Best Way to Start a Tinder Conversation if You Want More Dates

Best way to start a tinder conversation


Whenever you log on to Tinder…

…you come up with funny ways to start a conversation.

A text that you know damn well will get a response.

Your conversation goes on effortless and before you know it, she pines after your attention.

Unfortunately, for 99% of men, the reality looks different…

Either they don’t even get matches with women they find really attractive…

OR: They wreck their brains at every text they want to send and pray for an answer.

They live in a dimension full of self-doubt and hope for luck.

… What?

Do you recognize yourself in this?

Then I’ve excellent news for you, bro.

Read what I have to tell you today, implement my tips, buy 12 thick gold chains and a walking stick with a diamond head…

…because after this article, you’re going to be the biggest pimp your matches ever faced on Tinder.

Because I’m going to show you:

  • The 4 deadly sins that nip any Tinder conversation in the bud
  • What a woman REALLY thinks when she swipes right on you
  • What you should NEVER text her if you want her to text back
  • How to start a Tinder conversation: The 3 types of Tinder chicks (and how to make them respond effortlessly)
  • The most fatal pick-up line mistakes
  • And many more tips on how to text on Tinder…

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Imagine the following situation:

Your alarm clock rings in the morning and you wake up relaxed.

You reach for your phone and check your messages. Then you open the best dating app in the world: Tinder.

After you’ve swiped dozens of women left in a row, you see her…

She has long, open hair that goes all the way down to her sexy butt, a cute skirt that accentuates her athletic body, and has a smile on her lips that makes even the coldest hearts melt.

“My God, how beautiful is she?”

… you think while you mark them – without batting an eyelid – with a like.

And then it happens…


“It’s a match!”

Her name is Sarah.

Now you’re getting really excited.

You imagine what it would be like to meet her and kiss her soft lips.

You imagine yourself touching her firm, athletic body while she gently whispers wicked things into your ear.

In your mental cinema, she presses her naked body firmly against yours.

Just the thought of it drives you crazy.

You can’t wait to take her on amazing dates and make passionate love to her.

But wait!

Before she even considers sleeping with you, there’s one essential thing you must do…

Seduce her.

You must be able to trigger the right emotions in her and arouse her solely with the power of your words.

Because that’s the only thing you can do on Tinder.

On the other hand, you say one wrong word and she’s gone…

You text her too much? She’s gone.

Or even worse, you don’t text her at all.

So, you have to text her. Properly.

Otherwise it will be difficult to win her over because women will hardly ever hit you up.

So, you send her a text to get the conversation rolling:

You pick a simple “hey” and wait.

A minute goes by… nothing happens.

You look at your phone every 5 minutes – still no response. A feeling of shame overcomes you.

A few hours later, your unanswered, embarrassing message is still staring at you, mocking.

The next morning, you check to see if she’s finally texted you back…

… but nothing has happened.

You know that could mean:

She’s not interested in you anymore.

You had a chance to meet a wonderful lady and you f*cked it up mercilessly.

You failed the first step already.

And f*ck, this feels bad…

You pushed a woman away with lousy texting skills.

And it’s not the first time this has happened to you…

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How do you start a Tinder conversation?” – Certainly not like THIS: The 4 deadly sins

If you hit up women the wrong way, you destroy your chances at the speed of light and get no response.

Game over, bro.

But what the hell can you do wrong?

To help you, we will now look at some screenshots that a holiday romance of mine gets every day.

Thanks to the desperate dudes in her Tinder inbox, you can see exactly what you should do and what you should AVOID in any case.

Deadly sin #1: You show her that you have no self-confidence

If there’s one thing that gives me diarrhea, it’s…

… people with low self-esteem.

And fried chicken… Jeez, if I eat a KFC bucket my anus is breathing fire.

Nope, unfortunately, this malaka doesn’t joke.

The combination of heart-eyed emojis followed by the “funny” question if she has ever been arrested for looking too cute, already says enough…

He can’t handle the fact he has a match with a hottie at all and reacts as excited as a squirrel on crystal meth.

Afterward, he tries to save his conversation by telling her that he’s just “joking”.

This pile of letters is crowned by the most innovative conversation starter ever:

How are you?

But he already has disgusted his chosen one for a long time with his effeminate text.

But his text could have been worse.

Bro, lower the brightness of your screen…

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Because the cringe I’m about to show you, might make blind you:


I don’t even want to say a word about this or I may throw my laptop out of the window.


Deadly sin #2: You play the butt-kisser

Let me translate that conversation starter for you:

Excuse me…

I’m trying to be original, but I can’t…

Please don’t realize that I’m hereby compromising my insecurities.

NEVER start your Tinder conversations with a cheesy compliment about her appearance.

You already told her with your like that you’re interested in her. That’s enough for now.

If you then text her something like:

YoUr sUpBeR cUtE!!1

This way you’re sub-communicating nothing else but: “Hey, normally a woman of your caliber doesn’t even notice me. I’m so f*cking excited!”.

And that is most likely not your intention.

A humorous first text, however, is a guaranteed icebreaker and allowed.

I even suggest you add a dash of humor to your first message.

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Deadly sin #3: The greasy pervert

Since you’re reading this article and you’re perhaps one of the few men who are proactively doing something about their lack of results, I assume that you’ve already done some research.

Or that you know at least one or two things about seducing and dating women.

If this is the case, you should know by now that you should make your intentions clear to a lady as early on as possible.

During the bootcamps, I even go as far as to pull participants out of the conversation after 5 minutes if they don’t show the woman what they want from her.

But knowing that you should show your intentions as early on as possible is not going to help you if you don’t have a clue…

… HOW you do it properly.

Otherwise, you’ll soon be part of the club of womanless perverts.

Sexual messages at the beginning of the conversation are rarely crowned with success.

(Especially if you don’t know much about seducing women yet).

Deadly sin #4: Error 404 – “Creativity” Not Found

This sin is definitely familiar to you: Good old “hey” or some other unoriginal conversation starter.

I’m sure you’ve already received extremely positive replies to this…

But in all likelihood, you were ignored for it even more often.

If you don’t want to be perceived as a submissive little b!tch who’s all about being dominated and ignored, you better stop sending this kind of message.

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Best conversation starters: Tinder can work perfectly – also for YOU

Again and again frustrated men come to me and complain:

“Yo, Dan, Tinder just doesn’t work for me. I might be able to have a conversation in real life, but I don’t seem to stand a chance on Tinder.”

Each of them meets the 3 requirements to be successful on Tinder:

  • They look better than a stranded blobfish
  • They understand and speak English
  • They have enough fingers to use a mobile phone

Burn the following fact into your brain:

With a halfway human appearance, EVERYONE can be successful on Tinder.

This is exactly what I teach you on the first day of my summer bootcamp program (my intensive one-week coaching program abroad).

Among participants, I have ones who are tired of being rejected left and right and who hardly get any matches on Tinder.

And every time they’re amazed about how many women they can inspire to go on a date with them the same week (they often achieve this during the coaching).

The exact same thing goes for you, amigo.

Yeah, I mean you, there, behind your screen.

With a properly set profile and armed with golden texting know-how, the rate of your ignored messages will decrease by 69%, while the number of your matches will increase by 6,969% (169% to be statistically correct).

Nevertheless, you will quickly notice that a match and a woman who wants to date you are two completely different things.

And no matter how phenomenal your profile is, there will always be women…

…who respond to 99% of your messages with a “haha” or text back once every 500 matches.

The other ladies, however, are eagerly waiting for a determined man to send them the right text.

What does a Tinder match REALLY mean?

You’ve got a match.

That means that she:

  • Looked at your pictures and found them attractive
  • Has read your profile text and likes it
  • Plans to have majestic coitus with you

…you’d like that, wouldn’t ya?

This is what a match really means for a woman:

  • Your profile is good enough to be contacted by you


  • Your profile is SUPER fascinating and she would like to get to know you better

One of those two things, or something in between. But in most cases, it’s the former.

So, she doesn’t dream right after your match about your tongue sticking between her legs.

And she doesn’t discuss with her girls in a WhatsApp group how she could win you over.

Chances are she saw your profile, thought “Meeh, he seems alright” and swiped you to the right – without giving you too much thought.

This is usually hidden behind “It’s a match!”. No more, no less.

Is it bad that she doesn’t respond with a cry of joy?

Nope, bro, even without love hymns, that’s sufficient.

Because now you have a new chica bonita in your Tinder contacts that you can text with.

And proper texting is the ONLY thing you have to do now.

But no worries.

I’ll show you how to turn the tone of your convos from “He’s good enough to chat” to “Yes, I’d love to go out for a drink with you. Here’s my number!”

However, we must first lay a foundation for this.

In plain language: Text her an original first message to which she will want to reply.

I’ve brought you some clear examples of this today.

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Good conversation starter on Tinder: How to hit up the 3 types of Tinder Chicks (and get responses)

There are all kinds of women on Tinder.

But if you pay close attention, you will notice that you will basically encounter three types of señoritas in particular.

Two more innocent and one more seductive “type”.

For every type of woman there is a way you can text her and stand out from the unoriginal mass of boring men.

Let me show you the three types of women on Tinder and how you can easily start a chat with them.

Let’s go!

Tinder type #1: Ladies presenting their bodies

Some chicas have a nice body.

Others, on the other hand, a less attractive one.

Then, there’s the type of woman who has a body so hot that you can’t think about anything else but…

… ripping the clothes off her body without restraint and burn thousands of calories with her in your bedroom.

Like these three women I matched:

Listen, bro.

I don’t know about your testosterone levels, but…

… when I look at these ladies, my brain is not interested in whether they like to travel, which film they recently saw or what they had for breakfast yesterday.

It rather forces me to think about which Kamasutra positions I should explore with them.

And these women are, of course, aware that this is exactly what they’re aiming for with their pictures.

Because this way they’re guaranteed tons of matches.

Prize question: What texts do you think they get 90% of the time?

Will it be something about traveling, movies or their last breakfast?

F*ck NO.

Most men text them regarding their “tatas”, “melons”, “balloons” and their “juicy butt”, “firm ass”, “outrageously sharp buttocks”.

These compañeros cannot think of anything else.

And if you’ve been paying attention so far, you know exactly how their messages make them look.

They look like sleazy perverts.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with finding these women spicy and letting them know.

But if you want to get real results, you have to stand out from the other guys.

“Makes sense, Dan. But what should I text them?”

Good question.

Take this lady, for example:

Instead of giving her tired compliments about her hot body, you can always make a comment about these things:

  • Her outfit
  • Her posture
  • Her window

Or any other detail of her photograph.

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Here’s how I did it:

Why this conversation starter works so bueno?

Because it…

  • Is humorous
  • Evidences creativity
  • Doesn’t refer to her body

A relief for her and the beginning of an excellent conversation for you.

By focusing on more than just her curves, you show that you have control over your brain.

On a deeper level, you even sub-communicate that a hot body no longer impresses you.

After all, you’ve had sex with intimidatingly hot women often enough in your past.



Tinder type #2: Women with doggos (or other animals)

Our first lady is this cutie with her faithful companion, doggo:

When you play the match game on Tinder, you will notice that many women choose a picture with their best friend, Mr. Doggelson, as their main profile picture.

And that’s great news for you, bro – because by doing so, they give you a steep lead for an exquisite opener.

So, if a woman-doggo combination sneaks into your matches, you can send her the following message:

An unexpected plot twist that even makes Shutter Island fall into oblivion.

When she first clicks on your message window, the first thing she sees is a:

Wow, you look super cute…

Whereupon her interest sinks to the earth’s core within a few milliseconds…

She gets flashbacks of the times she was hit on with needy messages.

The magic of this opening sentence is that you add a twist to it through the next line:

And your human is pretty ok too. 😉

This makes her realize that you actually only find her dog “super cute”.

Remember that women usually treat their pets as if they were their children.

A compliment for her “child” is therefore 10 times better received than an ordinary compliment to her.

Moreover, women never want to meet a man for whom they don’t have to fight – at least a little.

So, by making her just “pretty ok” for you, you give her a reason to go the extra mile for you.

By kissing ass, you can’t even achieve this effect in any parallel universe.

So, use this conversation starter if you want to REALLY trigger her interest.

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Tinder type #3: Women who only show one side of their face

If you swim attentively in the Tinder sea, you will discover certain patterns after a while.

Meanwhile, with the focus of a motherf*cking precision rifle, I pay attention to every detail that I get to see.

What have I noticed so far?

That some ladies always shoot their pictures from a certain angle.

Not only do they make sure that they turn their head more to the right.


They need to tilt it to the right at a precise 45-degree angle while holding the camera at eye level, lift their chin slightly to show it off perfectly and press their lips slightly together to get maximum volume on their snapshots.

They have a perfected trick to look perfect on camera.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to come across as attractive on their dating profile?


The fact that she’s obviously putting herself out there is a great way to open a conversation.

Your ticket out of TinderLoserLand, where all the guys who are still being ignored by her are sentenced.

With this conversations starter, you do three essential things:

  1. You show her that you’ve taken a closer look at her profile and not just blindly swiped her to the right
  2. You have a sense of humor
  3. You make it easy for her to respond to you

>> How To Develop The 7 Masculine Traits Women Find Attractive.

Good conversation starters on Tinder: Why your pick-up lines don’t work

One of the most effective and good ways to start a Tinder conversation is humor.

Or as Abraham Lincoln once said:

“If you can make a woman laugh, you increase her craving for doggy.”

Maybe he said something else… Well, anyway…

I know you’re probably thinking now:

“But, Dan, I can’t make up something funny 24/7.”

And I agree with you.

What does the Average Andy do in this case?

He goes on Google, eagerly types in “pick-up lines” and uses every line he can get his hands on.

And he wasn’t the only one who came up with this brilliant idea.

Countless other unimaginative malakas come across the exact same lines…

… and use them as well.

So, if you found a “Did it hurt when you fell from the sky?” today and already sent it, you can already unmatch your lady.

Because the only thing you’re achieving with ancient copy-paste lines is that she won’t respond to you at all or will do it with a derogatory comment.

And rightly so.

Because as my homey Tinky-Winky from Teletubbies used to say:

“You reap what you sow.”

The solution?

Learn here how to create original pick-up lines at any time:

>> The Only 5 Openers for Online Dating You Need to Fill Your Inbox

Let her do all the hard work for you

Okay, bro, now you know how to start a Tinder conversation with a girl and have a bunch of good conversation starters on Tinder at hand.

…But there is a more effective way, which many men consider a myth.

Imagine that you’re regularly hit up by women.

And you can sit back and relax while hot women regularly superlike you and try to get you excited about a date.

You think this is a thing of impossibility?

Then you’re more naive than I thought.

Let me be honest with you.

It’s indeed unlikely that hundreds of women mark you with a superlike every day.

But you can increase your chances of being superliked tremendously.


For example, by optimizing your profile pictures.

The photo this lady is talking about is one of my crazier profile pictures.

And that’s why it’s on my profile.

It’s the kind of picture that a woman either hates or loves.

In any case, it’s a photo that makes my profile visitors FEEL something.

If there’s an attractiveness killer in seducing women that you need to put behind your ears, it’s this:


NEVER bore a woman.

You can avoid that by having an…

… interesting profile text.

If you give your bio a pinch of originality and at the same time formulate it in a way that makes it easy to refer to it – then you’ve cracked the secret formula.

Then more and more women will contact YOU.

My current profile text currently provokes so many messages that I rarely have to text women.

If you want to see what it is and don’t already know how to write an exquisite profile text that regularly teases messages out of women, then take a look at this article I wrote for you:

>> 3 Ways to Make an Irresistible Online Dating Profile Text (+ 5 Examples)

Make Alexander Graham Bell proud

Alexander – who?

Alexander Graham Bell.

He went down in the history books as the inventor of the first handy telephone.

I challenge you to continue his legend.

Not by inventing all kinds of complex next-level technologies.

Instead, make him proud that you’re creating a harem of women by effortlessly pressing keys.

And to make him proud, I suggest you use my free Transformation Kit in combination with this article.

Because one part of the Transformation Kit is my Texting Masterclass. Where we deep-dive into everything texting. And how to go from an attractive opener all the way to planning the date.

So, grab your Transformation Kit right here.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

Stop awkward conversations
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