16 Best Fieldtested Tinder Openers Women Just Can’t Resist

best tinder opener

In this article, you get:

  • 16 tested Tinder openers for guys that work in 2020
  • Tinder conversation tips: How to smoothly lead a Tinder convo
  • How to text a girl on Tinder: Pro tips to increase your response rate massively
  • How to avoid mind-numbing conversations
  • What you can text after you used one of the listed Tinder conversation openers
  • Tinder openers for hookups: Get her excited through THESE messages
  • And much more…

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I’ve got a confession to make:

Openers from the internet should be used with caution.


Because you run the risk that some fool has already used the same phrase on your Tinder mademoiselle, and if you use it as well, you can quickly be perceived as a soulless, slightly horny robot.

Not good.

“It’s best to text a woman individually and according to her profile.”

But that’s not the whole secret.

No matter how individual it is, your first text MUST be solid.

To help you succeed, your ultimate bro will be handing you 16 tested Tinder openers today. You can do two things with them:

  • See them as inspiration, so that you know what a solid, first text basically looks like
  • Copy and paste them shamelessly

“But Dan, you just said that individual messages are best.”

That’s right.


Many women’s profiles don’t give you anything to work with. They look something like this:

>> 7 Tips on Texting a Girl to Unlock Her Attraction (+ Examples)

No profile description, just a picture, a standard selfie…

How good would it be to have a good Tinder opener ready for these situations that you can simply copy?

You’re a lucky guy; you know that? Cause today you’re going to get exactly that.

Every single one was tested in practice and judged by the jury (= my Tinder matches).

The best Tinder Openers, for which you’re guaranteed to get a response

My mother’s words felt like a punch in the face:

“Santa Claus doesn’t exist…”

Five-year-old Dan was devastated.

You’re a grown man, so I don’t assume you’ll be sad if I tell you Santa Claus doesn’t exist. And yet, many men are desperate to hold on to fairy tales.

I’ve no problem slapping you in the face with the truth like my mother:

The magical first text that you always get a response to is a lie.


Maybe you hate me now, but it’s for your own good.

The “I’ve got the perfect Tinder opener that you always get a response to” dude is the same bastard that promises you “tips with which you seduce every woman.”

I hope you’re not demotivated and thinking:

“Well, great, if it doesn’t matter anyway, I’ll just get the first pick-up line out of the net and use it.”

Don’t do that.

Let’s think about it together instead.

Among all the dozens of phrases that circulate on the internet, there are actually some good openers to which you’ll often get a response. But many of them are also the biggest junk.

How do I know that? I tried them all on at least 30 matches. It wasn’t much fun scaring off pretty women with pathetic lines.

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Today you get the top 16 Tinder openers that have proven themselves.


Whether you receive a reply depends not only on your first message. A fundamentally important element, which you shouldn’t underestimate, is also:

Your profile.

If your profile is particularly good, you might even get away with a forbidden “Hi, how are you?” message. To find out how you can increase your success rate by creating an outstanding profile, click here:

>> 7 Tinder Profile Tips to 10x Your Matches (Even if You’re Not Brad Pitt)

Okay, everything that needed to be said has been said. Let the Tinder Crusade can begin.

Opener #1: “(Her name)”

30x sent, 18x responses: 60% success rate

The secret behind the success:

Ever heard of the “cocktail party effect”?

When you’re talking to someone at a party, you’re distracted when you hear your name in another conversation. Your brain reacts strongly to the sound of your name because you’ve been conditioned to it since childhood.

The most common reaction:

Almost all women send your name in reply. Who’d have thought that…

How you can move on after that:

You’ve completed the name exchange and can now move on to the conversation. For example, by asking: “So, what makes you special? ;)”

>> 13 Ways to Keep a Conversation with a Woman Who Leaves You Speechless.

Pro tip:

You can also beautifully decorate her name using UppER- and loWeRca$e or emojis to furtherly increase your success rate.

Opener #2: “Prrrr”

30x sent, 18x responses: 60% success rate

The secret behind the success:

Animal noises have something wild about them. The most important law in the Tinder jungle is also: Whoever doesn’t stand out will be eaten by the jaguar of damnation.

The most common reaction:

Sometimes the women respond with an animal sound, but most of the time there’s nothing more than a “Hey, how are you?” or something like that.

How you can move on after that:

Like, “If you were an animal, what animal would you be?” And then you can ask her why she chose that particular animal.

Pro tip:

Use the animal she chose to tease her with. Maybe it has some weird/funny features or you can send her a GIF with this animal.

Opener #3: “Hello, beautiful stranger!”

30x sent, 20x responses: 67% success rate

The secret behind the success:

I hope you realize that “Hello, beautiful!” would be a super bad first message. But what makes “Hello, beautiful stranger” so different?

I’ll elaborate: Tinder is an app for meeting strangers. With this message, you address the elephant in the room. Instead of pretending you know exactly how to text her, you stand by the fact that you actually have no idea who’s on the other side.


Everyone knows that feeling you get when you meet a woman in a bar: It’s exciting and entertaining (if you don’t know it, it’s high time to do something, bro! *cough* Bootcamp *cough*).

Women know this feeling too! To express it openly can create a tingling tension between you.

The most common reaction:

The most common response is that she’ll also give compliments to you, such as: “Hello interesting stranger.” This way, you ensure a perfect dynamic of the conversation from the beginning.

How you can move on after that:

Now all the lights are on green for all kinds of get to know questions, which ideally challenge the woman a little.


What was the most exciting thing you did last week?

Opener #4: “Hi (her name), when our friends ask where we met, what do we tell them?”

30x sent, 20x responses: 67% success rate

The secret behind the success:

Although it comes across like a classic, copied sentence (which it’s in the end), this line has a charming effect.

Women love role-playing. Instead of being super rational and asking her what her hobbies are, what she does, what her favorite aunt’s first name is, and so on, it can be exciting to slip into a role. You make it much easier for her to flirt.

The most common reaction:

Think of a scenario where you’ve known each other for years. That way, you can score points for creativity and humor.

The most common response is for women to respond to the game and pretend that you’ve already met. Perfect!

How you can move on after that:

Think of a scenario where you’ve known each other for years. That way, you can score points for creativity and humor.

Pro tip:

Instead of proving to her that you’re creative and have a good sense of humor, you can also test her playfully. Don’t settle for boring answers right away but challenge her.

Opener #5: “Tell me, what’s your favorite food?”

30x sent, 19x responses: 63 % success rate

The secret behind the success:

This is a question one wants to answer almost automatically. As soon as a woman reads this, she has a picture in her head of what she would like to put in her mouth (for eating, of course, you piglet!).

Food plays a major role in a woman’s life. We men are rather satisfied with rice and chicken, but women are looking more closely. The number of tags on Instagram (#food has been tagged 363.829.356x at this point!) should give you an idea of how deep her love for food is…

The most common reaction:

She tells you her favorite food…

How you can move on after that:

You can tease her for her favorite meal. For example:

Admit it, I could probably wake you up at any time during the night and you wouldn’t be angry about it if I’d serve you exactly that. 😉

And name your favorite food. With the help of exaggeration, you simultaneously sprinkle in some humor to your text:

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Pro tip:

Suppose she reacts with something like “pancakes.”

Then you can respond, for example, that you’re the king of all pancake chefs and even Vladimir Putin occasionally calls you to beg if you can make him some.

Of course, you can use this later as a date suggestion: “I think we’ve reached a point where I can introduce you to the eighth wonder of the world. Are you ready for my legendary pancakes?”

The disadvantage: Your pancakes must then actually be edible.

Opener #6: “(Her name), you seem to have good taste :p”

30x sent, 18x responses: 60% success rate

The secret behind the success:

Yeah, it’s a bit arrogant. But at least it implies that you’re a catch.

The most common reaction:

She’s going to test you. Women on Tinder aren’t “from yesterday.” Countless men try to act tougher than they are. That’s why women test whether the men are really who they say they are.

How you can move on after that:

When a woman responds with a challenging message – like “You’re cocksure of yourself, aren’t you?” – then don’t apologize at all! If you start to justify yourself, the game is over for you.

The probability that she wants to keep chatting with you in this scenario is ridiculously small… So just keep texting as if nothing had happened. Try to shift the conversation towards her, for example, by writing, “Who are you?”

Opener #7: “Hey (her name), let’s talk about the important things first. What’s your favorite (insert rapper name) song?”

30x sent, 18x responses: 60% success rate

The secret behind the success:

If there’s a man out there who makes women so wet they slide off their chairs… it’s me. Closely followed by Lil Wayne.

And we’re now shamelessly exploiting this Maddafakka.

Because almost every woman has felt as if this rascal sings directly to her. If she loves hip hop, then this dramatically increases your chance of a response.

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The most common reaction:

She tells you her favorite song of the artist you just ask her about or tells you that she listens to other music. Either is good enough.

How you can move on after that:

You can text, for example:

I just love how wise this man is. When he sang this, he really touched my heart.

And then you grab a ridiculous sentence from one of his lyrics and send it to her. For example:

Big house, long hallways got 10 bathrooms, I can shit all day.

Pro tip:

As you may have noticed, I use the name of my lucky match on almost all openers (I censored it, but it’s there).

The reason for this is that it makes it more personal and makes the woman feel that you didn’t send this to ten others (which was probably the case 😉). This increases the chance of getting a good reaction.

Opener #8: “Yess, another match! Who are you?”

30x sent, 16x responses: 53 % success rate

The secret behind the success:

And again, a playful narcissistic opener. By the word “again,” you imply you get matches often. Still, many women will be happy because you start with “Yess,” so show joy and ask who she is.

The most common reaction:

Most reactions can be placed in one of these two categories:

  1. She starts telling who she is. Then you can just sit back and continue to playfully challenge her.
  2. You get a comment from her about the word “again.” Just stay cool in that case.

How you can move on after that:

Don’t be satisfied with a ridiculous answer, but challenge her a little:

Pro tip:

You can experiment with the question you ask after “Yess, another match.” It doesn’t always have to be “Who are you?” Which you can also try: “Tell me three random facts about you.”

Opener #9: A GIF with “hello.”

30x sent, 19x responses: 63 % success rate

The secret behind the success:

GIFs are effective and there are far too few men who use this ingenious feature on Tinder.

(For beginners: A GIF is a moving animation that repeats itself constantly. When you open a chat, you’ll find a blue GIF icon. There you can enter a search term and choose one of more than 100 animations).

The genius thing about this: It’s hardly any effort at all…

Just enter a word (“Hey” or “Hello”), and you’ll automatically receive GIF suggestions.

The most common reaction:

Most women respond with a “hello” or something similar.

How you can move on after that:

With your second message, for example, you could respond in a humorous way to the GIF you sent (look at the example above).

Pro tip:

GIFs aren’t only as first messages great. Use them whenever you want. As long as you don’t overdo it, it’ll make your texting back and forth more lighthearted.

Opener #10: A famous person or a movie character as GIF

30x sent, 20x responses: 67% success rate

The secret behind the success:

The internet is full of memes and GIFs of famous people. They seem to fascinate people. Use this fascination to your advantage and send her GIFs from Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, Barney Stinson, and so on.

The practical thing about these animations is that they can also be sexual and you still won’t look creepy when you send them.

The most common reaction:

Many women love to answer with a GIF as well.

How you can move on after that:

It’s a good idea to respond to the GIF you sent afterward. You can use this format:

This is me when I [describe what happens in the GIF]

Opener #11: “Tell me (her name) what things in your life are you most proud of?”

30x sent, 19x responses: 63 % success rate

The secret behind the success:

The strength of this first sentence is that you make the woman think about aspects she’s proud of in her life. Almost everyone likes to talk about themselves, especially about things they’re proud of.

The most common reaction:

Many women find this question funny but difficult to answer. So, expect a “phew… I don’t know” or something like that.

How you can move on after that:

Help them to answer this oh so difficult question by asking them for a specific characteristic. Moreover, many women ask this question back. So, make sure you have a response ready.

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Opener #12: “Game of Thrones” opener

30x sent, 17x responses: 57 % success rate

I actually stole this opener from a woman who hit me up with it:

I thought to myself,

“Not bad; I’ll try that one too.”

So, I paraphrased and tested it on 30 matches:

On behalf of Robert of the House of Baratheon, the first of his name, King of the Andals and the first lords, ruler of the seven kingdoms and protector of the realm, I, Dan of the House of Stark, Lord of Winterfell, Warden of the North, M’lady, welcome you to this Tinder Conversation.

The secret behind the success:

Game of Thrones was once the king of the series. Do you know anyone in your environment who hasn’t devoured the series within a few days?

Every woman on this planet who watched this series (I hear you thinking, “What? There are women who haven’t seen Game of Thrones?”) will know what you’re talking about when you use this opener.

It’ll put smiles on the faces of many Tinder mademoiselles. The only problem is that they might smell that you didn’t come up with this line and also might think that you spam texted it to more women. In that case, be honest about it and admit that you found it funny and wanted to share it with her. 😉

The most common reaction:

9 out of 10 women laugh themselves to death and compliment you on your originality.

How you can move on after that:

Just ask her to introduce herself. Your first message was epic enough, now you can be “boring” for 3-5 messages.

Opener #13: “(Her name), I’ve got bad news for you…”

30x sent 19x responses: 63 % success rate

The secret behind the success:

No guy on Tinder starts a conversation with bad news. That’s why this opener is so refreshing among all the “hi’s” and “heys” a woman gets every day.

Moreover, people are naturally more focused on bad news and automatically pay more attention to it. In the media, they say:

“If it bleeds, it leads.”

That’s why 90% of the things that are broadcasted in the news are some kind of disaster or negative crap.

The most common reaction:

She’s going to ask what this bad news is.

How you can move on after that:

A perfect moment to start role-playing.

I once had a girlfriend who – like many women – was addicted to the series “Gossip Girl.” Even though I tried to avoid this show, sometimes I didn’t succeed and I was confronted with it.

I don’t want you to start watching Gossip Girl now, but be advised:

This series shows how interesting women find drama. So, give your creativity free rein and make up stories about topics like relationships, weddings, affairs, cheating, etc. and then connect them to you and your match.

>> 5 Ways to Create Sexual Tension She Can’t Resist (+ Examples).

Opener #14: “(Her name), if you had to choose… (X) or (Y)”

30x sent 18x responses: 60% success rate

The secret behind the success:

A hypothetical situation is an entertaining way to start a conversation. The crazier the question, the better.

The most common reaction:

Most women just answer your question.

How you can move on after that:

If you add to that: “There’s only one right answer!” then she’ll do her best. Take her effort seriously! Whenever you get her to write more than one word or emoji, you’ll be positively different from many other guys on Tinder.

So, philosophize a bit more about her answer, tease her for it/ give her a compliment for it and then change the subject.

Opener #15: “To celebrate our match, I wanted to buy you a helium balloon… …to take the conversation to cloud nine.”

30x sent 15x responses: 50% success rate

The secret behind the success:

There are many jokers out there who find dry humor entertaining. I’m not one of them, but I tested it for you and a 50% response rate is good enough in my opinion.

In fact, I’ve received an amazing number of good answers to these questions. It works because…*drum roll*…some women are also into dry humor.

The most common reaction:

She’s going to make fun of your obvious pick-up line.

How you can move on after that:

For example, ask her what her favorite pick-up line is or what the worst pick-up line was she ever got on Tinder.

Opener #16: The opener that fits your profile!

30x sent 19x responses: 63 % success rate

The secret behind the success:

If you have an epic profile text, you can include it in your first message.

I once had “First place in the 2016 Olympic Spooning” in my profile. I often referred to this in my first sentence. This resulted in entertaining conversations that were far from the usual “Hey, what’s up?” messages.

How you can move on after that:

You can either continue with a role-play or simply change the topic.

Pro tip:

You can also take it a little further by challenging her in your role-play:

Most men would now write something like: “Oh, let’s train together,” which comes across as too hasty and needy.

The professional Tinder Trooper gives the woman the opportunity to prove herself even further. For example, you can ask her what makes her think she could keep up with a professional spooner during training.

From Tinder Trooper to Tinder Jedi Master

Oh, did I mix up Star Trek and Star Wars again?


But there are more important things at stake here anyway:

Having tested copy-paste lines is great. Knowing the best Tinder openers is great.

BUT you have to meet the woman at some point, homey.

And when the time comes, you won’t be able to look for tips on how to seduce your date in this great AttractionGym encyclopedia.

What I’m trying to tell you is:

Try to understand the PRINCIPLES behind the lines, and use them to create your OWN openers.

This way, you avoid embarrassment and you can go from being a regular Trooper to a Jedi Master.

For that I’ve created my free Transformation Kit.

My best seduction advice, neatly packed in a complete package. Going through this Kit will prepare you for you upcoming encounters, dates and texting conversations.

Grab your free Transformation Kit now.

May the Force be with you.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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