10 Best Tinder Conversation Starters by Online Dating Experts

ATTENTION: In this article, you won’t find any used up Tinder one-liners or conversation openers.

Below you will find the secret Tinder techniques of the best seducers of Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Read everything in the order it’s written, so you won’t miss anything. If you do, I guarantee you’ll have more success on Tinder than ever before.

Let me ask you a question first:

How the hell do you start a good conversation?

Suppose you have a match you find phenomenal and then, of all things…

…you just can’t find the right words.

No matter how hard you try, your brain just doesn’t seem to work anymore:

You can’t think of any Tinder convo starters to hit her up with.

Or even worse: You send her a text, but she doesn’t respond.

And now, here you are…




Bro, if you:

  • Don’t know how to start a chat on Tinder
  • Have constant self-doubt whether your first texts are good enough
  • Rarely or NEVER get responses from your matches
  • Usually get short responses from beautiful women like “haha” s
  • Have no idea how to proceed after your opening sentence
  • And much more for a smooth Tinder pickup line…

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Then I’ve got extraordinarily good news for you!

Because with this article, I will free you from all your headaches and self-doubts.


Some smooth Tinder pickup lines have become classics over the years.

Unfortunately, most of them have been used so inflationary that they won’t work any longer.

They’ve lost their “wow” effect entirely, and the only thing you prove with them is that you couldn’t come up with a good convo starter yourself.

>> 16 Best Tinder Openers from Fieldtesting Women Just Can’t Resist.

The result?

You will never hear from her again…

She could have been the perfect woman for you, but as of today, your chances with her are gone.

To counteract this once and for all, I’m going to introduce you to…

the matrix of the most effective Tinder conversation starters.

At AttractionGym, we’re constantly looking for the best techniques and most efficient methods.

For this reason, I’ve not only exchanged ideas with my Dutch team (consisting of the best seducers of the nation) for this article…


I also talked to the best seducers of our German and Belgian team just to serve you the crème de la crème of Tinder conversation starters.

You will see in the examples that every “author” has his own style of texting a woman.

But as different as the starters may be, they’re all effective.

“But didn’t you just say that it’s incredibly unattractive just to copy lines?”

Excellent objection.

Unlike the wannabe dating coaches who will simply throw you some third-class conversation starter, today we’re going one step further…

By explaining to you WHY the examples work so well.

At the end of this blog post, I not only want you to try them (before everyone uses them)…

…but also that you know exactly how you can easily create your own first-class messages for every situation.

Before you do, watch the video that Klaus made about this topic:


Ready to rumble?

Okay, let’s go!

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Good Tinder lines that work for EVERY woman

I tried out all the conversation starters that follow immediately on a series of fresh matches. So, every line had the same chances.

I sent each of these starters to 10 chicas bonitas.

How many have finally responded to them, I will list for you under each message under the point “Response rate.”

One thing I can already tell you:

That one Tinder message will get any woman to respond positively…

… you can find it next to the stack of lottery tickets, with which you hit the jackpot every time, and the pill, which extends your penis by 6 inches after taking it.

The ultimate Tinder conversation starter, which works perfectly every time, doesn’t exist.

Sorry not sorry, bro.

Women remain wondrous, complex beings.

In the land of copy and paste lines, I show you today, nevertheless the absolute crown jewels of the current time.


Every woman has her own humor and personality. Therefore, it might be that a line works well for Lisa but lousy for Kim.

It’s up to you to use the convo starters that fit your sense of humor AND your match.

What? Do you want to know how to tell if your text fits your match?

Now, I want you to spread your gazers wide open…

If you want to make sure that your matches are made up exclusively of women for whom your spell works excellent…

… then this is the best way:

Create a strong profile.

A profile that optimally reflects your personality.

This way, you directly filter out women who probably won’t connect with you.

The result?

>> How to Flirt with Women – the 4 Awkward-Free Ways.

Attractive women who, for example, have a sense of humor like you, seep through, and your response rate is skyrockets.

“Okay, Dan, that makes sense, but how the hell do I create such a profile?”

You can do it by…

  1. Shooting and uploading great profile pictures
  2. Writing an epic profile text

For this blog post, I’ve deleted my Tinder account and created a new one.

So, I started with 0 matches again, edited my Tinder profile properly, and sent the following messages to my fresh catch of spicy matches.

By the way, the starters were sent to women of various nations.

May the best one win!

#1: <Math GIF> + “Me figuring out what my super original first text will be”

Did you ever ponder on how to hit her up?

Duuuhhh… Of course, you did. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be here.

With this message, you share your inner battle with her.

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By the way, don’t forget that some women also want to text you, but simply have no clue how to do it.

You don’t believe me?

Simple take a look at this screenshot:

The GIF I used here is probably already familiar to her from other memes, but as one of many fun ways to start a conversation, she has probably never seen before… 😉

What makes this opening sentence so effective is the self-irony. After all, everyone has had that moment at least once when they didn’t know what to text.

At the same time, you’ll also take on the guys who want to be perceived as particularly clever with their convo starters and try too hard to impress women.

>> 12 Subtle ways to Impress a Woman and Get Her Full Attention.

In summary, this text contains:

  • A significant portion of self-irony
  • The power of empathy: Every normal human being has already been in a situation in which he or she didn’t know what to text/say – it’s relatable, and immediate sympathy is created

Response rate: 7/10

#2: “hahaha oooh shit! I’m not sure you remember…”

Hold on.

That line is just unfair. It’s pure clickbait.

Modern marketing in its purest form.

It’s making use of an ancient human drive:


This opening movement works so great because every woman wants to know what comes after.

With it, you imply that you’ve met before or that something has happened between you in the past.

Therefore, in most cases, she can’t help but react to this message.

After her response, there are a bunch of ways you can continue. One of my favorites is copying dry historical facts.

I usually use Wikipedia entries.

The reactions to this are usually hilarious.

In summary, this text contains:

  • Clickbait: “I’m not sure you remember…”
  • Humor potential
  • One nasty implication: By saying “oooh shit,” you make her think you already met at the SM party in Willy’s garage, but she can’t remember because of her jag.

Response rate: 9/10

#3: “Hi, Stalker <Rainbow Emoji> “

Do you want to get as many as possible with the least effort?

Then this line is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Like a refined economist, you use the maximum principle.

You use as few characters as possible to trigger the strongest reaction possible.

This conversation starter is a variation of the most unoriginal first text on the planet (“Hey”) but adds a decisive twist to it… a teasing challenge (“stalker”).

By calling her a stalker, you imply that she has wanted you for years.

The rainbow emoji adds a portion of lightheartedness to this line and shows her that you don’t take yourself nor this text too seriously.

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In summary, this Tinder convo starter contains:

  • A challenge: With the provocative “stalker” you playfully challenge her
  • Lightheartedness through the “rainbow emoji.”
  • It hands funny role-plays on a plate in which she’s your stalker

Response rate: 7/10

#4: Frighteningly precise analyses of her personality

With this text, you use statements about her personality. You pretend you can interpret her character from her pictures.

In this example, you can see how this señorita is amazed at how accurate my statements are:

Plot twist:

I didn’t even look at one of her pictures when I texted her this text.

The magic behind it?

“Barnum statements.”

Bar- what?

Whoa, easy, cowboy.

I’ll tell you.

Barnum statements are statements that seem very personal but apply to almost every Homo sapiens on this planet.

You can find them in horoscopes, for example.

Women are crazy about the type of man who can read them like an open book…

She feels like you’ve got the “magical power” to read her personality.

Ingenious, huh?

And EXTREMELY effective.

With the “In one of your pictures, I even noticed something crazy about you…” message, you trigger her curiosity at the end.

When trying these statements, you will notice that most women will ask you what this crazy something is that you’ve discovered in their pictures.

In summary, this starter contains:

  • The magic of Barnum statements
  • A pinch of clickbait at the end

Response rate: 9/10

#5: “Yes, I do enjoy getting my eyebrows sucked!”

Well, did you look at the headline again to make sure you didn’t misread it?


That’s what it really says.

And it’s polarizing as f#ck!

She doesn’t know you yet, and yet the first thing she gets from you is an unusual and weirdly sexual message.

Afterwards you pretend that She’s the weirdo of your conversation. After all, she’s supposed to have asked you the question.

The strength of this crazy text is that it oozes polarizing humor and a proper “I don’t give a f#ck!” attitude.

Matches that respond to this text usually have the same disturbing humor and, therefore, automatically find you more attractive.


Because almost nobody has the cojones to be direct to her in such a humorous way.

By the way: I lost some matches because of this line because some women obviously don’t like this kind of humor.

But I probably wouldn’t have been on the same page with them anyway.

In summary, this text contains:

  • Polarizing, sexual humor
  • A twist that she’s supposedly the weirdo who wants to suck on your eyebrow → which is a great start for funny role-playing games between you

Response rate: 6/10

#6: The depressive T-Rex

What awaits you now is a true exotic. When one of the coaches suggested this starter to me, I was initially a little skeptical about whether it would work.

>> 11 Subtle signs a girl is into you: Reading women 101.

But the results speak for themselves…

For the first time in human history, I was wrong about one thing.

This text is genius in a crazy way.

  1. It shows creativity because you paint a crazy picture in her head
  2. You trigger positive AND negative emotions in her at the same time (because you would hold her in your arms but also eat her)

It comes from one of our Dutch coaches and is completely in line with his motto:

“Weird is a side effect of awesome.”

With this first text, he proves that obliqueness can be really effective.

In summary, this message contains:

  • A ridiculously abstract illustration that makes her laugh
  • A little rollercoaster ride of emotions, with which you can easily trigger her interest

Response rate: 9/10

#7: “When life gives you lemons…”

You know it…

Semi-wise “inspirational quoteZz <3” that prepubescent 14-year-olds mention in their captions beneath their mirror selfie pictures on Instagram.

As of today, you can benefit from the “treasure trove of knowledge” of these teenage girls in the form of an exquisite text:

With a “When life gives you [her name], make lemonade. 🍋 you not only bring lightheartedness to her inbox, but you also tease her subtly.

After all, you replaced “lemon” associated with “bitter” and “sour” from the original saying with her name, rather than the word “lemonade” (which is more likely to be associated with more positive adjectives such as “sweet”).

Some women reacted to this with an “I don’t taste bitter at all. 😉 or “Does this mean I’m sour?!”, which can even bring the conversation into a sexual direction.

In summary, this text uses:

  • Lighthearted humor
  • Subtle teasing (since you replaced the word “lemon” with her name)

Response rate: 7/10

#8: “Hey <name>, you know what’s really interesting about your pictures?”

Oh, by the way, bro… >>CLICK HERE<< if you want to know with which word you make EVERY woman crazy for you (spoiler: it’s not what you think (!!)).

Clickbait, clickbait and more clickbait.

Of course, you want to know with which word you make her crazy for you…

And of course, she wants to know what is so interesting about her pictures… 😉

Maybe she has a hunch about what you mean, but she’s not 100% sure.

So, what does Ms. Match do?

She’s responding to your conversation starter.

Marketing 101.

As you can see, this text starts with her name.

And as Dale Carnegie used to say:

“Remember that a person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Yes, this message is quite similar to the previous “I’m not sure you remember” – but it’s more personal and, therefore, more effective.

In summary, this text contains:

  • A personal beginning by mentioning her name
  • Almost unfairly effective clickbait

Response rate: 10/10 (Is this real life?)

#9: “Sup, bro.”


As dry as the Gobi Desert.

That Tinder text displays a “I don’t give a f#ck!” attitude.

You hit her up as casually as if you were bros.

You’re not even trying to seem cool in this one.


This text only works well if your profile is great, and your profile pictures and your description exude that you’re a badass.

So that it would be almost strange for your matches if you put more work into your first message.

If your profile is only mediocre, you can forget it (and scroll to the articles I’ve linked above to pimp your profile).

A small but nevertheless not unimportant detail of this text is the “bro.” A bro usually has a penis, and since you’re reading a blog post here about how you seduce women, all the lines were actually sent to women.

Women without penises.

Amazing, huh?

In summary, this text contains:

  • Pure indifference
  • A teasing start for amusing role-plays

Response rate: 8/10

#10: Do the Panda

Pandas. A play upon words about how you are (literally) sliding into her inbox.

Do I even have to say more?

In my experiments, I got 8 responses from 10 women. Of course, I could’ve used every GIF, which includes someone sliding, but the Panda definitely blesses this text with a cute bonus.

A bonus almost no one can resist.

In summary, this line uses:

  • Cute humor
  • A confident “That’s me smoothly sliding into your inbox.”
  • A shovel of indifferent coolness

Response rate: 8/10

Read this BEFORE you try out the lines


These were 10 not only good Tinder conversation starters but 10 of the most effective Tinder conversation starters you can find on the internet right now.

As you could already see, the response rates of my profile varied between 6/10 and 10/10.

Why is that?

Because I didn’t filter which woman, I sent which conversation starter.

I set my location in a large city and then sent the respective text to 10 women.

I didn’t pay attention to whether her profile reflected the personality that might fit my message.

That’s how even the craziest Tinder messages like “Yes, I do enjoy getting my eyebrows sucked…” ended up at more serious women, who then unmatched me within milliseconds.

You’ve got a much better chance of success if you:

  1. Make sure that your likes are only given to women who seem weird enough to tolerate such polarizing texts
  2. Use a crazy profile where your matches can already expect your messages to contain some crazy humor

So, your profile and your swipe attitude play an essential role in whether your messages work.

How to start a conversation with a girl on Tinder? Check. What now?

Almost all the texts from this article were created by various AttractionGym coaches from their own pen.

As I told you before, personal messages usually work better.


Because the chances that she’s already seen them are much lower.

This way, you appear original and creative.

Therefore, I recommend you create your own conversation starters and try them out.

This way, you show her a piece of your personality and train your creative muscle (which you will have to use anyway once you meet her).

So now, grab your phone and experiment.

And let me know what worked for you.

My free Transformation Kit.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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