15 Oklahoma City Date Ideas That’ll Impress Your Date

oklahoma city date ideas

You’ve just planned a date and want to impress that special lady friend.

But immediately you get stressed:

“How do I come off as adventurous, creative, and different than every other guy that has struck out with her??”

You’re looking for some fun and romantic date ideas in Oklahoma City to impress her.

Or maybe you’re just looking for some new and fun activities to enjoy with your girlfriend.

No matter whom you’re trying to impress, if you’re in the OKC area, these 15 dating ideas will do the trick.

Mount your horses, sit tight and read all about:

  • The 15 best dating ideas in Oklahoma City for your upcoming adventures
  • Horseback riding without having to wear tights and a helmet
  • An unusual mixture of dinner dates to spice up the fun
  • Get the insides of what Oklahomans do for fun!
  • Become her beloved dancing instructor, even when you can’t dance.
  • How to score beers for just a dollar
  • Many more Oklahoma City date ideas…

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Oklahoma City, a fun town full of friendly people. Even in the urban areas, you can feel its deeply rooted country vibes.

So you want to go ahead and show her a good ole, boot-scootin’ horse ridin’ rope glidin’ Oreo fryin’, two-steppin’, line dancin’, romancin’ mighty fine country ass time.

But, I can hear you thinking: “I have absolutely no clue where to take her”.

No worries, I’ll give you my top-notch date ideas.

Because Oklahoma City, famous for its tornadoes and horse shows, is filled with action-packed activities.

Which means never again a boring date in OKC.

Time to spike her emotions and make her fall in love with you.

Date idea #1: Quit horsing around and take that cutey for a ride!

Most girls had horse posters on their walls as a teenager. That’s a fact.

So as her prince charming or white knight in shining armor, you will definitely score points taking her horseback riding.

Maybe she’s not into horses. Maybe she’s more of a ’one of the guys’ type of girl.

No worries bro, I’ve got you covered with all kinds of ideas (#7 even involves boobies 😉

Now I can hear you think, “fudge man”, I don’t know how to ride a horse…”

Time for a confession:

I am terrified of horses.

Scared to fall off, lose control or just look like a jackass.


No reason to be worried, boys. Horses in the OKC area are trained for this and have a tremendous amount of discipline. They deal with frightened equestrians like me all the time.

Just act like you are Lucky Luke himself, and it will be twice as funny to her when you fall off your horse.

Just in case you actually fall off:

  1. Blame it on the horse, Tell her that he is picking a fight with you to see who is the alpha male.
  2. Ask her why she didn’t clap, and tell her that the first stunt was for free but the next time she’ll have to pay up.
  3. Or, tell her you caught an acute case of the gold rush and you were finding her a gold chain somewhere in the mud.

Now that you’ve got the initial spark going, are you bold enough to take this Oklahoma City date to the next level? Here are three staggering ways to do so.

1.     A lovely picnic at the pond nearby

Call up the ranch beforehand, and ask them where to find the nearest pond.

This will make you more confident to lead her in the right direction on your date.

You can even make it a sunset picnic dinner if you want to amp up the romance.

2.     Go to a Horse show

It’s time to discover why OKC is called the horse show capital of the world.

You have both bonded with your horse, and you feel like certified cowboys at this point.

So now you will have an idea what it’s like to be walking in their boots while seeing the real cowboys in action. …Yee Haw!

3.     Go to the Horse races

How to make the horse races even more exciting than the horse show?

Place a bet on your favorite horse together. This will definitely increase the tension.

Pro tip:

Tension is your friend during a date, show her you can lead her and stay cool under pressure.

Now don’t bet your entire mortgage. Tension is fun, penniless isn’t.

My grandfather always told me this: Never put all of your money on one horse…

If that advice applies to dating, is for you to decide.

Yes, my grandpa is a cheeky bastard…

Anyway, win or lose, the tension will have her nails clawed into your arms. Warm-ups for what your back might endure later.

Not sure if this idea was the right one for you?

Don’t give up, grab the bull by the horns, and check out the next idea for a (two) step in the right direction.

Date idea #2: Two-step the night away and make her feel like a southern belle

Cowboys bar is known for the excellent dancing atmosphere where everyone is out on the floor two-stepping and line-dancing. And the occasional twerking.

“But bro I’m a guy, I can’t dance…”

Don’t sweat it, because these dances are actually really easy! Smart men those country boys.

Two-stepping is nothing more than walking to a beat.

Pro tip:

Go to YouTube, figure out some moves, and pretend you are the dance teacher! You are going to teach her how to dance.

We’ve all had that humiliating experience where a girl tries to teach you how to dance, while you have the coordination of a blind squirrel.

Time for some redemption my friends. With these quick tutorials anyone can follow:

Basics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoscqzFdwB0

Closed turn move: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yilgkGvuvw

Cowboy boogie (line dance): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSpyN4MaeLU

Why is this bar different than other bars?

This bar has a live bull-riding arena inside the bar with real bulls.

Real bulls… and real cowboys who are riding them. For about eight seconds if they are lucky…

My buddy even got mud (probably shit) in his beer once.

So beware, if you’re standing too close to the action, her dress might get dirty. So will your jeans. And if you look like me, your beautiful mustache, aka flavor saver, might get dirty too.

Make sure you stock up on laundry detergent. Gentleman as you are.

Insider tip:

Get there early. The party usually starts quite early and stops at 2:00 A.M. Quite often there are dollar beers or even dollar daiquiris until 10 or 11 pm.

Getting the hang of it yet? More date ideas in Oklahoma City are on their way to you!

Fun date idea #3: It’s all fun and games until…

Oh no, wait. It’s actually all fun and games. And there is a lot of food. From a truck. Hooray!

It seems like every girl I date nowadays is a foody. Am I right?

Or am I a feeder?… whatever… potato, potato.

Well, no need to stress about what’s on the menu, at The Bleu Garten.

Because at this beautifully free and unforced location you are provided with a wide variety of the best food trucks all put together.

These food trucks’ concepts are fusions of clash cooking techniques.

Which simply means you will get to put a bunch of food in your mouth that you probably haven’t seen before. But it will look and taste amazing.

There are public games of Jenga and Cornhole. But there’re also shaded seatings, heaters, cool lights, music, and even theater entertainment.

I know, quite fancy for a food truck park, right?

So make a bet with your date that the loser of your Jenga or Cornhole games will have to pay for drinks.

Let the trash-talking begin.

For example, tell her you were in a monastery in Nepal for a year to truly master the art of Jenga.

If you lose, blame the Nepal monk who trained you.

This is all part of the flirting that you will have to do on your dates. No flirting equals rejection, or a ticket to the friendzone. Probably both things you do not want.

So, catch up on the latest and best flirting techniques here:

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You can even do this in the form of a flirty get-to-know-you game.

Before you go on – Important!

Part of a date is having a sick date idea. One that impresses the missus.

Another part is creating a flirty vibe so that the attraction can rise and sexual tension bubble.

Only then can you look back on a successful date. And look forward to the next one most likely.

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Date #4: Everything is bigger in Texas

The Oklahoma State Fair is so big it’s almost… Unfair.

Pun intended.

With this Oklahoma City date idea, you will impress the miss.

Good, now let’s move on from that terrible but hilarious joke to bigger and better things.

Like the Oklahoma State Fair.

Because this is a fair on steroids dude! Seriously, this thing is so ginormous. You can walk around for hours without seeing the same thing twice.

It has multiple rollercoasters, Ferris wheels, music shows, livestock shows, art exhibitions, arm wrestling competitions, and even Disney on Ice.

You name it, they probably have it.

Fried Oreo’s for example.


Ever heard of fried Oreo’s? Let’s be honest bro, you haven’t, but they are amazing.

You can get them at the fair along with anything else you could think of putting in a frying pan.

Missed out on idea #1? No worries, they have livestock shows and even bull-riding. Would it really be Oklahoma if they hadn’t?

Pro tip:

Cliché, I know, but still romantic and private…

Get a break from the busy crowd and take her up for a ride on the Ferris wheel. While up there you can grasp the mere size of this fair and enjoy the swell Oklahoma night.

Now when it feels good. Wait until you’re all the way at the top.

Feel the tension in the air while you look at each other in silence, grab her hand, lean in, and go for the kiss.

Romance level over 9000.

Date idea #5: Downtown, trendy and authentic; Bricktown is always live

Right in the city center where the old warehouses used to be, Bricktown is now the center of the excitement.

Both sports stadiums, the zoo, the movie theatre, a plethora of museums, bars, and clubs. The whole enchilada…

Speaking of enchilada’s, Fuzzy’s is excellent for Mexican food, and they serve the best margaritas. It’s a bit busy, and it’s basically a fast-food joint but highly recommended nonetheless.

Wanna go fancy with your date idea? Alright playboy, but be ready to crack the safe,

Suit up and take your missus to Vast. It will cost you some, but if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right.

Vast is part of the 100 most scenic restaurants in the US according to insider.com

And for good reason.

Besides the award-winning cuisine, the most memorable thing about Vast is that it’s located on the top two floors of the Devon Tower.

You know…

That one big ass skyscraper right in the middle of OKC that’s twice as tall as any other building around.

But that’s not all for Bricktown, for these next venues you won’t even need to travel outside the city center.

Want more date ideas in Oklahoma City? I’ve got you covered with more of the best date ideas.

Idea #6: Thunder up! Visit OKC’s major sports teams

If you are lucky enough to have hit the jackpot and you’ve found a girl that also enjoys sports, this section is for you!

What do celebrity couples do for dates?

If I had to take a guess?

Eat at Nobu every night, exclusive party’s, trips on their private yachts? Yes, yes, all of that cute shit, of course, but what do we see on tv?!

We see Kim and Kanye sitting courtside at the Lakers game.

Which will set you back approximately $1,696.90

You are reading this, which already makes you better than 99% of dudes out there, but… chances are you are not that rich and famous.

So throw on your faux fur coat and get to second base by:

Taking your date to a baseball game.

Purchase low level (close to the court) OKC Thunder tickets for as little as $30 and feel like a celeb for pennies on the dollar.

Just one level below the major league the AAA Dodgers play their home games right here in Bricktown.

Looks like a date to me…

Date Idea #7: Make it rain together at Night Trips

Listen carefully.

This fun date idea in Oklahoma City is for the advanced bro’s, because it involves some risk.

Use your brain and think!

“Is this something, SHE might enjoy as well?”

Not sure if taking your date/girlfriend out to a strip club is a good idea?

Here is why it might be:

Memorable night

Unless she’s a frequent visitor of the tittie bars. This will be a highly unusual place for her, and it will bring up plenty of emotions:

A healthy dose of jealousy

Speaking of emotions, a little bit of jealousy can revamp the attraction in your relationship. Research agrees. Be careful with this one though, never make her feel insecure.

Sexy vibe

Chances are that after you leave the strip club, the sexy vibe will advance to the bedroom. She may break out some brand-new moves.

Some guidelines for this date include:

  • Don’t leave your girl to get lap dances in a shady corner.
  • Buy her a lap dance from her favorite stripper.
  • Get a lap dance by two strippers at the same time while sitting next to each other.
  • Joke around and put some dollar bills in your date’s bra or pockets.
  • Don’t actually touch the girls with your hands. While it is also not officially allowed in Oklahoma. Getting all handsy with a stripper is not the best look while on a date.
  • Don’t overstay your welcome, one or too lap dances and some drinks are fun.

Spending your entire night at night trips will make you broke and look creepy.

Use this as a fun place to go pre-gaming before you hit the Bricktown bars and clubs.

All in all just make sure you enjoy this date together as a couple.

AND MAKE IT RAIN (these strippers got bills to pay too man)

As I said, it’s a next-level activity to create different emotions.

You can easily keep a girl interested with less risk and less work.

For that, check out my article:

>> How to Easily Make Her Feel Different Emotions

And different emotions are sure to arise when you drag her to:

Date idea #8: Show her you can eat like a man at Sid’s Diner

Time to man-handle the panhandle.

It’s no coincidence that the largest most powerful tornado ever was recorded here in 2013.

Because this date idea in the nearby town, El Reno, will blow her away.

This charming little town center looks like an old western movie. And there is really not much else going on in El Reno.

This is why she will be so impressed with you when you take her to Sid’s out of all places!

Because oh my foodness! The effort you must have put in to find such an amazing little local burger place with such unusual burgers and shakes.

At Sid’s you will taste the unique flavors of the famous union burger.

My guess is, you will have her eating out of the palm your hand. Both literally and figuratively.


Not convinced? Check out Man vs. Food season 3 episode 10.

You’re welcome.

Need more action? Combine this Oklahoma City date with idea #15

Having some fun lines to throw in the conversation is never a bad idea.

Get 23 flirty lines right here for free.

Date idea #9: Tallest adventure named Sandridge Skytrail

Couples who survive together, thrive together baby… Is that a thing? I’m not sure…

Apparently I just made it a thing. So feel free to steal my jokes.

Just say it with enough conviction to almost make her believe you are really that corny before laughing it off. 😉

The Sandridge Skytrail is so awesome I wish someone would finally take me on a date there #sad

This is what you can expect:

  • 3 High-speed slides, including the most exciting slide since you got into her DM’s
  • A climb up to 80 feet where along the way you will face 6 levels of challenges.
  • And to finish it off a zip line across the Oklahoma River.

Pro tip:

Make sure your date doesn’t fall off this 80-foot structure, or her dad is going to kill you.

Also, stop looking at her backside in those safety straps dude. I know it’s hard not to look.

Focus! or you’ll be the one getting scraped off the floor.

Oh, and if your date doesn’t have a nice bum, the view ain’t too shabby either.

Found an idea that you like? Wait for it, the final 5 best date ideas are yet to come.

Date idea #10: Find out why everyone is yelling ‘Boomer Sooner’

The Oklahoma University Sooners are one of the best college football teams in the country.

To say that people in OKC are excited about this feat is an understatement.

And the excitement shows up at the games. What beats a full stadium of 80.000 riled up college students rooting for their team?

A gluck gluck 9000, sure also found on many college campuses… and unrelated to this article but equally exciting.

So take your date to the OU campus and join in on all the fun!

Some benefits of this date include:

  • People-watching and a bit of fun gossiping with your date. People around you will get very involved in the game. “Hey, number 27, I’ve taken shits bigger than you!”
  • Football games are usually played when it gets a little colder. Makes for a great excuse to snuggle up under a blanket.
  • Great parties all around the area after the game. Many artists are performing in nearby clubs.

Insider tip:

Show up to the parking lot a couple of hours before the game starts and enjoy some great food and drinks while socializing with other fans at the so-called “Tailgate.”


Date idea #11: Speakeasies for the grown-ups

Take her back to the 1920s.

We love the young energetic freedom, right?

So let’s support the Flappers and bring your date to the classy Dollhouse Lounge in Bricktown.

It’s like going on a date to a comedy show.

But instead of your typical comedy guy, there’ll be girls like this:

They’ll provide you a beautiful mix of satire, performance art, music hall, and adult entertainment.

And who knows… If your date pays attention, she might surprise you with some new moves.

Date idea #12: Go whitewater rafting in the Boathouse District

Am I really going to joke about how this date is guaranteed to get her wet?

Don’t be silly.

But then again, the arousal of the boat going down on a body of water.

Just to finish in the mouth of the river…

You get the picture 😉

All jokes aside, this date idea is a fun one.

The artificial rafting course in the Boathouse District is near the city center and a guarantee for an extraordinary date.

As more of these dates, it’s a good idea to make your dates dynamic.

Motion creates emotion.

And then there is this mysterious thing called the misattribution of arousal.

Which put short means that:

People mistake what makes them aroused.

They mistake the psychological response they might feel of fear.

And instead in their own mind they see it as romantic arousal.

Aha! I guess that’s why I always fall in love with flight attendants during turbulence.

Date idea #13: The most chill date idea in Oklahoma City

So far, so good with the date ideas for Oklahoma City, right?

Or maybe all the above ideas are just a little bit too much excitement for your taste.

Maybe you are just a little too old to go to the fair and bring your date to the strip club.

Alright, alright, for the most wise among us who are still searching for dating ideas.

Here’s a chill one for the calm or older guys amongst us.

A date without the busy traffic, whilst enjoying good music and hearing about the history of the city.

And also stopping at the most prominent places of OKC?

Without a Jetpack?

Such incredibly high demands leave only one option…

It’s the Oklahoma City River cruise.

Check out: okrivercruises.com to see which cruise suits you best. There are definitely some fun stops along the way.

Fun stops which can turn into mini date ideas on their own.

Maybe you’re a shy guy reading this, knowing you’re actually holding back on your social skills.

If that’s the case, I would take a look at the following article:

>> 23 Easy Ways to Be More Social with Women as an Introvert

Date idea #14: Stimulate her senses at the Factory Obscura Mix-Tape

This is one of those ‘hate it or love it’ type of deals.

If you ask me, this is an extremely fun date idea in Oklahoma City

Factory Obscura is an OKC city-based art collection. It creates immersive experiences that awaken wonder and makes the world better.

It’s full of artists, thinkers, and inventors. You know…


It’s a dynamic date which is according to the founders meant to:

  • Awaken the inner child.
  • Spark awe and wonder.
  • Invite interactive play, both physical and mental.
  • And challenge each other to explore deeper into our human potential and our connections through art.

Maybe the Factory Obscura founders are also dating coaches.

Imagine touching on all subjects above in one single date. #advanceddating

THIS is EXACTLY what you want to be doing while building a relationship with a woman.

No sparks of awe and wonder?

Do you have trouble building a deeper connection with your date?

In this article, you will find out how to get past the superficial small-talk into the deep connection.

So who’s ready for some interactive play, both physical and mental?

I’m all for it!

Check out this cool Youtube video Vice has made about the Factory Obscura Mixtape:

Idea #15: Shoot your shot at Canadian ranges

Make sure bae is in a good mood for this one.

Or it might be your last date. Funny how I also made this the last date idea for Oklahoma City on this article.

So after stuffing yourself at Sid’s diner (See idea #8) it’s important to check your date for the crazy eyes:

If she clears, by all means, have fun and go and shoot some sh*t.

Pro-tip #1:

Load, aim, and pull the trigger. C’mon dude you’re firing guns you don’t need to make it more exciting.

If she is not hitting the target, just tell her she’s doing well and give her a wink every now and then. Don’t get cocky by trying to tell her how to do it.

Just leave that to the instructor.

Pro-tip #2:

Joking around on dates is always fun. But beware that she might feel endangered. Guns are dangerous so easy on the jokes and show her you can stay cool in the heat of the gunfire.

Well shoot, I guess that was all folks.

Have fun on your date and always remember:

When you find yourself in an intense moment of passion and romance with your lover…

Don’t forget to take a moment and think about who got you there 😉

Also, I want to point out the following:

Having good date ideas in Oklahoma City is only the start

These date ideas in Oklahoma City are top-notch.

But as in a movie, the location where it’s shot doesn’t immediately make the move a 5/5 starred blockbuster. That all lies in the hands of the actors.

You are one of the actors on your date.

So you better have some flirtiness up your sleeve.

If you want to know exactly what to do and really step up your game towards more dates and success:

Download my free Transformation Kit.

I’ll teach you how you can radiate that magnetic attraction George Clooney shows on set.

Go for it.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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