Conversation Topics List – the 19 Hottest Conversation Starters

conversation topics list

When you’re out with your friends, your other half, or on a date, do you ever feel like you’re having:

The same old boring conversations?

Consider that a thing of the past.

We’re going to upgrade your conversations from bland to xxxtra spicy with this list of hot topics.

Get ready to learn:

  • 19 tips for endless conversations with your partner or your friends
  • How to say more through social media
  • The Australian Outback formula to initiate fun conversations
  • The art of clever bragging to subtly attract your date
  • How you should emulate freestyle rappers in your conversations
  • The most complete conversation topics list out there
  • How to concoct epic stories out of thin air
  • A tool that will prepare you to have amazing conversations with women
  • How to bring sex to the table, without sounding weird
  • An endless arsenal of fun and interesting conversation topics for dating

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Let’s get right into our 19 tips!

Tip #1: Build bridges with your conversations

Leave it to the Dutch to teach you all about building bridges.

Here’s what I’m talking about, check out the following words:

Presents, snow, reindeer…

I have a pretty good hunch about where your mind has headed.

I would put money down that you’re now thinking about Christmas.

“Wow Daan, you’re right!”

I know, I’m a mind reader.

In this case, you have associated my words with Christmas.

This association forms a bridge, allowing you to easily cross between conversation topics.

This is a seamless way to keep the conversation fresh. And the associations you make don’t even have to be that obvious. We are conversing with women, after all 😉

If you listen to two women having a conversation, you’ll find that they tend to jump quickly from one topic to the next.

I once snuck into a ladies’ bathroom on a night out, for “research purposes”.

I heard women discussing all manner of topics: boys, colleagues at work, girlfriends, sex…

(Now stop thinking kinky Dan, this is a very serious blog and I was conducting very serious research.)

My observations have even been backed up by a proper study, so I’ve got some credibility on my side.

The table below comes from that study. You can see that women talk much more than men about the topics of family, relationship problems, and sexual partners.

To my great pleasure, my informal research was pretty spot-on.

So if you think she’ll be thrown off if you jump from one topic to another? Not a chance.

But if you find it challenging to jump between different topics, I recommend you do the following:

Read a bunch of magazine articles that highlight topics of interest to you. Bonus points if these topics cross over into women’s interests.


Use the table above as a guide.

Jot down stories from your own life, I’m sure you have a wealth of experiences. However, don’t just rattle off story after story, or you will both feel like you’re on the spot. That’s why you want to be prepared with a variety of topics.

Pro Tip:

At the end of the article, I’ll give you the best preparation guide for having fantastic conversations with women.


Think about your best stories and write them down after reading this article, then come up with some unifying terms. These terms serve as your bridges of association, easily spanning the gap between conversations. For example, if you have a great story that took place at a restaurant, then cooking and eating are both good unifying terms.

Keep your ears open to those bridging terms so you have an easy way to jump in with a great story.

When switching to another topic, you can say something along the lines of:

“It’s a bit off-topic, but that reminds me of…”

This way you can swing between topics like an agile conversation monkey.

Now, if you want to take things to the next level, I also wrote an article on great open-ended questions you can ask on a date.

That way you won’t be left twiddling your thumbs with nothing to say.

Read it here:

>> 47 Powerful Open-Ended Questions to Ask a Girl on a First Date

In the next tip, I’ll teach you how to tell a whole story using just some pictures on your mobile.

Tip #2: Crusading in your jeans

Picture this: you’ve just sat down for your date and she’s looking up at you expectantly.

“What am I supposed to say now?!”

It’s a thought that plagues everyone on a date at some point or another.

And I have an effective solution for that vacant brain!

Use your cell phone as a wingman.

Ahead of the date, store some interesting photos in a separate folder. Include a picture of:

  • Your family
  • You on a backpacking trip in Thailand
  • You with your mates in Albufeira
  • Your best friend’s new puppy
  • An important moment at work, like a presentation


An offline version of your social media.

And since we all know a picture’s worth 1,000 words, your photos can do the heavy legwork for you.

After showing her your pictures, ask about her own family, travel experiences and adventures, and you’ll find yourself in an effortless conversation.

You can leverage your photos that are kicking around in some dusty folder to have a more successful dating experience.

Get out of your chair and sit next to her so you can both see the pictures while you tell her the backstory (bonus: now you’ve smoothly created physical closeness!).

Think of it like a live presentation of your Tinder profile, but much more fun.

Maybe even try putting your arm around her while you’re sitting next to each other.

Tip #3: The core of every good conversation

What is at the heart of quality conversations?

To learn that, we first need to find out what’s at the heart of bad conversations.

Most men aren’t good conversationalists.

It’s usually for 2 reasons:

  1. You simply don’t know what to talk about. This can often be spurred on by nerves getting the better of you. But fret not, I am here to help.
  2. And more importantly, you have boring conversations with women because you don’t dare to take a risk.

You are afraid to take chances because you don’t want to lose her.

“I don’t want to be alone again”
– That pesky thought is holding you back.

This is a sign that you’re being too needy in the relationship.

What is behind being needy?

It all rests on this foundation:


You’re asking her for too much contribution to the conversation.

When you’re asking questions to shift the focus from yourself, you’re not asking because you care about the answer.

You’re just talking.

A lot of dating coaches now suggest that you turn your questions into statements.

So instead of asking:

  • “What kind of work do you do?”


  • “You know, I bet you’re a clinical psychologist. Someone who really digs into the minds of other people. Yeah, I could totally see you in that role.”

Nice flirty phrase.

Contrary to popular belief, statements encourage conversation better than questions.

But making statements is a superficial solution for a fundamental problem.

Because the fundamental problem isn’t you asking too many questions…it’s you being needy. And that’s what’s holding you back.

You can’t fix the Titanic with a band-aid.

Nor can you fix your neediness with statements.

So how do we turn this problem around?

Go from “take” to “give” in your conversations.

This way you’re feeding energy into the conversation while fixing the problem from the core.

Use a variety of techniques to chat up women.

This is what will make your conversations rich.

It will transform you from a conversational beggar to a social millionaire.

Every good conversation technique and all skillful flirting is based on this principle of ‘giving’.

Now, flirting is not just about this principle. Flirting is an art.

And you might be wondering how to flirt the right away.

Well, good news: I wrote an article for you with everything you need to know about flirting.

Check it out:

>> 7 Unexpected Flirting Tips and Hacks to Become Irresistible

Tip #4: How to brag cleverly

If you’re totally honest…

Don’t worry. This stays between you and me.

…what do you talk to women about?

Either on a date or just meeting a lady in a coffee shop, what do you prefer to talk about?

Perhaps you bring up a passion of yours, which is definitely a good tactic.

But the first things mentioned when I ask that question of our coaches and customers are:

  • Their own successes or achievements
  • A skill or talent they have
  • And sex, because of course, this is a great warm-up to friskier conversations


You talk about things that are awesome for YOU.

And that makes perfect sense.

What else do you have to talk about?

That your mouth reeks like dying zombies in the morning?

Not a good idea, bro.

There is only one disadvantage to this tactic:

When you’re telling her all about how awesome you are, you can easily come across as a narcissist douchebag and at the same time, not very sincere.

It’s exactly like those salespeople who say to you:

“This is the BEST laptop eveeeer. With the BEST specs for all your tasks, at the MOST AFFORDABLE price.”

Of course, he’s going to say that, because he benefits from closing the sale.

Just like you benefit from selling yourself to her.

That’s why she might find it hard to believe you when you’re just spouting off awesome things about yourself.

Still, it does makes sense to talk yourself up to your date.

Because by tooting your own horn, you can convey your status. And status is an important sexual trigger for women.

What many men don’t understand is:

You can turn your negatives into positives.

A brilliant example of this is a hundred-year-old help wanted ad by Ernest Shackleton for an expedition.

It was an extremely dangerous tour, which was also underpaid.

Check out his solution:

Right, 6 negatives. Followed by 1 huge positive.

As a result:

By highlighting the negative points, you give that one advantage incredible credibility. Because you’ve already laid out the drawbacks clearly.

So what happens is:

You only see that one advantage.

It’s like there’s a bright red car between a bunch of white cars. The white cars simply fall away from your mind.

You can apply this same principle in your conversations.

The balance principle:

The more you add to the negative side of the scale, the more you can pile onto the positive side.

So go on and tell her about how spent some time in prison for robbery and attempted murder.

Just kidding.

Leave the really extreme shit until at least the fourth date (still joking here by the way)

But do tell her something that you’ve struggled with, something genuine.

Maybe you used to be really insecure and you’ve taken steps to overcome that. We’ll talk about this in the Nerd to Flirt principle later in the tips.

Because you were honest about your earlier setbacks, you’re also likely being honest about the fact that now you’re a fucking boss.

This creates a balance, and with it a more complete and credible story.

So quit your shameless bragging, because it won’t work.

By applying the balance principle, you can go ahead and boast about yourself, because you’re are also being open, vulnerable, and honest.

And if there are three things women love about men, it’s openness, vulnerability and honesty.

What else do they love?

Here’s an article on what exactly makes women attracted to men:

>> What Makes Women Attracted to Men? 11 Irresistible Qualities

More about vulnerability as a strong topic of conversation later.

Tip #5: How to tell good stories

You know Dwayne Johnson?

I’m sure you do.

Better known as ‘The Rock’.

His story-telling ability has gone through a revolution.

If you compare videos of how he used to tell the story behind the name ‘The Rock’ with how he tells it now…

It’s like he’s taken a page out of Two-Face’s book.

Of course, if he was 1.50m tall, he would never have become “The Rock.” There’s a hefty helping of genes and talent coming into play.

But conversations…

As long as you have the ability to speak, you can MASTER your conversations.

By the way, are you interested in hearing the story behind “The Rock”? And how he has transformed his stories from drivel to genius?

Then check out the following video:

Tip #6: Incorporate play into your conversation topics

Talk, talk, talk.

Sometimes, it just gets boring.

Especially when the subjects never breach the superficial layer.

People actually prefer to discuss more personal topics.

Even though it can feel scary, you have to make yourself vulnerable to the other person. And trust that she won’t laugh at you.

Still, vulnerability is your most powerful tool to having lasting conversations.

Even though this is difficult, you can make it happen with humor.

Using a game.

Take turns talking about embarrassing experiences from the past.

And stick to the following rules:

  • You’re the first to ask a question
  • The other may not ask the same question
  • Each question must exceed the last in degree of personality

And then you can add your own rules, if you like.

Like this one I recently invented on a date:

“The moment it gets too personal, you have to kiss the other.”

After about 5 questions, it got too personal for her and she kissed me.

Of course, you can’t jump into this right from the beginning of the date. We already had some sexual tension brewing.

But the great thing about incorporating deep subjects into a game is that you can start innocently enough, and end up having highly personal and meaningful conversations. This is a one of the best ways of making a connection with a girl.

What are the other ways, you say?

Read this article, you’ll learn exactly how to connect with a girl:

>> How To Make A Connection: 7 Tips To Easily Connect With Girls

Tip #7: This should not be missing from your conversations

What do other dating coaches say:

“Don’t ask questions. Make statements or tell her about yourself. But leave the questions behind.”

I generally agree with this, in the following circumstances:

  • You don’t know what to say so you ask a question to fill the silence
  • You have nothing better to say and leave the interpretation of the conversation to her
  • You’re badgering her with questions like an interview
  • You only ask surface questions like, ‘What’s your job?’, ‘What are your hobbies?’ and ‘How was your day?’
  • Your questions don’t contribute to the energy or connection of the conversation

However, asking questions is inescapable in a normal conversation. There are specific things you’ll want to find out about her.

You can show interest in her by asking questions.

Provided you ask the right questions.

To learn how to ask strong questions, I advise you to check out the following article:

-> The 131 Least boring Questions Ever to Ask Your Date

Questions are a great way to make your date feel special. Especially when your question hits the right note for her.

Then your interest will really resonate with her.

Tip #8: Most interesting topics for every millennial

What is the hottest topic on seemingly every Instagram page?


But if you initiate this topic in the wrong way, it can actually be detrimental to the conversation.

Because what a lot of people say is:

“Hey, have you been on a nice holiday recently?”

And then you risk (with high likelihood) an answer like:

“No, I haven’t. You?”

Or other people say:

“Do you have fun plans for the summer holidays?”

With the answer:

“Hmm, no idea. You?”

Hmm yes, what a brilliant conversation this is turning out to be.

We want better than that.

And you can do better.


“What kind of trips do you like to go on?”

You can’t answer this question with only a couple of words. In addition, it’s about her favorite kind of travel. The ideal situation. And by definition, it’s positive.

A study by Richard Wiseman concluded that you double your chances of a follow-up date when you talk about travel in the right way. In contrast to when you talk about movies.

So yes.

Talk about travel.

As long as you do it the right way.

In the video at the top of the article, I will give you even more inspiration for using your travel stories as a fun topic of conversation.

Tip #9: Find the differences

This is a subject most people don’t tell you about.

We are talking about the differences between men and women.

For example, it starts with a difference in initial contact:

But what about the ways men and women differ in how they get excited?

If you’re honest with yourself, reading this blog right now, you’re always working on getting a woman excited. You’re likely trying to:

  • Be fun
  • Generate emotions
  • Show value or status

Basically, you’re using:


While we as men decide with a glance whether the woman excites us or not.

You can use these differences between men and women as a conversation topic on your date.

Guaranteed, you’ll end up in a fit of laughter.

For example, start talking about colors.

See what she has to say about your version of red or purple.

Use the images I’ve provided to initiate this fun topic of conversation, or search for relatable memes that you can bring up.

Tip #10: How to get the fire back in your conversations

Do you ever find yourself trapped in conversations that are entirely one note?

She’s talking your ear off about the same subject that you just don’t care about. Or perhaps the topic isn’t doing the conversation any favors in terms of building tension and connection.

You see this often on a first date.

I have a simple solution to this problem.

Break up the monotony with a “would you rather” question.

Such as:

  • Would you rather be able to read other peoples’ thoughts or have everyone be able to read your thoughts?
  • Would you rather have just a main course at a restaurant or just a starter + dessert?
  • Would you rather get blood from Hitler or Bin Laden when you need a transfusion?
  • Would you rather burn immediately in direct sunlight or in direct moonlight?
  • Would you rather only watch series and movies with a 9.5 or higher, or only lower than a 9.4?

When you notice that the conversation has gone from boring to snooze fest or you’re overdue for a change in conversation topic… then throw one of these questions in.

Answer the question and the reason behind your choice.

Before you know it, you’ve hopped off the boring conversation train and onto the fun chat express.

To raise your “would you rather” questions to the extreme and have a surefire hilarious conversation with her, check out the next tip.

Tip #11: Why Tuesday is the most convenient day for a date


In 1756, it was declared the dilemma day of the week.

The enlightened thinker Voltaire wanted to investigate the ‘clumsiest’ day of the week. After years of research, he came to the conclusion:

Most people encountered dilemmas on Tuesday.

And so, Tuesday was declared the dilemma day of the week.


Enough nonsense.

(Although it makes your conversations fun when you can convince your date of all this nonsense.)

How to turn this “fact” into fun:

Set a dilemma on Tuesday.

Such as:

  • Do you get under the sheets with Emma Watson with a penis OR Ryan Gosling with a vagina?
  • Do you change gender every time you sneeze OR change your age every time you hiccup?
  • Are you the boss of your own company OR the company’s best employee?

The first two are clearly meant to bring up sex in a harmless way (more tips on how to do this are coming up in the article).

The last one is a pretty interesting question as well.

This will help you find out how she thinks.

When you take your silly hypotheticals further, you can quickly get into some deep topics of conversation.

You are now gaining insight into her personal characteristics. Does she want all the glory and responsibility or does she like to work hard away from the spotlight?

Here’s a more complete list of get-to-know-you questions you can ask on a date:

>> 111 Non-Boring Questions to Get to Know Her -Real Self- Better

Tip #12: How to let sexual energy bubble between you

A tip that many dating coaches will tell you:

“Make sure you drop breaks into your conversations.”
– The dating coach around the corner.

Breaks give you a few seconds of silence.

This is a very good tip.

But now let’s get into why you’re dropping those silences.

Because if you mindlessly drop a break:









It’s just a useless break. Or in this case, empty white pixels without powerful information for your conversations, which you have to scroll past again.

Wasted energy.

Here’s why you drop silences:

  • Silence leaves room in the conversation for emotions to brew
  • Drop a silence so you can take a moment to admire her
  • Silence allows you both to feel the tension bubbling up between you

And if you’re lucky, this will be in the form of sexual tension.

Exactly the tension you want to create on a date with a woman.

In the case of your conversation topics, leave room for silences so you can take some time to connect.

Not saying anything is a powerful way of speaking.

And you can convey that through the way you look at her.

You can see what she’s experiencing simply by looking in her eyes. And the emotions that go with it.

This animated way of storytelling is totally unique from most men. And perhaps how you tell your stories:

“And then I was in line for that festival… [silence] … And when I was standing at the counter to show my ticket, they couldn’t find my name… [silence] … and the problem back then was that my name was misquoted… [silence] … And then it got all cleared up and I could go in in the end.”
– Telling uninspired stories 101.

Are you asleep yet?


Snap out of it.

Because if you’re talking in such a dull fashion, even if you’ve told her all of your fun, interesting and deep stories… making her doze off is likely the only thing you’ve accomplished so far.

So now you know the reason behind dropping silences.

You can experience the moment from their point of view, so that you can subsequently express these emotions, details and feelings in your own words.


Creating sexual tension is a must during a date.

It’s a skill that every attractive guy has, among other skills.

What are the other skills you need to acquire?

Check out my Transformation Kit to get the full picture. It teaches you how to become an attractive guy.

It’s completely free, get it here!

Tip #13: How to Get Kisses on the to-do list

Some people say that you remember your first kiss more vividly than losing your virginity.

Now I don’t know if this is true, but there is some merit in it.

Of course, this could be because losing your virginity is often not quite what you had expected and you may want to tuck that memory away.

The first kiss, on the other hand, often exceeds expectations.

Anyway. We’re getting a little off subject.

My reason for bringing up this topic of discussion, of course, is kissing.

Tell her about your first kiss.

Tell her about your first kiss, and then it’s her turn.

This compels her to think about kissing and the feelings and memories that go along with it.

And because you’re sitting opposite her, it’s only logical that she’ll link these thoughts with you. Consider these two questions:

  • Do you notice that she easily goes along with this topic of conversation?
  • At the same time, do you notice that her body language is focused on you during the story?

If so, then you’re in the clear to build up to a kiss.

As an added bonus, you also show her a bit of vulnerability with this topic.

And through showing vulnerability, you create a deeper connection by bringing in a human component.

What this human component is, you will learn in the following tips.

But first, we’ll give you another way to show a piece of vulnerability in your conversation topics to create a lasting connection.

Tip #14: Bring up relationships

You know that with new relationships, exes are bound to come up at some point.

And those are often the people you don’t want to discuss on your date.

You’re right about that.

But you don’t need to hash out all the specifics if you bring this topic of conversation up in the right way.

For example, you can talk about your first relationship without discussing your ex in great detail.

Keep to yourself who that person was exactly, what his or her characteristics were, etc.

Keep the subject focused on yourself and tell her what you thought was great about the relationship. How it made you feel. Also tell her what was difficult and what you learned from it.

Talk about your previous relationships.

And how you knew it had reached the end.

At least, I assume that relationship is over. Unless, of course, you have an open relationship and you’re free to date other women.

However, bring up this topic of conversation in a witty, light-hearted way. That you can both laugh about it, while still connecting on a deeper level.

Because with this topic, you’re offering another piece of vulnerability.

You can talk about the beautiful times in the relationship. But also about the difficult times of breaking up.

Your own mistakes may come up. And not every man dares to talk about his past mistakes on a date.

In addition, it also gives her an idea of what you’re looking for in a relationship and in a woman.

Pay attention:

Now prompt her to tell you about her first relationship and how it unfolded. And see if you have some points of commonality in what you’re looking for.

“Certainly, I’m an adventurous person though.”
– Every woman, after hearing from a critical man.

And beyond.

After kissing and relationships comes…?


Sexy times.

Tip #15: Sex bloopers

Anyone can talk about sex.

Even if you’ve never had sex, you can still talk about sex.

I’m sure you’ve heard a tale or two about sex bloopers.

The reason this fun topic of conversation is in the list is of course the following:

“Bring sex to the table.”

Especially on a date or talking to a woman in the club, this point is crucial.

In this way, you can paint yourself as someone who’s okay with sex. This shows that she can also be at ease around you when it comes to sex and she won’t feel judged.

It is also a natural first step towards the act itself 😉

Tell her about funny or embarrassing sex stories.

At the same time, you can subtly brag that you’re experienced with other women.

We’ve already discussed bragging without appearing like a try-hard in a previous tip.

For example, I have a friend who often tells a story about a date in which he ended up having sex during an untimely hospital visit.

He’s able to tell a fun and saucy sex story. But he also lets his vulnerable side shine through. Which in turn helps him connect with his date.

So you can hit several flies in one fell swoop, while having a hilarious conversation on your date.

Then ask her to tell you about her sex bloopers and immediately gain some insight into her bedroom adventures.

And now for that most human component, which I previously mentioned.

Tip #16: The strongest topic of conversation

Be sure to incorporate the most human component of all into your stories.

If you look at:

  • Old myths
  • Folklore
  • And even modern fairy tales

The core of every story is always the same.

Every good story follows the same trend.

It’s always about you and me.

Or rather, it’s about the journey of life.

It’s about this adventure we’re on as humans.

And this adventure is about inner transformation.

The story of:

“I started down there and now I’m up here.”

Tell your Zero to Hero.

People love to hear about inner transformation.

Don’t simply tell her about your day to day life on your date, tell her about the growth you have experienced.

People appreciate being inspired by stories of inner transformation.

Tip #17: Gossip the right way

Look at how you talk to your friends.

What do you usually discuss?

One of the most common topics of conversation is:

Other people.

Other people within your friend group, acquaintances you share, or people who just fly in and out of your conversations.

Several investigations have been conducted on this.

Here’s what the first study turned up from 1924:

It concluded that 22-44% of conversations can be defined as ‘gossiping’.

More recent research found that nearly 70% of all conversations are about other individuals.

So imagine…

You’re on a date with a woman you met through Tinder, on a night out, or just out on the street.

You don’t have any mutual friends with her yet.

So even though this is an untapped conversation topic that you probably want to get into, you can’t yet because you don’t know any people in common.

Now I don’t recommend that you literally gossip about your mates or her friends with her.

You want that kind of negativity to give your date a wide berth.


You can certainly still discuss other people on your date.

Talk about others on your date.

Here’s what I suggest doing on a first date:

Look around at the people sitting close to you.

And then you can people watch together.

For example, you can say:

“How do you think they know each other, is it maybe a first date?”

“Are they in a long-term relationship?”

“I think he’s in the friend zone.”

Up your game even further by asking:

“Who do you think is gay here?”

“Which of our fellow diners do you think has the most disturbing sex life?”

This way you can talk about sex in the third person, which is a very safe way to introduce the topic.

It’s also super funny.

With this technique, you build a we feeling between the two of you.

You’re sitting together in your bubble, talking about the other people.

It also shifts the pressure of getting to know each other onto something external.


It’s important to stay away from negative gossip.

By talking about others in a jovial manner, a natural conversational flow arises. It’s far more effective than those standard get-to-know-you topics.

Tip #18: The Australian Outback formula for your conversation topics


A group of expeditioneers departed from Australia’s north coast to the interior.

Looking for all the miracles that the then-unknown territory had to offer.

What they came back with:

The Australian Outback Formula.

It goes as follows:

(Nothing x nothing – nothing) ^2
– The Australian Outback Formula

So you can see.

There’s truly nothing in the Australian Outback.

In the Australian Outback, there is minimal stimulation.

And this is exactly how many men live their lives.

They are over-stimulated in the digital world. However, they remain mentally under-stimulated.

Of course, this is easy to solve by doing more things in your life.

At the same time, I also understand that this is not always the simplest solution.

It’s not possible for everyone to travel to interesting places or to incorporate demanding new hobbies into their lives.

But what can everyone do with their free time?


Reading is by definition mental stimulation.

There is one book that always sparks my enthusiasm.

And it makes for a great conversation topic.

Bring up a book.

Not only do you have more interesting and intelligent things to say by reading books. You’ve also got a great conversation topic that you can add to your list.

The stories from the books you’ve read can serve as a jumping off point to all sorts of other conversation topics, so you’ll never get bored on a date again.

My book choice to bring up on a date is usually Perfume.

It’s about a French kid who learns to make perfumes. He decides to make the most alluring perfume by distilling the smell of the 8 most beautiful women in France. And along the way, he commits all sorts of chaos.

You can then link this book to the film. If you’ve seen the movie, you know that it differs quite a bit from the book.

Ask what she thinks.

Tease her that you’re going to distill her smell or get a whiff of her hair.

So now you not only have something interesting to talk about, you also have all kinds of opportunities for physical contact.


Now we’ll round it out with the last tip of the article.

Tip #19: How to be compelling about any topic

Simply being equipped with good topics of conversation isn’t everything.

Because if you tell your stories like a binary robot or someone with ADHD talking at warp speed… Then it doesn’t matter what you’re saying. She won’t be interested in listening to your story.


  • 1. Because you tell the story so monotonously that all emotions are missing. People want to feel a personal connection to a story. And without emotions, that’s impossible.
  • 2. When you rush through a story as if you need to catch the next train, you similarly take the relatable component out of the story. You’re not giving her the opportunity to experience your story.

That’s why this tip will help you make everything you say contagiously interesting.

And with this tip, I’m really giving away a piece of gold.

It comes down to matching your voice with your expression.

That means employing corresponding:

  • Voice, volume and intonation
  • Facial expressions while talking
  • Hand gestures to reinforce your words

When you‘re able to match these three aspects while adding a tactical pause here and there, as you learned in previous tips:

Then you can touch anyone with your words.

Whether they’re brilliant or not.

And who always has the most mind-blowing lyrics? Freestyle rappers.

That’s what this tip is about. And I’ll give you a strong tool for your conversations with women.

What you can learn from freestyle rappers

If you know anything about me, you know I’m a big fan of rap.

And rap is a great teacher of conversation topics.

Here’s the deal:

One of the most legendary rap battles of all time was between Serius Jones and Jin.

Until then, rap battles were always freestyled.

This means that the rappers invented their lines on the spot.

Serius Jones, however, took a different approach to this battle.

He had already conceived, written out, and memorized some of his rhymes in advance.

Jin was flattened, even though he had also come up with great lines.

You may say that it’s no longer authentic, but you would benefit from thinking about your sentences in advance.

If you’re interested, you can see the legendary rap battle between Serius Jones and Jin below:

Now I’m not saying that you should go over ALL of your conversation topics and in your mind ahead of time.

Still, a little preparation goes a long way.

“To be prepared is half the victory”

By preparing, you can experience your best date yet.

And you can feel confident in starting your own conversations with my free Transformation Kit.

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In short: It teaches you how to make yourself an attractive man.

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Now spice up those conversations.

From your bro,
Dan de Ram

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