Because nobody can see when you were online or read a message, you’re automatically mysterious. She has no idea when you’re online. Maybe you’re just about to climb Mount Everest. Or maybe you’re busy with the fourth orgy this week. Who knows?

Tip #3: How to kill your neediness

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.

And this brings us to the third step that will make your chatting life easier:

Disabling your texting notifications has a GIGANTIC advantage.

No matter what side you look at it from, most guys are too needy.

And even those who have many women around them become needy as soon as the “perfect woman” appears.

As a result, they text her too quickly and too often.

She’s sending them a message?

BANG, they read it immediately and BOOM, they’re already responding.

Well, I want you to be honest with me…

… are you someone who likes to read each of her messages as quickly as possible?

If the answer is “YES!”, then I want you to turn off your notifications… NOW.

Because that means you’re way too available.

An attractive man is extremely busy fulfilling his dreams or creating an epic life.

If your phone is constantly vibrating, firstly, it distracts you from creating an epic life, and secondly, the fact that you’re constantly responding shows her that you aren’t doing the things just mentioned.

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Tip #4: Your most powerful texting weapon

What’s missing in text messages?

Right: touching, eye contact, smell, etc.

You only experience these things face to face.

A text message is therefore incomplete, so to speak. It lacks a whole range of emotions.

If you’re an ingenious writer, who even outshines Shakespeare, then you can trigger strong emotions in her just by using words in text form.

But you’re a mere mortal? Then it’s much harder to win a woman’s heart by text alone, compared with a face to face conversation.

Voice messages come a big step closer to this.

Suddenly, you can make use of powerful elements that you had to do without in your text messages:

  • Voice
  • Emphasis
  • Volume

If you tease her, she can even hear that you have a smile on your lips.

(Many companies teach their customer service team to talk with a smile on their face. The customer hears this and is more friendly as a result.)

Long story short…

It’s about being more than just a sequence of letters – like most other guys, who she has probably forgotten about anyway.

Your voice (if used correctly, of course) will make sure that she only has ears for you. Forget the other losers from her chats.

“But Dan… If this really works so well, why doesn’t everyone do it? And why aren’t other dating coaches talking about it?”

Not bad questions.

It’s probably because most people play it safe and don’t like to experiment.

And the thing about dating coaches… Well… they’re just not as good as me. :p

I’m no circus monkey, but ok, I’ll prove it.

Says my voice is sexy…

Says my voice is cute… uh… sexy

Now you may think I’m showing off my heavenly voice here. That deep, hoarse, husky, panty-drying male voice.

But that’s my point… my voice isn’t heavenly. It’s not even that masculine.

In fact, I have a very average voice.

If you’ve ever watched one of my YouTube videos, you know I don’t sound like Sean Connery.

If this dude wanted to ask a girl out on a date via texting, all he’d have to do is send a voice message every once in a while, and he’d have a whole harem of them.

But enough about my bro Sean.

My point is:

Voice messages are terribly seductive, even if you have an average voice.

They’re unexpected, rare and make you a real person. You’re now the man who fuels her emotions and lets her fantasize about how great a date with you would be.

Interim conclusion:

  • Disable read receipts (and avoid paranoia)
  • Turn off the notifications (and live)
  • Use voice messages (and speak directly to her heart)

Want to text a girl? But don’t know what to text her.

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Tip #5: The power of an effective profile picture

I’ll make it quick and painless:

Choose the picture that makes you look most attractive as your WhatsApp profile picture.

This should be obvious, but I doubt very much that most men will implement it.

The better your picture is, the easier your chats will be. Period.

Even your grandmother might think of this simple suggestion. But I’ll add something to that:

Want to be more attractive than an average man?

>> Here are my 7 pro tips to make yourself attractive and masculine to women.

Share your profile picture more often.

If you have ever wondered how I got 90% of my dating tips…

…today I’m going to tell you my secret:

I walk through an adventurous life with my eyes open, recognizing patterns, going through every scientific study I can find, and testing, testing, testing.

The result is that I can even draw an important life lesson from a freshly placed dog pile.

So. I once noticed that I contacted women in whom I had lost interest overtime again, just because they had a new picture that I liked.

Suddenly, there’s a new attraction and you’re interested again.

I wondered if women know this and if some of them do it on purpose to reawaken a man’s interest.

So, I asked a friend of mine and she confessed that sometimes she does this indeed for exactly this reason.


Why don’t we men use this sneaky trick as well?

So, I changed my WhatsApp profile picture more regularly and I noticed that women responded to me more often.

Why it works so well?

The woman scrolls through her chat overview and suddenly an image stands out because she has never seen it before. It’s new.

Et voilà – you’ve already recaptured her thoughts.

In this screenshot, I changed my profile picture at 14:21 and immediately received a comment for it:

Conversations I’d already forgotten were suddenly revived…

…without having to type a single message.

Tip #6: How to brainwash her (and yourself)

To give myself an unfair advantage over the competition, I developed the nickname method:

It works quite simply.

You send her a screenshot with the name you saved her under.

Then you add:

“[Your name] Dream Lover”

The result?

Because you saved it under a nickname, she often does the same for you and uses the one you gave yourself.

And which of these two gentlemen is likely to trigger stronger, positive emotions with his news?



“Dan Dream Lover”?

If you use this method, you can also demonstrate that you don’t take yourself too seriously. For example, by using a nickname like “Micro-Penis Dan”.

A man who can make such jokes about himself is usually a f*cking boss.

There’s another, much more subtle way to make her subconsciously think that you’re a catch.

Today, I’m going to share this with you.

But first, you have to do four things:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Go to the settings
  3. Tap on the top of your profile picture
  4. Delete everything in the name column

It probably contained your first name until now.

Peter, Joseph, Ricardo…

If she has already saved you before you first text her, it doesn’t matter.


In most cases, she doesn’t have your number yet.

This means that she’ll see the name you set for yourself.

And this is where potential is wasted.

What can you do, for example?

Voilà… I just added pink hearts.

If I now text a woman, who hasn’t yet saved my number, a notification pops up on her smartphone with my name + my heart + my text.

As soon as she saves your number with the name she chose herself, she’ll no longer see these little hearts.

But it works for your initiating message AND…

it primes her.

“Priming? Eh? What is it?”

“The term priming refers to the influence on the processing of a stimulus by the fact that a preceding stimulus has activated implicit memory content.
– Wikipedia

She’ll be more inclined to respond when she sees you in combination with something that triggers positive feelings.

I know it sounds like a small thing, but just see for yourself what makes you smile more:

>> 7 Tips to follow to make a connection with girls like magic.



“<33 Harold <33”

Tip #7: How to appear more dominant without acting differently

I’ve already said it…

Something that makes texting so different from a real conversation is that you’ve fewer resources available.

You want to touch her? Forget it.

You want to kiss her? Good luck.

So how can you subconsciously make her understand that you’re a man who:

  • Isn’t childish
  • Is dominant
  • Knows what he’s doing
  • Isn’t overly friendly
  • Is grounded

It sounds too good to be true, but all these 5 things can be clarified with just one tiny trick.

Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. And do without those dirty emojis. This woman was very happy that somebody knew what he was doing.

Do you write things like “hbu” “waddap babygurl” or “you’re the best x3”?

Do you end each of your messages with that stupid monkey emoji covering his eyes?

Then you may come across as too childish.

And as for punctuation…

… which of these two phrases seems more dominant?

Take off your coat

Take off your coat.

The first sentence reads rather casually.

The second exudes much more dominance.

The first is from a 15-year-old boy.

The second comes from a badass CEO like Dan de Ram.

You don’t have to text an additional word to achieve this effect. Concentrate on what you’re typing, and you can make yourself look much more attractive. You’ve all the time in the world.

It’s worth the effort.

>> Get a women’s attention by texting her, must have 7 Tips.

Tip #8: How to become the best listener ever

At our boot camps, we teach participants a technique that helps them when they get a number.

It ensures that you can easily establish a deeper connection when exchanging messages later.

The woman will feel as if you already know her well.

And more importantly, you’ll feel like you’re communicating with a real woman, instead of just a digital sequence of numbers on your phone.

How does this technique work?

It’s very simple.

If she tells you something you don’t want to forget, write it down.

Often, we’re so arrogant and actually think that we’ll remember, but that’s very gullible.

So, open the contacts in your phone, search for her name and edit the contact.

Now you’re at the point where you can change her number, but also add her email address etc.

There’s also a text field for “comments” or “notes”.

Write down anything that might be relevant.

Inside jokes you made, her birthday date, if she mentioned it, her absolute passion she told you about euphorically…

For example, if she hasn’t posted her birthday on Facebook, she’ll be baffled when you congratulate her on that day.

Or you can rekindle the emotions you experienced back then by repeating an insider conversation, as in this screenshot:

Haha you have quite the memory

She writes, obviously surprised by the fact that I remember our conversation.

How to remember these details effortlessly?

You put them in your notes.

The other day, a dude told me he thought it was “lame.” He called it “cheating,” and added:

If you truly cherish someone, you know these things.

When I asked him if he knew the birthday date of each family member without having written it down in a calendar, he suddenly became silent…

“Cheating” or “being efficient,” call it what you want.

I know it works. And I also know that even Dale Carnegie talks about it in his legendary bestseller “How to Win Friends & Influence People”.

Tip #9: “I want to date her!”: How to ask a girl out via text

I’ll keep this tip short because this step is ridiculously easy if you follow the above tips, and the woman is fascinated by your WhatsApp skills.

Many men make the big mistake of asking for a date.

Yes, this can work if you have done everything else right, but even then you lose coolness points.

“A confident man doesn’t ask for a date. He suggests one.”

Even if he isn’t sure if she’ll respond to it, from the outside it still seems as if the thought doesn’t even occur to him that she might reject the proposal.

When you say, “Do you want to go on a date with me?” You make a woman think. She wonders if she wants to, and weighs the pros and cons.

This is a very rational process and as we all know, rationality can often kill emotions.

You’ll make it a lot easier on yourself if you just suggest the date like I did with this woman:


That’s a lot of free tips about how to talk to girls on the text.

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Good luck!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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