10 Tips – Dress to Impress for Men (Ladies LOVE This)

styling tips for men

“Looks don’t matter, it’s all about the inside!”

A phrase that has probably penetrated your ear canal at least once.

Is your appearance really actually irrelevant for women? This question and much more you will learn in this article.

At a glance:

  • How men can start to dress to impress TODAY
  • How much control you actually have over your first impression
  • The amount you can impress ladies through your outer appearance
  • 5 Clothing items that every man should have in his wardrobe
  • 3 Fashion sins that women hate with passion
  • The perfect outfit for your first date

I have to admit:

It’s a little amusing that I’m writing this article right now.

In fact, for the longest time, I was a strong supporter of the “Oh, it doesn’t matter what you wear” faction.

I wanted to be liked for who I am. Not for the way I dress.

Let’s think about this.

Research shows that people have an opinion about you in the matter of a tenth of a second.

The first impression we make on someone is then glued to us and it is difficult to change it.

What is your first impression when you present yourself to a beautiful mademoiselle? Have you ever thought about that?

Position yourself in front of a mirror and imagine you were a woman, and look at yourself like you are doing it for the first time.

You will find that your charisma and energy level play a big role.

However, you will also notice how much your clothes give your appearance a certain touch.

Meaning: You can have the most stunning character, if the overall package is not right, you make it hard for a woman to be super attracted to you.

It doesn’t matter how noble we think we are – each of us is somewhat judgmental.

Since you clicked on this article, I assume that you are well aware of the fact that you can score points through styling.

Maybe you’re looking for inspiration, because you don’t want to walk around like a sleazy business person.

Maybe you’re more the homely type.

Maybe you even think subconsciously: I don’t deserve to look good.

Don’t let that stop you.

Everyone has the right to look like a boss.

Let’s see how you do it. For this it is important to know the biggest style sins by heart, and do everything in your power to avoid them – like chlamydia.

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The 3 biggest style sins women hate

The common fashion mistakes won’t impress the ladies.

#1: Clothing the world doesn’t need

  • T-shirts with funny texts. The joke may be quite entertaining, but these shirts have absolutely nothing to do with style.
  • Tourist shirts. “I love Paris”, “Hard Rock Café”, “Bali Surf Club”… These things don’t belong on a t-shirt. You can use them as sleeping shirts though, because you can’t see them in the dark anyway.
  • 3/4 pants. If you want to wear shorts because it’s broodingly hot outside, make sure that your shorts don’t go far over your knees. The only exception are basketball training shorts, which combined properly can give you a casual look.
  • Sandals, hiking boots, running shoes. If you’re hiking or running, okay. Then it’s all about functionality. In all other situations these shoes are forbidden.

#2: Wrong size

Some men have outfits that might look good in general, but, unfortunately, no attention was paid to the size.

Avoid this mistake. Your clothes must fit. Otherwise, you either look like a sausage or like you are drowning in your clothes.

Take extra time when trying on your clothes to make sure they fit perfectly.

If this is a challenge for you, take an hour on a nice afternoon, go into town and have yourself measured, by a menswear specialist for example.

Then you no longer have to guess which size is right for you. You have numbers to start from when you want to buy something new.

In short: Be smart when you want to dress to impress the ladies.

But size is not everything.

There are many styles, shapes and sizes. Again, it is worth investing time in some advice.


There are some styles where it is fashionable to wear, let’s say, a jacket that is way too big.

Here the following applies:

It usually only looks good, if it is worn consciously. Keyword “oversized” or the somewhat too short “flood pants” are currently popular.

So, it’s worthwhile to check where the trend is heading.

#3: Worn out and unkempt clothes

Do your shoes have holes?

Then throw them away.

“But Dan, these are my favorite shoes!”

Then buy a new pair.

You lost a button from your coat?

Then replace it.

Many men don’t take care for their clothes. If your clothes look new, or at least clean, you have a clear advantage over all these men.

How you develop a superior clothing style

Now it’s about something men can learn from women:

They pay attention to the details.

You don’t have to be as extreme as they are. After all, you should still have time to breathe. But it can improve your outfit, if you take a closer look at it.

One detail is especially important:

Your shoes.

You wonder why shoes are so important? It’s because you need them to kick life’s ass.

In the military, men have to take care of their shoes and weapons every morning. You may not be a soldier, but you still have a mission. And with nice leather shoes, boots or cool sneakers, you’re well-equipped for it.

How do you combine clothes properly?

The secret to dress to impress women with your clothing is to keep it simple.

Now, I hope you wear more than one piece of clothing.

So as soon as other things are added, you have to make sure that everything still fits together.

Knowing how to combine colors properly takes time, experience and finesse. Before you walk around like a parrot, it’s better to play it safe in the beginning and rather use “boring” colors.

My advice to you: If you’re new to fashion, buy plain clothes in white, black, dark blue or gray with no print.

Brown, beige and olive green are also great, because they are neutral and can be combined well with almost any color.

This way you can build up a good basic wardrobe with outfits that can’t go wrong.

And get’s you close to mark where you can dress to impress.

The top 10 clothing items every man needs to impress the ladies

1. Plain V-neck shirts

Shirts with a slight V-neck are the perfect mix of elegant and casual. They are perfect for a classy dinner as well as for a chill-out evening with your buddies in the bar around the corner.

2. Well-fitting jeans

Jeans are timeless and give you that raw, masculine lumberjack look. A must-have for every man. Period.

3. A well-fitting shirt

There will always be occasions where things get a little more serious. You don’t need that many fancy shirts (I have two), so you can put emphasis on quality here.

4. Sneakers

It’s best to start with a simple white pair. Sneakers are comfortable day-to-day shoes. You can also wear them in many jobs without any problem. Sometimes even with a suit.

Speaking of suits…

5. A well-fitting suit

Boom! Everybody looks great in a good suit.

You will rarely see me in a suit, because I prefer the casual look, but I cannot deny that I feel sexy as fuck when I wear one.

 6. A pair of classic leather shoes

You need matching shoes for your suit, but they also work with jeans, if they are not too shiny. You can’t go wrong with dark brown or black.

7. A wristwatch

Let’s be honest: technically speaking, you don’t need a wristwatch these days.

You have your cell phone with you and there are big ass watches just about everywhere.

Still, a wristwatch can give your outfit that “boomshakalaka”. When you wear a watch, you sub communicate that you are reliable and responsible. Personally, I don’t like the feeling of having something around my wrist, but a simple wristwatch is always a great add-on.

8. Boots, boots, boots

Satan… how much I love boots.

These are the perfect ass-kicking shoes that make you feel all manly and ready to rumble. Boots are timeless and can be combined with almost everything, so better invest in a good pair.

Pro tip:

Leather shoes are often uncomfortable. You can counteract this by buying sports insoles, which are super cheap.

9. A coat

A good coat will never let you down. It gives you that “Matrix” look, keeps you warm and accentuates your manly figure.

Speaking of, you might need more tips on how to increase your masculinity.

Check out this article here:

>> 7 Ways to Get a More Masculine Edge (to Balance the Feminine)

10. A well-fitting sweater

For one thing, you need it to keep you warm. On the other hand, you can create classic outfits with it, for example by putting a shirt under it and letting the collar stick out at the top.

Now you got a pretty clear idea of what kind of clothes impress women.

You might want a bigger picture, though: What exactly makes women attracted to men?

That’s a broad topic, so I wrote an article about it. Check it out here:

>> What Makes Women Attracted to Men? 11 Irresistible Qualities

I’m sure there’s still a certain question burning inside you. Maybe it’s why you clicked on this article in the first place…

What to wear on a date?

First of all, we need to clarify something:

Dressing up extra chic for a woman to impress her is not a good strategy.

If you feel comfortable in extravagant clothes, and they fit your personality best, sure… go for it.

In all other cases, it is perfectly ok to dress rather casually for your first date.

It’s best to create two different “date outfits” in advance so that you don’t have to worry about it at day X. That would only make you nervous.

Besides, you can then concentrate on the things that are even more important:

  1. The woman: Take the time to really get to know her. Try to understand what drives her, what her wishes and needs are.
  2. Your conversation: See how you can make your conversation as fun as possible for both of you.
  3. The dynamics between you: You get along well? Then think about how you can take the conversation to the next level: Try to get close to her, touch her, even kiss her.

A small side note about the second point:

Perhaps you feel nervous when you think of what you should say to the girl on a date.

If that’s the case, no worries: I got you.

I wrote an entire article on how to get conversations flowing during a date. Check it out here:

>> What Should I Say to a Girl – 17 Best ‘Tricks’ to Spark Awesome Conversations

Bonus tip:

Turn the tables on her and send her a message before the date that she should wear something special. This will make her curious, maybe a little nervous and give her a chance to prove herself.

Now you know how to dress to impress women… Then what?

Looks matter. And if you apply the tips in this article, you got it covered.

But let’s say you got a date soon.

Soon enough, you’ll realize that looks don’t matter as much as the vibe you give off during the date.

In short: Girls love alpha males. Guys who’re strong, funny and charming.

So if you want to take things to the next level, you should start working on yourself to become that guy.

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Sending you a lot of positive vibes. I’m sure your relationship rut will end soon!

Dress to impress my man.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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