Crush on a Coworker? The 3 Golden Rules to Avoid Awkwardness

crush on coworker

It’s your first day in the new department.

In a record time of 7 minutes, make it to work.

You are welcomed most warmly by your new work colleagues.

And then you see her:

She has long hazel hair, wears a skin-tight skirt that reveals her curves and pumps that accentuate her athletic legs.

“Holy shit, who’s that,” you think.

And before you know it you have a crush on your coworker.

You wonder if flirting with her on the workspace is a smart move. And if so, how do you go about it…

It’s a good thing you clicked on this article. Because I will show you precisely how:

  • 3 Golden rules to flirting with you coworkers
  • 15+ flirty example lines to subtly seduce your coworker
  • The ultimate answer to whether affairs at work are a go or no-go
  • The #1 mistake that countless men make when flirting with their hot coworkers
  • Important crush on coworker advice. Don’t skip this.
  • What a sniper shooter has to do with groundbreaking coworker flirting success
  • More insights about flirting with a coworker on the workspace…

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Alessandra is her name.

When she shakes your hand, you melt.

It’s all up with you:

You, sir, are just falling in love with her.

”I want to go out with her, Dan. How the hell can I do that?’
– I hear you asking yourself in front of the screen.

Bro. Remember.

Occasionally, the emotion you misinterpret as ‘love’ is nothing more than a ‘voracious appetite to perform wild coitus with a certain señorita’.

However, to find out if your hot coworker REALLY is a good match for you, there’s only one way…

…to take her on a DATE.

After all, you can only really get to know her on a deep personal level this way.

It’s not rocket science…

“But how the hell should I do this, Dan?

If I get rejected by her, we would still see each other EVERY MORNING – that would be more than unpleasant for me…

And if I focus too much on her, my job might fall short and I might get into serious discussions with my boss.”

It is exactly for this reason that I wrote you this article.

Affair with coworker: A Go or No-Go?

Charlotte and Arnold.

Betty and Ernest…

…but also Bernice and Franklin.

No, I’m not just listing super traditional names in random order.

I’m talking about some happy couples, from my circle of acquaintances, who met at work (well, maybe these names aren’t exactly true to the original).



  • At school
  • At university
  • Drunk AS F*CK in a club
  • Via friends
  • Through friends of friends
  • Or at work

Countless people – and by this I mean 99% of Homo Sapiens – usually get to know each other through these paths.

After all, unlike you, they DON’T know how to approach women on an empty stomach or even seduce them on a shopping street during the day.

But that is not the point now.

“Don’t shit where you eat.”
This is probably the most inflationary statement of countless dating coaches on this planet when it comes to dating attractive coworkers.

Yet dozens of couples seem to meet each other every day at their work-place.

So why are most dating coaches so averse to it?

Let me tell you something:

I can certainly understand your overcautiousness.

Because if you BRAINLESSLY hit on every single women that is not on a tree at three, you run the risk of:

  • Your chosen one reporting you to your boss for sexual harassment
  • Getting the sack by your boss with a Spartan kick through the highest window of your office room, because your non-stop flirting attempts prevent other women from being productive

And most dating coaches simply want to avoid the responsibility for these risks.

After all, it’s also much more time-saving to drop a simple ‘Don’t shit where you eat.’…

However, you won’t find any similar third-string tips in this blog post.

Instead, I’ll show you step by step how to seduce your hot coworker properly.

You will learn how to increase your chances of having a hot affair or a fulfilling relationship while minimizing any risk of a ‘flop’ in the form of a job transfer.

Are you ready to dive into the depths of the Matrix, Neo?


Alright, let’s go!

Golden Rule #1: Flirt Forest, flirt!

Watch out, brochacho.

I will now tell you a powerful principle with which you can seduce your coworker effortlessly.

It is…

*drum roll*

Flirt with every colleague you meet.

Yes, also with the 55-year-old receptionist and the dubious janitor who smells like fish.

”What the f-, Dan?!! Are you insane?”

You heard me right.

If you think like most men, you are probably NOT aware of the following fact:

There is a huge difference between ‘flirting’ with people and ‘seducing’ them.

By ‘flirt with every colleague you meet’, I don’t mean that you should try to get the number of every person – regardless of their sex – or try to perform coitus with everyone.

Flirting is rather a PART of seduction.

You flirt to get yourself AND your counterpart in a positive mood (for example, by teasing her/him, which you will learn in this article, by the way).

By flirting, you are proving one of the most ATTRACTIVE qualities a human being can possess:


You are hereby sub communicating two crucial things:

  1. Independence: You are not dependent on a single person. Your sociability will help you to make friends quickly – even in groups you’re not familiar with.
  2. You’re a people magnet: You are a real linchpin of social contacts, because you can establish a connection to all sorts of different people.

By flirting with all your colleagues without exception, you won’t be perceived as a shady sniper who jumps on the next hot women in the office and hits on her like a greaseball.

You rather seem like a charismatic man; in whose life it simply belongs to have cheerful conversations with his fellows.

If your colleagues in the corridors of your office notice that you are flirting with a señorita a little more obviously, they won’t say:

  • [Your name]? Eww, the guy is desperate and hits on every girl he sees. Just gross!!!

… but rather:

  • [Your name]? Oh, it’s just his way. He’s a charmer through and through! ”

”That makes sense, Dan – but what should flirting with everyone look like?”

Great question.

Let me give you some inspiration on how to become more social INSTANTLY.

  • Next time, tell the receptionist a joke on your way to the office
  • Spend your lunch break every day with different colleagues and get to know them better through these original questions (you’ll be surprised how little you actually knew about them until now)
  • Next time your paths cross at the printer or coffee machine, talk to your hot coworker and tease her (by the way, in this article, you learn how to create unique conversations)

Golden Rule #2: Be subtle (flirting with coworker 101)

”You baffle me, on the one hand I want to protect you as my sweet little angel from all the malevolence on this earth

…and on the other, pull you by your hair over my lap and spank your juicy ass.”

Repeat after me:

Sentences like that have no business at your work place.

This way, you can easily appear like a sex offender on probation and scare off your chosen one more quickly than you can say, ‘Just a prank, bro’.

Keep it SUBTLE instead.

A powerful method for this is…

*drum roll #2*

…‘the role-play’.

Here you playfully give yourself and your lady a role.

You don’t even need a special transition here.

Next time, just walk past your hot coworker and say the following:

”Yeah, [her name], the way you keep looking at me really embarrasses me.”


“Yeah, yeah. I see it again and again how you look at me so flirtatiously! It’s really distracting! 😉.

“Ha-ha-ha, yes of course.”

In case she reacts negatively or tense, you can take the tension out of the situation by saying a calibrating phrase like:

Oh, [your name] I’m just kidding.”

It’s important that while you’re teasing her you…

  • Keep laser eye contact
  • Express your phrases in a deep, relaxed tone
  • Wear a teasing smile on your face

Because only in this way, will you signal to your chosen one that you are flirting with her playfully and not some escaped serial rapist who is looking for his next victim.

In my example, you give your chica the role of a coworker who wants to seduce you constantly.

You sort of flip the script and create an inside joke between you.

This way you can drop a few more sentences each day bit by bit:

(If you make a mistake) – “Sorry, I just can’t focus when [your coworker’s name] looks at me in love like that.”

“By the way, your outfit is very elegant today, you didn’t have to dress like this just for me.

“Sorry, [her name], I just see you as a coworker, nothing more. ;)”

“You look really gorgeous today. I’m not sure if I can handle it.”

”Have you thought of anything in the meantime?” [She: “What?”] “Where you’d like to take me for dinner.”

As you can see, the examples are quite POLARIZING.

And that’s why you trigger a powerful effect on your beloved.

”I know he’s joking – but is he actually interested in me in some way or not?”

As soon as you notice that your lady reacts more positively to your role-play by:

  • Giving you a sincere smile
  • Bringing your inside joke back on you

…you can bring a little more tension between you:

“If we weren’t coworkers, I would have invited you on an adventurous date long ago: We’d walk hand in hand along the park and feed some ducks.”

“Don’t look at me like that again – I haven’t been able to focus on anything else for days.”

”It sounds like a bad joke, but I dreamt last night how we robbed a bank together, ran off to Las Vegas with the stolen money and got married by a fake Elvis.”

Why role-playing is so magical, I’ll tell you right now:

Even if it’s just a play…

your brain CAN’T separate the emotions which arise through them from ‘real’ emotions.

This means that after a certain time, your señorita will REALLY begin to feel something for you.

So, if she continues to react euphorically to your statements, you can become even bolder:

”If you keep looking at me like that, I’ll report you for sexual harassment at work. I want at least 10 trillion dollars smart-money.”

”The only advantage of losing this job would be that I could finally make you my wife, [her name], without going to court…”

”Imagine if I cheated on you with [name of a much too old colleague], would you still love me then, [her name]?”

Does she continue to be extremely receptive to your phrases? Brings up your insider jokes herself and show you that she is interested in you?

Congratulations, amigo.

You can invite her to a drink after work.

Far away from the stressful office atmosphere, you can get to know her better.

However, keep in mind that you are coming straight from work and the atmosphere between the two of you will probably be a little more collegial at first.

To change that, you can do the following:

Meanwhile, tell her about…

  • The incomparable festival/concert, which will take place next week in your city
  • The beautiful park nearby your neighborhood and how she has probably been secretly imagining feeding the ducks you mentioned for weeks [→ you bring up your insider joke again] and how you should actually do it
  • The breathtaking view from the roof terrace of your favorite cocktail bar, which she must have seen at least once
  • Your penchant for cooking and how she would melt away when she tasted your first-class spaghetti with tomato sauce

The after-work drink can be seen as an ‘assist for your ‘real’ first date, so to speak.

You give her a reason to do something together in private and invite her.

Just to give you a fully formed example:

”Hey, [her name]. You won’t believe this, but I actually have a secret thing for cooking…”


”You and cooking? I can’t imagine that.”

“If you ever tasted my formidable spaghetti with tomato sauce, you’d probably melt away.”

“Ha-ha-ha. Is this so?”

“You seem really sweet and innocent, but I’m not sure if I can trust you… I mean yes, you are obviously head over heels in love with me [→ your inside joke]. But what if you’re a serial killer – ah, I’m not so sure actually“

“You nut. I guess you’ll have to find out.

“I’m afraid you’re right. You and me. Let’s have dinner at my place next Thursday night.”

“Doesn’t sound bad. Count me in!”

Once your rendezvous is set, you can ‘treat’ your upcoming date as a regular first date.

By the way, in this article I show you how to have phenomenal first dates:

>> Ultimate First Date Guide for Men (21 Tips That Work)

Golden Rule #3: Be aware of your intentions

This point is often seriously underestimated.

However, it decides whether you will be immortalized at the gossip of the office corridors as a clown…

…or have an epic experience for which you can never be judged.

What I’m talking about right now is…

The clarity of your intentions toward her.

Would you like to…

  • Have a secret affair with her that no one is ever supposed to find out about?
  • Make her your girlfriend with whom you want to have a fulfilling relationship?
  • Win her as a friend with whom you have a friendship with benefits that nobody knows about?

If you lack a clear structure with which you lead your ‘arrangement’ in a clear direction, she will increasingly lose interest in you…

Furthermore, it’s inevitable to find out what your chosen one sees in you.

Does she see you as the potential love of her life, while you hide the fact that you only see her as a minor affair?

Then you can start to mentally prepare for the 24/7 gossip in your office…

In that case, she will (rightly) have a good cry on your colleague’s shoulder and tell them what an asshole you are, who couldn’t even tell her that she doesn’t mean much to him…

“I understand that, Dan. But how do I get her into the three positions you mentioned (affair, girlfriend, friendship with benefits)?”

Goddamn, bro-ccoli!

You are really on fire today with your questions.

There’s nothing I’d rather explain to you than that.

You bring her into the respective ‘position’ by playing her the corresponding melody.

So, if you want to win her over as your secret affair, play her sounds that sound like ‘affair’ instead of ‘relationship’ music:

  • You don’t build up a deep connection to her and stay more superficial on your dates → without a deep connection, it’s almost impossible to fall in love (as you may have read in this article and the studies it contains)
  • You don’t invite her on particularly romantic dates and instead meet her less often – but still regularly (for example once a week) – your dates being more ‘functionally’ → having fun and sex

Of course, it’s important that you treat your affair with respect and don’t transform her into a psychological wreck.

Be brutally honest with her and ask her to show the exact same attitude towards you.

In this way, you don’t harm each other, while at the same time you can satisfy your needs in the wildest ways.


By the way, in these articles you learn step by step how to make your coworker your girlfriend or a friend with benefits: 5 Tips to find a girlfriend and get her crazily attracted to you.

 “I have a crush!” – Why you’re probably blinded

Okay, bro.

Now you know what steps you have to take to win over your hot coworker.

But don’t let this situation dazzle you.

An affair with a hot coworker has been a common plot in porn for decades, and not randomly.

It’s kind of taboo.

A kind of challenge where you have to be cleverer in order to be able to win her heart.

After all, if you act stupid, you could be threatened with a transfer or even termination without notice…

The aggravated circumstances thus automatically make an affair more attractive.

Therefore, it’s necessary to check in advance if you REALLY want your coworker.

And in case you want to have a relationship with her, find out if she is really the right one for you.


How to be the flirt on the job

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