10 Best Date Ideas for Winter – Why Cold Weather Is Your Best Ally for Love

Date ideas for winter


The season of bad moods.

The season of cold, where you can’t stand it for long.

The season that destroys your favorite creative date ideas like an annoying kid jumping on your sandcastle you just finished building…

I’m not the biggest fan of winter myself. Even when I write an article about winter, I have to think about summer. That probably explains the sandcastle analogy…

I hereby officially confess: Dating is easier in summer.

Women are in a better mood, dressed pretty sexily and you can do the most exciting things.

Pedal boating, mini golf, sex under the stars… All of these things fall flatter than the level of the TV shows on weekdays due to the low temperatures.

But: Only lazy men have bad date ideas for winter time.

You just have to be a little more creative. A proactive man always looks for solutions instead of complaining about things he has no control over.

That’s why you’re getting:

  • 11 Date ideas for winter to have hot dates in the cold season
  • How you can give your date the winter fairytale of her life
  • Pro tips how to make each winter date a success
  • What to look out for when going on dates in the winter
  • Much more winter date ideas intel for the prepared…

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Once you stop seeing winter as an obstacle to dating and start to face the challenge with confidence…

… then you notice that this snowy season has advantages that are lost in summer:

  • Women are more open to romance.
  • In cold weather it’s a human instinct to snuggle up to someone to warm up with body heat like a cute little penguin.
  • And most importantly: Winter provides good reasons to move the date to your or her apartment.

There are also unique date ideas you can profit from to impress women – which you can’t do during summer.

If you are looking for inspiration to have fantastic dates in freezing cold, you’ve clicked on the right blog post.

May winter come.

The 10 best date ideas for the winter

Date Idea #1: Ice skating 2.0

That would be a fantastic date…

…if it wouldn’t be the choice of every average Joe.

At AttractionGym we teach men to make the ordinary extraordinary.

This is usually surprisingly easy and increases the memorability of the date exponentially.

Yeah, take her skating. But make it extraordinary!

For example, by initiating the role-play that you are both ice figure skaters and have to practice for the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022.

This way you bring fun and physical intimacy to the date.

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Date idea #2: Home Alone and glühwein

This is my personal winter version of Netflix and chill, only it works better.

The term “Netflix and chill” has a negative connotation by now and isn’t only associated with sex, but is equated with it.

The movie “Home Alone” is innocent enough to not interpret your date proposal as a sleazy sex attempt and the alcohol component makes for fun.

Date idea #3: Christmas fair

Speaking of glühwein…

Christmas fairs and dates go better together than the Super Bowl and a big bucket of chicken wings.

The woman hooks herself into your arms and you strut through the marketplace with the smell of roasted almonds and cinnamon in your nose.

Most of the time a Christmas fair is crowded, so you have to get close to each other.

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Date idea #4: Chocolate fountain

Let’s be honest, there’s no better time of year for chocolate.

It’ll be a long time before you have to bare your upper body at the lake. So, if there’s a phase when you can let your diet slide a little, it’s in winter.

When dark chocolate is combined with fruits, the taste refreshes your equally dark soul and a heavenly feeling of security spreads on your angel’s tongue.

Here’s what you do:

  • Get your old chocolate fountain from the cellar/ buy one/ borrow one from Aunt Carmen.
  • Buy at least one bar of your favorite chocolate.
  • Preheat the chocolate fountain while you melt the bar in a saucepan.
  • Meanwhile, have your date prepare and chop fresh fruit (strawberries, bananas, kiwi, apples, etc.)
  • Place everything on one table.
  • Bon appétit!

This date is excellent for several reasons:

It isn’t far from a couch or a bed, you are busy for more than an hour and it’s amusing.

Combine it all with candles, indirect lighting and the right music and you’ll be ready to take off more easily than Donald Trump’s private jet.

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Date idea #5: Baking cookies

This date is remarkably similar to the chocolate fountain date.

However, dark chocolate has an erotic association, which isn’t the case with baking cookies.

So, make sure to make it clear through posture and flirting that you are not her gay best friend who wants her to teach how to bake.

How you can make that clear?

  • Tease her a little.
  • Put the cookie dough on her nose.
  • Turn on some quiet music and dance slowly with her.

Date idea #6: Build a cave

Admit it, even though you’ve grown up, you kind of miss it.

If you made a hobbit’s den out of blankets and pillows, you were the coolest mother*cker in the whole house.

Well, the time doesn’t have to be over yet.

If you think that grown women are tired of silly things like this, you’ve cut yourself big time… with a chainsaw.

I had a date in a ball pit.

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So, I posted this picture on Instagram:

Translation: “Seduction is a super serious process.”

When you flirt, you have to be totaaaaaaaaally serious. Once you’re childish, you’ll neeeeeveeeer have another chance with her!

If only I were less childish and more serious, I’m sure I could have managed to kiss her…

Jokes aside: As you can see, playfulness goes down well with women. It shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy life to the fullest.

Date idea #7: Build a snowman

For these reasons, building a classic, cylinder-wearing Mr. Snowman is also an excellent date.

It can be combined well with a playful snowball fight.

Just pay attention to how hard the snowball you are throwing is, because, as it was said in the school rules back in the days:

“Ballistic experiments with crystalline H2O have a high risk of injury.”

Date Idea #8: Strip Jenga

This is understandably more like a second or third date idea, although there’s always that sort of woman who is always open for crazy things like this (these are also the women I prefer).

You can also play strip poker, of course, but I find Jenga much more exciting.

It’s simple: The loser has to take off one piece of clothing.

If you lose, do it with pride and take off your garment as impressively as possible. Turn on “Joe Coker – you can leave your hat on” and rock that shit!

Play this until you’re both naked.

The beauty of it is that in the end there are no losers. It’s just a matter of which one of you officially opens the nudist section.

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Date Idea #9: Take a walk

“But Dan, it’s cold outside!”

Yeah, it is, but it’s nice out. Some days at least…

So, grab your coat and go for a walk.

Cities are decorated in a particularly pompous way and nature shows its most peaceful side: Glittering trees and fresh air instead of sultriness, sweat and annoying mosquitoes.

But don’t forget to stop and kiss her.

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Date Idea #10: Indoor swimming pool

I’ve always liked this date. The reason is simple: A lot of naked skin and you can see what she looks like without make-up.

Apart from that, some indoor pools provide other hot extras: a sauna paradise and outdoor pools.

Especially the latter is an absolute insider tip for dates.

If you think you’re great and find yourself in a warm outdoor pool at night in wintry temperatures, you often can’t help but fondle each other.

Just don’t let the lifeguard catch you and everything is bueno <3.

Date Idea #11: Stay overnight in an igloo

A somewhat unusual date and certainly not a suitable first date.


Well, you have to reckon with at least $300 for such fun.

An expensive undertaking, but one that she’ll probably never forget and will be included in her top 3 of the best dates of her life.

Just go to Google and look for a “provider” nearby.

How to make your date a success

Well, now you’ve some excellent, fun, cute date ideas for winter…

Now what?

Now, of course, you have to use the excellent starting conditions to turn the date into a “Woooow!

How do you do it?

With the best dating advice of course.

Straight out of my Transformation Kit, which you can download for free here.

You want more date ideas? No problem. All indoor activities from these two articles are also usable as date ideas in winter:

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