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7 Steps To Turn The Tables – How to Make Her Chase You

How To Make Her Chase You

Maybe you know it… There are these women who have you under their spell. Suddenly, a meaningless one-night-stand is not enough for you… No, you want more from her. You […]


The Three-Day-Rule and How to Effectively Time Your Texts

Three days rule

‘Cool, I got her number now, but when the hell am I supposed to text her?’, you might ask yourself and while you play out all possible options in your […]


11 Hand Picked Date Night Ideas Voted As Most Creative

Fun date ideas at night

Bingo! It doesn’t matter if you met her last week or if you are happily married for 10 years. Fact is that, you sir, decided it’s time for a date […]


17 ‘Subtle’ Signs Most Men Miss That Tell You a Girl is Interested

How To Know A Girl Is Interested In You

You’re sitting in front of her. She wears a navy-blue satin blouse, along with skin-tight leather leggings that accentuate her bootylicious butt, and as if that wasn’t enough, her lips […]


Girlfriend Still Loves Ex? 5 Ways to Make Her Choose YOU Over Him

still in love with ex

So, you like a woman who can’t forget her ex… It‘s far from ideal if she still has feelings for her ex. Call me selfish, but it also bothers me […]


Lovesickness – To Stop Resisting Is To Overcome: 3 Ways


3 Effective Ways to Quickly Overcome All Lovesick Symptoms There is a chance you are feeling shittier than a toilet on a festival. The love of your life has left […]


Are These 3 Tricks from Neil Strauss’ The Game Still Effective Today?

Neil Strauss The Game

You are considering reading Neil Strauss’ book The Game. You might think it’s PUA goldmine, but you might also be a bit skeptical about some parts of the book or […]


How I Love These 3 Shit Tests From Women (and How I Pass Them)


Konnichiwa, amigo. If you clicked on this exquisite article, the chances are high that you… … Either knows exactly what shittests are and want to know WHY women challenge you […]


10 Tips to Have More Ups + Less Downs in Your Relationship

relationship ups and downs

Things were going so well at first. The beginning of a relationship is always super exciting. But give it 3, 5 or 10 years, and say hello to the relationship […]


5 Tips I’d Use If My Girlfriend Still Talked to Her Ex

My girlfriend still talks to her ex

In this article you will learn: What a reset button has to do with long-lasting love affairs How rats can help you find out if your new girl still has […]