How to Make a Cooking Date More Epic than Any Date She’s Had

Cooking date

You have a date with an attractive lady on your agenda.

As incredibly clever as you are, you have decided to do some research on original date ideas.

After trawling through various blog posts, you have finally come to a glorious decision:

You decide to have an unparalleled cooking date night with her.

But you have no idea how to make this promising plan a reality.

That’s where I jump in and tell you: “Let me do the dishes”.

Figuratively though. Still, I will show you:

  • How cooking for date night is secretly noe the most effective things you can do
  • What my great-grandfather Jerry thought me about a memorable first impression
  • How making plans for your cooking date night guarantees success
  • A simple method with which you can achieve a wow-effect (even through simple cooking date ideas)
  • How you can easily kiss your chica during your rendezvous
  • My most effective cooking date ideas
  • And much more tips on cooking for dates…

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Cooking date: A catalyst for your love’s happiness?

Like Rémy and Linguini in Ratatouille…

…or Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad.

Cooking together seems to connect people all over the world for centuries – or not?!

The renowned author and couples therapist Dr. John Grey examined exactly this thesis in an extensive study in which he questioned hundreds of couples about their relationship happiness.

The result:

Couples who loved to cook together were SIGNIFICANTLY happier in ALL other areas of life.


Because the open communication during cooking – from the selection of recipes to dividing the tasks – also rubbed off on all other ‘couple situations’.

Your chosen one keeps turning onions into ashes in the pan while you have a tip at hand to prevent that from happening?

You almost chop off your hands every time because of third-class cutting techniques, while your lady has a smarter method in stock?

In both cases, an essential thing comes to light, which shouldn’t be missing in any fulfilled relationship:

Constructive feedback.

As you cook, you get used to helping each other out, and give your relationship simultaneously an enormous boost to bring it further along the path ‘fulfilled life partnership’.

If it comes to a heated discussion, you will find it much easier to formulate your needs and opinions clearly and understandably.

After all, you’ve already gotten used to this during your passionate haute cuisine sessions.

“That sounds great, Dan. But how the hell do I run such a cooking date?”

Thanks for the transition, bro-ccoli.

Exactly that I’m going to show you now.

Step-by-step and foolproof.

Step #1: The preparation

Clean up your four walls

Yes, I’m sure this step goes without saying for you.

But too often I have seen countless men wondering why no mamacita wants to set a second foot in their homes because it looks something like this:

  • Vacuum and mop your apartment thoroughly
  • Wash your dishes and clean your kitchen
  • Catch all the rats and put them out in the woods
  • Tidy up your fu*king apartment

If you ask me, your apartment should ALWAYS look neat.

After all, you live in it.

And as my great-grandfather Jerry used to say:

“Okay, *cough* *cough*, my little rug rat. Remember one thing, the way you do ONE thing, you do EVERYTHING.”

In all my 3 synapses, it made ‘CLICK’ at that highly philosophical moment.

At that time, I was constantly doing my homework at the last minute in the school’s toilet because I was so incredibly sloppy.

My room used to reflect this untidiness 1:1

Even if it may sound a bit kitschy, the advice of my great-grandfather was GOLD.

So, you have a choice of who you want to be.

A strong-willed man who has his shit together and is desired by women or a pathetic maggot who lets himself go and is disrespected by every human being…

Choose wisely!

Lay the table Dinner-For-One-style

He burns her name including a heart in his front garden, drowns his floor in rose blooms, and lights 7,000 purposefully placed candles in his domicile for her.

When he greets her at his door, he presents her with a 300-pounds ‘I-love-you-cuddle bear’ and a box of chocolate, which has enough diabetes potential for an entire Mumbaian train.

What am I talking about?

Of kitschy Hollywood tearjerkers that condition us men to confuse complete insanity with romance.

The examples I just gave you are maybe sliiiiightly exaggerated…

…but almost everyone among us men at some point in his life thought that he had to shower his beloved with roses and gifts to win her over.

There’s nothing romantic about it, however, unless she feels the same attraction for you as you do for her.

So, hold back your gifts on first dates.

In general, this motto applies to gifts:

Less is more.

Let me give you an analogy here.

Maybe your mother once gave you a dollar that you were allowed to spend in the nearest kiosk.

In full euphoria, you bought three Center Shocks, two lollipops, and seven Smurfs.

Man, they were good.

One day you might even have received pocket money – and what was the first thing you did with it?

You went to the kiosk.

Smurfs for a fiver?

Cool shit!

At the latest after your first indigestion, you were overcome with enlightenment…

If you constantly fill your belly with Smurfs, they lose their shine.

But if you only allow yourself a Smurf occasionally, it will remain this:


And it’s precisely this ‘less is more’ principle that you apply to the decoration of your table.

As you can see in this example, the table is laid out simply but elegantly.

Make it similar:

  • Light some candles (I would advise against more than three if you don’t want to make an unwanted campfire)
  • Amplify the romantic ambiance by placing one or two roses on the table or in a vase OR by placing a tablecloth as in this example
  • Finally: Place the dishes (if you want to be particularly delicate, you can use these instructions)

Et voilà – the table is ready.

Find a SIMPLE dish

Duck breast medallions with a touch of orange in thyme sauce?

Fried mussels with cranberry jelly and poultry cream?


A cooking date is not in the least about enchanting your date with impressive gourmet skills.

Especially if it’s your first date with her, here’s the main thing, why you’re meeting:

To get to know each other.

And how the heck is that supposed to work when you spend hours preparing a hellishly difficult dish that baffles even a quantum physicist in its complexity?

So, pick a simple dish.

Via your homey Google, you can find thousands of dishes that are easy to prepare.

Yeah, I know.

I’m a real gourmet.

My former household arts teacher (yes, you could actually choose this course at my school back then) would certainly be proud of my culinary elaborations.

Simple dishes have two unbeatable advantages:

  1. The shopping is done super quick
  2. You can hardly f*ck up the cooking

Of course, getting to know each other and having fun cooking together is the most important thing.

But if it tastes good in the end, that’s a big bonus that you can influence early on.

My secret tip:

If you decide to serve a dessert, I would definitely recommend a chocolate fondue. Feeding each other with fresh fruit increases the desire for MORE…

Chill your drinks

It’s no rocket science that piss-warm drinks don’t cause a taste orgasm.

So, keep them cold.

Grab a bucket, fill it with ice cubes and put it in the fridge.

It’s that simple.

“Cool, Dan. What kind of drinks are good for a cooking date anyway?”

Excellent question, bratata.

Since we don’t live in a strict dictatorship, you can serve your date whatever the hell you want in the end.


Because I personally love to mix cocktails, my mini-bar is relatively well-stocked – from still water to Robby Bubble, to Mexican, fiery drinks like Sangrita Picante.

You don’t need a bulging shelf of drinks, of course, but a small selection of drinks will do the trick.

So just choose:

  • A bottle of water
  • A fruit juice
  • A wine, sparkling wine or Prosecco
  • A soft drink like ginger ale


Bonus tip:

For more dynamic in your date, there is one thing I don’t want to withhold from you. A simple hack that has taken my cooking dates to the next level:

A cocktail mix set I bought on Amazon.

Thanks to this mofo’ I was already allowed to celebrate one or the other taste explosion with some señoritas.

Via Google, you can find countless recipes to mix.

Especially after eating your 5-star menu, cocktail mixing loosens up the mood at the speed of light.

Create a playlist that even moves Vin Diesel to tears

  • Decent apartment? Check.
  • Table set? Roger that.
  • Pick a dish? You betcha!
  • Drinks are being chilled? 100 %.

With this soliloquy I would like to move on to a fundamental thing that shouldn’t be missing on any date in your home:


More precisely:

A fresh playlist for every situation.

  • One with rhythmic beats for cooking (for example with tunes from Chris Brown)
  • A somewhat more classical playlist that is good for dining (with compositions by, for example, Joep Beving)
  • A contemplative playlist for wicked sexy time (with songs by artists like The Weeknd)

Do you need music to give a woman a unique time?


Does it help you with that?

Hell f*cking YES.

Research shows music can affect your mood.

For example, check out the famous Eye-Of-Tiger scene of Rocky WITHOUT music:

With music, this scene is probably the most motivating, inspiring, and energetic piece of footage ever projected on the screens in cinemas around the world.

Without music, on the other hand, all you see is a sweaty, Italian fitness mongo, gasping for breath, running around wild.

So, what do we learn from this?

Music creates more memorable moments.

So, go to YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Unlimited Music & Co. and create your own playlists.

Pro tip:

Spotify even offers ready-made playlists that are sorted by genre and mood. From ‘Kitchen Swagger’ to ‘Dinner Music’ you will find the right sounds for every situation to underline every ambiance.

Step #2: The ‘date threading’

Your chosen one doesn’t know about your cooking date idea yet and is eagerly waiting for your date proposal?

Sit up straight and buckle up, bro.

Now I’ll show you how to give your cooking date a real ‘wow’ moment.

First text her the following:

[Fill in the day] night, you and I go out. I’ll pick you up at [choose a time]. PS: Wear something classy, so we match. 😉

After you have completed all the above preparations, you will dress up for the evening of the date.

You put on your favorite shirt and sports coat and wear freshly polished dress shoes (as licked by grandmother Clara) to some jeans.

When you’ve done that, it’s time to pick up your chica bonita.

She’s most likely expecting you to take her to some preppy gourmet restaurant.

But where you’re actually going with her is…

*drum roll*

the nearest supermarket.

Tell her:

“I need some more things for home… we’ll be leaving right away”

After this fast-paced shopping trip, you’ll go to your place together.

“You know what? I’d like to bring this stuff in for a second. I’ll be back in a minute. I give you my word”

As soon as you enter your apartment, you prepare the last things:

  • You light the candles
  • You play your playlist
  • You put the ice-cold drinks on the table

You go back to her and say:

“I need your help for a moment”

Of course, she’s not going to refuse your request.

As you go upstairs with her holding hands and enter your apartment, your chosen one gradually becomes aware of the gigantic surprise you have in store for her.

You have probably never seen a more fascinated face than the one your señorita is throwing at you right now.

Pro tip:

Still, you’ll have to keep the conversation going and the vibe flirty from the start.

If you come across as unprepared, your date might give you strange faces and start to wonder whether you’re actually the attractive guy she thought she’d meet.

To keep it mysterious, fun, and engaging for her, all the way through to your dining table, I advise you to be prepared.

Get my free 20+ Lines That Always Hook to keep the conversation going.


Step #3: Cooking

You don’t want your cooking session to end in uncoordinated, anarchic chaos?

And at the same time create a strong attraction when cooking?

Then let me tell you something:

You can kill these two birds with ONE stone.



Leading a woman is one of the most attractive qualities of a sex worthy man.

So, you can give her light-hearted tasks and make her your sous-chef, for example, who takes care of the vegetable cutting.

An occasional joint taste-test may not be missing during your masterly exotic elaborations of course.

“Got it, Dan. But what can I talk about with her while I’m cooking?”

Good point, amigo.

While you are giving each other flour noses, or are already having your dinner, these topics, which I show you in the following article, are ideal for creating an incomparable bond with your ma’am:

>> 15 Best Topics to Talk About with a Girl (Texting/Dates/Tinder)

Step #4: The ‘dessert’

The plates are dead, and the bottle of wine is drunk to the last drop.

Now it’s time to bless your date with more dynamic.

I’ll give you some powerful examples:

  • Play get-to-know games with original questions
  • Organize a karaoke tournament and sings ‘Time of my Life’ as a duet
  • Start a tournament – who will mix the tastier cocktail
  • Play a game of Jenga, where the loser has to get rid of a piece of clothing (obviously this is more suitable for a third or fourth date – of course there are always women who are spontaneous and in a positive sense ‘crazy enough’ for this on the first date)
  • Dance third class waltzes to schmaltzy ballads

All these suggestions aren’t only aimed at bringing more variety into your evening.


They also bring you closer together. Literally.

By asking the right questions, you create a deep connection to your chosen one – while you also get physically close to each other during a dance or singing a duet.

By getting used to each other quickly, the chances of waking up the next morning next to each other will increase MASSIVELY.

It’s indispensable that you suggest your respective idea SELF-CONFIDENTLY.

A ‘Would you perhaps like to dance with me a bit… pleaseee????’ in a high-pitched voice merely exudes insecurity and lets your beloved dry out faster than a wet tissue in a stone oven.

A ‘Hey, you look like you’ve got rhythm in your blood… let’s dance together’, while you give her your hand in a smooth movement without hesitation – on the other hand, turns her on even more (to an enormous degree, by the way…).

By the way, if you still have trouble finding the ‘perfect’ moment to kiss your chica during your date, check out this article I wrote for you:

>> 7 Kissing Tips and Techniques to Become an Amazing Kisser

Step #5: Use the best flirt tips for a successful cooking date

We’ve come a looong way, brochacho.

Now you know exactly how to give your lady a night she’ll never forget.

Step by step.

Among all the tips, I do assume one crucial thing…

Which one?

That you know how to properly seduce an attractive woman.

Even if you have golden date ideas in store, the lady of your heart will reject you towards the friendzone without batting an eyelid – as long as you don’t even have the slightest idea how to seduce her.


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Don’t panic.

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Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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