7 Best Dating Apps for Men (for Your Age Group)

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origneel The Best Dating Apps: 7 Popular Apps for More Dates with Beautiful Women

7 Best Dating Apps for Men – For Youngsters and Seniors

What’s up, bro!

Glorious times have arrived for all bros.

FINALLY, our humanity has evolved so that online dating is no longer just used by crazy cat ladies or eternal virgins who are desperately searching for their soulmate.

The shabby image that is often associated with online dating is beginning to officially dissolve. In a study from the United States, 87% of American men and 83% of American women consider online dating to be “socially acceptable”.


Because in this article, you will find out:

  • What the best dating app is for YOU
  • Pros and cons of 7 online dating apps. Choose what suits you
  • How to get dating success in each app
  • Much more insights about the best dating apps for men…

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In short, this large herd of people we call “society” no longer sees you as a loser when you meet women through the internet …

To put it more clearly: I personally think you’re a maniac if you don’t take advantage of the opportunities these dating apps offer young (and horny) men like me.

You’re missing out on so much… I could cry (not really, but almost).

Those who only seduce women in real life miss out on many beauties.

Let’s face it. How many REALLY beautiful women do you meet when you sit on the toilet? Or when you sit on the couch in your dirty boxer shorts at 10:00 at night watching an episode of South Park?

The only place they appear then is on the screen of your smartphone…

provided you have a smartphone and the CORRECT dating app.

First, you need to know which dating app you should bet on.

Therefore, my friend, I have once again (as usual) researched and tested countless apps for you.

You know me. I don’t want to disappoint you…

So, off you go Tinder Troopers, arm yourself, and conquer the world of dating apps with the battle plans developed by Tinder Trooper Dan so that we can celebrate glorious victories (in the form of dates and hookups with women from the internet).

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Why don’t you go ahead and call the chiropractor and tell him he’s going to have to work late…

Because I’ve listed the 7 most popular dating apps just waiting to be conquered by a young Tinder Trooper like YOU!

The best dating apps for men

I spend every spare minute of my life getting to know the most wonderful women I can find on this planet. My passion for it is so big that I’ve actually made it my profession to teach others these superhero skills.

My whole life revolves around the psychology between men and women (and Lord of the Rings).

However, although I live my life like this, there are moments when I find myself in an environment where there isn’t a single woman for miles around (which should be prohibited by law; after all, nobody is happy there).

Fortunately, we live in an age of epic technologies. Thank heaven! The universe has made it possible for players like me to meet sexy women through a device that I can put my your pocket > the smartphone.

This great invention ensures that I walk around all day with a half-boner, which I love!

Since I travel a lot and enjoy travelling, I was very grateful for the following information. The BBC used the analysis app Annie at the beginning of 2016 to discover which dating app was the most popular worldwide.

In their study, they identified the 50 most downloaded apps. In 2015, two flirting apps dominated the dating world: Badoo and Tinder.

In 10 years, Badoo has managed to stand out as the most downloaded dating app in 21 countries.

Its biggest competitor, Tinder, is the most downloaded dating app in 18 countries, making it number two worldwide.

RED: Tinder
Grey: Other apps
(source: BBC)

I spend most of my time in our cozy Europe. Tinder dominates the Nordic countries, while Badoo is the top favorite in the east and south. In German-speaking countries, Lovoo is number one.

It isn’t that Tinder isn’t used in countries where Badoo or Lovoo are dominant. After all, Tinder is close on Badoo’s heels everywhere!

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For this reason, in my eyes, the big boss among dating apps – my most loyal online friend, my refreshing oasis in the desert, and an inexhaustible source of hot women – is MOTHERF*CKING Tinder.

Hail King Tinder!

The best dating apps – #1: Tinder

Nowadays, almost everybody knows what Tinder is. All different needs can be discovered here.

Many current relationships have been established through Tinder.

Tinder is, in fact, one of the best dating apps for serious relationships, which many surveys and statistics can confirm (I know this might surprise some of you; it’s not only for hookups).

But what if you’re a horny fuckboy (like me, occasionally) and want to f*ck a stranger as quickly and easily as possible? What if you don’t want to find the wife of your future children, but the woman to whom you can give your little potential children (= sperm cells) free reign?

Then, my friend, the king of the dating apps can help you:


In 2015, there were already 50 million people worldwide who had made use of Tinder, and the number continues to grow every day!

Of all users, most are in their twenties. That means lots of young, sexy women who are looking for dic…eeeeh…men. 😉

How does Tinder work?

You create a profile using your number (you can also connect it with your Facebook account to use your pictures from there), select a maximum of five photos, and possibly write a profile text with a maximum of 500 characters.

You don’t need to be afraid that Tinder will post something of yours on Facebook. The app only uses the information to create your dating profile.

The idea is simple: You get to see a photo of a woman and, here and there, a profile text.

Next, you can either swipe her to the right if you want to bang her – eeeh…like her (no idea what’s wrong with me today) – or to the left if you don’t like her. If the woman thinks you’re great too, then you get connected with each other and become a “match”. You can only text each other if you have a match.

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Now, you can start a conversation with the women in the “new matches” category. As soon as one of you texts the other, your conversation will be found under “messages”.

Simple and primitive – as it should be. Just like us men today.

Because women are complicated enough as it is. Obviously.

Pros of Tinder:

  • One of the biggest dating apps worldwide.
  • The most popular app for girls in their 20s.
  • The app is free, but you can pay a few pennies for extras (but you don’t have to pay to use it successfully).
  • You only text with women who like your profile, which saves you a lot of time and nerves (by the way, here you can see how to create a badass profile).
  • You can specify your settings so that you are only shown to women within a certain radius.
  • You can (but don’t have to) write a profile text (which can make women more curious about you).

Cons of Tinder:

  • If your first profile picture isn’t impressive, then you have no chance of seducing them with your messages.
  • You can only swipe right 50 times a day (unless you pay for the app).
  • Fake profiles can appear.

Pro tip:

If you want to know how to set up 3 dates per week with the help of Tinder, read this article.

The best dating apps – #2: Badoo

This is the world’s most popular dating app, used by more than 326 million users (as of 2017).

I know what you’re wondering now. YES! I’m a fan of Badoo. It’s like Tinder on steroids and comes with other useful features. Tinder displays your mutual friends, but Badoo takes it one step further. It uses your social network and is also a dating site.

You can register via the app or the website (which is also possible with Tinder, but there you need to verify your account with your phone). The app works quite well for me as an online dating addict who wants to meet women everywhere and can’t help it.

The genius of Badoo is that it combines the best features from Tinder and Happn (my other go-to dating app) and comes with its own valuable additions.

How does Badoo work?

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is create a profile, which you can do with both Facebook and Instagram.

Your profile gives you more opportunities than Tinder to showcase your own awesomeness.

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You can meet women either by using the cozy, intimate Tinder way or by clicking on a heart icon in photos of women near you. You’ll also receive a notification if a woman likes your picture, in which case you’ll have to pay for your account if you want to chat with her.

  • You meet women with the help of the “bull’s eye” game, which basically works like the swipe game on Tinder. Different profiles appear, which you can “rate” with an “X” or a heart.

If a woman also marks your photo with a heart, the app makes the contact.

  • You can also look at women walking nearby you. If you like one of them, you can send her a message or like her profile, which will result in her being notified.

  • It’s possible to pimp your profile by buying “super powers”. This will result in your profile being displayed more than other men’s profiles. This increases your chances of getting great matches.

Of course, you must have good photos. Click here if you want to learn how to take photos of yourself that make you look more epic than Vladimir Putin.

The free version of Badoo puts enough women at your feet, but if you want to be a real pro and increase your chances, you can pay for the app (cost: $9.99 per month). These are the two serious benefits you get if you pay:

  • Your profile will be more visible to women on Badoo. It’s more likely to survive the merciless swiping of women than a non-paying user profile.
  • Badoo gives women the opportunity to rate your profile positively. Only paid users can see which interested lady is behind it.

Your options are clearly sorted on the main page. If you don’t pay, the people who have liked you won’t be shown. But that’s not necessary to get dates, bro. The “bull’s eye” game is more than enough.

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Pros of Badoo:

  • The dating app with the most users worldwide.
  • Quickly and easily discover women with the “bull’s eye” game that works like Tinder’s swipe.
  • You can see the profiles of chicks who are near you and start a conversation immediately.
  • If you get “super powers”, your profile will be advertised as epically as the Super Bowl.

Cons of Badoo:

  • Not everyone is single because it’s a social media and dating app.
  • You’re spammed with notifications (no need to ring the alarm bells; you can turn off push notifications).

The best dating apps – #3: Hot or Not

It’s rare that the name of an app so aptly describes what it contains: You rate other users’ pictures according to the “f*ck yes!”-“hell no!” principle.

The company (originally from America) together with Badoo (originally from England) agreed to share users. Also, the functions are absolutely identical.

So, it doesn’t matter which of the two apps you download.

You can find more information in the section on Badoo…

The best dating apps – #4: Happn

This dating app looks like Badoo and Tinder but works slightly differently.

It differs in that you’ll only be shown to women who were 250 meters away from you during a certain time period.

Happn is, according to user ratings, currently the most popular dating app. The Android version currently boasts an impressive 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Despite popularity, Happn could use more users. In most small towns, you’ll probably have few options. In big cities, however, the app is a leader.

When I installed Happn way back when, I immediately noticed how user-friendly it is and how easy it is to get into conversation with women. For spontaneous dates in the city, if you have an hour off in between events, Happn is ideal!

How does Happn work?

Again, you create a profile via Facebook and select the photos you want others to see.

Happn then uses your smartphone’s GPS and searches for women in your area. If you’re strolling through the streets on a summer day, you’ll usually pass lots of women. Happn presents you with profiles of the women you missed on your walk.

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Because with Happn, you have the opportunity to meet the sweethearts who were in a shop when you were strolling through the city.

When you open the app, you’ll be shown profiles that you can then “link” to.

Like Tinder, she has to like you in order for a match to happen. You won’t get a notification when a woman likes your profile. She must send a “charm” if she wants you to be notified (this is similar to the “super like” on Tinder). Of course, you can send this as well.

Pros of Happn:

  • Since you’ll only meet women within close proximity, chances are high you won’t have to travel far for a date.
  • You can indicate in your bio that you have time for a quick coffee. This way Happn emphasizes a respective user’s availability for a spontaneous date, so you know if the woman is available at that particular time.
  • You can meet women several times a day, so there’s a chance that they’ll notice you the second time if they missed you the first time.

 Cons of Happn:

  • The app registers where you were that day. I don’t shit my pants about it, but I know that many people are afraid of Google, the Illuminati, and other conspiracy theories.
  • Happn has far fewer users than Tinder or Badoo and is, therefore, not the ideal solution if you live in a sparsely populated area.
  • Our smartphones already have trouble supplying us with enough battery power to last the whole day, and constant tracking of our location doesn’t exactly counteract that…

The best dating apps – #5: OkCupid

OkCupid was launched in 2004 as a dating site. It uses a series of questions to reveal aspects of your personality; for example, “If you were to die, would the person who inherits your things be shocked at what they find?” or “Would you have sex on the first date?”.

The answers are converted into a value, and there’s a higher probability of a match with a woman with a similar value.

The rest works like Tinder, with the difference that you can text a woman WITHOUT having liked each other before.

How does OkCupid work?

When you create a profile, you’ll be asked all kinds of questions. You can reveal a hell of a lot of information about yourself in your profile.

Once you log in, you have several options:

If you tap on “quickmatch”, you’ll find the good old swipe game that we know so well from the other apps. As soon as you have a match, you can chat WITHOUT having to pay for it.

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You want to see who liked you? You’ll have to pay a few pennies for that.

Pros of OkCupid:

  • You don’t have to match with her first to text her.
  • Internationally known everywhere (a lot of foreign, hot women).
  • Under ‘match %’ you can see how much your personality/value system matches.

Cons of OkCupid:

  • Currently, there are still few users in a lot of non-English speaking countries.

The best dating apps – #6: Bumble

Bumble is often called the dating app of feminists. Why? Because it works like Tinder with the big difference that only women can text you first after a match.

You can’t chat with her until she chats with you.

It’s no surprise that Bumble is very similar to Tinder, considering that a former Tinder employee turned away from the company and developed her own dating app.

(Another hypocritical whiner who thinks that there are too many creeps running around on Tinder… Eh… ok?)

She didn’t have to lift it with her swipe-enthusiastic fingers.

F*cking generation Y…

Anyway, the concept of Bumble is that the roles are reversed. “I Tarzan, you Jane” becomes “I Jane, you Tarzan”, meaning that women have to initiate the conversations. The developers find that other dating apps are full of creeps and monsters who text women who don’t like them as much.

The app aims to counteract this by requiring the woman to make the first step.

The problem of impressing her with an original opening text is taken care of by Bumble, because only she can start the conversation.

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Is that an advantage? If you’ve studied Online Dating in depth and read my other articles about it, then you know how successful you can be online if you open a conversation like a pimp.

Especially in today’s world, where everyone replies to the question “how are you?” with a “good, but busy”, you as a man should take your fate into your own hands. And, of course, many women often refrain from taking the first step.

So, I can’t recommend the app if you want to get to know new women continuously like I do.

How does Bumble work?

Your profiles on Tinder and Bumble are as much alike as two drops of water. You log in via Facebook, select your pictures, and write a profile text, which can contain up to 300 characters.

After that, you can swim like Tinder until you bathe in matches. The difference from Tinder is that the woman has to write you within 24 hours in order for you to chat.

If she doesn’t, it’s game over. As a man, your only option is to extend the day by another 24 hours. And that’s it!

Pros of Bumble:

  • If you don’t have a plan for what to text at the beginning and you don’t plan to learn it, it’s good that women have to text you.
  • The number of swipes is not limited the way it is on Tinder.
  • Since your match is lost in 24 hours, women are more inclined to hurry if they don’t want to miss out on you.

Cons of Bumble:

  • Mainly foreign chicks use this app. This can also be an advantage if you’re fed up with American women.
  • It’s great when the woman starts the conversation, but you can’t do a damn thing if she doesn’t have time, for example, and misses out on writing you.
  • Less popular in European cities.

The best dating apps – #7: Hater

You’ll notice that the above-mentioned apps have similar functions. If you’re one of those people who are sick of Tinder and Co, Hater might be right for you.

This dating app isn’t based on common interests or hobbies; instead, it’s based on things you both hate.

And that’s not a bad idea when you consider today’s findings in psychology. There are actually studies that show that two people feel closer after a shared negative attitude toward a third person.

I can only confirm this from my experience: There’s nothing better than someone sharing my hatred of kitschy couples.

With Hater it can be about silly things like “cutting onions” or “paying extra for ketchup”, but it can also cover more serious topics like political attitudes.

Hater is the creation of a former banker who quit his job to become a comedian. At first, it was just supposed to be a sketch for a show, but then he realized that Hater actually had the potential to be an app – a true comedy story.

It’s not like you can hate everything. The themes are set by the Hater team, not the users. This is to keep xenophobia and racism out of the app.

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If you don’t have an opinion on a particular topic, you can skip it. The app is constantly adding new things you can hate, so your hate profile is constantly growing.

Pros of Hater:

  • It makes it easy to start a conversation because you can simply complain to a woman about something.
  • Absolutely free of charge.

Cons of Hater:

  • The app currently only runs on Apple’s iOS system.
  • Therefore, there are few users.

Okay, but do I have to download all the apps and create an account?

As you can see, there are many similarities between the different top (free) dating apps.

Therefore, it’s up to you to ask yourself: What are you looking for?

Are you looking for something solid that has a future?

Or, are you a cold-hearted player like me, whose absolute passion is to constantly meet new women?

After you are certain about what you want, adjust your profile to fit your vision.

What about the rest?

There are several other dating apps that I haven’t discussed here, and new ones are added every month. Currently, these 7 are the most interesting ones in the online dating market.

Who knows which of them will still be relevant in our fast-moving world in the future…

You don’t have to download every single app and create a profile, but I recommend that you learn how to become an absolute online dating boss in general.

Fortunately, I’ve written a step-by-step guide for you regarding this.

It’s my Texting Masterclass, which you can find in my free Transformation Kit.

Downloadable below, or by clicking right here.

May the force be with you!

Dan de Ram

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