9 Tips to Get and Keep a Casual Sex Relationship

Perhaps you just got out of a long relationship, or you’re just not in the mood for anything serious.

Regardless of the reason, you’d like to meet a girl (or more!) and start a casual sex relationship with her.

Great! You’ll know exactly how to do that at the end of this article.

You get:

  • 9 Practical Tips on how to get into a casual sex relationship
  • How to date multiple women at once without being an asshole
  • How to have a no-strings-attached relationship with your dream girl
  • The ultimate solution to be a sex god
  • And a lot more…

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As a dating coach, I often get asked the same question:

“So… if you’re that good with women… do you have a girlfriend of your own?”

This question always makes me laugh a little.

Most people see everything in black and white: You’re either in a relationship. Or you’re not.

But that’s not true. You can have multiple relationships at the same time.

And there’s nothing wrong with that if you do it the right way (more on that later.)

If you’re not looking for a serious, monogamous relationship, but you still want to have sex – you’re a human being after all – then casual sex is the way to go.

“But Dan, I’ve heard many times that casual sex is shallow and ends up leaving you feeling empty!”

Not necessarily. If you have casual sex with women you like and respect, casual sex can be a great experience for both of you.

It’s also possible to date multiple girls at once without breaking their hearts.

No worries, we’ll go through all of these topics in this article.

You’re on your way to having the sex life you’ve always dreamed of.

Let’s start with the first tip!

Tip #1: How to achieve the right mindset for casual sex

Back in the days, I used to have the wrong mindset towards women.

I thought women were ultra-romantic creatures that should be treated with velvet gloves.

I also thought I should always be the sweetest and friendliest guy with girls.

Even worst: I believed women didn’t like sex.

In short: I didn’t understand sh*t about girls (and life in general.)

I spent years seeing girls that way and treating them accordingly.

It goes without saying that I wasn’t getting laid. At all.

Now, hear me out: I’m not saying you should treat girls like sluts.

Women should be treated with respect and consideration (very important!)

The thins is, as long as you treat women as if they were ‘innocent princesses’, that’s exactly how they’ll be around you.

What’s wrong with that?

Well, innocent princesses aren’t into casual sex.

Now, here’s a little secret for you:

Women love sex.

You’d be surprised by how many girls would love to have sex with no strings attached.

But society can be so critical and judgmental that women often don’t feel comfortable sharing that part of themselves.

So how do you go about allowing girls to express their sexuality around you?

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Tip #2: Make sex normal

When he’s on a date, the Average Andy talks about:

  • Work
  • Hobbies
  • Family
  • Pets
  • Study

Are you still with me? Good, because I almost fell asleep.

Now, here’s what I talk about when I’m on a date:

  • Her sexual fantasies
  • My sexual fantasies
  • Our sexual experiences
  • Orgies
  • Trios
  • Other non-sexual (but still interesting) topics

Pro tip:

Do you want to master your conversations with any girl?

Here’s an article with everything you need to know about this:

>> 15 Best Topics to Talk About with a Girl (Texting/Dates/Tinder)

As I said before, women love sex.

And not only do women love sex, but they also love to talk about sex.

(Just take a look at some women’s magazines. It’s literally full of sex.)

So if you want girls to open up sexually to you, make sex the most normal thing in the world.

Dare to talk about sex when you’re on a date.

Now, how do you do that without coming across as a creep?

By showing her that talking about sex isn’t weird and doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

Crack some jokes, don’t forget to smile, and of course, always be friendly and treat her with respect.

Here are some examples of things I said on my last date:

“I just came back from an orgy, no biggie”

“I got a 6.5 on my last STI test”

“Damn, you look really sexy right now”

By making sex normal and being open about your sexuality, you’re allowing girls to do the same.

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Tip #3: How to have sex with no strings attached

Last month we did a Bootcamp in Amsterdam. I was there with the rest of the AttractionGym team, coaching guys to become successful with girls.

Here’s an email we received last week from one of our students:

Hi there, guys!

I just wanted to thank you for everything you taught me during the Bootcamp! I’ve already met some incredible women, so I couldn’t be happier.

Now I do have a question: How can I date several women at once without hurting them? I don’t want to be a douche.”

That’s a very good question.

When a woman asks a question like:

“Are you just looking for sex?”

Then most men cowardly answer:

“Uhhm… well… Um… not necessarily. Uhhm… Maybe I’m looking for something serious.”

Don’t do that.

If you want to have casual sex with multiple girls without being an asshole – and you should – here’s the golden rule:

Be extremely clear and honest about your intentions.

This way she’ll know exactly what to expect.

By the way, research has shown that between 60% and 80% of North American college students have had some sort of hook-up experience.

So you’re not the only one.

You like sex. That’s fine.

You want casual sex. With multiple girls. That’s fine, too.

Follow this simple rule and you’ll be able to have as many casual sex relationships as you want without hurting anyone.

Tip #4: Avoid making this mistake

“How do I avoid casual sex from becoming a serious relationship?”

I get this question a lot.

The answer is simple: Don’t do couple stuffs.


Well, if you treat a girl as if she were your girlfriend, chances are she’ll want to become your girlfriend eventually.

So, when you have casual sex with a girl:

  • Keep contact to a minimum: don’t meet more than once a week
  • Don’t text her all day long
  • Don’t meet her friends or family
  • Don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with her
  • Don’t take her on romantic dates

This way, you’re clearly communicating in your behaviour that you want nothing more than casual sex.

“But Dan, what if she wants more?”

This is possible, of course.

Let’s suppose she says:

“Hey, it’s my brother’s birthday next week, you should come!”

Then you have to stray strong and politely decline the invitation.


This is for your sake as well as for her own.

If you’re not looking for something serious but you do couple stuffs with her, you’re sending opposite signals to her. Eventually, she’s going to suffer from it.

So, if you answer:

“Sorry, I’d rather not go. I love having sex and hanging out with you. But as you know, I’m not looking for anything serious and I don’t want to create false expectations.”

…you’re being honest about what you want. You’re implying that if she wants more than just a casual sex relationship, then she shouldn’t be with you.

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Tip #5: Casual sex relationship rules

There are a few things you need to know about casual sex relationships.

First things first:

Casual sex relationships usually don’t last.

One week, one month, one year… It all depends. But one thing is for sure, they’re not as stable as serious, monogamous relationships.

Meaning you can have sex with other girls.


And, of course: She’s also allowed to have sex with other guys too.

Yes. Girls have as much sexual freedom as you do.

If you get pissed off because she slept with another guy, then you shouldn’t get into a casual sex relationship at all.

Tip #6: Please her in bed

A lot of men can’t get into a casual sex relationship for one simple reason:

They’re bad at sex.

They meet a girl, have a one-night stand and… nothing.

It makes sense: If the sex is bad, a girl has no reason to get into a casual sex relationship with you.

A woman wants to have casual sex with a guy who’s actually good at it.

And trust me, most men don’t know how to please a girl in bed.

Now, that’s a broad topic. So I won’t get into details in this article.

But I highly suggest you read this article:

>> What Women Want in Bed: 10 Ways to Be Her Sex God

It teaches you exactly how to satisfy a woman in bed. This way girls will want to see you again, and again, and again…

Tip #7: Casual sex vs relationship sex

If you’ve been into a long-term relationship before, chances are you know that relationship sex and casual sex are not the same.

When you’re in a relationship, you develop a certain level of comfort with your girlfriend. You usually can’t get that from casual sex.

But casual sex is exciting. Everything is new and uncertain. You often can’t get that from relationship sex. That’s because relationship sex is different in many ways.

First, it’s less awkward.

Having sex with a girl for the first time can be awkward at times. In a relationship, sex feels completely natural. You know each other’s bodies inside out and you don’t have to overthink everything you do in bed.

Relationship sex can also be better.

Now, I’m not saying casual sex sucks. But science says that sex is better when there are emotions involved. When you’re in a relationship with a girl you love, sex is way more passionate.

There’s a last thing you need to know about casual sex…

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Tip #8: Don’t be a douche

You met a cute girl and you got into a casual sex relationship with her.

That’s great.

But there’s one thing you have to keep in mind:

Even if the relationship is all about sex, treat her with respect.

There is absolutely no reason to treat a girl as an object.

Make her feel comfortable when she’s around you. Be honest and respect her feelings and decisions.

And of course, make sure the sex is pleasurable for her as well (see tip #6).

Because if you don’t, you’re just an asshole.

And you want to be an attractive guy, not an asshole.

Speaking of which…

Tip #9: How to be the most attractive man ever

Great. Now you know everything about casual sex relationships.

What’s the next step?

Well, meeting more women, of course.

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