Yes, Women Like Muscles in Men (But Not In The Way You Think)

It’s not unusual for men to ask me:

  • “Do looks matter?”
  • “Are muscles important to women? Do girls like skinny guys?”
  • “What makes a man attractive physically?”
  • “Aren’t inner values more important?”
  • “What do women find attractive in men?”

Let me assure you: Your appearance doesn’t matter. In the end, it’s all about your inner values.

Just kidding.

Of course, your looks are important to women. What did you think?

However, many men (and women) think that it’s ONLY about appearance.

They believe that they have no chance with women if they have too much on their ribs or are so thin that they have to be careful not to slip through the toilet seat.

“In the end, women only care about looks,” they say and abuse one of their jacked buddies who is successful with women as proof of this.

Then they name a few muscular Hollywood stars, and then look at me thinking they won the argument. Every man who has a more attractive body and gets a lot of women is all the science they need.

On the other hand, there are “dating coaches” – I won’t call anyone out today – who actually want to make others believe that looks don’t matter at all. They also try to make their theory appear credible by showing examples of fat and ugly men holding hands with a model.

The truth is:

Both are right and both are wrong.

That’s why you get today:

  • The truth whether women like muscular men
  • How much muscles you truly need to have the most attractive body shape
  • What having muscles actually communicates
  • A simple training plan to brew the muscles that make women wet
  • A bonus to truly seduce the ladies
  • More if muscles are important…

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How important are muscles for women really?

I love rice.

Put a bowl of rice on my table every day and I won’t complain.

It is probably the only food I could eat every day.

Pizza twice a day for a year? No, thanks!

I’ve cooked rice in an ordinary pot all my life… until I got myself a rice cooker.

It made the cooking process more efficient. Now I can just pour the white gold in, add water and after 20 minutes I can enjoy my lunch.

No stirring, no undercooked rice, and none of that annoying layer which you have to scrape from the bottom of your pot with great effort.

You’re probably wondering what all this has to do with women.

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Muscles are as important to women as a rice cooker is to me.

It’s nice when a man has strong muscles. Women enjoy the snack.

But it’s merely a great bonus.

It may take a little longer to get the rice to boil and it requires a little more effort, but it is just as possible without rice cooker.

In other words:

Muscles help but do not guarantee success.

My body transformation

(To all the perverts: no, I won’t put half-naked pictures of me on the internet.)

I started with bodybuilding. My body has adapted: V-shape, low body fat, broad, round shoulders, six-pack.

Success with the ladies?

Nope. I never had a girlfriend at that time, and I was a virgin.

I then did pretty much nothing for years (mainly because I was too busy rescuing men from the Friend Zone and eternal virginity).

My body adapted: The shoulders became narrower, the biceps became smaller, I lost my V-shape and my sick-pack.

Success with the ladies?

Ehm. I’ll be humble and say I had my experiences.

Two years ago I started to get back into shape. Now I am just a very normal somewhat fit looking dude.

Success with the ladies?

Let’s just say I have management problems.

Paradoxically, I am finally happy with my body. I feel self-confident and comfortable in my skin. Although, I have less muscle mass than I used to.

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So I can’t complain.

I really hope that you will see my experience as permission to finally be satisfied with your body, no matter what it looks like right now.

Satisfaction does not mean that you do not try to improve it nevertheless.

Meet your body with acceptance, not only because you develop a killer self-confidence with which you can get women despite your mediocre body…

… do it mainly FOR YOU.

Imagine not having a single negative thought about your body. How much more love for life would radiate from you? How much better would your mood be? How much happier would you be?

Would you rather surround yourself with dissatisfied people who do not feel comfortable in their skin?

Or with people who stand by their body, accept it as it is, and take the necessary steps to improve it at the same time?

Lead as an example.

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Why women like muscles

The process of sexual arousal is more complicated for women than for us men.

We see breasts and get excited.

Damn, once I looked through the window of my hotel room and saw a woman taking a shower in the other building. I could only see her silhouette through the curtains.

She could have been as ugly as the night, and yet my blood was pumped more intensely into a certain region…

It works differently with women.

Whether they find a man attractive, depends on his behavior.

Women like strength. They want to feel that the man can protect them.

Since times have changed, we live under peaceful and non-violent conditions (for the most part…), physical strength has become less important.

The greatest threats today are of a psychological nature.

The reason why women are still into muscle is:

Muscles demonstrate psychological strength.

Gaining muscle mass requires discipline, motivation, and willpower.

These are three characteristics women are impressed by enormously.

And that brings us straight to the next point…

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What are women attracted to (physically)?

Look at this body:

Now compare it to this one:

Which one do you think is more appealing to women?

If you can’t answer this question faster than “1 + 1 = ?”, it means that women are stranger to you than aliens.

Of course it is a matter of taste, but I can assure you that 99.9% of the women in our solar system find the second picture more attractive.

But why is that? Couldn’t Jay Cutler (picture 1) protect a woman better than the man in picture 2?

I wouldn’t be too sure of that.

The former Mr. Olympia looks like he can’t bring his arms together enough to fend off a blow (and I actually doubt that he can).

I don’t even think he would have time to protect a woman because he is constantly in the gym and drinking protein shakes to maintain this muscle mass.

It is also no secret that bodybuilders perform miserably in other sports disciplines.

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Do you think strong muscular men would win in a street fight?

Well, they definitely have an advantage because of their mass, but it is not uncommon for slim men to win against a mountain of meat in a fight.

The question “Are women into muscle?“, you can answer with a “YES” when you add:

“Women are into muscular guys as long as it increases his chances of protecting her.”

How to be more attractive to women

Okay, now it’s time to meet you with some tough love.

There are plenty of readers who read every single one of my articles for entertainment reasons, even if they don’t feel addressed at all.

However, the majority actively googled “Do women like muscles?” or something similar, and clicked on this article.

I’m going to assume you did this because you are either

  • Overweight
  • Underweight
  • Or you’re muscular, but you’re not successful with women, and you wonder if it’s your body’s fault…

No matter which of these groups you associate with, if you really want to be, you should not ask yourself this question.

You should want to have a muscular body, whether women are into that or not.


Because physical exercises make you stronger, more confident, healthier, and more balanced.

Who cares if women fall for it… These are damn useful benefits!

When I started with fitness, my main motivation was to get more popular with women. Most men make the same mistake.

But think about what this says about you and your self-esteem…

Train your body, but do it for YOU.

As long as you keep this in mind, you have my official permission to get the hottest body in the universe.

Now you’ll find out how to get there.

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The best training for an attractive body

This study shows that women find a low body fat percentage attractive.

It doesn’t have to be very low. It is enough for the abdominal muscles to come out slightly to make women drool when they see you without your shirt.

There are the most different dietary forms. When it comes to fitness, I like to keep it as simple as possible.

If you eat less and shove only the good stuff down your throat, that will be enough for most guys to lose weight.

If not, I have also achieved good results with Low-Carb or Intermittent Fasting.

The next step is to include the right exercises in your training plan.

Don’t just work out your chest, biceps, and abs!

An attractive body is proportional. I have received a lot of compliments from women for my holistic training.

The easiest way to achieve this is through whole-body exercises.

These are exercises that should be included in every training plan:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench Press
  • Pull-ups

When I am under time pressure, I just do these exercises.

I sometimes look around before I leave the gym and I constantly see young men who have been doing 6 different chest exercises for a year without making any real progress.

I have to admit that it almost makes me laugh.

If you are wondering how many repetitions you should do, there is a golden fitness basic rule:

Hard training, hard muscles; soft training, soft muscles.

So if you only train endurance, you won’t get that “muscles of steel” look that women find so hot.

I recommend training in the maximum strength to hypertrophy range (maximum 8 repetitions).

Here it is especially important that you do the exercises properly, so it is a good idea to have someone to look over your technique.

Most important of all: No excuses!

What is even more important than a good body

There are many desperate men with a body like a Greek god who have to watch a dude with a light beer belly seduce the woman they are in love with.


How you talk to women is much more important than how low your body fat is.

It is easy to seduce a woman without a six-pack if you are experienced, go out regularly, and practice.

But it is impossible to seduce a woman if your social skills are not sufficient, even if you have a six-pack that is majestic even in low light.

So type in your email address in the box below this article, before you go to the gym. Then, I’ll send you 20+ sentences right away and free of charge to drive women crazy.

It’s never been easier to seduce women without muscles.

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