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How to Flirt with a Girl over Text (7 Tips + Examples You Can Use Right Away)

You’re staring at your screen. Another message from a girl saying she‘d rather not go on a date with you. Damn, how to flirt over text so women actually are […]


11 Signs a Girl is Into You and is ‘Begging’ You to Make a Move

signs a girl is into you

“How great would it be, if I knew exactly how much a girl likes and could see all signs she likes me.” Is that even possible? Or necessary? In this […]


15 Reasons “Not Getting Laid” Happens To Some Men But Not Others

If you’re reading this, you probably haven’t had sex for a while. And of course, you’re probably tired of spanking your monkey all the time. You came to the right […]


3 Ways to Make an Irresistible Online Dating Profile Text (+ 5 Examples)

online dating profile text

You don’t live on another planet, and that’s why you’ve heard of dating apps like Tinder or Bumble. You have also heard that many relationships today are the result of […]


She: “I Felt No Spark On First Date”. You: (Do This)

no spark on first date

You look at your phone in disbelief when you read this message: [cf] Hey, I had a nice time with you but I didn’t feel a spark on our date. […]


5 Most Common Causes She Doesn’t Text Back (So You Can Fix Them)

  when she doesn’t text back 880 USED if she doesn’t text back is she not interested 1,000 USED what to do when she doesn’t text back 320 USED she […]


The 6 Real Reasons She Stopped Texting + 3 Turn-It-Around Texts

she stopped texting me

Hey, bro, I’m sorry that you find yourself here. You have this woman in your life, who you like, but out of nowhere she’s stopped replying you. Maybe she’s someone […]


Surprise Your Girlfriend? 18 Creative Ideas that Trump Spending Money

You have a girlfriend, a partner, or you date a woman you love. And you want to make that girl happy. Fair enough, man. In this article, we go through […]


5 Solid Ways to Make a Good First Impression (That Girls Love)

how to make a good first impression

They always say, ‘Everyone deserves a second chance’. You’ve failed your driving test? No problem, just repeat it. You die in Super Mario? Who cares? You still have two lives […]


The 9 Keys to WhatsApp Flirting + Easily Stealable Texts

Whatsapp flirting

I have no idea who you are. I don’t know if you’re a man, a woman, an alien, or whatever. But since you have clicked on this article, I assume […]