How To Court a Woman Successfully? 7 Tips to Make Her Fall For You

how to court a woman

*clap* Did you hear that? Once again, I gave myself such a hard facepalm that the clapping could be heard for miles. Why do you ask? I came across another […]

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Here’s What to Do When a Girl Ignores Your Text (+ Examples)

what to do when a girl ignores your texts

You’ve been stood up? You propose a date, but she cancels? This article shows you how to deal with situations like this like a boss and flip the script. Also: […]

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15 Tips to Charm a Woman so She’ll Give You Her Heart

how to charm a woman

In this article I’ll tell you the most important tips with which you can successfully conquer a woman’s heart. These are tips that I’ve discovered, tested a thousand times and […]

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Moving on After a Breakup: 5 Must-Have Tips

Being heartbroken by someone you’ve loved is by far the most amazing experience of all time. No, of course it hurts. It doesn’t matter who left who… …it’s absolutely shitty […]

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12 Kissing Techniques That Will Drive Any Woman Crazy

kissing techniques

You’ve earned my respect, my friend. Why? To actively search the internet for the best kiss techniques? That’s a boss move! It immediately shows me two things: You want to […]

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How To Satisfy a Woman in Bed: 7 Tips for Breathtaking Orgasms

how to satisfy a woman in bed

Today I’m particularly motivated! There’s hardly any subject I enjoy writing about as much as sex. This is perhaps because the most memorable moments in my life were created during […]

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How To Be Playful? 3 Must-Have Tips + 7 Examples

how to be playful

He: “What’s your name?” She: “Lena.” He: “What are you studying?” She: “Law.” He: “How old are you?” She: “21.” He: “Who are you here with?” “Sorry, I have to […]

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33 Best Things To Do on a Date to Create Epic Memories

things to do on a date

So, you arranged a date with an attractive woman (nice, bro!). If you’re a normal person (and not a psychopath), then you’re a bit nervous now. You wonder where to […]

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3 Expert Bumble Tips for 3 Dates Per Week (+ Profile Examples)

Bumble. An app full of wondrously beautiful women. A dating platform with high quality profiles. The only twist in the deal? The women you match have to text YOU first. […]

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Asking a Girl Out Over Text – 9 Ways She Can’t Reject (+ Examples)

asking a girl out over text

Every woman you met in a club… you text with. Every woman whose number you got via online dating… you text with. Every woman you want to go on a […]

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