Want To Turn Her On? Try These 9 Dirty Talk Phrases and Tips

What you get in this article:

  • How dirty talk can backfire if used incorrectly
  • What women want to hear in bed
  • How you initiate dirty talk as a man with your partner
  • 9 Dirty talk tips for men that will make you wonder why you have ever been quiet in bed
  • The most important rule that ruins your sex talk if you don’t respect it
  • The 9 hottest and most exciting dirty talk quotes you can say to a woman

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Dirty talk for men is delicate

Today we are dealing with a hot topic. So if you’re oversensitive and close-minded…

… you’d better read another article on this page.

It may sound simple but, in practice, dirty talk is a deal-breaker!

If it’s bad, it is such a turn-off for a woman that she may feel like she is talking to her mother or is cutting vegetables. And you obviously don’t want that, right?

Many men are afraid of saying the wrong thing, and therefore they prefer to remain completely silent. This makes women feel insecure because they don’t know what you’re going to do and whether they’re doing well. The whole experience then turns into something strange so that they cannot surrender themselves to the pleasures of sex.

Or: Women lie underneath you showing no passion or emotion at all as if sleeping with you was something they just need to get over with… (sounds familiar?)

You can avoid all this with proper sex talk. Once you get used to saying dirty things to your partner and getting dirty answers in return, you will never want to be quiet in bed again.

The question “But what does a woman want to hear in bed?” is answered in detail in this article.

Here you’ll find the best dirty talk for men.

And not only that: Afterwards you will know precisely how to perfect your dirty talk so that you can make a woman hungry for sex with you.

I present:

The 9 most effective dirty talk for men

Tip #1: How to initiate sex talk for men

Suppose you have a new sexual partner with whom you have never exchanged indecent sentences in bed.

It is always better to start slowly with something that is new. Can you think of a scenario where it is better to go “all in” right at the beginning? No? Me neither!

Give yourself the opportunity to find out what makes her feel really hot and what doesn’t. That way you prevent it from being too overwhelming for her and thus scaring her off.

Otherwise, she will lock her dirty talk receiver and will no longer be receptive to further dirty statements.

Because it’s so crucial, I’ll repeat it again: You can avoid this problem by building up your dirty talk slowly and calmly.

This way you make it easier for yourself too, because it can often be scary to say things like:

“You are my bitch…”

Start with harmless sentences like “Look how wet you already are for me…” (one of my absolute favorites) and take baby steps towards sex talk extremes like “You’re my dirty whore and you deserve to be punished“.

Side note:

An excellent example of an ideal progression of your sex talk can be found at the end of this article.

Never make the mistake and think:

“I’ve used this phrase before and it worked well, so this time I’ll skip it and start with extreme statements right away.”

Even if you know that she is receptive to dirty talk, you should still start off gently and shouldn’t be too hasty, as the wise Treebeard would say.

Treebeard might have just unveiled the greatest dirty talk lesson for men.

Tip #2: Start by making noise

Are you as silent as a corpse or as animalistic as a Spartan?

It’s important to not be silent during sex. Even if you’re not talking, you should at least make noises.

Think about it: What is more exciting to you?

A woman who moans and screams when you fuck her, or a woman who is quiet like a doll.

Don’t be afraid to make passionate noises in bed.


  • Give her a quick moan with an “Oh, yeah…” when she gives you a blow job.
  • Moan the moment you enter her
  • Let her hear a simple “fuck…” when you take her from behind.
  • When you reach orgasm, show it through a bit of a scream.

You will discover that you will be doing all this automatically over time and that she will also moan more because this uninhibited behavior is highly contagious.

Ready for the next dirty talk tip for men?

Tip #3: The voice of a dirty talker

As soon as you feel comfortable making passionate noises, you should start with dirty talk.

Dirty talk for men starts with your tonality. It’s essential and should be deep and dominant, just think of Jason Statham as an example.

Your voice should sound free from any nervousness and uncertainty. You can reach this by doing the following:


THE F***


If you take your time, you will make less mistakes and every single word will have impact.

Once you have mastered the Art of Talking Dirty, you will be able to caress her with a controlled, invading stream of erotic language while you are penetrating her with everything you have to offer.

Tip #4: Keep Your Dirty Talk Short and Simple

You do not necessarily have to tell a complicated and detailed novel to excite your partner with words.

Too much blah-blah can cause your sex talk to be distracting rather than highly arousing. This will only get you the opposite of what you want.

Anything that can be said in less than ten words is good. Anything more than that will quickly be annoying.

Keep it short and simple. That’s how dirty talk quotes are best received.

But another grave aspect is timing.

Tip #5: The right timing for dirty talk

There is one thing that can decide whether you get a slap in the face or whether she devotes herself to you completely, and that is: TIMING.

I cannot stress enough how important the right timing is for dirty talk.

If a woman isn’t aroused at all, is in a state full of logical thoughts, and you think you have to call her “your dirty little bitch”, you will get a harder slap than Robin from Batman.

The best moment to say nasty things to her is when she’s highly aroused.

Ideally, while you’re having sex. Start with passionate foreplay: kissing, caressing, looking deep into each other’s eyes…

You shouldn’t skip this if you want to talk dirty to her.

Under perfect circumstances, she will be so full of pleasure that she is not able to give a logical answer.

There is no room for logic during breathtaking sex!

It is your job as a man to make her forget about reason and logic.

Once she does, the full power of dirty talk is unleashed.

Tip #6: Sex talk like you mean it

Dirty talk for men is delicate because a master of dirty talk is always honest when he says indecent things to his queen.

He stands by what he says and looks his partner straight in the eye.

The danger with dirty talk is that it seems inauthentic if you mumble and don’t look directly in her eyes.

If you don’t talk dirty with one hundred percent conviction, it’s not only useless but even counterproductive!

You can prevent this by looking in her eyes. This way you will seem more confident and sincere.

Tip #7: When you find something hot, SAY IT!

This is by far the most important tip for you manly dirty talkers



Women love it when you like something they do. They are also a bit insecure about how to excite you.

If you let her know when you find something hot, it can only be a win-win situation:

You help her to stimulate you and, at the same time, you are stimulated better. Genius!

If you now think:

“Thanks Dan, I’m almost afraid to ask… but do you have any dirty talk example lines?”

… then read on. Because now I will present to you 9 example sentences that you better not use unless you’re into extremely wet pussies and women biting their lips.

Tip #8: 9 Ready to use talking dirty ideas and quotes for men

In order to increase the user-friendliness, I have purposely written down the sentences in the order in which they can be used.

This could be in bed, on the phone, while texting…

… through all means of communication so to speak (when I was 16, I wrote indecent things to my neighbor with my Nintendo DS. At that time, I was as innocent as a newborn baby).

It can even be used for dirty talks for long distance relationships too.

How do you keep a long-distance relationship alive? Go through some tips for this

>> 7 Expert Rules Make Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship Easy

The structure is as follows: from “slightly indecent” to “extremely filthy and not G-rated”.

I won’t keep torturing you.

Here’s your dirty talk for men:

“Today I had to think about…”

At first, it sounds totally innocent, but don’t be fooled.

Just take a heated situation that you once experienced together. Example:

“Today I had to think about last night…”

This way you not only evoke the emotions she experienced at that time, but also give her enough space for her own fantasy.

By not mentioning anything specific, she can make her own association about what exactly you might mean.

This will stimulate her thoughts and imagination and as soon as you fuck with her head, her pussy is all yours.

“You moved so sexy. “

Say that to her after passionate intercourse.

What it so genius about this phrase is that it not only serves as a kind of verbal reward, but it also serves as the ultimate Anti-Starfish-Hack.

After all, many women are like a starfish in bed: they lie down, spread their legs and wait till it’s done.

It’s not only really unattractive, but also feels totally wrong.

With this sentence, she will remember that it is hot when she moves which will give her the confidence to do it again (and without you asking her). Smart, huh?

“Your body is so tight and sexy.”

Be aware that women are probably more insecure in bed than you are.

Sex is often associated with worries and doubt:

  • “I hope he’s careful.”
  • “I hope the pill works.”
  • “Do I look sexy like this? “

It’s your job as a man to take away her insecurities.

There is a foolproof way of doing this and that is: a sincere compliment.

Women love compliments; who doesn’t?

Women want to be sexy; who doesn’t?

Women are often insecure about their appearance; who isn’t?

By stressing that her body is sexy, you compliment her and help her to let go of her insecurity, which eventually leads to uninhibited sex.

“I want you.”

Short, clear and effective.

Pro tip:

If it is likely that you will have sex in the evening, whisper it to her during the day in public (for example when you are sitting in a restaurant).

This will keep the tension for the rest of the day so that she cannot wait for you to take her doggy-style…

“Look how wet you are.”

That’s my favorite sentence in bed.

There is no better and more honest compliment than a wet pussy.

Because it means that you did a lot of things right.

If you point out that she got wet because of you, she will become even more aware of how keen she is on you and will therefore become even wetter.

This creates so much sexual tension that it makes her drip from wetness.

“I’m so gonna…”

Say something like, “I’m so gonna…” and add what you’re gonna do to her.

Not only does this make her eagerly awaiting…

If you tell her that, even if she is very excited at that moment, she will still understand:

You lead. You set the tone. You’re a dominant man.

That is something every woman is secretly craving.

It’s the ultimate fulfillment when she can devote herself to a dominant man.

“That’s my pussy.”

Whenever you can, you should call her YOUR bitch or YOUR slut.

It has a threefold effect:

  • She feels more dominated by implying that you own her.
  • The guiding principle of being owned by you accentuates the emotion she feels.
  • She can let go of any insecurities she has about sex talk.

In fact, the guiding principle of being owned by you is so important that it should be a major part of your dirty talk.

When I say “to own her in bed” I for sure make some feminists furious, but when you think about it, it does her a favor:

You take all the responsibility, and she can let go and switch off the logical mind. Only when she does that she is able to experience incredible orgasms.

Tell her it’s your pussy and that you own it when you fuck her. If she disagrees, say, “Really? Can you tell me why she’s so fucking wet for me then?” and go harder…

“I’ve been thinking about fucking you all day today.”

Telling her how much you desire her is the most dominant compliment you can give.

Tell her you’ve been thinking about taking her doggy-style all day. That your dick gets hard just by thinking about being inside her…

Tell her all the things you’re gonna do to her. It makes women as excited about sex as little kids are about Santa Claus.

“You are a naughty girl”

The guiding principle that you are punishing her is pure gold.


This is only for advanced dirty talkers.

Say something like:

“You’re a naughty little girl. And naughty girls deserve to be punished…”

Afterward, you can either go harder, deeper and faster, or spank her ass.

This high level of dominance not only shows that you’re the man who can give her what she secretly desires but also cannot get from anyone else.

Tip #9: The most important dirty talk rule that men must respect

Now that you know how to become a master of dirty talk, there are two final things I want to clarify:

  1. Use all of this wisely. You are responsible for your own sex life.
  2. Always respect the most important dirty talk for men rule.

What do I mean by that?

Listen up!

Even though sex talk is a powerful tool to increase the fun in bed tenfold, your partner will still react negatively if it is the only thing you say in bed!

It is essential to combine dirty talk with emotional talk. The two go hand in hand.

Even better: they intensify each other.

Even after sex, it is important that you talk to her emotionally, hold her tight and tell her how much she means to you.

This will take away her fear that you no longer have any respect for her when she joins your dirty talk.

Alrighty, this article was especially fun.


How to bring it all together

Dirty talk for men is great to have. But let’s be honest.

There are a lot more aspects that come into play when courting a woman.

You can’t walk straight up to someone and start dirty talking. Unless you want a bag in your face.

Flirting, seducing, connecting… They’re all crucial in meeting women.

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May you do well!

Your bro,
Dan de Ram


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