19 Creative Date Ideas Amsterdam (From A Local Guide)

first date amsterdam

Do you have a fun first date planned in Amsterdam?

Do you want to make sure it’s unique so you can surprise your date with a fun activity in Amsterdam?

Here you’ll learn about all the best spots to go on a date in Amsterdam.

Today we will share with you:

  • Best date ideas for a date in each part of Amsterdam
  • 9 best things to do with your girlfriend or fling in Amsterdam
  • Which app will give you infinite inspiration for dates in Dutch’s Big Apple
  • Where you really should take someone who’s from Amsterdam on a date to
  • The best places to have drinks in the Dutch capital

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Tip #1-7: best original dates in Amsterdam, this is what you should do!

The significant advantage of having a date in the capital…

Is that this city has so much to offer.

Yet somehow everyone seems to forget that!

So I’m going to give you some of my most original tips.

(And later I’ll tell you the best place to go for drinks after the activity.)

Ask any person from Amsterdam:

“Have you ever been to any of the real tourist attractions in your city?”


– Every person from Amsterdam

So you SHOULD take your date to do all the fun activities Amsterdam has to offer:

(Except maybe the Anne Frank House… that’s a little too intense.)

  • #1 – Go for a walk through the famous ‘9 Little Streets’ and do a ‘coffee bar crawl’. Make it a hunt for the best cappuccino in town!
  • #2 – Go to a karaoke night in the City Center. Like here on Thursdays, or to this super popular Japanese karaoke bar.
  • #3 – Get a bottle of wine and drink it at  Museumplein.
  • #4 – Visit the Rijksmuseum while you’re in the neighborhood.
  • #5 – Meet up in front of the Albert Heijn and get yourselves everything you need for a picnic in Vondelpark.
  • #6 – If you and your date aren’t from Amsterdam: rent a bike and wander around the entire city. East Amsterdam is definitely worth discovering. Check out the Javastraat with all its cafes or the bustling Dappermarkt.
  • #7 – The Heineken Experience is amazing. It’s mostly tourists that go, but it’s really not as bad as you’d think. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and it’s a pretty original date.

Check out this shot taken at the Heineken Experience:

Even if you hate Heineken,
you’ll probably think the tour is awesome.

Alright, you already got 7 great date ideas. Combine them with tips on how to make your date memorable, and you’re good to go.

Get these tips here:

>> Dating Success Rules for Men – The Only 5 You Want To Follow

Tip #8: First Date in Amsterdam – Going Out for Drinks

Beer, wine, and cocktails.

The king of all dates…

I’m going to share some great spots to have drinks with you.

There is nothing wrong with just having a drink together.


It isn’t exactly original.

That is why you will want to go to the absolute best spots in Amsterdam to have a drink.

Thankfully I’ve lived here for years, and I’ve been on 300+ Tinder Dates. So I can tell you what the best locations are in every part of the town.

You should realize though….

Pro tip:

When you are going out for a few drinks in Amsterdam, do not stay in just one location. The city is too diverse, walking around is too romantic to stay in one single bar. Turn your date into a bar crawl instead, and only have one drink in each place.

The best spots to have drinks change all the time.

That is why you should download the Yelp app, so you can find even more awesome spots using the GPS feature.

Tip #9: Best date ideas for cocktails

Let me go ahead and give you the best date location in Amsterdam.

This one’s great for cocktails, but they’ll also let you have a beer or a glass of wine if that’s what you really want.

This is a bar you won’t easily find on your own because it’s a little hidden.

Tales & Spirits. Stories and strong liquor are just perfect for a romantic date.

The cocktails are genius, and I really recommend their house cocktails. Some have a fun challenge attached, but I won’t spill any more details on that.

They’re a little cheaper, but actually even tastier. I personally think they’re better than the other ones.

This is their most famous cocktail, in case your date is on fire.

The great thing is that this bar has cozy spots, like a corner sofa where you can lounge with your date.

Pro tip:

You’ll want to make sure you send her a good message after the date. That is why I made the WhatsApp Cheat Sheet, filled with sentences and techniques that you can use to get better at messaging.

Download it here, free of charge and free of hassle.

Tip #10: Coziest date spots in Amsterdam

This is a great spot for a date, with the (second) best view in Amsterdam.

(I will tell you the best place for a good view in a minute.)

There’s an inside area, but there’s also a large rooftop terrace where they even have parties sometimes.

They have bean bags to chill out on the rooftop terrace, and comfy couches too. If it’s chilly, they will give you and your date a blanket, hence making drinks together even cozier.

Pro tip:

It’s great to have tea at Skylounge.

It might sound a little boring.

But hang on.

Because the tea actually comes with delicious luxury cakes.

This makes it a lot more fun to drink tea, while also enjoying the view.

Still sounds a little boring?

No worries, here’s an article on how to keep a conversation going with a girl anywhere:

>> 21 Examples of How to Keep a Conversation Going With a Girl

Anyway, Skylounge is also a nice spot for a beer, but the prices are pretty high.

That makes it ideal to go for just one drink.

Tip #11: Original date idea Amsterdam

Do you remember tip number 1?

About how people from Amsterdam often don’t do pleasant things in their own city?

Just like how someone from Paris might have never set foot on the Eiffel tower, so many Dutch people never visited the A’dam tower.

Such a shame!

Because this place is lovely. It may even be the best location in the city for your date.

What you’ll find there:

  • Swings that just cross over the edge of the tower (adrenaline!)
  • Beanbags to sink away in
  • The best view in the whole of Amsterdam, you’ll be able to see the IJ, the city center and North where a lot is being built. I can even see the A’dam tower from my office:

Luckily my assistant
took a picture when it was still summer

Pro tip:

Most of my ideas include some form of adrenaline, since research has shown this increases your attraction to each other.

This is sometimes called the ‘misattribution of arousal.’

Inside of the A’dam tower, there is a restaurant and even a club.  Moreover, you can visit other places in ‘Noord’ (North Amsterdam) afterward.

Tip #12: My favorite dine- and date- location in the Pijp

The Pijp is an area in Amsterdam where many students live.

So, of course, there are plenty of locations to go on dates and have some drinks.

One of them clearly stands out.

This is Coffee & Coconuts.

It is a trendy place, with a fantastic menu.

Especially their lunch is something to write home about, but also in the evening, you won’t have anything to complain about.

Do try their scrambled eggs sometime, accompanied with a delicious smoothie or cappuccino.

This is me lying down on beanbags at C&C
together with my American girlfriend.

Together with the girl in this picture, I also made a funny video.

No idea of you would dare to do this as a date.

But we had an enjoyable time asking other women if they would have a threesome with us as an experiment.

Fun times were had 😉

Tip #13: Fun date ideas in Amsterdam in summer (Amsterdam East)

This is probably the most hidden but also the greatest and most beautiful place to go for a date in Amsterdam East…

You would NEVER find it if you didn’t know about it. This is perfect to surprise someone who doesn’t know the capital that well.

This place is hidden and in an old industrial area.

When I bring nice dates here who have never been to this location before…

… they always look at me like “where the F are you bringing me’.

But once we arrive?

Then it becomes the best place in Amsterdam (East) for a date, especially if your date is in summer or spring!



This place has so much to it. There are many different activities and places to chill:

  • A city beach (really recommend in summer!)
  • An art gallery
  • A social center
  • A firepit + with sometimes BBQs
  • A cocktail bar
  • And a Club (sometimes)

In other words:

This place is bustling.

You can also go here on a date in Amsterdam East in winter, but their opening times are more restricted.

During this time, there will be an amazing fire going inside, and there will often also be an outside fire pit.

It is super romantic to drink mulled wine next to fire.


Unfortunately, Roest is closed since October 2018.

Tip #14: Amsterdam dates in winter

What to do when the weather lets you down? It’s cold, or it rains…

I will provide you with some water-resistant date ideas.

Because when the weather isn’t on your side…

Go to:

Pllek in Amsterdam North.

No, I didn’t write that wrong.

Pllek (Pllace) thinks it’s so cool that it its above even proper spelling.

But that’s not the point:

It is an amazing place for a date in winter.


Because like in our last tip this place also has a fireplace.

You’ll settle around the fire.

Invite your date to a wintery Bock beer, Amsterdam has never been this cozy.

There are also loads of space to hang out outside.

A location with a friendly atmosphere.

Tip #15: Dating tips for more success on your date

Congratulations !

You’ve planned your location.

You’ll soon be waiting for each other.

But don’t celebrate just yet.

Many men think they are already there.

But no.

This is only a small victory. You still have to see if the date will go well.

Will you see each other more often?

Or are you doomed into eternal oblivion?

Everything is possible.

Sometimes you just don’t connect.

But often men tend to get too excited too early on.

They like her so much that they end up scaring her off.

At the end of the article, I’ll give you something special for this so you won’t shoo her away by accident.

But before we get there, perhaps you need some tips on how to connect with a girl.

If that’s the case, I suggest you read this article:

>> How To Make A Connection: 7 Tips To Easily Connect With Girls

Tip #16: A Restaurant date in Amsterdam

If you want to be original on your first date in Amsterdam, you should do this.

Going out for dinner is, of course, a bit cliché.

That’s why you want to be going out for dinner… with a twist.

The capital will offer you plenty of options, for example, the restaurant Ctaste.

It is based in Amsterdam East and is run by visually impaired people.

(that is the politically correct term for ‘blind people’ nowadays, I guess.)

Either way, the experience is impressive.

You’ll be escorted to your table in the dark.

You see nothing.

You won’t even be able to see the food!

This allows you to focus on other things:

I recommend you to try this sometime.

Pro tip:

Because Ctaste is such an unusual and new experience, chances are it will release endorphins (happiness hormones). Experiencing happiness on the first date is the best way to make her want to see you again.

Tip #17: An original way to go out for dinner (2)

Another crazy date idea that is sure to impress.

An original dinner date in Amsterdam.

I would never be able to take my own mother (the most important woman in my life) here.


Because she is allergic to avocados.

So be sure to check in with your date before because this restaurant in Amsterdam uses avocados in every dish.

Quite literally an avocado-burger.

If your date is even a little into healthy, hip food, she will tell all her friends about this original date.

“Alright Dan, say I take my date there, then what? How I am supposed to start a conversation?” 

That’s a good question, man. Coming up with good conversations starters can be tricky sometimes.

That’s why I wrote an article about it, check this out:

>> Conversation Topics List – the 19 Hottest Conversation Starters

Tip #18-19: Best Tinder date ideas

If you are not really sure if you are going to like your date, then this is some golden advice.

Sometimes you have doubts… and you don’t want to be stuck with that person for the entire night.

I completely understand!

So take her on a coffee date.

It is fast, casual, and it is normal for you to have other planes after the date. It, therefore, wouldn’t be weird if you would excuse yourself and leave.

This would be perfect for a Tinder date, for example.

Close to Central station, on the Wallen/red light district (you don’t have to pass the windows), you’ll find a fantastic coffee place. It’s called specialty coffee.

The philosophy behind the cafe is that they burn their beans in such a way that the coffee will taste deliciously sweet. They believe that people enjoy sweet coffee but that adding sugar spoils it.

Who knows, you might run into me there because my office is around the corner from there and this is my go-to location. Both to spoil me and, from time to time, a beautiful woman.

This business is even called sexy, NAKED espresso. They also have a location on the Dam, but that one is better for takeaway ice coffee and to walk around in the city after, in summer. Other times a year, it’s better to visit their location on the Warmoesstraat.

What you want to text after your first date

Great! You’ve had your first date in Amsterdam, but now you run into another problem…

Keeping contact via messages.

What will you send…?

Most men will say something like:

  • “Hey! I really enjoyed my time with you!”
  • “Hi, did you get home safe?”
  • “Hello, it was nice to see you, we should do this again sometime x”


Are you still there? Because I almost fell asleep.

And so did your date.

That’s why you want to be sending something more exciting.

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