35 Exciting Date Ideas: How to Have an Unforgettable Date

exciting date ideas

Having drinks with your date? You can do better!

You want a more exciting activity.

With your girlfriend or for a first date.

Let’s get right into it:

  • Ultimate guide with 35 exciting date ideas near you
  • Cool date activities divided into 3 categories, so you can find them quickly
  • Sensual dates to grow closer to each other
  • Enough date ideas to even have an exciting date at home
  • Pro tips to prepare you if this is your first date
  • Much more…

The article is divided into 3 parts:

  • Exciting and original activities: original date-ideas with an element of excitement
  • Thrilling active dates: exciting dates that take some physical effort
  • Fantastic home activities: Dates that tend to be more sensually, perfect to do at home

Make sure to check out the entire list to gain inspiration for exciting dates.

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Part #1: Exciting and original activities

This part is for when you want to go out on a thrilling date together without sweating a lake.

In the following section you’ll find exciting date activities that require some physical effort.

And after that, you’ll also get spicy indoor date ideas.

Now first; laidback, original and exciting dates.

Exciting date idea #1: Boat trip for two

Nothing is more exciting than sailing the waters together in a boat.

I would certainly advise you to go somewhere where you don’t easily meet others. As this only increases the positive tension between you.

It’s just the two of you, and you can’t just go somewhere because you’re surrounded by water.

It’s fun to splash each other with water or to wiggle the boat for some extra thrills.

Just remember:

Thrills during a date are good for the vibe between you two. It adds electric tension between you needed to spark that attraction.

Now, if you want to make the date even more memorable, you’ll have to come up with good conversations topics.

You might be wondering how to keep the conversation flowing during the date.

I got you, brother. Check out this article:

>> What Should I Say to a Girl – 17 Best ‘Tricks’ to Spark Awesome Conversations

Unique idea #2: Cycling


Doesn’t sound very exciting, does it?

Not if you’re thinking of cycling a regular bike.

That’s why you should rent a tandem bike.

Hiring a bike is also highly advisable when you’re going to explore a new city together.

This will provide for an exciting activity together.

And if you’re asking ‘where to go on a date’ while biking. As you know, it’s about the travel, not the destination #quoteoftheday.

Idea #3: Go to the fun fair

This is a fun date idea 😉

You can’t go to the funfair every day of the year.

However, whenever you can, you should.

Perfect for a thrilling first date.

Clearly a lot of fun when your date thinks the attractions are all just a bit too exciting.

That’s why it’s perfect for bonding.

Without getting too cliché, finish your visit by winning her a large teddy bear.

It’ll all be worth it then.

Pro tip:

Fun date coming up? You should prepare yourself perfectly.

With some fun stuff to say for example, like this free download with 17 flirty phrases. < coming soon.

Exciting idea #4: Fright night

Perfect for a date at home.

Especially during the winter, when it gets dark early.

If you want to do this in the summer, make sure to make the room nice and dark. For specials effects; turn off the heating and all displays with digital clocks.

Zero light allowed.

The only thing that’s allowed to emit light are the candles you light, or maybe a flashlight.

Get in bed together and watch a horror movie. Or scare the crap out of each other by telling creepy stories. Take some Reddit stories for example, they’re better than you may think.

Like I said:

It’s amazing creeping out in bed together, or combining it with a massage or fun and exciting questions you can ask each other.

What about taking a shower in the dark together?

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Idea #5: Looking at the stars together

Not sure what to do on a date?

Don’t make it hard on yourself.

Is it nighttime?

Then head outside in the middle of the night to watch the stars.

Preferably a large open place that feels abandoned.

Your backyard won’t make a great place for watching the stars.

When you’re lying next to each other on the ground (which is advisable for your neck)…

…you tell each other what you spot.

Maybe other exciting stories will pop up, stories that you’ve never told each other.

Stardust has the ability to create a deep connection between you two.

It’s a great opportunity to genuinely get to know her.

There are a lot of get-to-know-you questions you can use on a date to make a good impression.

Here’s an article with examples you can use right away:

>> The Only 111 Get-To-Know-You Questions for Dating You Need

Let’s continue with other cool exciting date ideas near you.

Date idea #6: Night walk

Surely you have walked through a park or a forest with your date once.

However, this was during daytime.

Not extremely exciting, unless the tension between you two was very high from the start.

Just so that the first kiss could happen at any moment.

To make a walk in the park (or forest) exciting, you want to do it at night.

Nice and late so you’ll not cross anyone.

Every untraceable noise that you’ll hear in the middle of the night will cause goosebumps.

Just right.

Up next a unique date idea:

Date #7: Discover a new city

I already mentioned it with the tandem bike renting.

Discovering a new city, one that you both don’t know, is an exciting activity.

Every street you enter is new, and you never know what beautiful places you come across.

Have a drink every now and then and check out the harbor.

Cool date idea #8: Ice-skating

Perfect during the winter.

Visit your local ice-skating track and you have yourself a full date.

Drink hot chocolate and glühwein.

Jump on the ice and skate around together.

Especially exciting when you’re both rookies.

Definitely make sure to skate hand-in-hand too, as this will substantially increase your chances of falling on each other.

Idea #9: Skating

If ice-skating is not an option, it can be replaced by regular skating.

The same rules as in ice-skating apply.

However, I would discourage skating hand-in-hand.

Falling on asphalt is much less pleasurable than falling on ice.

Also fun:

You can often find a skate organization that organize a skate-trip one evening a week in larger cities.

At times over one-hundred people with lights and music join this trip.

Heck, I know a night skate in Paris that sometimes gathers a thousand people

Date #10: The beach

The beach is an exciting place for various reasons.

First off, you’re already wearing fewer clothes which positively influences the excitement.

Besides, you can do all sorts of lovely things on the beach.

Like: building sandcastles, digging each other in, enjoying the waves (while pushing each other in the water) or flying a kite.

Have a drink in one of the beach huts every now and then, or take some of your own consumptions for a sandy picnic.

And don’t forget to lotion each other with some suntan.

If it’s your first date, it can be tricky to keep her interested the whole time.

My suggestion? Read this article and learn everything you can about it:

>> Keeping Her Interested By Being Interesting – 3 Timeless Tips

Exciting date #11: Mudflat hiking

Mudflat hiking is an exciting activity that just so happens to be popular in the Netherlands.

However this doesn’t matter that it’s the only you place you can do this unique activity.

Places where the sea is or becomes shallow you can strap yourself into some boots and start walking.

Take advantage of that.

Being the tourist in your own country is something many men forget when they have a date.

Still, there’re countless date ideas here, much better than just having a drink.

Idea #12: Watching the sunset/rise

There’s magic in seeing the sunrise or set.

An exciting activity for various reasons.

Everybody associates romance with sunrise or sunset. That’ll guarantee a positive tension.

Besides, it’s easy to combine with other things to do on a date:

  • Experience it on the beach
  • Visit a rooftop terrace and experience it there
  • Go for a night picnic alongside the sunset


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Part #2: Exciting active dates

Here they come.

The exciting date ideas that require some physical effort.

Many of these activities can be done together, which is extra fun. Or against each other if you desire, which makes for a healthy dose of competition.

Choose one and you’ll definitely have a cool date with her.

Idea #13: Arcade hall

This is an exciting first date idea.

Because competition is always exciting.

That’s why you should go to an arcade hall together.

Challenge each other for a game of air hockey, zombie-killing, whack-a-mole, racing or dancing.

Then see who’s the king (or queen) of the game floor.

Increase the tension by making a bet with your date. The loser gets to pay the drinks in the next café.

Tension creates bonding, also it helps you verify mutual trust.

An active date and Escape rooms can be found throughout the entire country.

There’s most definitely one close by.

Escape room locations often provide go-karts or laser gaming as well. Combine them for an entire day of fun.

Unique idea #14: Hot-air balloon trip

This one is not something for a first date idea.

However if you want a creative date idea for you as a married couple, the this might just be it. Of do you want to make her your girlfriend or wife…?

(…or do you want to face your, or her, vertigo?)

Make a trip in a hot-air balloon.

I’ve not done it yet, but make sure to send me a selfie with your date telling me how it was.

Idea #15: Bungee jumping

For when you prefer staying a little closer to the ground…

…or the water actually.

Then go bungee jumping.

Experience an exciting free fall, before being caught by the rope.

Cool thing is: you often can jump together by the means of a duo-jump.

Of course, if she’s flirting with you during the date, you want to be able to notice.

Most men suck at recognizing signs a woman is interested. That’s why I wrote an article about this, check it out:

>> 27 Subtle Flirting Signs from a Woman You MUST Recognize

Idea #16: Amusement park

Scream your lungs out in a rollercoaster or in the haunted house.

This makes an incredible date because of all the attractions you can enter together.

I highly discourage this date when you just got to know her.

This is more like date #5. She’ll be madly in love with you afterward because of all the impressions she received and the excitement and fun she had.

f you want to completely impress her, and subtly hint her you want her as your GF, go to one of the amusement parks with a magical feeling to them.

Exciting Idea #17: Escape room

Try an escape room for an exciting date.

Work together to find the exit within the designated time.

Because of the time pressure, the set atmosphere and necessary cooperation, this’ll be an exciting date, guaranteed.

Idea #18: Glow golf

Taking drugs can be exciting.

However, not very healthy. Not something I’ll recommend you to do.

Still want to experience a similar trip?

Then go glow golfing.

A game of midget golf while everything lights up in neon colors.

Smuggle in a small bottle of wine to indulge during the game.

So let’s go. Find this cool date idea near you.

Idea #19: Creative date idea for married couples

We’re not there yet.

Do you want to feel like a bird and have a super exciting date with her?

Then try indoor skydiving…

…or outdoor.

Idea #20: Go-karting

I’ve said it before, a date without competition is only have as exciting.

Follow in Michael Schumacher’s footsteps, get yourselves a race suit, a helmet and get in your racecars.

Look who’s the fastest in a nerve-wrecking race.

Pro tip:

Few kart-centers have duo karts.

You can drive these together! Racing against each other is fun, but racing together is much more exciting!

Easy date points.

Idea #21: Climbing a steeple

You both know it’s coming: kissing on top of the church.

However, only you know when the kiss is coming (Yes, you’re going to have to kiss her in the top of the steeple) Not she.

This makes it extra exciting for her. And when the kiss finally arrives: extra romantic.

There’re steeples around the country you can climb at any moment throughout the year. Check to see if there’s one open close to you.

Idea #22: Wall climbing

A perfect and exciting date activity for two reasons:

She’ll be in tight sport wear.

So, you’ll always have a good view.

And the sweat will be on your foreheads, adding on to the excitement.

Idea #23: VR room

Of course, you can go to a VR room to experience what it’s like to live together.

Because those are the applications they have nowadays.

But, if you’re looking for an exciting date, immerse yourself in an adventure like Indiana Jones.

Make sure you reserve your spot beforehand; VR rooms are incredibly popular.

Part #3: Exciting indoor activities

Now it’s time for the exciting dates you’ve probably been waiting for.

No heights, fast go-karts or competitive behavior.


Probably the most exciting dates in this entire list.

Get ready.

Idea #24: Get to know each other profoundly

Perfect for an exciting date at home.

Play a question-game.

You probably think; that sounds boring.

It’ll be boring if you ask stupid questions.

Not if you ask questions from the following list that I compiled for you.

  • Get to know each other better by asking questions.
  • Use the 36 love-questions from psychologist A. Aron to fall in love with each other.

It’ll be an exciting night with the questions I have for you.

Make sure you don’t shy away from the questions she might ask you in return.

Cool date idea near you #25: Love seat in the cinema

A night at the cinema is not always as exciting.

Quite the contrary, it kills the anticipation.

You’re just there sitting there for two hours looking at a moving image, separated.

How sociable. Not.

Spice it up a little by ordering tickets for the love seats.

Then go to a relevant movie, or a movie that’s just a bit too boring and it’ll definitely be exciting in the seat in which you’re nice and close to each other.

 But Dan, how am I supposed to know if she’s attracted to me? 

Glad you asked. I wrote an article about what exactly makes women attracted to men. Check it out:

>> What Makes Women Attracted to Men? 11 Irresistible Qualities

Idea #26: Massage

Personally, I love to give a massage and see how a woman enjoys it.

It’s an exciting way to get closer to each other.

And perfect foreplay.

Here’s some advice for when you want to give your date a massage at home. Also great for an exciting date night idea:

  • Candles. A lot of candles. Bonus points for scented candles
  • Buy some nice massage oil
  • Spice it up by blindfolding her

But on some good tunes to go along with it. Music makes everything more relaxed, which is more than useful during a massage.

Idea #27: New sex positions / toys

This idea can’t be left out for an exciting date. Plus it’s another great date night idea of course.

Try something new together in the bedroom.

Erotically exciting because you’ve never done it before and you will find out what it feels like.

Here are some things to do on a date you can try:

  • Go down on her with the water and fire technique:

Requirements: a blindfold, a cup of hot tea, ice cubes.

Blindfold her and cool her down using the ice cubes. Then take a sip of the hot tea to warm her back up again. This rapid change in temperature makes for an unforgettable experience.

  • Make her fantasies come true:

Every woman has her sexual fantasies. For example, a threesome, master-slave roleplay, or even being raped.

  • Try some toys for a change.

Idea #28: Couple club

Only do this when you’ve been together for a long time and your trust is really strong…

…or if you’re open-minded.

Probably the most exciting date activity in this list, given it’s not just you two anymore but with more people.

Another idea is a tantra-massage course, or something else with a more sexual nature.

Idea #29: Taking a shower together

With bathing clothes…

…or without.

That depends on the relationship between you.

Often, your clothes will remain on during the first date.

But who knows? If you’re a master in the art of picking up women, the craziest things can happen.

Pro tip:

Turn off the lights while showering for an extra interesting experience.


Idea #30: Pillows are not just for sleeping

Not very exciting when she’s already your girlfriend

That’s why you should make it exciting by turning off the heating, turning off the lights and pull out some candles.

Take out your favorite movie, or one that is just a bit too boring so the focus will be more on each other instead of the movie.

Or start building a pillow castle together, like one of our coaches did.

Make sure she brings her favorite pillow, which definitely cannot be left out from the fabric-palace.

Extremely playful, but immensely exciting at the same time.

Cause what are you going to do when the castle is ready?

Think of a massage, telling horror stories, or choose something else from the list which you can combine.

Pro tip:

Sending a message before and after the date is an important part of modern dating.

That’s why my WhatsApp cheat sheet is so important, there you’ll receive 25 tips to always send something funny. < coming soon

You probably think I’ll ask for money, but it’s a free download.

And you and I both know that free is a great price 😉

Idea #31: Sauna/spa

Treat yourselves with a massage, a warm bubble bath and a sauna at one of the many spas.

You can also opt for ‘floating’. With floating you’re in a sealed cabin, without hearing, seeing and feeling anything. This is because the cabin is soundproof, pitch-black and filled with salt water at body temperature.

Only downside: you usually cannot share a pod.

But a combination of floating (separated) and a massage (together) makes for an exciting activity.

Date #32: House date

It’s exciting to have a date at home.

Especially if this is a first time for one of you.

You’ll be in a place where you’ve never been before.

Locking the door behind the other is done by only the twist of a hand.

Watch out though. The vibe can change from ‘exciting’ to ’serial killer’ really quickly.

Idea #33: Feed each other blindfolded

This is a good one for building trust between you.

And a legitimate way to tease each other a little bit.

  • Alternate between warm and cold food/drinks
  • Alternate between tasty and less tasty food/drinks

The perfect date #34: Wed and walk

There’s nothing quite as exciting as your wedding day.

It’s something you really want to think about as well.

For that, there’s the possibility to have a fake wedding.

Often, you’re able to book an entire ceremony, with choice from a wide range of wedding dresses for her and a three-piece suit for you and bouquets for you both.

Exciting date idea #35: Virtual reality warfare

There is a plethora of virtual reality centers. Often the centers are so large that there’s a large room in which you can stroll around carrying your VR-glasses and gun.

This is a bewildering experience, after walking around in the virtual world for 60 minutes you feel slightly alienated when seeing the real world again.

This date is full of excitement, for something so cool you can be sure she won’t cancel on you.

This is how you prepare for a cool date

We’ve covered a wide array of date ideas.

Now it’s time to perform so she’ll fall in love with you during your first exciting date.

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