Date doesn’t have any time… Why? And what should you text?

Oh… It’s always a shame when this happens.

Your date has no time

How should you approach the situation?

That’s precisely what you’ll learn in this article.

What you’ll get:

  • 5 Simple tips for when someone doesn’t have time to date.
  • How to get that person on an awesome date despite their busy schedule.
  • How to identify if it’s just an excuse or a legitimate reason.
  • A message to send if meeting up isn’t working out.
  • And more…

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By the end of this article, you’ll know what it means when your date doesn’t have the time to meet and how to deal with it!

Date has no time: 5 tips

Asking someone out who never has the time…

It feels a bit like bowling with a blindfold on:

You can try, but the chances of hitting a strike are close to none.

(Unless you’re some kind of bowling pro or something. In that case: respect. Throwing a strike without a blindfold is already difficult for me).

Anyway, enough about bowling. The big question is:

What to do if your date doesn’t have time and/or is too busy?

You can read it in the following tips:

#1: Don’t make negative assumptions

“Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups”
 – Mahatma Gandhi. 

Okay, I have to be real with you. I’m not sure Gandhi actually said this. But this doesn’t make the statement any less true. (If he didn’t, he sure should’ve).

You should never make assumptions like these If your date doesn’t have time:

  • She is saying this because she doesn’t like me.
  • She is lying that she doesn’t have time.
  • She must be committed to someone else.
  • She probably thinks I’m too small.

Bro, throw those assumptions out the window and set them on fire.

If you proceed with these thoughts in the back of your head, you’ll be driven by uncertainty and scarcity. Instead, stand up tall and show positivity and abundance.

If you let those assumptions go, you’ll be able to show confidence and strength. Which automatically boosts your attractiveness.

So assume that the reason this person doesn’t have time is legit.

Take a deep breath and don’t shoot yourself in the foot by making unfounded assumptions.

What you should do in these situations is just remember that she has a legit reason.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by making bad assumptions, just take a deep breath and relax.

By the way, these kinds of thoughts can often come from self-doubt and a place of uncertainty. Is this something you identify with? If so, best to also tackle those insecurities. No worries, I got something for that as well, check out the following links;

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Note: There are times where you can get skeptical of her “I don’t have time” argument. So when is the excuse legitimate and when is it bullshit?

You can read it in the next tip.

#2: Pay attention to the other person’s intention

This is a crucial one.

A person can give you many reasons for why they don’t have time to meet up

Most importantly is to see whether this person is acting from good intentions during your conversation.

Someone genuinely interested in dating you will invest their time and energy to keep the conversation going. Even if they are too busy to meet up at that time.

Here are some examples of what right intentions look like:

  • The person who canceled will try to explain why they canceled. (The exception for this, would be if it’s too intense or personal)
  • They make an effort to set e new date with you.
  • They walk the walk and hold true to their promises.
  • They keep showing genuine interest.
  • They keep stating they want to see you and won’t let the conversation die out.
  • You see and have that gut feeling you are making progress.

These are some examples when they don’t show the right intention:

  • They don’t bother to come up with an alternative date.
  • Keep pushing it forward with a different unclear reason why.
  • They show bogus interest in you.
  • When they do come up with alternatives, they never go through with them.
  • The conversation and general contact with them make no progress and might even be going downhill.

Remember this like the back of your palm:

Based on these differences, do you think that someone does intend to meet up with you?

Then continue on to tips 3 and 4.

In case you are worried that this person will reject you indirectly, proceed to tip 5.

If in any case, you’re unsure whether this person likes you or not. Then you should check out these articles:

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#3: Give the other some space

Picture this:

I’m asking you to do something fun today.

Unfortunately, you can’t because you have to work overtime.

On top of that, you just realized you still have to clean your house. Shouldn’t have been putting it off.

Simply said: you don’t have the time.

Now imagine I would respond in one of these ways:

  • “Ahh come on… it’s possible just for a little while! We can go do something neat together.”
  • “Okay, but when can you meet up?”
  • “You were busy last time as well. You’re probably always too busy.”

What is your opinion about these responses?

To be honest, I find them pretty annoying and needy. It’s exactly these types of actions that make you far from attractive.

So do me and yourself a favor bro, just don’t do this.

It’s not about you right now.

Your date has no time. So give that person some space.

If you act in your own interest, you will only put more pressure on that person.

A short and understanding response would be something like:

“Awh bummer. I can imagine you’re busy right now. Good luck!”

Nothing more nothing less.

But Dan, what if she doesn’t send anything back at all?

Of course, it is not forbidden to send a charming message after a few days to check how things are going.

But remember: someone who likes to meet up with you will make an effort to do. Don’t always be the guy proposing a date. 

You should skip to tip 5 if she leaves you out in the cold all the time.

If this means you have time left, go and do something for yourself. Work on yourself, find something that gives you energy.

Is it the first date she keeps postponing? Then don’t hesitate to meet other women if you desire this. You shouldn’t feel obligated to put your (love) life on hold for someone you don’t yet actually know.

#4 Let your creativity take the lead while planning your dates

If you play your cards right, you’ll be able to have a fun date with them. Even if they’re busy.

Note: this tip only works if they want to meet you and genuinely don’t have time (see tip #2). 

What can you do?

There are multiple possibilities for you.

  1. Is work the reason she doesn’t have time?

Try to see if you could have a drink somewhere during her lunchtime or even a bight to eat.

Remember quality over quantity, a date doesn’t have t be long to be good.

It can be invigorating to treat someone to short but impactful date.

Does she not sit still and have her workout planned right after her afternoon plans? Don’t hesitate and just ask if you could train together.

The possibilities are endless if you’re flexible and creative.

  1. Have a virtual date

Facetime, WhatsApp, Facebook

There are plenty of good programs available for you to have a virtual date on. Just make sure your camera is working.

Of course, it’s not the same as meeting in real life. But it can still be really fun to have a meal together via a screen.

  1. Speed dating

Another example is how quantity goes over quality. A speed date can be especially fun when you don’t know each other that well yet.

Plan in a time (how long depends on your agenda, but even if it’s just a few minutes make the most out of it).

You can either do this in real life or virtually.

The goal is to get to know each other within that time.

If you already know each other, this date may give you the chance to learn something new about that person.

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#5: Admit defeat when it’s really not going anywhere

As a kid, I learned an important lesson that I would like to share with you.

You will never “find” time. If you want time, you must make it.

It may happen that they actually don’t have time at that moment.

But if this is a reoccurring thing and they aren’t putting in the effort to reschedule, it’s a sign.

I got something to tell you:

She’s got time, but you aren’t a priority.

In other words: she’s not going to make time for you like you would for her.

Let’s not beat around the bush, this is what you can do.

If she keeps canceling or postponing and you are worried about her rejecting you, you should send this:

Hey, maybe I got the wrong impression but it feels to me like you don’t want to meet. Which is fine, just be upfront. No hard feelings.

But let me know if I’m totally wrong or right. Just don’t want to keep chasing someone who isn’t interested.

Does she stay with the same attitude or even rejects you?

It’s harsh and you can feel bummed from it.

But now you got 3 options:

  1. Throw yourself a pity part
  2. Keep trying and give it all you got, for nothing… And only waste your ad her time.
  3. Gather all you’ve learned from this and stand up like a boss. Use the energy you have and invest it in other women.

Of course, you are going for option 3.

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