28 Most Creative Date Ideas to try in New York City

So, you have a date in New York City? Nice!

There are plenty of options for a date, but there are also gazillions of other guys eager to take YOUR girl on a date.

This means that you’ll want to separate yourself from the pack.

To give you the upper hand in the New York dating game, I have gathered NYC’s best date ideas. And to be sure, not just for Manhattan or Brooklyn, but for all five boroughs of NYC.

On top of that, I will give you helpful dating concepts. If you apply these concepts, your chances at your dating being a success will skyrocket.

You’ll get:

  • 28 Fun date ideas New York City, this will impress your date big time
  • 5 original date ideas for each borough of New York: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens.
  • The number one concept for a successful date.
  • How to mix and match several of these ideas into a single date.
  • How to use a psychological concept for a thrilling date.
  • 3 bonus date ideas that can be done in all of the boroughs in New York City

Without further ado, let’s drop down with the best New York City date ideas in Manhattan.

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Date ideas Manhattan:

Manhattan, the most famous borough of New York.

With plenty to do and plenty to see, standards for a date are high.

One mistake guys make in Manhattan is going over the top as a way to stand out.

If you don’t want to come off as a try-hard but do want a special date in Manhattan, choose one of these activities instead.

Do you want your date to label you as a try-hard?

No? Thought so. Let’s start off with the first unique idea in New York City.

Date idea #1: Workshops at Bryant Park

Thinking about parks in Manhattan? Central Park probably immediately pops up.

While Central Park is excellent, I have something better.

Just a mile south of Central Park, you’ll find Bryant Park. This small park surrounded by skyscrapers is a haven of peace in always-busy Manhattan.

Even better, Bryant park hosts over a thousand free workshops and events per year. From dancing to painting to juggling, this place has it all.

Take a look at their programs. Not sure what to choose? Pick a workshop that’s right up your alley. Girls want you to give them a peek into your life.

If you are very passionate about a subject and are able to express this enthusiasm to her, any workshop works.

Just make sure the workshop allows for interaction.

One of my favorite things to do at Bryant park is magical chairs for adults.

When I can, I add it at the start of my dates. This way, the date kicks off with an energetic and silly game.

Almost before your date has started, you have already created a spark of emotion.

This works great as an icebreaker.

For example, one time, my date and I lost to the same guy, back-to-back. This quickly became one of our running jokes while we were dating.

Ice breakers are great, and you should use them as much as possible to make a connection with your dream girl.

Do you need some more examples? What about 47?

There you go:

>> 47 Icebreakers To Smoothly Start Conversations with Any Girl

New York date idea #2: Ping Pong diplomacy

You might know ping pong diplomacy from the movie Forrest Gump.

Basically, China invited American table tennis players to play against their Chinese counterparts to improve the political relationship between the USA and China.

Well, if ideological archenemies can come together over this sport, it should definitely work for you and your date, right?

A little (friendly) competitiveness is always a good idea on a date, and ping pong is great for that.

If you throw some alcohol in the mix, it only gets better.

SPIN provides both since it’s a bar with table tennis tables inside. Perfect for a first date activity.

It’s a good idea to first play a few games with your date and grab some drinks in between games.

“But what if she sucks at ping pong?”

That’s why I like to invite other players to join us for a doubles match.

Now, you and your lady are on the same team. Win or lose, playing together creates a bond.

In the end, you win either way.

High fives for good plays and teasing for bad plays are obligatory, of course.

Date idea #3: Please Don’t Tell Speakeasy

You’ve probably had dates where you grab drinks with your lady.

Later on in this article, I tell you why grabbing drinks on its own is not your best first date idea.

But grabbing drinks does allow for creating a genuine connection during a conversation.

That’s why it’s still a good idea to make going to a bar part of your date.

You want to stand out, though.

Make the ordinary extraordinary.

This is an essential concept for first dates.

You can do ordinary activities on a first date. But you have to make it special.

For grabbing drinks, you do this by choosing the best bar around.

Please Don’t Tell is a speakeasy that’s not as pretentious and overpriced as most speakeasies. It has a secret entrance inside a hot dog shop. Here, you call a secret number from an old rotary phone.

This secret entrance brings a playfulness to your date.

Let your girl make the call. She doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing in this place. So to her, this is going to be exciting—easy positive emotions towards you.

Once you’re inside, you’ll find that the laid-back style of Please Don’t Tell is perfect for getting to know each other on a deeper emotional level.

Reservations only!


If you want to make this date even more memorable, I suggest you learn how to keep a conversation flowing with any girl.

Here’s a full article about it:

>> 21 Examples of How to Keep a Conversation Going With a Girl

Idea #4: Swingers dating?

Well, you will definitely swing on this date, but not the way you think.

You can, however, be pretty damn sure your girl has never done this on a date before.

I had never considered trapezium lessons as a date activity until a friend told me this is one of his dating staples.

He told me his trapezium dates are always super fun.

No wonder. My friend unknowingly used a psychological concept on his dates.

The scientific term for this concept is ‘misattribution of arousal’. This means people often mistake the cause of their excitement.

Your girl will think back to the kick she experienced on the trapezium and associates it with you.

This is a great way of connecting with her. And a connection is crucial if you want the date to be memorable.

Here’s some more reading on the art of making a connection with a girl:

>> How To Make A Connection: 7 Tips To Easily Connect With Girls

Pro tip:

Choose private instructions and let your instructor know beforehand that you guys are on a date. You can bet your instructor will play wingman for you.

Date idea #5: Accomplish Accomplice

Ready to make this girl the Watson to your Sherlock? Accomplice is a comedic adventure where you solve a crime mystery in the streets of lower Manhattan.

To solve accomplice, you have to approach and talk to actors on the streets.

Laughing together on a first date is always a good idea. This date will provide plenty of laughter.

The actors are great improv-comedians. We laughed our asses off when one of them incorporated our first date into his story.

Accidently approaching people who aren’t in on the plot only adds to the fun (this happened to me a lot).

Tease your date by making her approach these random strangers on purpose.

This date is great for creating togetherness since you have to work together to solve the plot.

What’s more, the fun and dynamic nature of this date will provide plenty of spikes in emotion.

A small warning, this date is pretty expensive, but if you can make rent in Manhattan, you’ll probably be okay ;).

Already 5 date ideas for New York City down. We’ve covered Manhattan.

Time for the next borough…

Date ideas The Bronx:

The Bronx has long had a bad reputation.

The rawness of the Bronx’s history can still be felt, but like the rest of New York, the Bronx is starting to get trendy.

So before it gets too mainstream, enjoy the new attractions of the Bronx and some of that old rawness on your date with these ideas!

New York date idea #6: Every girl’s weakness

Have you ever noticed how differently girls react to animals compared to guys?

We guys are like: “yeah, cool dog.” Girls, on the other hand, melt and turn into giggly princesses the moment they see a cute animal.

Hell, some girls start crying with joy.

Let’s use this…

Girls love animals.

Bronx Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in the United States and chockful of cute animals.

Ergo: your date will love you for taking her to this place.

This date is dynamic. You stroll around with more than enough to see. Going to a zoo, however, is a pretty standard date idea.

Stand out with one of the following extras:

I like to go here when you know baby animals have just been born.

The only thing she will like more than the regular animals (apart from you, that is, tiger ;)) are baby animals.

Cuteness overload, right?

Another thing I like to do is sneak in a small bottle of wine with some plastic cups. The secrecy of drinking wine, where you are not supposed to, will add more excitement to this date.

On Wednesdays, admission is free. So, if you plan your date right, it won’t break the bank.

Date #7: Feel like the Don

Little Italy in Manhattan is overrated. Go to the real little Italy in the Bronx instead.

Here you can grab authentic Italian coffee, pastries, pasta, and other treats.

Do a tour of the neighborhood to make a date dynamic.

It’s essential to think of a route beforehand. Leadership in men is a massive turn-on for girls. It’s no coincidence that it’s the L in our FLOW-model.

After preparing a route, you can lead the date confidently, and your date will love you for it.

I don’t only plan out my route before this date.

I looked up a bit about the history of the neighborhood because I like to spit some sick facts.

And, as a huge mafia movie fan, I always come prepared with my terrible Italian accent.

If your date thinks the accent is funny, roleplaying as the Don of a mafia family and his wife is a great way to joke around.

The #1 New York City dating sin

I hinted at an essential dating concept in this article.

If you use this concept, your date will experience more emotion in less time. More emotion means more romantic sparks are flying around.

Average Abe never uses this concept, however, using it gives you a chance to stand out.

Can you guess the horrible crime Average Abe commits to fuck over his chances on a date?

Just. Grabbing. Drinks. On a first date.

Please, solemnly swear, to do more than just grabbing drinks on your first dates. Why? Because I am a crazy teetotaler who believes alcohol is the devil’s juice?

Not that I know of. But I am a dating coach, and I know the importance of creating emotion on a first date.

Just sitting across from each other, sipping your drink and talking (if you are lucky enough to avoid awkward silences) doesn’t really sound like a scenario that oozes with emotion to me.

That’s when you get that all-too-familiar text (it was to me):

“Hey, I had a lovely time yesterday. But I didn’t feel a spark. Sorry.”

To help create emotion, there’s an important rule:

Pick multiple activities or locations within walking distance of each other for a dynamic first date.

The changing environment and physical movement will help create the emotional movement necessary for a huge increase in first date success.

Idea #8: Street art at Hunts Point and Tuff City

Into artsy girls, bro? I don’t blame you. They are a weakness of mine too.

Well, if your girl is artsy, she will love this activity.

The Bronx is the birthplace of hip hop, and one of the four elements of hip hop is graffitiing. Take a walk past the crazy street art the borough has to offer.

The best art can be found in Hunts Point and Tuff City. This date is dynamic, and with all the crazy art, you’ll have more than enough to talk about.

Another thing I often do is a small photoshoot. Most girls love some cool pics of themselves with graffiti in the back.

Ask a passer-by to take a picture of you and your date together. This picture is a great call-back to your date in your texting conversations afterward.

Also, take a picture with weird faces for bonus points later 😉

If you want to make this date extra enjoyable, bring something to drink and snack. For Tuff City, do this by combining the street art with the Little Italy tour

Pro tip:

Play a game where you have to come up with the best backstory for artworks to bring some fun and bullshitting into the date.

Date idea #9: Date like James Bond

So, you’ve got your perfect Bond girl on a date? Where are you taking her? To Spyscape, of course!

This spy-themed museum is interactive, dynamic, and fun. You’ll feel like a spy during the eight missions you get to do.

Sneak through laser obstacle courses, solve puzzles, and learn how to lie.

After you finish your tasks, you’ll get your spy profile.

This profile highlights certain aspects of your personality that would come in handy as the next 007.

After our museum visit, I like to grab drinks (shaken, not stirred).

Then I use these spy profiles to play armchair psychologists with my date about our character traits.

This always leads to interesting conversations.

Date idea #10: The Bronx Brewery

Remember the most important rule for grabbing drinks? Make sure your bar is super cool. The Bronx Brewery is such a place.

It is situated in an old warehouse in a neighborhood best known for its 18-wheelers and forklifts.

Thus, it’s no surprise that The Bronx Brewery has a very cool industrial vibe.

Don’t worry if you’re not a blue-collar worker, though. Everyone gets a warm welcome from the owners.

These owners are native Bronxites who take pride in their heritage.

They also take pride in brewing the best craft beers in New York.

A great option for a date is one of their tasting sessions.

During regular opening hours, choose either the Taproom inside or the Backyard outside to enjoy your beer.

Rest assured, I have found both have plenty of spots to sneak away for some “privacy.”

Now let’s say you take a girl there, then what? How are you supposed to start a conversation?”

Good question. Coming up with good conversations starters can be tricky sometimes.

That’s why I wrote an article about it, check this out:

>> #1 System to Start a Conversation With a Girl Anywhere

Another handful of date ideas for New York to choose from. Let’s see what then next borough has to offer for you.

Upcoming are also some extra romantic date ideas for New York City.

Date ideas Brooklyn:

Brooklyn is New York’s most populous borough and has had a renaissance since the beginning of this millennium. Brooklyn is now hip and happening.

It has become home to thriving startups, artists, and other hipsters in addition to its authentic population.

While this may create friction in daily life, sometimes, it provides great options for a varied date.

Idea #11: If you love old school games, this date is for you

Arcade halls are making a comeback and are quickly becoming a dating staple, and for a good reason. As always, you want to look for an activity that is fun and dynamic, and arcade halls fill the bill.

On top, you add competitiveness into the mix easily.

Now, consider the nostalgic value some of the games have. Nothing better than bonding over childhood memories.

What sets Barcade apart, are their tasty exclusive craft beers you and your date can enjoy post-match.

Trash talking about you beating her high score is mandatory 😉

New York date idea #12: Romantic, not cliché!

What present does every “romantic” guy in every Hollywood movie ever bring on the first date?


Bad idea. Bringing a present on a first date is a great way to give a creepy impression.

You are not going to bring flowers on your date with this idea. You are going to bring your date to the flowers.

All of the romance, none of the neediness.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden has over a thousand species of plants. Including some of the rarest, most beautiful, and strangest looking plants you will ever see.

Marvel at biology’s creations as you let the biology of attraction run its course.

As a bonus: on Saturdays, you get live music, beer tastings, and dancing near the tropical pavilion.

Pro tip:

I like to take my date to the romantic roofed bench tucked underneath the red oak tree on the north edge of the garden. This is the perfect place for a first kiss.

Date idea #13: Sporty date in Brooklyn

Let’s say you have a certified #fitgirl on a date, and You like to make SWEET GAINZ as well. It only makes sense to do something active together on your date.

A sporty activity also lets you subtly show off your physical prowess 😉

Above that, science has shown that doing something active releases endorphins (happiness hormones). Experiencing happiness on the first date will increase your chances she wants to see you again.

Take her bouldering at Brooklyn Boulders. Bouldering is a fun, quick rock-climbing discipline.

The quick nature of it makes it great for a date. You get plenty of (flirting-) breaks between courses.

Cheer for her and challenge her to do harder and harder courses.

Be sure to check if your date is afraid of heights beforehand. And, more importantly, that YOU don’t have lingering trauma from when you fell from a tree as a 6-year old.

Date idea #14: Our Wicked Lady

You are a quick learner, and you want to make the ordinary date activity -grabbing drinks- extraordinary.

Our Wicked Lady fits the bill.

Rooftop bars are always a win, and this one has extra benefits.

Since the compound doubles as a rehearsal studio for Brooklyn artists, the crowd is hip and creative and feels like a community.

The cocktail and beer selection is limited, but the selection is very original, so you won’t have to settle for Bud Light.

The biggest bonus: pretty regularly, the artists will step out of their rehearsal space onto the rooftop to perform quick live shows there. I find witnessing a secret show together adds to the excitement of a date.

Date idea #15: Neither rain nor snow…

Does the next scenario sound familiar to you? You have a date planned with a cute girl, but it’s raining cats and dogs.

Solution… have drinks, right?

But, as a reader of AttractionGym, you know you can do better.

Choose Brooklyn Bazaar instead on those rainy days.

Now, like our postmen, you can do your job no matter the weather 😉

Brooklyn Bazaar is modeled after the eclectic Asian street markets. You’ll find activities for every taste. From mini-golf to karaoke and from a food court to live music.

Plan your activities beforehand on this site. Again, with a little preparation, leading on the date becomes much easier.

We’re on a New York City dates idea roll. That’s 15 date ideas already!

Date ideas Staten Island:

Staten Island is known as the forgotten borough.

Oh, and also the most boring one.

But don’t immediately reject this place like they did with the ‘planet’ Pluto. There are still great date ideas to be found.

And if you still think running away from Staten Island is better, date idea 1 will help you do it most gloriously.

Idea #16: Leave Staten Island in the most delightful way possible

This is one of my favorite activities to do when I have a tourist on the date. Tourists are always looking for natives… to show them the city, of course ;).

The Staten Island ferry is the best way to give them a great view of Manhattan for free.

This is also a great way to make use of the Manhattan date ideas as a Staten Islander. It’s the most stylish way to get to Manhattan.

Make sure you know the landmarks in Manhattan so you can tell your date about them (especially if your date is a tourist).

Even better is made up facts, which results in a ton of laughter and teasing when the truth comes out.

Perfect for that Native-Tourist attraction.

Bring a laser light to point out landmarks, so you really get into your role as the Hitchhiker’s Bullshit Guide to Manhattan.

New York date idea #17: Besides animals, all girls love…

Earlier, I told you about all girls love animals.

What if I told you there is something more universally loved by girls?!

With this date, you will use this powerful weapon of mass seduction to your advantage.

Guessed what it is by now?


You also get to relive the childhood dream of visiting a chocolate factory without finding your golden ticket.

Supreme chocolatier doesn’t have any Oompa Loompas, but taking the tour down to the factory and the chocolate sampling session is almost as fun as having Willie Wonka as your guide.

Science agrees with me on this being a good date idea.

Cocoa stimulates the release of hormones (like serotonin) that boost libido and are responsible for the “in love”-feeling.

The only downside to this date is that doing this too often will make you lose your hard-earned six-pack.

Idea #18: No one cooks like a grandmother

Wondering why I haven’t named a dinner date yet?

Forget the Hollywood display of a dinner date and think about it.

Imagine the uncomfortableness of eating on opposite sides of the table with an unknown person. Usually, this feels pretty awkward.

Every bite you and your date spend enormous brainpower hoping to not come across as a pig while eating.

Brainpower that should be spent on a flirty conversation.

A dinner date on its own is an even worse first date idea than doing drinks only.

Still, dinner dates have their time and place.

You are probably busy, yet still want to date. And you need your daily evening meal anyway.

Follow-up dinner dates come into play here.

Since dinner dates are not the best for first dates, I recommend planning them primarily with girls you have been seeing for a while now.

I also like to use dinner to casually extend a date that has been going well:

“Hey, are you hungry? I know this cool restaurant just around the corner.”

As always, though, as an AttractionGym reader, you know you have to find the best place for any date idea.

At Nonnas of the World, every night, a different grandmother cooks a meal. So believing the old saying, this place guarantees to be the best.

These Nonnas (the Italian word for grandmother) have their roots all over the world. No dinner here will be the same. You can bet it will be good, though.

After all, everybody knows grandmas make for the best cooks.

If you’re anxious about having dinner with your date, I don’t blame you: Awkward silences suck. And they happen easily.

The good news is that there are a lot of get-to-know-you questions you can use on a date to keep the conversation flowing.

Here’s an article with examples you can use right away:

>> The Only 111 Get-To-Know-You Questions for Dating You Need

Date idea #19: Homerun date idea

Women have their drama-tv.

We men have sports.

And both genders get way to attached emotionally to their choice of entertainment.

Both sides often don’t understand this attachment from the other gender.

But then, a beautiful moment in your life happens, you find a girl who’s into sports like you.

If that moment happens, this is the date for you.

The Staten Island Yankees are the minor league team associated with their big brother, the New York Yankees.

At first, you might think this means it’s a worse date activity than going to Yankee Stadium. But the advantages of going to a minor league game for a date are many.

You’ll have a much better view of the game at Staten Island Stadium. Because the setting is much more intimate. Also, a minor league game won’t break the bank as ticket prices and snacks and beverages will be cheaper than at Yankee stadium

Ironically, this date is not the best idea if you’re an enormous baseball-head. Watching the game should serve to bring some fun, excitement, and distraction. But it should be secondary to getting to know your date.

This also means that you should be prepared to leave early if watching the game gets boring for either of you. When you heed these words of caution, this date will be a grand slam home run.

New York date idea #20: The Coupe

I know you always wanted to feel like a famous dating coach.

Even if it’s just for one sip.

The best way to that is drinking from the same martini glasses that my beautiful lips have touched 😉

At The Coupe, you’ll find my favorite cocktails in New York City.

This bar can be characterized as romantic, tasteful, and laid-back. You, as a man of the world, have looked up the cocktails beforehand.

Now you can make up some bullshit stories about why one of the drinks is perfect for your date. After all, drink choice does say a lot about a person.

Is she more a sour or a sweet?

To go along with your great drinks and bullshit stories, get some tasty platters (to share, of course).

Another reason I like The Coupe is that it’s just minutes off the Staten Island ferry. Often, I end the night here if I went to Manhattan with my date.

High time for the final borough of New York. Let’s see what Queens has to offer for our dates in New York City.

Date ideas Queens:
Queens is a true melting pot, as it is the most diverse urban area in the world.

As Queens is the largest borough of New York geographically and the second-largest in population.

This definitely creates a unique cultural vibe that you can take advantage of on your date.

Idea #21: How to make your Karaoke original

If you want to get rid of awkwardness on your date, one strategy is to do a high-energy activity at the start.

A quick round of karaoke is another one of my favorite activities to give my date a flying start. It immediately creates a fun we-vibe. Any awkwardness on the rest of the date will be nothing compared to singing a song together. Plus, this momentum carries over into the next activities you have planned.

Karaoke Shout isn’t your regular trashy karaoke spot. It would have already made this list without the karaoke since it’s a cool bar. With the karaoke, it’s number 1.

I like to share a fishbowl cocktail with two straws. For songs, I suggest an artist with Queens roots (something for every taste: 50 Cent, Nicky Minaj, but also Simon and Garfunkel and the Ramones).

Idea #22: Night at the museum?

Show your girl your hips don’t lie with this date.

Dancing is always a good idea on a date as physical closeness is a necessity for dancing. But even with good date ideas, try to make the ordinary extraordinary.

With this idea, you do this by dancing inside an art museum.

MoMA PS1 is an extension of the Museum of Modern Art. The art inside this old school building is worth a visit alone.

Yet, every Saturday from July to August, it gets better when so-called warm-up events happen.

These events are a combination of music and performing arts and result in dance parties in the courtyard.

If your date loves art and/or dancing, she will love this date.

Visit the museum (which is a suitable date, but can seem a bit stuffy) first, before you hop, shuffle and swing the night away with your date for a great date combination.

Pro tip:

Long Island residents can get free access to one warm-up event a year.

New York date idea #23: Perfect date for geeks

Another museum? Yes. But also another museum that does an outstanding job of overcoming a problem with museum dates.

Museum dates are often low in energy. But this museum is interactive and has a relaxed atmosphere.

The museum of the moving image displays the history of everything that has moving images in them (what’s in a name?).

This means movies, cartoons, and games on steroids.

For this date, it helps if you and your date are a bit geeky.

Not sure if she has the geek inside?

Do the quick geek test:

Did you recently have a big debate about technicalities in one of your hobbies or shows you watch?

If you answered yes, then, you are geeks, my friend.

At this museum, you and your date can bond over shared pop culture experience. This is an excellent starter for conversations that provide a more profound connection (childhood. What things you’re into and why).

I once found out my date also played a ton of Mario Kart as a kid. It goes without saying that our next date was playing Mario Kart Double Dash at my place.

There’s also an arcade hall near the exit of the museum where you can challenge your date to play your favorite childhood video games. 

Idea #24: Best place to do a food crawl

Queens is the most culturally diverse borough of New York City. Family-run restaurants here still got that neighborhood feel to them.

So, if you like to try authentic foods from different parts of the world, this is the best place to do a food crawl.

Do you notice the pattern? This date is super dynamic again.

Lead your date around by knowing exactly where to take your date for the next tasty dish.

Do some research beforehand on what kind of places you want to visit. Then find out where the authentic locals go to eat that kind of food.

You can do this date all in one go. But I like to prepare activities in between keep the date diverse.

And to prevent my stomach from exploding like a bomb from all the food I have been eating.

Date idea #25: My favorite rooftop bar of New York

Time for a small test.

When I say “going to a bar,” you should immediately think, “this bar better be extraordinary.” Your answer should come as quickly as your response to the multiplication tables. Except for 7×8, that one sucks.

Well, the Z roof at the Z NYC hotel definitely works as an extraordinary bar.

The cocktails are top-notch. The atmosphere is classy, and after ten o’clock on Fridays and Saturdays, you two can dance the night away.

The real attraction to this bar, however, is the magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline and the Queensboro bridge.

Take your date up to watch the sunset over the city. See the lights of the skyline flick on one by one. Cuddle away until you are enjoying the view of the glowing city by night.

If it’s your first date, you might be wondering how to keep her interested the whole time.

No worries. As always, I wrote an article about it. Read it here:

>> Keeping Her Interested By Being Interesting – 3 Timeless Tips

Bonus date ideas in New York City:

Three bonus date activities for all five boroughs of New York. Check it out to find best NYC date ideas options near you. 

Date idea #26: Secret Concerts (definitely not the usual)

A concert of an artist both you and your date are into can be a cool date, but it has some drawbacks.

These concerts can get expensive. More importantly, they take focus away from getting to know each other.

A better option is an underground concert by Sofar Sounds.

Each show takes place at a secret location that gets disclosed a day before the concert takes place.

Your date will appreciate that you made an effort to give her a unique experience. The shows usually consist of three different acts, and you never know what you will hear next.

Afterward, talk and bond over the shared experience of hearing new music, how you liked it, and how it made you feel.

New York date idea #27: Thrift shop challenge at a thrift shop near you

Sometimes you have to take one step backward to take a few steps forward. In this case, you dress your date up so you can undress her later 😉

Pick outfits for each other within a pre-determined budget (20 dollars like Macklemore?). After shopping, you judge each other’s creations.

You can do themes, a ridiculous look, or genuinely try to dress each other up to a T.

This date gets even better if you have another activity planned for later on, where you have to keep the thrift outfit on.

Date idea #28: Laugh together on your date

Louis C.K., Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, David Letterman. The list of famous New York comedians goes on and on. The list of great New York City comedy clubs is also extensive.

Taking your date to a comedy show is an excellent idea if you do it right.

Laughing on a date is always good. If your comedian is funny, you will definitely laugh.

If the comedian sucks, you can still laugh at him/her, instead of because of him.

Every lousy joke the comedian made can become a running gag for the two of you.

To make this a winning date activity is to avoid a drawn-out affair.

Watch a short show and be on your way to the next exciting activity you got planned.

Walk-in comedy shows are perfect for this because you are free to choose when to walk in and when to leave.

Check out the program for local bars and comedy clubs to see if they got any events like this coming up. If not, a regular show is okay, just make sure it’s not too long.

Impressive date ideas New York City in abundance

With 28 unique date ideas under your belt, you can’t be at a loss to have successful dates.

Whether it’s a first date with a new lady. Or someone you’ve been dating before. Hell even if it is your girlfriend or your wife, these 28 date ideas will ignite a spark.

However, to keep the fire burning, you’ll need more than just date ideas.

To keep her interested you need to be an attractive man yourself.

To become an attractive man ladies just can’t let go off, I’ve made the Transformation Kit.

It’s a toolkit to start dating more girls right away.

If short: It makes yourself an attractive man.

You get:

  • Step-by-step guide on how to attract women
  • The best opening lines to keep her interested
  • How to get out of the friendzone (and never come back)
  • Examples of conversations online and offline
  • And much more…

You can find it all in my Transformation Kit.

Download it here, it’s free!

Go for it.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

Stop awkward conversations
and painful rejections

My free Transformation Kit will make you irresistible to women.

  • 12 Opening Lines that Actually Work
  • 5 Date Generating Texting Tips (Plus Copy-Paste Lines for Tinder)
  • The Friendzone Escape-Room Trick
Yes, give me the Transformation Kit!

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