5 Keys to Dating Dominant Women – If You Feel Timid or Clueless

Dating dominant women

In this article, I’ll show you:

  • 5 Tips to dating dominant ladies
  • What a duck family has to do with dominant women
  • Dating dominant women: Why dominant women find it almost impossible to find a suitable man
  • The #1 mistake that 99% of all men make when they try in vain to seduce a dominant woman
  • My secret recipe for NEVER falling victim to cockblocks again
  • Dating alpha female: How a pen and a piece of paper can save your life when you are in a relationship with a dominant señorita
  • More insights about dominant women…

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Tip #1: 7 signs that bespeak a dominant woman

Sign #1: She plays ‘duck mother’ for her friends

When she goes out with her ‘GuUuRLzZ x3’, this spirited señorita resembles a protective duck mother who takes over the responsibility of her ‘chicks’/friends.


  • Keeps a permanent eye on her ‘little ones’
  • Gives her ‘nest egg’ permission to flirt with whom and if they can flirt at all
  • Sets the rhythm of the evening (if she goes to the toilet, the others have to follow her – the same goes for wild twerk moves on the dance floor up to the drinking tempo of the night)

Sign #2: She has a clear opinion

Put your hands up in the air – if this situation looks familiar to you:

You’re sitting across from a visibly upset lady. You ask her if she’s alright.

She answers you with crossed arms and a stern expression, ‘Yes.’

Wow, how revealing,’ you think to yourself – until you bump your hair because you just can’t get what’s wrong in her world out of her.

You usually don’t find this phenomenon in a dominant woman.

She makes clear what she doesn’t like at all, until EVERYONE has understood it.

She doesn’t judge herself for her statements and stands completely behind her opinion without being ashamed of it.

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Sign #3: She is the reincarnation of the Statue of Liberty

Raising kids? Cook for her husband 24/7? Play housewife?

This lady can gain about as much from old-fashioned ideal images:

However, she isn’t only standing on her own two feet.


Every single cell of her body radiates independence:


  • Attaches great importance to her own career
  • Leads her life in a self-determined way (and therefore it isn’t uncommon for her to travel spontaneously, for example)
  • Loathes people who deprive her of her freedom (for example, she could never have a relationship with someone who forbids her to go out on weekends)
  • Likes to be on her own and defines her quality time as alone time
  • Tends to keep her composure even in stressful situations

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Sign #4: She finds it difficult to find a ‘suitable man’ for herself

Miss Dominance often has difficulties in finding a partner.


Because countless men

  • Either are intimidated by her tough exterior
  • Or have no clue how to deal with her dominance…

…and thereby prove themselves unworthy of her.

Sign #5: She loves to take control

You arranged a rendezvous with her – gave her location and time?

Cool you taking the lead, bro.

However, you can already prepare yourself for the following:

Mademoiselle Tough will use any opportunity she can to take the lead from you again.

She has a real penchant for having FULL control over her life.

It doesn’t matter whether she’s on a date or in a relationship.

Or has sex.

She lets you always know exactly how she likes and dislikes it…

…and in the end, does everything in her power to get her way.

Sign #6: She’s an ingrained businesswoman

Dating alpha women also often means to date real workaholics.

“Why sit on the couch all day and watch dull shows?”
– She thinks.

After all, with just a bit more determination (and overtime) she reaches the next step of her career ladder and outstrips her competitors.

Because Lady Dominance gives her professional success a strong focus, it isn’t uncommon for her to be childless.

How the hell is she supposed to take care of them anyway when her schedule is full of meetings?

And if she should have little worms, she has organized a babysitter since her first pregnancy test at the latest…

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Sign #7: She lives sexual freedom

Open-mindedness and simplicity.

These two terms could be used to summarize her attitude towards sex.

Dom girls often don’t consider it necessary to have a big rear bitching around lustful coitus.

They shit (quite rightly) on the social pressure to be labeled as ‘sluts’ for their open sexuality.

(By the way, this badass attitude also makes her incredibly attractive).

Let me tell you a little story about that:

It’s spring 2015.

Cindy was her name.

It was our first date.

Wavy, pitch-black hair, emerald-green eyes and a skin-tight leather legging that makes every man think dirty.

Cindy looked like she had just come from an ‘erotic biker girl calendar’ shoot.

We first went for a walk in a park and then to a rooftop bar to have ice-cold cocktails.

When we faced each other with our Ipanemas and looked deep into each other’s eyes, the air literally exploded with sexual tension.

And then it happened…

From Cindy’s full lips, the following sentence sounded in an indifferent tone, which absolutely knocked me off my feet:

“We can have sex at my place later.”

Because I didn’t want to let my amazement show, I played cool while I took a deep breath.

At that time, however, it was the first time I had met such a self-confident and open woman.

My jaw would have dropped to the earth’s core if I hadn’t pulled myself together.

I was impressed by her open-mindedness.

So muchacho, prepare yourself for the fact that a similar situation might happen to you if you take out a sexy Mademoiselle Tough and there’s an immense tension between you.

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Tip #2: The #1 mistake in seducing dominant women

You see her at the bar.

She wears a sweet braid and a sporty overall.

Holy Mother Theresa, I just have to approach her’, you think to yourself as you move your kicks straight in her direction (by the way, if you are still struggling with meeting women, check out this article).

I bet you say that to every woman you chat up,’ she answers you, after you complimented her for her elegant style.

A moment later her words are followed by the following phrase:

“Well, most men would have bought me a drink by now, you know that, right?”

And a few minutes later:

“If you want to have sex with me, you don’t have to waste your time. There’s no way that this will happen.”

Well, amigo – are your ‘dominant woman’ alerts ringing yet?


Well, let me tell you something.

You could be FULLY WRONG with your hunch.

“Oh my God, Dan!!!11 But why? I was so sure about it!”

Calm down, cowboy.


An attractive woman is approached at least 10 to 15 times in one evening.

The men who approach her?

  • Bodies of liquor came to life, who had to drink three barrels of ‘beer courage’ to be able to approach her
  • Clueless figures who have no idea how to approach women properly WITHOUT coming across as greasy or creepy – in the form of:
    • Wannabe players who firmly believe that they can only score points with their chosen ones by a rehearsed trick and wear a mask of sleazy pick-up lines to hide their lack of self-confidence in vain
    • Shy boys who, after an hour-long battle against their social anxiety- whether they should dare or not to approach her- pick themselves up, but through their hesitant manner of approaching their chosen one in a correspondingly creepy manner (and, for example, stalking her from behind to whisper a ‘hi’ that frightens her more than a zombified circus clown)

I repeat: And this 10 to 15 times in one evening.

To 99% it’s these kinds of men.

Now you try ‘your luck.’

Prize question:

What do you think the chances are that she will assume from the beginning that you are DIFFERENT than the others?

That’s right.

Nearly to 0.00%.

But even if you approach her confidently, she will do one thing during the course of your conversation:

Activate her filter.

How she does that?

By testing your self-confidence with provocative sayings, among other things.

Is he one of those wannabe players who only fake their self-confidence or is he a ‘real’ sex worthy man?’ she asks herself while she puts you to her ‘test’.

A wannabe player falls through sentences like ‘I bet you say that to every woman you hit on.’ …and it gets obvious that he just put on a fake self-confident mask.

Uh, uh… no. No way. *Um… you’re the first person I’ve ever said that to...’ he replies in a nervous tone as he tries to justify his ‘pick-up line’ and can’t even look her in the face.

A sex worthy man, however, DOESN’T become reactive.

Sure, you’re already the 3,879th person I’ve told today,’ he tells her with a charming smile in a relaxed, deep tone of voice while maintaining strong eye contact with her.

He doesn’t take her AND himself too seriously and reacts to her tests with humor and charm – WITHOUT justifying his positive intentions (to get to know her for example).

This test attitude of course DOESN’T automatically turn a lady into a dominant woman.

Rather, it’s might be just situational dominance – namely, the moment she wants to find out how easily you can lose your composure.

And EXACTLY most men misinterpret this.

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They classify their girl as a dominant woman from the moment she tests them for the first time.

The consequence of this?

By misclassifying their supposed Mademoiselle Tough, they go around her uncalibrated and scare her away more quickly than a Lamborghini Aventador accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (which it does in 2.9 seconds, by the way).

So, make sure that your seemingly dominant girl is really one and take the signs I gave you in tip #1.

You got this!

Tip #3: How to seduce the girlfriends of a dominant woman

In the lobby, away from the flashing lights of the dance floor, you sit opposite her in the club.

For 10 minutes you are probably talking to the smartest, prettiest and most humorous chica bonita you have met in a long time.

You look each other deep in the eyes. Everything around you seems insignificant – as if you were on your own planet.

With every passing second, there’s a more intense tension between you…

…and your lips are getting closer too.

Until suddenly it happens.

A hand with painted nails sticking out between your faces, grabbing your madam’s arm and…

*poof* ¶

…pulls her away.

Holy shit.

It’s her friend.

How the f*ck did this happen? Is your mamacita already in a relationship?


Then what is it? Why did you just get to make an example of a cockblock victim?

I’ll tell you.

In a group of girlfriends there is ALWAYS a woman who is slightly more dominant than her sisters-from-another-misters.

She takes on a kind of mother-role for her unbiological ‘daughters’ and often has the last word on the matter:

  • Where her group goes to celebrate
  • Who her ‘daughters’ are allowed to flirt with (sometimes she wants to win over the man for herself)
  • Which monsieur may speak to her friends

So, Lady Alpha can be a true chastity belt around her group.

Without her permission happens exactly niente.

“Got it, Dan. But how the hell am I going to get over this hurdle?”

Outstanding question.

*Geek mode activated*

Let me explain with the help of this graph.

If we assume that Miss Dominance corresponds to 70% dominance on a scale, you subordinate yourself to it.

Yet you still want to be dominant and masculine enough for your more submissive chosen one.

This means the following, to be more precise:

  • You make friends with Lady Alpha:
    • Here it’s enough, if you are simply friendly and nice to her – after all you don’t want to seduce her
    • The goal through this action is to make her understand
      • That you acknowledge her as the leader of the group
      • That there is no danger from you and that she doesn’t have to fear that you are a secret serial killer → so she can leave her friend, whom you desire, with you without hesitation
    • You win over your señorita’s submissive girlfriends
      • Here you can be more dominant and you can also tease her; you don’t just have to be friendly and nice to her (why it’s so important to be less dominant towards Lady Alpha only, I will explain in a moment)
      • The goal here is similar to the one of the group leader: To make her feel that there is no danger from you and that you are a cool guy she can leave alone with her girlfriend
    • You seduce your chica in a masculine fashion
      • Even if you should be less dominant than the group boss, you must still be more dominant than your beloved one otherwise NO attraction can occur
      • Flirt with her by every trick in the book (by the way, I tell you how you can do this in this article) and create sexual tension

*Geek mode disabled*

“Got it. But why the heck should I be any less dominant over Lady Alpha?”

This may come as a surprise to you, but the reason for it is this:

If you are as dominant or more dominant as she is, she might want to win you over – without you even having a chance to flirt with her friends.

After all, you’d be one of the 1% of men who can ‘tame’ her dominant character…

Tip #4: How to seduce the dominant woman in a group

At the bar, you can spot them.

The way she watches over her friends.

She has an iron, stern look in her eyes as she patrols back and forth at the bar in her high heels.

F*ck, she’s got a sexy vibe.

You know that you have to get to know her and that’s why you swing your butt over to her.

When you start talking to her, you notice it right away:

I’m sure hundreds of men are intimidated by this woman.

  • She keeps intense eye contact with you
  • Choose her words very carefully
  • Provoke you with tests (as in tip #2) and pays close attention to how you react to her filter statements

But you’re doing well and thanks to tip #3 you already know that you have to be at least as intense and dominant as her to seduce her.


  • You reciprocate her strong eye contact
  • Tease her for her diplomatic choice of words, for example like this: ‘You seem so chosen in your words. I bet you’re actually a Russian secret agent.’
  • You remain calm as she tests you and react to her provocations with self-irony/humor

…and it works. She thinks you’re awesome.

However, this already leads to the actual hurdle:

Her friends.

In this case, however, it isn’t enough that you make friends with them and can already disappear with your Lady Alpha.


Your dominant señorita needs one crucial thing before leaving her friends:

Make sure that their ‘bestieeees <33’ aren’t lost without her.

I know. This may sound a bit far-fetched, but as mentioned in tip #1, you must not forget that your lady feels responsible for her friends.

After all, she is the group boss.

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“Okay… and how do I do that?”

For this I give you THREE powerful inspirations:

  • Introduce her girlfriends to cool men
    • For this purpose, it’s especially practical if you have one or more wingmen
    • An alternative: ‘Recruit’ a wingman spontaneously by means of these steps:
      • Pick a guy who doesn’t look like a psycho killer or homeless person
      • Talk to him, ‘Hey, man – what’s up? …what’s your name?’
      • ‘Qualify’ him: ‘Are you single?’
      • Lead on to ‘Do you like women?’
      • Point to your Miss Dominance‘s respective lady friend and ask him, ‘Do you like her?’
      • Lead the lady to your new wingman and introduce them to each other.
      • SUCCESS
    • Convince your lady that her friends can get along without her.
      • Here it’s important not to put too much pressure on your chosen one: Explain to her that she can write to her friends at any time and that if she feels uncomfortable, you can accompany her back to her friends immediately.
    • Stay together until her friends have to go home and you can elope with your ma’am.
      • This is probably the most time-consuming ‘method’: At some point, everyone has to go home and when her friends are gone, logically, she doesn’t have to look after anyone.

Tip #5: Dominant women in relationships

I’m sure you know at least one couple from your circle of friends or acquaintances where it looks like this:

She bosses him around while he tells her about how she wears the pants in their relationship.

And the scoop is yet to come:

They’re incredibly happy together…

Surprise, Motherf#cker!

Indeed, this example isn’t uncommon.

We are living in the 21st century, surrounded by emancipated women and increasingly saying goodbye to outdated role models.

Therefore, there isn’t a thing wrong with it, if a man takes the more submissive role in a relationship and loves to be dominated by his chica.

However, if you are like me, you prefer relationship on an equal footing with a lady – without her always wanting to take the lead.

In order to achieve this, one crucial thing is INEVITABLE:

Set your own boundaries.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down exactly:

  • What you tolerate within a relationship
  • What you consider to be absolute no-gos

Especially when you are in love, it’s frighteningly easy – to quickly lose sight of your own boundaries.

Because as soon as your Queen Badass realizes that she can do anything to you, she will – before you know it – lead you on a leash as her little Chihuahua while she looks down on you from a throne…

…doesn’t sound very tempting, does it?

So, stand firm.

If she does something you feel is disrespectful, be sure to call her out respectfully:

“Hey, what you just did came across a little disrespectful. Maybe you didn’t mean to, but that’s how it feels to me.”

Does she keep acting like that?

Then make her understand this:

“Hey, the way you said [X], the way you treat me feels disrespectful. I can’t stand that kind of thing in a relationship. I would really appreciate it if you would change that.”

What? She’s still acting exactly the same way?

“Hey, you can say and do anything you want. I don’t want to continue a relationship with you if you keep acting this way towards me.”

The principle here is.

Don’t be afraid of losing her.

After all, there are billions of other women on this blue globe, including at least one, who treats you with more respect and with whom you get along better.

At the end of the day you aren’t a slave goblin à la Dobby who first has to find someone to give him socks to be free.

With this you NEVER have to hide from a dominant woman again

Okay, muchacho.

After this article, you should be more than aware that dominant women can be a tough nut to crack.

But if you can seduce them…

… you are able to win over almost any kind of woman (as long as you connect at least)

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