Does She Love Me? Test It With ONLY 9 Surefire Signs

does she love me

Many men wish they could read women’s minds like Mel Gibson does in the movie “What Women Want”.

Then women would finally be transparent. You could see what goes on in their heads, what they think, what they feel…

I have to admit that this ability would be damn useful, but unfortunately, it’s impossible.

If every man had this gift, I would be unemployed, because I am constantly asked what women mean by certain statements.

Men want to understand women, especially when they send out mixed signals.

Well, I’m not bald and in a wheelchair. I’m not Professor X, so I can’t tell you exactly what she thinks.

But I can give you a crash course in female psychology. Which is even more useful.

That’s why today you will get:

  • The ultimate does she love me test. Be certain with 9 signs
  • How you find out how much you mean to her
  • Why she sometimes does unattractive things when she is in love with you
  • What to do if you can’t detect any of these signs
  • Whether or not she really loves you, or if she’s just being nice
  • And much more…

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Look for female behavior when asking does she love me

Female behavior is complex, especially when it comes to love. She says this, but means that.

Therefore, it is not only advisable, but essential that you do not blindly trust their words. If you want to know if she loves you, asking her won’t get you anywhere.

What you should do instead is analyzing her behavior.

Women who are in love behave very differently than women who don’t care about you.

She shows this in several ways:

  • She’s all girly around you
  • She cares about you and wants you to be well
  • She’s worried about you and she’s afraid of losing you

It’s easy to determine these things, isn’t it?


In fact, it may sometimes seem she detests you, when she actually idolizes you. For example, a woman often creates a lot of drama or acts like a bitch when she has feelings for you.

Why it is important to know whether she is in love with you

Knowing this, you can adjust your course in your relationship ever so slightly. For many men, this means the difference between evolving into a romantic relationship and an unnecessary part of ways.

There are 2 main reasons why it is important to know if she loves you.

  1. If you also fall in love with her, you want to know whether you should allow these feelings to happen. Unanswered love is painful and something that can be avoided.
  2. If you just want something casual with her, you have to make sure that she doesn’t see more in you than you see in her. Consciously hurting feelings to get sex is pathetic.

Whether you want to speed up or slow down what’s between you… it’s always helpful to know if you’re on the same page.

Together with trusty research I show you the surefire does she love me test.

Does she love me signs – 9 waterproof signals

Sign #1: Unusual, shy behavior

You’re probably familiar with this feeling when you love someone.

I’m talking about: butterflies in your stomach.

Yes, girls also get this feeling when she is in love. And close to the one she’s in love with.

I once went for a bungee jump and was amazed how much it resembled the feeling of being in love when you are accelerated from 80 meters towards the ground.

It’s a state where you get nervous and giggly. Thus even the most masculine man becomes a sweet boy and the toughest woman a little girl.

When a woman is in close distance to a man she has a crush on, a few behavioral changes expose her.

These changes usually highlight feminine qualities:

She becomes shy, less cheeky, has problems keeping eye contact, blushes and the rest of her body language exposes her as well.

She cares what you think about her, which leads to a feeling of shyness.

When this man then flirts with her, her voice becomes very squeaky, her heart rate increases, and she gets these famous butterflies in her stomach.

Since this is difficult to control – even for a very confident woman – it is a very reliable sign that she not only finds you interesting, but is entirely in love with you.

But how do women fall in love? That’s another topic. You should look into it to get a deeper understanding of women.

Good thing I wrote an article about it, check that out:

>> How do Women Fall in Love? 5 Steps How to Win a Girl’s Heart

Sign #2: She cancels other men

She doesn’t go on dates anymore and has uninstalled Tinder from her smartphone?

These are signs that you’re doing well.

A woman who is not sure about you still keeps other options open and, in most cases, she has quite a few of them.

Don’t get me wrong, she’ll probably still flirt harmlessly with others. That doesn’t just go away, even when you’re together.

You can’t judge her for that. It happens naturally.

When she loves you though, she won’t have the doors wide open that a stranger can easily enter her life.

That is the difference between a woman who really likes you and one who doesn’t.

Does she receive many messages from men and answer them? This is bad. And when she tells you how great your brother is, you have a problem…

But if all she can do is talk about you and not give the impression that she is still seeing others, you now know what that means.

Sign #3: How do I know she loves me when she’s mad?

Everyone (yes, even me) makes mistakes.

But if a woman can’t stay mad at you for too long, that’s a clear sign that she finds you hot.


This does not mean that you cannot make her angry.

And, by the way, you shouldn’t use this as a test to find out if she loves you.

Don’t worry, life will take care of that sooner or later. Things that piss her off will happen automatically.

Let’s assume she…

  • Apologizes, even if she hasn’t done anything wrong
  • Is trying everything to make up for it
  • Can’t be mad at you, even though you clearly fucked up

When you recognize any of these things, you are welcome to interpret them as a sign that she may have developed feelings for you.

What about if you don’t identify any of these signs? In this case, chances are she doesn’t love you.

That’s tough, man. But there’s hope.

And as always, I covered the topic in an article, so check it out and thank me later:

>> Top 10 Signs and Solutions When She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Sign #4: She’s jealous

When a woman is in love, she gets jealous as soon as she watches you flirt with other women.

It’s the same with men.

I often see it in their eyes when I am in a club and talk to one of their female friends.

Even a blind man could see their immense jealousy radiating from their faces.

I don’t judge these guys at all, because when we are in love, it doesn’t take much to make us jealous.

Women also show clear signs of jealousy (possibly even more than men do).

She gets jealous just by you talking to someone else? Man, she is in love!

You might think:

“Relax, girl. Don’t be so jealous all the time, I’m having a perfectly normal conversation here.”

But the truth is:

If she really loves you, she cannot stop this jealousy.

Maybe she can hide it, but believe me, it’s there.

So if you can smell jealousy and it comes from her direction, then you know she sees more in you.

Sign #5: She asks you irrelevant things

To be perfectly honest, it’s not something that turns me on.

I am not a fan of small talk and when a woman asks me via text how I’m doing, I am often too bored to answer…

Nevertheless, it is a clear sign that she likes you.

You are definitely on a good path if she keeps asking you how your day was or sends you pictures of her dinner…

Strangely enough, women often think that this is the way to conquer your heart.

In the above’s text conversation, I didn’t even respond to her first picture, so she apparently thought it wasn’t good enough and sent a naughtier one…

Well, whether this is a successful seduction strategy or not is irrelevant.

All you need to know is that she is doing her best to get your attention, which can be interpreted as a clear sign that she’s at least trying to conquer your heart.

Now, she might be interested, but it doesn’t mean she’s going to stay that way forever.

How to keep her interested? Check out this article to find out:

>> Keeping Her Interested By Being Interesting – 3 Timeless Tips

Sign #6: She is creepy

Let’s talk about a female strategy that I don’t find particularly attractive.

If she does not get your attention, she will find other ways to satisfy her needs.

She’s a loyal, passive spectator of your Instagram story? Does she discuss your latest Facebook posts with her friends? She likes old pictures you’ve long forgotten?

These are all signs that you have taken over her mind.

Do your interactions with this girl are usually over text? Then it can be tricky to know if she likes you.

Good thing there’s an article about it:

>> 15 Subtle Signs How to Tell if a Girl Likes You Over Text / Tinder / WhatsApp / Messenger

Sign #7: She wants you to meet her parents

Her family’s opinion is often very important to a woman, usually that of her father.

She wants you to meet her parents? You can assume that you are not just a fling to her.

Take it as a sign that she…

  • Wants her father to realize what a good boy you are
  • Wants to make you her boyfriend
  • Is deeply in love with you

It’s not like you automatically fucked up if her parents don’t like you, but it will definitely put big, fat obstacles in your way.

So if you want to make it easier for yourself, you should make it your mission to leave a charismatic impression on them.

Sign #8: She likes everything you do

How do I know she loves me?

Take note if she is interested in all the activities you do.

It does not matter how “masculine” they are. Whether you like playing guitar, kickboxing, motocross, weightlifting, video games… a woman in love wants to be a part of it.

This is simply because we like to make exceptions for those who are very dear to us.

If she doesn’t care about the football rules or the skills of the heroes of a particular video game, and yet she sits next to you asking you countless questions about it, what do you think that means?

Seeing you happy and passionately talking about your hobbies also makes her feel happy.

For this reason, she has no problems getting involved in something she doesn’t really know anything about.

She wants to get to know you and know what these hobbies mean to you.

Besides, she knows exactly how much you’ll appreciate her for this. Women have their seduction techniques too, you know.

Sign #9: She pampers you

Women can be amazingly competitive.

If they love you, they don’t just want to be your girlfriend. No. They want to be the best girlfriend you ever had.

To guarantee this, she will take care of you, take care of problems, cook for you and pamper you all the way.

She will treat you like a king.

That can be very small things, such as waking you up with a cup of coffee.

A. Aron found out that anything that is out of the ordinary or gives a ‘spark’ will bond you more.

And sometimes they are anything but small. If she gifts you something for Christmas that was obviously expensive, you can be sure that she loves you.

Does she love me or not?

If none of these indicators are reflected in her behavior, then she does not love you, bro.

It all depends on what you want.

Maybe she just doesn’t see you as Mr. Right, but wants to have fun with you. If you agree with this, good and hot times are ahead.

But if you hoped for more, you now only have two options:

  1. You let her go and try to forget her
  2. You try it again and this time with the right flirt tips

I don’t know you, and I don’t know what you did wrong. But there are a few simple tricks that can help you make the woman fall in love with you.

If you enter your email address below, I will send you these techniques immediately free of charge.

They are all part of my free Transformation Kit.  Download it here!

Even if she really loves you, you should make sure it stays that way.

See you on the other side.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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