Does she love me? 7 signs (Dating coach Dan de Ram)

‘Love is a strange sensation. Sometimes after texting, video chatting, and a few dates, you feel the spark has burned out. But how can you tell for sure?

In this article, I will tell you how to recognize the signs that she loves you. This will help you avoid those long nights lying awake in bed wondering, ‘does she love me back?’

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By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to read the situation and won’t have to question if she loves you.

What is love?

To better understand this article, it’s best to know what love means.

Being in love….well, what is it exactly?

To find out if she loves you, it is useful to closely examine the phenomenon without becoming extremely spiritual, of course. See, everyone has certain needs.

These could be anything.

  • A friend to hang out with
  • Someone to support you and who you can really be yourself around
  • Sex (who could forget)
  • Self-confidence
  • ….

If you then happen to stumble upon a person that ticks all/most of your need boxes, something strange happens:

You feel an intense longing for her to stay and hope this grows into something more…

At the same time, you feel fear crawling up. The fear of losing her, fear that it won’t work out between you two.

That combination of sensations of fear and hope is what we call being in love.

Take a moment to think of what that means.

It indicates that you:

(A) Need to meet her needs one way or the other.

(B) That she needs to be scared to lose you.

Primarily, that last one is important: The more certainty you give her that you like her, the greater the chance that she won’t fall in love with you.

But how can you know for sure if your beautiful lady is in love with you?

After all, most people won’t give up their secrets just like that, and a little mystery is also romantic, isn’t it?

Do you want to know what the signals are and how you can best recognize them? This article will give you some insights into what you can expect.

#1: She’ll text you often and spontaneously

Being in love often comes down to texting, a lot of texting. So in itself, it can be a good way to measure whether she’s really in love with you:

  • How often she texts you. Does she message you at a random moment without you having to initiate the conversation? That’s already a good sign.
  • Does she make time to text you even when she’s busy? Like at work, during her break, or when she has a girls’ night? Then you’ve conquered a special place, good luck!
  • Content is key: Does she keep the chat business-like, or does she text you the complete stories about her colleagues, family, and friends? When she shares, it shows she trusts you enough to discuss these kinds of important topics.
  • She sends goofy things from time to time. This shows that she wants to chat with you even when she doesn’t have anything important to talk about.

However, remember, life isn’t this black and white: everyone is unique. Some women are just not into texting, and that’s fine.

Bottom line, don’t give your hopes up if texting isn’t the strong suit in your relationship. From the way she talks and looks at you, you’ll be able to tell way more.

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#2: She likes to meet up alone

Sometimes you like someone or date someone who also knows your female friends. Maybe she is from your friend group.

It’s fun to see her when you guys all gather together.

But being with her alone would be even more fun.

So be alert: when you are surrounded by other people, does she attract you specifically? Is she trying to find moments to talk to you alone?

On top of that: does she try to meet up with you alone? Or does she hint about doing something with just the two of you?

Then this is a clear signal she likes you.

Because if she’s crazy about you, she’ll do her best to get you alone.

Bonus tip: her body language reveals whether she likes you.

Still in doubt if she likes you? You can gather a lot from her body language.

Do you want to know more about how that works? In the following video, I explain exactly what you should look out for and how to intemperate her movements.

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#3: She craves your eye contact and attention

Is she in love with me? Few cues offer such a clear answer to these questions as her behavior in a group with you.

We just discussed 1 on 1 time together. But sometimes, the signs are a bit more subtle.

Does she constantly seek eye contact or even sit or stand close to you? Then you can assume she like you.

A key determinant is also the behavior of her friends. Never underestimate this.

Often her friends are eager to play matchmakers. When you’re in a group, it’s smart to pay attention to this.

If they know their friend is in love with you, they’ll want to do anything that it takes to make it happen.

The point is: pay attention to her behavior around her friends.

And if you’re already friends with her, you’ve got a bonus because you can also start to interoperate her friends’ behavior to see if she is in love with you.

BONUS: Eye contact can be very exciting. Want to make sure you’re doing it right when she looks you deep in the eyes?

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#4: She’s looking for excuses to keep talking to you

“You hang up first!”

“- No, you first.”

You’re probably familiar with the cliché above, and you probably heard it in some American teenage rom-com. But that’s the funny thing about being in love, you easily fall into clichés.

So, does your crush put in the effort to keep talking with you? It’s a sign she likes you.

Though this isn’t the only way she can express it. Does she – after a night out – want you to stay just a little longer than her friends to have a nightcap together?

Or maybe she is trying to persuade you to postpone that chore you had to do tonight so you can facetime just a little longer.

Great, right? By wanting to prolong your conversations together, she’s signaling you that she is into you.

BONUS: connect with her by starting a striking and exciting conversation. How to do that you might ask? Check out this article.

#5: She is jealous

Do you know that feeling when a woman you want suddenly flirts with some other guy?

The jealousy comes out like steam through your ears.

Makes sense, cause what if she likes the other guy more than you?

This also works vice versa.

However, jealousy isn’t always easy to recognize.

Think of some situations where you would get jealous, and so would she:

  • You went to have a chat with another woman
  • You laugh at something on your phone
  • You’re going to do something fun with others
  • Etc…

What does jealousy look like?

Think about:

  • She’ll ask an exaggerated number of questions regarding the situation: Who is she? What is she saying? Etc…
  • You say a little too easily, “No, that’s perfectly fine, you should do it.”
  • Suddenly all her attention is on you, and she follows you like a hawk.
  • She starts reacting a bit weird and awkward out of nowhere.

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#6: She only has eyes for you

Another way to see if your crush loves you back is to tell her a story.

Is she continually on your every word? Even with the most boring story? Then you two will be more than fine.

You can tell a woman’s love from the way she listens to you.

She isn’t listening to you out of politeness. No: every word that comes out of your mouth genuinely captivates her.

For her, it doesn’t matter if you’re verbally explaining how good your skills are in Microsoft Excel or if it’s a story about how you escaped kidnappers in Colombia.

Pro tip:

Do you want to check if she’s in love with you? Try telling her one of the most boring stories in history and see how she reacts. Does she still give you 100% of her attention? Then you are at a good place.

BONUS: How do you keep her attention? With these conversation topics, I can guarantee you’ll be able to keep the flow in the conversation.

#7: She reacts overly enthusiastically to everything you say

Alright, so you’re talking to her, and you’re wondering if she’s feeling just as good as you.

Then you can look at her reaction to your stories: actually, to everything you say.

Did you make use of the previous tip? Then also pay attention to her reaction when other people’s names come up in stories.

Is her enthusiasm towards you and your story enormous, and does she only want to hear more? Then you can count on it that your crush likes you.

Another characteristic is when she rarely has any criticisms.

Everything you say is beautiful, amazing, or good, and she asks very few critical questions.

And finally: another sign a woman like you is when she even laughs at your lamest jokes.

Feel free to try this out, but don’t exaggerate. Before you know it, you’ll be known as the guy that only makes lame jokes! And that is, of course, not the intention.

Would you like to know better how to make her smile? Then this article is perfect for you!

Is she in love with me? The signals are there; now it’s on you!

It’s not always easy to spot the signs that she’s in love with you. The signals above are merely a fraction of the signs that a woman uses.

There are several other signs you could look out for. These are:

She flirts with you

It can be difficult to recognize flirting, especially for men who have little experience with women and their love life.

I made this article to recognize the signs that she’s flirting with you and understand how YOU should flirt.

She compliments you

Does she compliment your outfit or tell you your hair is looking great? Then you can bet she likes you!

Don’t forget to compliment her back in these situations.

She takes initiative to organize a fun date

Of course, you would love to see her every day, but is that something she wants? A good way to find out is to give her the lead.

Wait a few days after meeting up and see if she takes the initiative to set your next date.

This is also a fun way to find out what she likes to do, while simultaneously expanding your area of interest.

So go watch that lame romcom or go with her to the disco roller-skating ring: as long as she’s enjoying herself.

So you see, there are a lot of ways to find out if your crush is really in love with you. Not sure yet?

Then it’s time to take action!

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