Dating Rules for Men: The Ultimate 2020 Guide

There are some governing rules for dating.

Rules, if followed, will net you more success in your love life.

However these rules are unwritten, and for most men UNKNOWN.

Time to start playing the game by the rules and get you in the MLG of dating.

Today you get:

  • 5 Dating rules for men to make your dates unforgettable
  • How to have a successful date BEFORE it has even begun
  • How to erase boring conversation topics during your date
  • What the Dalai Lama has to do with unique dates
  • An effective friendzone killer with which you create strong sexual attraction
  • Why most men, even after a successful date, lose all respect of their chosen one – and how you can PREVENT this
  • More about the dating rules…

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Make it easy, follow the rules

You waddle home with a huge grin on your face. Five minutes ago, you said goodbye to her.

The most wonderful woman you’ve ever met.

You meet in a fancy restaurant and jeez…

…she looks just gorgeous:

She wears a cute skirt that accentuated her endless athletic legs and an elegant shoulder-revealing sweater.

F*ck, she really dressed up for you.

Every time your eyes cross, a gigantic tingling in your stomach comes over you.

Like you swallowed a thousand butterflies.

Arrived at your apartment, you fall asleep with this overwhelming feeling.

You even dream of eloping with her, marrying her, giving birth to 27 adorable little rascals, and living in a lake house for the rest of your lives.

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Next morning

You can’t wait to turn your dream into reality and take the next step towards your vision.

So, what do you do?

You write to her to ask her out on the next date.

She seems to be online, and even the checkmarks at WhatsApp have turned blue.

But somehow she just doesn’t reply…

A few hours pass before the long-awaited answer comes.

Yesterday was really nice for you. But I don’t think it’s going to work out between us – sorry.




A huge wave of self-doubt floods your brain:

  • ‘Where the hell did I screw up?’
  • ‘Am I not good enough for her?’
  • ‘Why is she doing this to me?’

Whoa – hold your horses, Bro.

Let’s rewind your date in front of our mind’s eye.

Let’s look at the mistakes you might have made.

Behind each point, you can think of an imaginary ‘like 90% of men’:

  • You took her out to a restaurant
  • You sat facing each other
  • When you weren’t chewing on a slice of pizza, you only talked to her about superficial topics like hobbies, work, and friends
  • You barely got physically closer during the entire date
  • You said goodbye to her with a cautious hug

In summary, you probably made the following crucial mistake:

You played it safe.

By not taking any risks during the date, you lost ANY chances for a second date.

Which ‘risks’ do I mean and why are they so essential for your date, I’ll show you in this article:

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Why dating rules help you to boost your success with women MASSIVELY

I agree with my homey Tenzin.

Especially if you are more disorientated in your interactions with women than a magnet-less compass, they are indispensable:

Dating rules.

“But, Dan, doesn’t the flow of your date suffer from incorporating strict rules of dating?”

Good hint, bro.

As with all new things which we Homo Sapiens try out, we feel a little insecure at first.

Think about your first driving lesson.

If you are not a born Michael Schumacher or Nikki Lauda, you probably had some trouble ‘taming’ the car at first.

The first hour you had to get used to steering. In the second one to gear shifting. In the third one, you might already practice both on a remote street – until you could finally participate in regular traffic.

You’ll need this ‘habituation time’ probably with my 5 golden rules as well.

However, after a few dates, they’ll be anchored in your brain, so you subconsciously stick to them – without even having to think about them.

When you’re ready, you can play with them and no longer have to see them as ultimatums.

When driving a car, you probably know by now, when to shift gears according to your gut feeling without having to constantly look at the speedometer, right?

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So, sit up straight and open your mind – here they come:

Dating rule #1: Squeaky clean

“We looked at each other deeply in the eyes. Slowly he came closer to me.

I was overcame by a rotten fecal-odor… he hadn’t brushed his teeth.

I couldn’t help but make out with him wildly. Oh, my gosh, I got all wet.’

Although that might sound obvious to you:

Personal hygiene is essential for the success of your date.

It will never be the reason why she hops into bed with you.

However, it may be the reason why she DOESN’T hop into bed with you.

Even if you are a ‘master of seduction’…

I remember a beautiful woman who pushed me to my limits for one minimal thing.

Larissa was her name.

I met her through Tinder.

Enthusiastic volleyball player, slim athletic figure with voluptuous breasts, wavy dark hair, and ocean blue eyes.

In her pictures, she looked hotter than a chili. After some back and forth discussions, we closed the deal.

We agreed to go out on a date.

We met in a nearby park and holy mother, Mary…

She looked even spicier in real life.

She wore a stylish turtleneck, skin-tight jeans that accentuated her trained buttocks and high heels with open toes.

But one thing destroyed my euphoria right at the beginning of our welcome hug:

Her bad breath was worse than my great uncle Sam’s tennis socks after a morning jog.

There’s no question; she looked enchanting.

But her mouth minimized my attraction for her to zero.

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The gum was my friend and helper here.

Since I wanted to take one out of my pocket anyway, I offered her a strip – and luckily, it didn’t take long till she chewed it.

Two hours later, we found ourselves in her bed.

I swear to you on the flying spaghetti monster’s meatballs, bro:

If I hadn’t brought that gum, the date would NEVER have ended this way.

And all because her bad breath was so unattractive.

The same goes for you.

If there’s one thing you can control 100%, it is your hygiene BEFORE a date:

  • Wipe your hoppers
  • Don’t wear worn-out, sandy shoes
  • Avoid a grubby clothing style (by the way, here you can find a detailed styling guide I wrote to you)
  • Shower thoroughly
  • Take care your health to always appear healthy and full of life (eat a balanced diet that makes your skin glow; be well-rested; generally do something for your body and go to the gym, for example; don’t smoke too much)
  • Trim your beard and go to the barber regularly

In the end, a self-confident posture, good eye contact, and conversation techniques ensures an excellent demeanor.

So, make sure you take care of it.

Dating rule #2: Transform your date into an adventure

There are two fundamental mistakes that countless men make when it comes to planning their dates.

They choose the most unsuitable places!

Today I mark the date ideas ‘restaurant’ and ‘cinema’ as the most pathetic first date ideas the world has ever seen.


Because, though in them you can do everything else except get to know each other.

In the restaurant, you are rather busy cutting your schnitzel into bite-sized pieces.

And in the cinema, you can only communicate in Klingon sign language or via the slightest whisper…

Next mistake:

They stick to one location!

Do you have a date in a café?

Nice idea.

But if you decide to spend three more hours with her there, only one thing will happen:

Your date will run out of the air faster than Jack Black at a marathon.

Above all, however, this DOESN’T make it memorable.

Instead of giving your ‘date soup’ that lacks certain spices and not to sink into the miserable pond of mediocrity, I recommend you to do the following:

Transform your data into an adventure.

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By grabbing groundbreaking date ideas from these articles:

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Change venues during your date.

For example, you can first have sex on the beach in a bar, then go for a walk in the city and finally check the drinks’ menu of the next bar you see.

By spending your evening in different places, you will bring a unique energy to your date.

Dating rule #3: Always open up to her first

What is your biggest passion?”

I like city trips – what about yours?”

I like petting guinea pigs.”

What do you like so much about it?”

They’re so fluffy.”

“Is that the only reason why you’re so enthusiastic about doing that?”

I got one guinea pig for my sixth birthday, and I’ve ever been in love with them ever since.”

Stop, stop, stop.

Pulling everything out of her nose all the time can make her quickly become extremely tiring and exhausting.

What do you mean, you don’t think:

How could our bro have spared himself his dozens of follow-up questions?

Absolutely right.

By opening up to her first.

Yes, he gives her an honest answer about his passion…

However, it’s shorter than the list of English speaking dating coaches who actually give you practical tips.

Let me give you an example of how he could have formulated his answer instead:

“I have a burning passion for road trips.

I remember exactly how my father took me with him in his truck for the first time when I was 10 years old. He had to make a delivery to Toronto, and afterward, he had a few days off, so we could explore the city.

Even though Toronto wasn’t too far away, my world view had changed. The food was fantastic, the city was beautiful and everybody I met was friendly.

For example, we met a Swede in a restaurant who took us on a boat trip with his wife and sons. From that day on, I knew that I wanted more of these trips.

Since then, I’ve been a real road trip fanatic.”

If we compare his original answer with this example, we can certainly agree that this example is much better.


Because unlike the short answer, it contains a crucial secret ingredient that makes your date open up to you.

Without you having to throw 300 questions after her to get to know her better.

Which secret ingredient I’m talking about?


In my example, our compañero tells you ENTHUSIASTICALLY about his motivation for his passion.

He gives you an answer WHY he does it and even tells you a particular event that led to WHY he’s burning for it today.

By opening yourself to your chosen one in this depth, you unconsciously give her permission to open herself to you as well.

You’ve probably experienced this effect in a school interview.

The first one mentions his name, age, favorite Teletubbie, and hobbies, while each following classmate gives his answers about these categories.

Would you like to have more fantastic get-to-know questions in your repertoire?

Then check out this article I wrote for you:

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Dating rule #4: Always take the lead

It’s been 10 minutes…

…but there’s just no end in sight.

Your date is currently babbling and bubbling about the life story of her deceased pet and earthworm called Jerry.

“How the f*ck is this conversation ever going to get sexual?”

So, what should you do?

The solution is easier than you might think.

You take the scepter of your conversation in your hand and talk about a topic that involves you BOTH.

The principle here is:

Lead hard.

By directing the conversation playfully, you sub communicate the following to your señorita:

You don’t put up with everything – you have your own boundaries to which you adhere.

Don’t you like the bar you’re sitting in? Then suggest an alternative to your date.

Is the subject she is talking about bores you to death? Then switch the topic.

By the way, in this article, I will show you how to do this step by step:

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Dating rule #5: Kiss her on the first date

Yeah, you heard me right, bro.

Kiss her on the first date.

Try it, at least.


Because by doing so, you make her understand that you aren’t meeting her to become her next gay best friend.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you should just swoop down on her uncalibrated like a zombie from The Walking Dead.


You SLOWLY take all the steps that will prepare her for a kiss with you.

You do that by being more physical with her progressively. In the beginning, you touch her shoulders when you talk to her.

Then you touch her back and, in the next step, take her hand.

At first, everything happens in an innocent away, but then it becomes more and more sexual.


Make sure that she feels comfortable with your touch.

Everyone has their ‘personal space,’ space where you only let people you like into. The closer you can get to a person, the more they are attracted to you, and the more they feel comfortable with you…

Your eye contact with her should become stronger; the closer you get to her lips.

Does she give you a bidding look?

  • Then you know she’s ready to kiss you.

Another indicator of her sexual affection for you is when her pupils dilate.

By the way, a good way to kiss her is when you’re out for a walk.

Because you are in motion and not sitting rigidly opposite each other like solid candles, it’s easier to touch each other.

Just take her hand and check her hand pressure.

Is it firm?

Press a little harder and see if she returns it.

  • She gives you green lights?

Then stop abruptly after a short while.

Step before her and look deep into her eyes.

At that moment you can kiss her perfectly.

This isn’t only super masculine, but also resembles a Hollywood scene that countless women dream of.

Remember how one of the mistakes we made was sitting across from your date?

The main reason for this is that you can hardly get closer to her.

Sit next to each other instead.

So, you can even hold her hand and initiate the kiss the way I described it to you.

By the way, you will get more phenomenal tips on how to kiss her, with which you in this article:

>> 7 Kissing Tips and Techniques to Become an Amazing Kisser

What’s next?

So, bro.

You now have gotten the 5 golden dating rules to increase the success rate of your dates.

As my great-grandmother used to say:

“Practice makes perfect.”

Your male intuition will soon be sharper than a samurai sword as long as you follow the rules.

But even if you stick to the golden rules, her entire attraction for you can vanish into through needy texting after your date…

…unless you know how to transfer the attraction to your messages…

Maybe she started to look at you with big Bambi eyes when you met her, which couldn’t get enough of you.

Maybe your conversation even went so great that you kissed.

However, if your messages afterward seem needy, cringy, or emotionless, she will lose all attraction and maybe even her respect for you.

To spare you this pain, I’d like to bless you with a free Kit which includes tips, examples and dating rules for texting:

My Transformation Kit

Have fun taking your dates to the next level!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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