40 Best Double Date Ideas to Double the Fun (+ 13 Tips)

So maybe you are dating someone, are in a relationship with someone, or got the proposition from your buddy.

And now you have decided to venture out on a double date.

Don’t know what to do and looking for double date ideas?

Look no further, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, you will find:

  • 40 Great double date ideas
  • The #1 way to increase attractiveness for couples
  • 5 Double date tips for couples
  • 4 Tips on how to impress as the stranger on a double date
  • 4 Ways to success on a Tinder double date
  • Double date activities for night time dates, near you, at home, and even for the college student double dater…

When you’ve finished this article, you will know for sure how to make your double date into a raving success.

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Double Dates increase attractiveness

Every couple wants to retain the excitement and the passion in their relationship. Nobody knows exactly how to do that.

Plenty of red roses, chocolates, poetry, long walks on the beach, salsa classes…

The list of options is endless. And the effects on the relationship are not always clear.

So perhaps you are now thinking about double dating as an option to bring the fire back into your relationship.

Or maybe you’re single and have been invited to join a double date.

So, what’s the deal?

Let us start with the advantages to double dating for the singles amongst you.

There are 2 reasons why double dates are definitely great for you as a single person.

  • It takes the pressure off the date. There are two other people there, so there is no pressure on you to find things to talk about and way to approach your date.
  • You can get to know each other better. If the other couple knows your date, you can ask them about your date. Questions like “How do you know each other?” are easy ice breakers and can tell you a lot about the other.

But what does a double date do for a relationship?

To explain, I should start by talking about the biggest challenge every romantic relationship faces.  Which is that they always grow stale.

Those totally addictive feelings of love and attraction grow weaker. The interactions between the partners becomes more routine, more familiar, more predictable.

Those earlier dates, dinner and a movie, or a trip to a museum, they give way to practical activities, like grocery shopping, Netflix and chill, or trips to Ikea.

Those are not romantic at all. So how do you keep the old romance alive?

Research seems to suggest vibing with other couples can directly attribute to rekindling the love between partners.

Of course, the one condition to this happening is whether you all get along and can exchange some personal things.

This way, you can see your partner in a new light. She will seem less familiar and predictable, more exciting and exotic.

To sum up, double dates are great for couple and for singles!

Now, here are some of the best double date ideas you’ll find.

#1: Home Cooking

Going out to dinner is fun, for sure. But in my experience, evenings at somebody’s home are always more memorable than dates in a fancy restaurant.

But there is more to cooking at home.

  • You have to ask everyone attending about their preferences
  • You need to shop
  • You wash vegetables
  • You have to tidy your place, make it presentable for your guests
  • You have to decide on your Spotify playlist
  • You are completely free to be yourself

And… you have an instant option for a follow up date.

“Let’s do this at your place next time!” 

If one of you two meets a potential lover for the first time, then meeting at home might be a bit too much. In those cases, you would be better off choosing a neutral venue.

#2: Picknick on the beach

So you like cooking at home?

Then you should definitely have a picknick on the beach.

No Barry White song can put as much romance into the air as the sea can do.

Combine the sweet sounds of the sea with a beautiful sunset, and you have got a pocket full of love.

Do count on a possibly rapid drop in temperature. When the sun goes down, the mercury drops quickly.

So always take plenty of blankets to crawl under with your partner. If you can make a bonfire on the beach, it is even better.

#3: a Film Festival

If both couples know each other pretty well, something like a movie night is not a bad idea.

And while going to the pictures is ok, you can do better.

Like visiting a film festival.

Let everyone choose a movie and watch them together.

You can also discuss them over lunch or dinner afterwards!

#4: Karaoke Escapades

So maybe you only sing in the shower.

Maybe you don’t sing at all

Even then I can recommend karaoke to you. Just…

get a private room…

That way you only make a fool of yourself in front of your mates.

Which only increases the bond between you.

Because when you trust someone, you allow yourself to open up and make a fool of yourself with them.

#5: Shake a leg or hit the gym

An active date is a sure hit.

  • It’s different and exciting
  • It releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones
  • It’s stress reducing

Plus, everyone always wears more revealing clothing when breaking a sweat.

So you can perv at your partner’s shaking booty to your heart’s content.

An aside: Double Date hints for couples. This is how you make them a success.

Before we continue with those great double date ideas, I just want to give you 5 more pointers.

After all, double dates are a double-edged blade. On the one side, it is a powerful tool to fuel passion in a relationship. On the other side, you can easily exclude the other couple. That would seriously dampen spirits on the evening.

So it is crucial everyone is equally involved.

Following these 5 points will make your double date a big success.

Don’t be clingy

Right, I get it.

You’re doing something new with your partner and you’ve had a few. So you’re clinging to each other like mistletoe clings to an oak tree.

Cute. But maybe a bit awkward as well…

Especially if the other “couple” are on their first date.

When looking at it from their perspective, your PDA is a painful reminder of them not being that close (yet).

So keep the intimacy under covers.

Be welcoming to everyone

Of course, I don’t know the exact circumstances of your double date. But usually there is at least one stranger or less familiar person.

With not everyone being from the same circle, someone always misses out when certain topics are raised.

If 3 of the 4 present are old friends, that 4th person can easily get left out when you only reminisce about your shared past. #4 has nothing to say in that conversation.

If you want everyone to have a good time, you’d best pay attention to the person you are least familiar with. That way, he or she feel welcomed and included. And then the good vibes are good for all.

Avoid movies

A trip to the movies does not give the newer couple a chance to really get to know each other.

Don’t get too familiar

Want to play Cupid for a good friend? Then don’t blab about your buddy’s embarrassing moments!

Years ago, I was on a date with this girl at her home.

We’d been on maybe two or three dates at that point.

Our “relationship” was still quite fragile.

Halfway through the evening, her two sisters joined us.

And they started to talk about personal stuff, like they would if we knew each other really well already.

So I got to hear heaps of embarrassing stories, completely changing the way I saw her.

I genuinely lost interest that evening.

So don’t embarrass your friend.

Drink responsibly

Having a few is not an issue. Downing them with abandon leads to disasters.

Nobody wants to spend the evening looking after drunks.

Besides, alcohol often leads to inappropriate remarks and situations. Which makes everyone feel uncomfortable and, in extreme cases, can lead to fights.

Those were the 5 pointers for couples, let’s get back into the ideas for double dates:

#6: Join forces for a pub quiz

Instead of fighting for the title of cutest couple, you can also fight to win!

Do keep an eye on the subject of the pub quiz though.

Though winning is optional, it is more fun if you can actually answer some of the questions.

The evening can be even better if you have chosen a good name for your team.

Because that is what the quiz master will call out for you every time.

If you’re in an English pub, I personally like the name Hoof Hearted. Try saying that aloud 😉

#7: a Concert a way away

Concerts are loads of fun.

A concert with a road trip to get there is even more fun!

All of you get into the same car, play the album of the artist or band you are going to enjoy, and drive the many miles to the concert.

This way, the concert will feel like a mini vacation.

Really cool.

#8: Cheering at the Stadium

Whether it is your team or not, cheering for them is always an awesome experience.

Of course, at least one of you has to know the rules…

Otherwise you don’t know when to cheer.

And you can get awkward glances when you cheer for the wrong things.

#9: Escape Room

For every interactive experience goes, the more the merrier.

That includes escaping your dungeon… ehm… I mean, tackling an Escape Room.

For those who don’t know already, an Escape Room is a room the size of a shipping container where you remain locked in for an hour… unless you solve the puzzles of the room and find the exit.

Although some of the puzzles are not about escaping, but about solving a murder, or cracking a safe.

#10: Let out your inner child at a Magic Show

Maybe it’s me, but I’ve always found magic shows to be quite sexy.

Maybe it’s the music.

Maybe it’s the scantily dressed fit ladies.

I just find a professional magic show hugely entertaining.

And it is always huge fun to try to guess the inner workings of the trick.

Definitely recommended.Double date tips for strangers

Double dates are always tricky when you’re the odd man out.

All those insecurities, inside jokes, sensitive issues, an unknown social dynamic, …

This can make a double date pretty intimidating.

With these 3 pointers, you will waltz around the social pitfalls.

Know your audience

Contact the one who invited you and do some digging.

Ask him or her for a bit of background information on who will be there.

That way, you have a much better picture of who you will be meeting.

Plus, this way you can prepare some conversation topics for the date.

And you can think about topics you’d rather side step.

There is also the question of whether you should present someone with a little gift.

Think about a bottle of wine, some nice dark chocolate, or a potted plant.

Show interest

Don’t just show interest in your date, but in the other couple as well.

What’s more, you can convince your date of how cool you are by chatting away to the other couple.

You will never form the deep connection with your (potential) crush on a double date.

But showing your date you are funny, confident, engaging, by interacting with the entire group?

That scores top sexy points.

When in doubt, be like Switzerland

You don’t know the other couple.

Which means you are unsure about what to expect.

Maybe they like to discuss their relationship issues with others.

So during the date, you may get to hear a question like this,

“Okay, man to man. What would you do if your girlfriend….”

Okay, this question seems completely hypothetical. In reality though, this could be an attempt to sort out some issue with his girlfriend.

Don’t get dragged into this.

You could end up on the wrong side of the couple. This then reduces your chances with your date as well.

If the other couple begins fighting all of a sudden, just take your date away from it. Take her to a bar or another quiet place until the other two make peace again.

#11: Bargain hunting

Going to a flea market can be a mixed bag.

You never know what you’re going to find.

But the bargain hunt alone is a lot of fun.

Especially when you’re with friends.

And it is easy to find a nice souvenir of your double date.

And who knows what treasure you find along the way?

#12: Groupon Roulette

You know how some people plan their trips by throwing a dart at a map or spinning a globe and putting their finger on it?

They always find something new and exciting that way.

You can do the same with date activities using Groupon.

Just open the site and click around at random until you find something fun. You are assured of finding some great double date activities this way!

Maybe it’s a dance class, a beer tasting, or an all-you-can-eat at a local Argentinian steak house.

Invite your friends along, and step out of your comfort zone.

#13: a trip to a museum

Get a taste of ancient culture in a museum.

*takes a bite*

“Yum! Dust and oppression.”

Either way, it’s always fun to look at pictures. And you can often do it for a bargain price.

And afterwards, you can discuss your favorite pieces of art with a cup of coffee and some cake.

#14: Picking fruit in an orchard

In the right season, you can pick fruit that no supermarket-bought fruit can match.

While the picking is never as much fun as the tasting, chilling out with your friends in this way is always great for a laugh.

While harvesting, you can already begin planning what to do with the bounty.

Whether you put it into your muesli, make smoothies or spend some time baking pies.

You can stop at the supermarket afterwards and buy the rest of the ingredients to get cooking.

#15: Zip over to the Zoo

A good place to go on a double date that does not involve gathering your own food would be your local Zoo.

Chances are a lot has changed since you last were at the zoo.

So you have a lot to discover all anew now you’re all grown up. And you can reconnect to your inner child while doing it.

A lot of zoo’s have all sorts of quests and games for kids.

I’ve tried them. Trust me, they are just as much fun as an adult!

Just mind you don’t get your big bum stuck in the slides… it happens… or so I have heard *shifty eyes*

How to double dates on Tinder

Some ladies have shared profiles on Tinder and only want to double date.

Completely understandable, of course. For a woman, meeting up with a stranger they only met online can be pretty scary.

So some ladies want their bestie there when they go out on that date.

But how to make that date a success if you are a Tinder match with someone like that?

Let’s have a look at 4 points that can help you with that.

Pick the right friend

Not all your friends are great for double dating.

Maybe your best friend is one of those you’re better off not taking on a double date.

Forget about any feelings and pick strategically.

“Which mate is the best wingman?”

Your ideal wingman should preferably have the following qualities:

  • Well groomed
  • Good banter
  • Social intelligence

The last of those is especially important.

The ideal wingman can read faces and knows exactly when he is interesting or boring.

Discuss topics of conversation

Don’t think you can plan all conversation of an evening. You just can’t.

Besides, such preparation makes you seem fake and will only scare the ladies away.

You’re better off talking about the topics you do NOT want to talk about during a date.

Think about all those anecdotes your friend can tell that place you in a bad light.

Or those that are better told on a future date.

When making a first impression, you do not want to seem damaged or crazy.

Talk each other up

The following will happen at least once on a double date.

You get up to go to the bathroom, or you take one of the ladies over to the bar for a moment. So for a short period, the group is broken up.

You can bet on it you will get the following question,

“So tell me about your friend.”

Those are moments you can really build up the attractiveness of your friend.

So you should have an idea about what to answer.

And you don’t have to overdo it, like,

“He is a brain surgeon and in his free time he volunteers at a shelter for abandoned puppies.”

Even better, you can name some really positive quality no-one can fail to appreciate.

“He is the most dedicated person I know. (give a short example of why you say that).”

These are some of the ways you can make your friend (and yourself) seem much more appealing.

Take a chill pill

The ultimate goal is to win her trust.

“He’s pretty cool. I feel like I can be alone with him and not end up with my face on every milk carton in the country.”

Make a date plan

On a double date it will never get as intimate as on a normal date, but that is no excuse not to…

Go for that kiss.

If you want to see her again, you should make that clear with a kiss.

Of course, you shouldn’t kiss her for the first time when it’s the four of you sitting around eating.

So plan this beforehand.

I suggest you make sure the date location has multiple cool activities and small places you can go.

This way you can split your date off from the group when you want to make something more intimate happen.

Talk about this with your friend before the date, so you both know what is going to happen.

#16: Peddle around the water

Almost every city with waterways or lakes has paddle boats you can rent.

A double date is the ideal excuse to rent one and get out onto the water.

Muscle power doesn’t help you go quicker on them. No matter how hard you peddle, you will only move at granny speed.

Which means the more competitive couple can never turn it into a race either.

But what about when it is too warm to exhaust yourselves like that?

Well, rent a small motor boat. They are usually big enough for four. And you can have a picknick on the waves.

#17: Parlor crawl

We are all familiar with the pub crawl, but I am a bigger fan of the parlor crawl.

You taste some of the best product at every ice cream parlor and then roll along to the next one!

Who knows, you might find such a great place or such a great flavor, you have a new favorite way to end all your dates.

#18: Help the needy

If yu and your friends like helping people, then you could do worse than supporting your favorite charity.

Perhaps it is picking up trash in the park, keeping the elderly company, or feeding the needy.

Whatever you do, you will surely form a closer bond if you all work together to make the world a better place.

#19: Glide around

Whether it’s on ice or on the road, gliding around is always more fun than walking around.

So in winter, you can pay a visit to your local ice rink. In the summer sunshine, you can get yourself some inline skates and glide around the town that way.

If there are any special skating events, check those out.

Ice rinks often organize fun Halloween or Christmas parties, with music, lights and drinks.

#20: Kill each other in laser tag

It isn’t as cool as it once was. But laser tag still rocks!

I couldn’t find a picture of laser tag quickly, so here is one of me dodging my responsibilities

So get over to that old factory and go and play Rambo!

Laser tag is pretty hungry work. It really builds up an appetite.

The best way to close out a date like that is to stop by your favorite food joint and grab a bite to eat.

#21: Hold a yard sale

Sometimes the best dates are everyday activities. Like helping your friends hold a yard sale.

Maybe it is your own garage or attic that needs clearing out.

Just invite your friends over to clear those cluttered rooms and sell it out in the front yard.

It works even better if you have already attracted some buyers online.

And to say thanks for the help, you can get everyone dinner.

This way, you have a great double date at home!

#22: Dust off those board games

If you are planning a double date at home, you should consider dusting off your board games and inviting people over for a game night.

Don’t have any cool games?

Don’t fret, one of your friends will surely have something cool to play lying around.

And if not, Charades is always fun!

#23: Have brunch

They often say “a man’s love goes through his stomach”.

That goes for women as well.

And after all, who would not appreciate you offering up your precious time to cook a delicious meal?

So what would be a better gesture than making brunch for your friends?

Especially around holidays like Easter, this is a great idea.

#24: Check out your local theatre

Bored with Netflix?

Get off the sofa and check what musical or play is being performed at your nearby theatre.

The ladies always like excursions like that because it gives them an excuse to put on their best frock.

And if you go by what Randy Marsh, of South Park fame, says, a happy ending always awaits you!

#25: Sip Mimosas

Do you not really know the other couple?

Have a late brunch with them… a boozy brunch.

Where the mimosas flow, friendships grow.

And if you are already good friends, then this is the perfect way to catch up.

#26: Strike!

Bowling isn’t just for kids and fat guys needing to escape their wives.

It is also a pretty easy way for couples to connect.

Why not split a lane and find out who is best at knocking them all down?

But do mind you only knock pins down.

#27: Run a marathon

This double date activity is only advisable if you’re all keen athletes and up for a challenge: running a marathon together.

Preparing to run a marathon is the perfect excuse to meet up regularly for months.

Because nobody tackles a marathon without proper training.

So, sign up. It is good for your health and for your relationship.

You can only win in this.

#28: Ultimate Frisbee

Just throwing a Frisbee around in the park, with a beer and a bit of music is already heaps of fun.

If you want to make it a bit more competitive, try playing Ultimate Frisbee for a great double date game.

If you don’t know it, it’s a bit like football.

You try to get the Frisbee into the end zone on the other side. Catch it there and you score.

Running with the Frisbee is not allowed, so you have to pass it around to get it there.

Physical contact is not allowed either, so it is perfect for mixed gender teams.

The defending team can only intercept or bat down the Frisbee, not tackle.

How big your field is, is up to you.

But make sure you have enough food and drink to keep yourselves fed and watered.

#29: Home Town Tourism

Every city has tons of tourist attractions.

And like every single local, you will go miles to avoid them.

Now is your chance to discover those beauty spots with your friends. Because they are great places to go on a double date.

And maybe you’ll walk away from this date with a new appreciation of your home town.

#30: An Aquarium Visit

Any trip to the aquarium is, and remains,fun.

You can feed the sharks, get splashed on by the seals and marvel at the manatees.

#31: Bake on the beach

If you actually needed a reason to go to the beach, a double date is a perfect one.

Don’t like lying around getting your tan on?

Get some gear and try kite surfing!

It does look pretty extreme, but everyone can do this.

Although I can advise you to take some lessons, or you may never get up out of the water onto the waves…

#32: Asian food

In Chinese culture, eating together is of huge social importance.

And they will invite their friends along.

So how to feed a large group of hungry friends all at the same time?

With Chinese hot pot!

It’s kind of fondue, but instead of a pan full of molten cheese, you have a spicy broth or oil.

And dishes filled with delicious goodies which you pick up in your chopsticks and seeth in the hot broth.

You can use meat, fish and vegetables.

You’re best of visiting a traditional restaurant for this.

#33: Nature hikes

Hiking in nature is one of the best double date activities possible.

  • It improves short term memory
  • It improves your life span
  • It reduces stress

It also always leads to relaxed conversations.

Can’t think of your own route?

Just head out to the nearest nature reserve and there will be a route, indicated by markers.

#34 Take the dogs for a walk

Who says a good double date can only be with other people?

Do you know a sexy single with a dog?

Take her on a trip to the park and take your four-legged wingman along.

And maybe you will both score?

#35: Get Creative

Embrace the Picasso that is hidden inside of you and go out to make pottery.

“But Dan, Picasso was a painter…”

Okay, so art was never my strongest subject…

Whatever you end up doing, learning a new creative skill is a great date.

Making pottery, sketching, photography, anything works.

The shared experience will bring you all closer together.

And as an added bonus, you’ll be taking a new piece of art home with you.

#36: Enjoy the Botanical Gardens

Flowers have been symbols of love and romance for thousands of years.

British research suggests that flowers can influence attraction.

The rapport shows that women like men more when they are surrounded by beautiful flowers.

So you can use the secret force of flowers to your advantage and take your date to the Botanical Gardens.

Because these gardens are open all year round, you can plan this date any time you like.

#37: Free entertainment

In most bigger cities you can find a place that has open mic nights.

The microphone and stage are then open for any amateurs who want to show off their skills.

Usually, you’ll hear a mix of music, poetry, and comedy.

And all of that for the price of one or two drinks.

#38: Get high

Yeah… not like that…

You can find climbing walls a lot of places.

This is an amazing double date activity to do together.

While one is trying to imitate Spiderman on the wall, the other can give instructions on how to get even higher up.

Every wall has multiple routes to the top, each with their own difficulty.

Of course, you should all try to do a route of the same difficulty rating.

And though you can probably spot the right colored hold, you can’t always see the way to get there.

#39: Eat your fill

Does your town have a food hall, or a great food market?

Then start your double date here and go through every single stand!

It is impossible to try every single thing, but every stand tends to have one specialty.

You can buy those and split the costs afterwards.

And maybe you will find one dish you are so crazy about you will want to go back for it again and again.

#40: Build your own terrarium

Do you like plants, but do you hate watering them all the time?

You can build yourself a terrarium.

These are usually crammed with pretty low maintenance plants.

It makes a great double date excursion to go to a class on how to build one of these!

This way, you learn how to do that, and you will never have to bother about watering your plants again.

#41: Discover Nature’s Beauty by Bike

Take your bike, or rent a tandem and just head out into nature.

You can follow a set route with beautiful views.

If everyone takes something to eat and drink as well, you can have a short pit stop at every beauty spot.

This gives you a great mix of exercise, picknicking and good times.

So, that concludes my 40 ideas for double dates.

To get the ultimate preparation in, I urge you to have a look at my Transformation Kit here.

Have a great time!

Your bro’,
Dan de Ram

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