From Dating to Relationship: 5 Natural Steps to Make Her Yours

Dating to relationship

At the moment there’s this gorgeous girl in your life who stands out from the mass of your acquaintances.


  • Have the same jet-black sense of humor
  • Share the same enthusiasm for collecting stamps
  • And she’s a passionate rodeo rider

Yeeeeha, cowboy!

You think she’s phenomenal.

Maybe you’ve already had a fabulous first date or even passionate sex.

Which in both cases reinforces a crucial thought about her in your skull:

“This lady has tremendous girlfriend potential.”

But even if you’re quite sure about this, your euphoric thought is overshadowed by countless self-doubts:

  • How the fu*k do I even make her my girlfriend?’
  • How do I know she’s ready for a relationship with me?’
  • What if she rejects me?’



To knock this self-doubt out of your head, I show you today:

  • From dating to relationship: How you can stand out from 99% of men on your dates
  • What Jean-Claud Van Damme’s splitting skills have to do with an incomparable connection to your lady
  • How long do you date before being in a relationship?”: 2 time and nerve saving hacks that help you to find our if your chosen one really matches you
  • Why amazing sex is inevitable for creating a strong connection and how you can become a true sex god
  • How you make your lady your girlfriend without risking a rejection
  • And many more tips on how to go from dating to relationship and how to define the relationship…

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From dating to serious relationship: 5 simple steps

Step #1: Take her out on original dates

Buckle up, muchacho.

Here’s a fact that’s going to blow your mind.



Boring dates are the unbeaten #1 reason why women don’t want to see you again.

But I’ll tell you something:

Nothing is easier than arranging more original dates than average Joe.

I know, I know…

It can blow your mind real quick…

But, think about it.

What do you think to which clichéd wannabe Hollywood inspired dates beautiful women are regularly invited?

That’s right.

Either they’re taken out to dinner in a fancy-schmancy restaurant or they go straight to the cinema.

While the purpose of a date should be the following:

  • Sharing a memorable moment together
  • Getting to know each other
  • Getting closer to each other – as long as the chemistry is right

Let’s play Sherlock Holmes and check the two mentioned cliché dates to see how they fulfill the actual purpose of a date.

Restaurant visit:

  • Memorable moment potential: Admittedly, a visit to a 5-star deluxe restaurant, where the chefs perform a live break dance on the table while preparing an overwhelming crème brûlée for their guests, will high likely be memorable. However, I’m not sure, if you’re in the mood to take out a four-figure loan to finance this spectacle…
  • Getting to know each other potential: *smacks* ’Oh, really?’ *smacks* ’You’re passionate about playing… *smacks* ‘…recorder? – with half a pallet of meat in your mouth, it’s not easy to stay in a pleasant flow of conversation. You’re more busy cutting your food into bite-sized pieces than illuminating your inner beings deeply…
  • Potential for getting closer: You sit directly opposite to each other. Great, you can maintain intense eye contact with each other! And… *snap* …um… *scratches his head*… oh yeah: That’s it. You’re too far apart to touch each other more and more. Well, if you’re brave, you might be able to play a neat game of thumb wrestling with her. Well, if there’s no sexual tension… Okay, I hope you realize I’m being highly ironic. As you can see, facing each other is more of a cockblocker to you.

I’m firmly convinced that you agree with me when I say

The restaurant rendezvous fails our ‘original date’ test easily.

What about a visit to the cinema, on the other hand?

  • Memorable moment potential: You’re sitting in a dark room in which a film is projected onto the wall. Doesn’t sound very innovative, does it? That’s because it’s NOT.
  • Getting to know each other potential: A little loud here to talk. What? You’re fluent in sign language? Well, too bad. I guess it’s too dark for that… You might could whisper – if only your neighbors wouldn’t complain to you all the time…
  • Potential for getting closer: If verbal communication is already lacking, you can try non-verbal communication. Can’t you? Well, shit. The movie theater is packed and you’re sitting in the middle of dozens of people. You’ll probably have to settle for a yawner and a poorly executed side hug around her back… Anything else would only put pressure on your lady. After all, you’re not just among yourselves.

This date idea doesn’t seem to be ‘Oscar-worthy’ either, does it?¶¶

With these two rendezvous you won’t stand out from average Joe… ever.

You remain for your lady another grain of sand in the dunes of the Sahara.

On the other hand, if you take her on unforgettable dates, you can create an overwhelming feeling of longing for you in her delicate mind.

“I see, Dan. But how do I create them?”

Don’t worry, amigo.

I’ve already written some articles in which I show you exactly how to arrange memorable rendezvous with your sexy señorita.

Read through them to never be perceived as just another blatant dude:

>> Top 10 Creatively Unique Date Ideas To Make Her Say ‘I Love You

>> 10 Romantic Date Ideas to Make Him/Her Melt For You

>> What to Text After a First Date – Two Proven Text Formats

Step #2: Create a powerful bond

“What do you do in your spare time?”

“I like to write.”

“Ah cool… and what about?”

All kinds of things. But mostly fantasy.”

“Interesting. How long you been doing this?”

Since I was 12.”


And what do you like?”

I like playing the harmonica.”

Wh-what? Is anything wrong?

Oh, excuse me.

I just went into a coma-like trance out of boredom.

But, as shocking as it may sound to you, 95% of all date conversations are frighteningly similar.

Countless aimless men…

The result?

Their conversation lack one essential thing:


“And what’s so fatal about that, Dan?”

Excellent question.

Grab a waterproof marker, bro, and be sure to remember these two facts:

  1. Without depth, there can’t be any connection between you and your ma’am
  2. You NEVER really get to know your potential girlfriend through superficial conversations

Let me give you a simple example of what I mean by that.

Imagine interviewing two people.

Person A and person B.

The question you both ask is identical:

What’s your biggest hobby?’

Their answers, however, go further apart than the feet of Jean-Claude Van Damme during one of his infamous splits…

Person A: “I like driving boats.”

Person B: “On my 8th birthday my grandfather took me to the beach. He had arranged a boat trip for us.

We drifted into the vastness of the ocean.

All around us:

A view of never ending waves, above us a crystal clear sky and a light breeze kissing our skin.

Even though I might not have been able to describe it back then, it was the first time I felt an overwhelming feeling of freedom.

I still remember how my grandfather wrapped his arm around me and pointed to the silhouette of an island.

‘See that tiny in the distance? That, my boy… are the Bahama Islands.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. My veins were filled with the spirit of adventure.

From that day on, I knew for sure:

When I grow up, I want to be able to steer a boat and discover the world.

And… a little over a decade later, I actually got my boat driving license. Since then, I’ve pursued my tremendous passion for getting out to sea in my spare time.”

And muchacho- which answer do you like better?

Person A’s?

Certainly not.

On the other hand, what makes person B’s answer so outstanding?

As I explained to you earlier, ‘depth’ is THE secret ingredient to take the bond to your date to the next level.

Person B is anything but superficial when explaining his hobby.

He explains to you his MOTIVATION and the reasons for his favorite hobby.

Even if you’re not interested in boating or even suffer from hydrophobia (a fear of water) and don’t even want to drift around at sea in your worst nightmares, you can’t help, but:

Relate to his story.

‘Freedom.’ ‘Adventure.’ The need to ‘discover the world’.

You can RETURN the described feelings of the person based on their pictorial narrative style.

You even find out something about his family:

For example, he has a good relationship with his grandfather.

“Sounds good, Dan. But what do I do if she doesn’t answer my questions that detailed?”

First and foremost, there’s a simple principle to avoid having to ask hundreds of follow-up questions.

It goes like this:

Go first.

Think back to your first day of school.

The first little compañero introduced himself with his name, mentioned where he lives, his favorite Teletubbie and hobbies.

What do ALL the following children do in the round?

They follow the pattern of boy #1.

“My name is Hanna, I’m from Miami, Po is my favorite Teletubby and I love catching butterflies…”

So, when you go on a date, start by telling your story first.

This way you give your lady permission to open up to you as well and create a strong sense of connection.

After all, you’re probably the FIRST MAN to whom she’s so vulnerable with her personal motives from date #1 on.

You would like to know in which way you can further intensify your sense of connection?

No problemo.

I’m going to show you two powerful options.

  1. Through original getting-to-know-you questions that help you find out even her darkest secrets lightheartedly

Check out this article I wrote for you for this:

>> 145+ Must Have Date Questions to Vibe Deep into the Night

  1. Through masculine conversation techniques that captivates her

After reading this article, it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to have boring conversations:

>> What Should I Say to a Girl – 17 Best ‘Tricks’ to Spark Awesome Conversations

Step #3: Is she REALLY the one for you?

You know him.

That one guy in your circle of friends or acquaintances who has jumped into a relationship with the next best girl, even though she’s a clear mismatch for him.

He loves to picnic on the beach. She gets the urge to gag just from hearing the word ‘romance.’

He has a weakness for fitness. She wouldn’t even dream of doing a sit-up.

For him there’s nothing better than a party night with his friends. She prefers to go to bed early.


The fact that these two have completely different values, which don’t even show a hint of overlapping, means that they’re in conflict 24/7.

However, because they don’t want to go on a new search for a partner, they stay together half-heartedly…

… until the wedding bells ring and four little rug rats are born, which in the end are the only reason why the couple stays together.


How about you, amigo – would YOU like to have such a life?

Probably not.

And to spare you such a dilemma in the first place, I suggest you do the following:

Check whether your beloved one really has girlfriend qualities for you.

You achieve this through two crucial things:

Numero uno: By making a list of traits that you want your potential Mrs. Right to have.

In it, you write down exactly which values you cultivate and which character traits your ‘dream woman’ must have.

Especially if you’re in love with a chica, it can be very difficult for you to separate if she really matches you…

In this moment you just take out your list, which you have already completed in a ‘sober’ state.

So, you can quickly see whether she fits your values and boundaries or not.

As an inspiration, let me give you some examples:

  • Respect and tolerance towards my fellow human beings is immensely important to me (=values she should share with you)
  • She should be humorous and determined (= fundamental character traits that you expect from your potential partner)
  • A big bonus is if she’s also passionate about art (= more specific bonus points that she doesn’t have to bring, but would make her an even better match for you)

Numero dos: By discovering what makes a high-class, confident woman.

For this I have ‘coincidentally’ already written you an article:

>> 5 Signs She is ‘The One’: This Is How You Know For Sure

Step #4: Be her sex god

You’re firmly convinced:

She’s a keeper, a fantastic lady who is worth a relationship with you at all costs.

But even if the chemistry between you is right, you have unique dates, and after each encounter she longs to see you again…

If you’re a total loser in the bedroom, she will satisfy her sexual desires in the long run with another man.

A man who knows exactly how to satisfy her and bring her to intense orgasms.

Passionate sex plays a FUNDAMENTAL role in every non-asexual relationship.

Like step #1 (‘Take her out on original dates’) it’s surprisingly easy to stand out from average Joe.

There are 3 powerful things that make women weak that countless men underestimate:

  1. Dominance in bed
  2. Dirty/ Sexy Talk
  3. Knowing how to satisfy her properly

With a little practice AND the right tips EVERY man can become a true sex god.

“That sounds promising, Dan. At what point should I actually have sex with a woman if I want to have a relationship with her?”

Good question.

I’ll tell you:

As soon as possible.

In the ideal case at the first to fifth date.

As I have already indicated, if you wait too long to have sex, your lady will seek it elsewhere.

I know dozens of guys, even some who went dated one madam for four or even five months (!) until they slept together.

And this, while their chosen ones performed wild coitus with other men (which I cannot blame them for… after all this time hopelessly waiting for their hesitant lovers to make a move).

Step #5: Make her your girlfriend


You’ve had extraordinary dates and wild sex with your soul mate.

In most cases, she becomes proactive and asks you – for example after sex – what you two are and suggests a relationship.

But what do you do if she doesn’t take initiative?

Well, for this, I have two ways, how you can make her your girlfriend:

  1. The ‘play it safe’ method
  2. The ‘shameless badass‘ method

You’re not sure yet if she feels the same way like you?

Then the ‘play it safe’ method is just what you need.

After an emotional high, during an amazing date or after sex when she’s in your arms, you ask her:

“[Her name], how would it feel for you if I introduced you as my girlfriend from now on?”

She replies with an ‘OMG I’D LOVE IT!’?

Congratulations! You, sir, just got yourself a girlfriend.

If she reacts negatively, however, you haven’t really gotten a rejection.

After all, your question is a ‘thought game’.

In contrast, the ‘shameless badass’ method is anything but ‘hypothetical’.

You go out with your sweetheart. The best place to do so is a place where there are lots of people all around in a somewhat more sophisticated setting.

For this step, I will even allow you to go to a fancy restaurant.

You joke around and after some small talk you speak it out:

“Oh, by the way, you’re my girlfriend now.”

This is so incredibly masculine and self-confident that your lady can hardly help but give you an overwhelmed ‘Ohhh, okay!’ including a kiss of joy.

If she reacts negatively, you still have nothing to lose.

Quite the opposite, in fact:

Her respect for your direct attitude rises tremendously and you can follow up on another day.

However, I recommend this method for those cases where you’re sure that she reciprocates your feelings.

Dating to relationship – The final step

Great, muchacho.

Now you know the exact steps how go from dating to a serious relationship.

In all your euphoria, however, you shouldn’t fall into the trap that countless men blindly overlook as soon as they enter a relationship:

They stop seducing their chosen one from the day they changed their single statius.

The consequence:

She leaves them more quickly than the German national team got kicked out of the World Cup in 2018.

“Shit, Dan. How do I keep her attracted in our relationship?”


This wouldn’t be an AttractionGym article if I didn’t show you in surgical precision how to do this.

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