5 Conversation Topics for Stress-Free Dates

conversation topics on a date

I was like: ‘[…]’ and she was like: ‘[…]’.

Maybe this sounds familiar to you:

It may have taken you a lot of courage to ask her out at first, but now you’re sitting across from each other:

She wears a strapless top and a skin-tight leather legging that accentuate her long, athletic legs, and as if that wasn’t enough, a bright red lipstick covers her full lips, which literally cry out to be touched by yours…

Your eagerly awaited Tinder date looks even spicier than on the pictures.

Double BINGO!

But the euphoria that you felt at the beginning when you said hello to each other gradually sways to an awkward silence…

You get more and more nervous with every second, you get all hot and as if it were Christmas Eve, she gives you, for your ‘pleasure’, the socks you never wished for, in the form of a dose of her best ‘pre-bored-with-cell-phone games’.

If only you knew now how to break that unbearable silence.

Wait a minute.

What if you couldn’t only break the silence, even transform it into a lively conversation in which she can’t get enough of you anymore?

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Instead of an awkward silence, you look into bright eyes that stick to your lips and listening ears that can’t wait to hear what you have to tell them next…

If that’s what you want, congratulations for coming across this article, muchacho!

In this article I teach you how to master the art of lively romantic conversation.

I show you:

  • Why the things you talk to her about play a much smaller role than you probably think
  • Which subtle components make up more than 90% of your conversation
  • The best topics for conversation with your date(s)
  • Topics of conversation with a girl you should avoid at all costs
  • 3 conversation topics for a date that create strong attraction
  • And many more funny random topics for conversations…

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Conversation topics on a date: “What should I talk about?”

A feeling of panicky fear pervaded my body alone at the thought of having endless pauses in silence or boring her to death with my babbling about me…

On my first dates, I was often (like other countless men and maybe just like you) faced with the question

“What the hell are good topics of conversation for first dates?”

So it sounds all the more logical to talk about things that women find incredibly interesting, doesn’t it?

BEEBOO (third-string attempt to imitate a buzzer) – nope, that’s not quite right.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that will blow your mind:

HOW you say something is much more important than WHAT you say.

Numerous studies, including that of Professor Albert Mehrabian of the University of California, indicate that what we say only accounts for about 7% of our communication.

“Fair enough, but why should I even bother focusing on WHAT I’m saying?”

Couldn’t have put it better myself – great tip, bro!

For one simple reason:

Depending on how much passion, excitement and fun you put into your conversation, your whole way of HOW you tell something automatically becomes more attractive.

So, to conclude: With the 7% WHAT you say, you have an indirect influence on 93% of your communication.

For you, this means that you can captivate her just by talking about topics that make your eyes sparkle with enthusiasm, because your complete expression (gestures and facial expressions) adapts positively to your enthusiasm.

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But before I come to the 3 conversation ideas that will help you do this, let me tell you what makes up the bulk of your communication, the 93% of your communication…

Conversation topics with girls – Tip #1: HOW you talk to her

So where’s the 93% hiding?

How do you manage to stand out from 99% of all men?

How can you fill your conversation with life and enthusiasm?

By what factors can you lift your attractiveness to the immeasurable – just by focusing a little more on it and creating shining eyes and listening ears in your counterpart, who can hardly wait for your lips to open again.

It’s not that complicated.

The HOW consists among other things of…

  • A controlled body language/ gestures
  • Deep eye contact
  • A confident, masculine conversational tone of voice
  • Conversational variance in which you set the pace of the conversation
  • A varied conversational vibe by giving her mixed signals (for example, teasing her occasionally besides giving compliments or telling about funny stories of your past)
  • The creativity to make boring standard questions more interesting

Would you like to see a good example of a testosterone-charged voice and laser eye contact?

Voilá, here you go:

If you’re still having the problem of constantly running out of things to talk about on your dates, I recommend that you start by improving the way you communicate.

Try not to filter the things that are buzzing around in your mind and play with the way you tell them.

You’ll be surprised at the number of people hanging on your lips, even if you only describe the mating behavior of squirrels.

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And that’s only because you pay attention to the crucial 93% of your communication…

Tip #2: Topics of conversation for your first date

Let’s get those gears in your brain working for once:

What topics do you think you can talk about with a woman on your date?

Don’t scroll further until you have an answer.

Do you have one? Excellent.

Let’s compare our results:

My answer begins with a counter-question:

Which topics of conversation do many women find so interesting that they even pay a lot of money to get more of them?

Hint: Fashion and glamour magazines (Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Vogue…), TV soaps and kitschy flicks (Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries…) and the list goes on…

So, when you philosophize about the question ‘What is the best conversation topic’ the answer is very simple.

Most of all women are interested in:

  • Romance, relationships
  • Drama, conflicts
  • Famous people and their lives
  • The psychology behind it (the reasons why someone does something)

“Are you trying to convince me to talk nonstop about Brangelina?”

For God’s sake, no.

It’s much more about the positive emotions that women associate with these topics.

Therefore, you can benefit immensely if you can talk about these topics LIKE A MAN.

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You’re not here to become her new best friend with whom she blows glitter dust up her ass (at least I hope so, otherwise this is unfortunately the wrong article for you)…

Tip #3: Topics of conversation you should avoid at all costs

You’re invited to a birthday party. The ambience is phenomenal:

A deep bass invites you to dance, snacks are provided on long tables and a variety of fruit punch is mixed. Almost all guests enjoy their time, far away from their work and their everyday stress…

But one guy stands cramped in the corner of the room and looks at the floor while he occasionally sips his beer.

Why isn’t anybody talking to him?

Because you’re such an outgoing man, you decide to join him to find out exactly that.

Good idea, Detective Conan!

In no time you recognize an unmissable characteristic of your counterpart:

He speaks out of a victim role.

“I hate my current job. I always have to do really boring tasks.” followed by a “Most of the guests at this party don’t even know what it means to work hard.”

Wait, what?

The dude has been invited to a birthday party and all he can think about all the time is how much he hates his work and his current life situation?

Because you know (at least after reading this article ;P ) how to pimp boring conversations like Xzibit old Cadillacs, you decide to change the topic of the conversation.

But no matter to what extent you change the subject, your counterpart always seems to find a reason to nag about everything.

Cross your heart: Do you still want to talk to him for a long time?

Certainly not.

The moral of the story:

“Do as you would be done by.”

Okay, you’ve probably been taught that cheesy line in grade school.

For example, if you have ‘soaped’ another classmate with snowballs during a snowy break in winter and your teacher caught you doing it…

But the core message of this saying can be transferred seamlessly to your dates:

Don’t bore her with stories that only revolve around what’s going on in YOUR life. You’d despise that yourself.

I’m sure you don’t, but also avoid making desperate statements about how hopelessly you’re trying to find a girlfriend, or doubtful questions about whether you’re her type.

This seems needy and insecure.

And just between you and me:

How can she ever trust you if you can’t even trust yourself?!

Rely on yourself and trust that you’re cool enough for her.

The fact that you have already decided to hone your skills with women, decided to become a better version of yourself, and are therefore reading this article is proof enough.

“Okay cool, I get it. But self-confidence alone isn’t enough. How exactly do I create strong attraction between my date and me?”

Your sharp-mindedness is simply unmatched, bro.

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And just as if you’d collected the seven Dragonballs and called Shenlong yourself, I’m going to grant your long-awaited wish and give you three conversation ideas to pimp your date with!

Tip #4: Play the amateur psychologist for the ‘rich and beautiful’

Start with how you have read that one or the other celeb’ has done something extremely stupid or extraordinary and analyze their behavior together with your date.

Many top athletes, actors and rock stars love to do crazy things…

For example, they cheat and then claim to be innocent. And this even though it’s more than obvious from countless photographs of evidence that they are on a double track.

They cancel weddings 24 hours in advance. They’re having their pubic hair dyed and plan to have their teeth gilded…

These situations are crying out to be scrutinized by a sharp, critical and even sarcastic eye.

Pretend you’re trying hard to figure out the celebrities’ motives. Go ahead and exaggerate.

For example, you can philosophize about Post Malone’s face tattoos:

“I bet that Post Malone is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. I mean the hair, the beard – look at the tattooed crown of thorns on his forehead alone. He probably got himself the ‘Stay Away’ to show us all that he has had enough of humanity – and yes, I mean both of us – and wants to be left alone after his resurrection to finally make a phenomenal career as a gangster rapper. The last time it didn’t go so well for him when he wanted to announce the Good News to his fellow men himself. Maybe this time it will work out in the form of cursed lyrics …”

Your date will find this incredibly amusing and perhaps, if she’s as creative as you are, she will share her own theories with you.

Have fun with it! I’m sure Freud and Jung would be proud of your groundbreaking psychoanalysis.

Tip #5: Conversations topics for dates Siegmund Freud would’ve loved

Just look around and for example find a couple that looks like they are on their first date.

For example, joke about the fact that it’s probably a Tinder date and how they look surprised because they expect their date to look better in real life.

Fantasize about what they probably think during their date, but don’t dare to say it.

Analyze groups and guess who the ‘group leader’ is.

Who do you think has a secret affair with each other or who hates each other?

Tip #6: Analyze the love life of friends and acquaintances

Talk about crazy love stories of other friends and acquaintances and think up ridiculous theories about why they behave like that.

Tell a story about a friend who broke up with his girlfriend because she didn’t get fat enough for him.

If you want to go one better:

Tell about your theory that he probably tried in vain to live out his fetish of fattening slim women until the last seams of their trousers burst.


Make it clear to your date that you’re only joking and NEVER judge the people who you sport with your trained eye.

With conversation ideas I have now given you, you can kill two birds with one stone:

  1. You give your date the chance to get to know your creativity and your sense of humor
  2. Include a fiery passion of many women in your conversation: Silly gossip.

By interpreting certain situations and interactions together, you stimulate the passion of many women for ‘gossip’ without hurting other people.

You float in your own bubble and begin to feel as deeply connected as Bonnie and Clyde.

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Tip #7: Conversation topics girls adore

So, if you ever find yourself on a date and you run out of things to talk about, just think of one of these three ideas.

Also find out for yourself which topic awakens a true ‘flame of enthusiasm’ in you. As you’ve already learned, the HOW is more important than the WHAT.

And when you start talking about one of your biggest passions, your above mentioned 93% automatically adjust:

You come alive and you’re totally in the moment because you’re talking about something that your heart is burning for.

Your body can’t help but blossom and follow your words with vivid expressions that would rival even Shakespeare plays.

It’ll make you look incredibly attractive. But don’t forget to stay authentic and save the brag about your new PlayStation trophies for your bros.

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