Dating Multiple Women: How to Do It Right & Avoid a Quarrel

Maybe you just came out of a long relationship, maybe you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, or maybe you just want to enjoy the bachelor lifestyle!

Point is, right now you would rather not commit to one lady.

You would rather date multiple women.

But then again, HOW do you handle this when your name isn’t Leonardo DiCaprio?

How can you date multiple women?

My friend, it is possible. Even for you.

In this article, I’ll give you my best tips on how to date multiple women at once.

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After reading the advice below, dating multiple women at the same time will become as easy for you as ordering multiple pizzas. Enjoy!

#1: The great danger of focusing on one woman

The biggest danger of dating just one woman is tunnel vision.

Because you only get female attention from one person, you are completely dependent on her.

No one else offers the same thing she does.

As a result, you become hopelessly addicted to her like a boomer to Scandinavian detective series.

The result?

You are overly available and she notices that she can have you whenever she wants and loses interest.

She breaks all contact and suddenly you have no one.


And completely avoidable.

After all, where does it go wrong?

The average man turns down fabulous women out of misplaced feelings for the one he’s dating, when they’re not even officially together!

Obviously, this doesn’t make sense.

This is why, as a bachelor, you always want to be multidating. Stay open to meeting other people, even if you have a VERY cute girl in mind.

This way, not only do you have a safety net if that one woman falls away, but this way you will act less available so she will try harder to gain your attention.

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#2: The major benefits of dating more than one person

I know what you’re thinking.

You’d like to date multiple women, but you’re running into some problems.

The biggest of which is probably the following:

How on earth can you openly date multiple women with her blessing?!

And is it wrong to date multiple women?

Well, let me explain.

Women intuitively find men more attractive when he is desired by other women. I’m not just pulling this out of my ass. This is evidenced by multiple scientific studies.

Their way of thinking is then as follows:

“Hmm, if other women want him, he undoubtedly has some appeal.”

Note: all of this takes place primarily in her subconscious mind. Thus, it is conceivable that she consciously chooses not to date a “womanizer,” even if she is attracted to you.

Aside from increasing your attractiveness, dating more than one woman has even more benefits.

  • The moment you have several women in your life, you are going to dare to be yourself much more. After all, you have enough options. Is one woman not interested in you? No problem. You have 3 other women who would like to be with you.
  • You’re going to better understand what you’re looking for. Most men don’t know what they want in a woman so they are basically fine with anything and thus never set a limit. As a result, they are treated as a doormat and end up losing the respect of their girlfriend or partner. Do you, on the other hand, have a good idea of what you want in a woman? Then you will be able to stand up for yourself much better and she will feel attracted to your strength.

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#3: How to date multiple women at the same

Maybe you’d like to date several women at once, but you’re afraid of coming across as a heartless player.


But dating several women doesn’t have to be the same as stringing women along.

At least, not if you are…


You can date multiple women and still face yourself in the mirror in the morning, purely by being open and honest with her from the start.

  • Be clear about the fact that you are not looking for a monogamous relationship right now.
  • Don’t act like her boyfriend. Because you’re not.

“But Dan, if I’m honest about the fact that I am seeing multiple women and she has issues with that, I might lose her.”

Yes, there is that chance.

But that’s a risk you have to take.

Does she not want to share you with someone else? Then respect her decision.

After all, you just don’t fit together right now.

How do you make sure she doesn’t start expecting more from you than you are willing to give?

By at least NOT:

  • Meeting her every day
  • Texting and calling all the time
  • Taking her on special dates/trips
  • Sharing super profound things about yourself
  • Meeting each other’s friends or family

Do you notice that, despite all these precautions, she STILL wants to be exclusive? I’ll tell you how to deal with that later in this article.

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#4: Never have contact with other women during the date

Okay, you are multidating several nice women.

While on a date with one of them, you suddenly see your phone light up.

It’s the woman you met with yesterday.

She sends you a juicy text.

Immediately you reach for your phone like a hungry hyena.

“Just let me respond to this one text.”


Do NOT do this.

It is simply disrespectful to the woman you are currently dating.

Are you dating multiple women? Then give each woman 100% of your attention when you are with her.

You may hand in your phone to teacher Dan, you will get it back after class.

By the way, can’t you keep your attention during the date? Then you should find someone with whom you do have a good connection.

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#5: Do this if she wants to become exclusive

It may happen that she gets feelings for you and wants to become exclusive.

If you share this feeling, the solution is simple and you can start thinking about an exclusive relationship.

However, you may already be breaking out in a sweat just hearing the word “monogamous”.

What do you do then?

Make your intentions absolutely clear to her.

For example, say something along the lines of:

“Listen, I really think you are a beautiful, smart and funny woman. And when we are together I have a great time! But at this point in my life I’m just not ready to date one woman.

I understand that this may be something different from what you need at this time. But in that case, I think it would be better if we go our separate ways. Of course, I would really hate that and it would affect me deeply. But I do want to be honest with you and I want what is best for both of us at this time.”

Is it easy to let her go?


But this is the fairest thing for both of you. Don’t wait too long with this. You’ll only make it harder.

If you want to keep multidating, you can’t do it without leading her on.

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#6: Make plenty of time for her

After dating more than one person for a while, she may feel less special or even neglected.

Maybe you take her for granted now, because in addition you are dating other nice women.

As a result, the moments you spend with her become less captivating and then you act like an inconsiderate prick.

The result?

She leaves you and you break down inside because you only now realize how much you liked her.

That’s a painful lesson of multidating women.

How do you prevent all of this?

Make her feel like she is SPECIAL. Even if you don’t have an exclusive relationship, you want her to have a good time when she’s with you.

You may not be boyfriend & girlfriend, but the idea is that you are better with each other than without. Why else would you date?

What can you do to keep it fun?

  • Make enough time for her
  • Do something special together: go to Artis, drive to the beach, enjoy a walk in the woods.
  • Book a weekend away in the Ardennes

“That’s starting to look an awful lot like a relationship, Dan!”

Hmm, maybe.

I also advise against special dating activities if you are just starting to date her.

After all, actions speak louder than words.

On the other hand, have you been dating for a while? Then it’s undoubtedly clear to her that you have no intention of starting an exclusive relationship with her.

Such a special trip won’t easily cause confusion about each other’s intentions.

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#7: Is dating several women a good idea for you?

Friday night a date with Katrien. Saturday night Anna. And ending the week with a day at the beach with Puck.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Alas: dating multiple women at the same time is often too good to be true.

I’ve seen many men go for this.

And it always starts out well. When they first date several women at once, they are as happy as a bargain hunter on Black Friday.


But after a while, the euphoria ebbs away and gives way to annoyance.

After all, dating multiple women is consuming a lot more time than they thought it would.

Now they have less time for friends, sports and other hobbies.

Plus, for some, the stress of maintaining all those relationships is simply too much.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying that dating multiple women is ALWAYS a bad idea.

But for the average guy, this simply isn’t the best dating strategy.

And that’s totally fine!

After all, dating multiple women has nothing to do with your masculinity. It doesn’t make you more or less of a man.

So what do you do when you find that you can’t handle the stress of multiple women in your life?


Stick to dating one woman.

BUUUUUUT, don’t make the mistake of dating one woman at a time.

  • Keep your options open in the beginning and date all the nice women that cross your path
  • Let women go the moment you notice that they are not relationship material
  • Focus on the women who are right for you.

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#8: What to do when you want to get more serious with one woman?

You’ve been dating several women for a while now and suddenly it happens to you.

There’s one girl you just can’t get out of your head.

Damn it, you’ve fallen in love!

First of all, congratulations. There is no better high than love.

But also beware!

After all, men who are in love often make a horrible mistake that scares their love away:

They are moving way too fast.

When you’re in love, your brain produces dopamine like a motherf*cker and that’s why you get completely hooked on this lady.

Because of this, you would rather be with her every moment of the day.

This clingy mess of course scares the hell out of her.

Do you want to keep her with you and live happily ever after?

Then keep your distance too!

This may sound a bit twofold, but I can explain it to you.

Love works a bit like a broken bone. Are all your bones in one piece? Then you don’t care about any of your bones. But does one break? Then you want nothing more than for it to be well again and healed.

In the same way, she can only desire you and fall in love with you when you are away from her.

So don’t start bombarding her with attention, love and romantic gestures.

Slowly do more intimate things with her (like meeting up during the day and sharing personal things) and see for yourself how she starts to like you more.

Dating multiple women may seem like an impossible prospect.

But believe me: this is also VERY possible for you.

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Happy dating!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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