Seductive Eye Contact in Flirting: 5 Ways to Boost Attraction

In this article, you learn:

  • 5 Tips how to have flirty eye contact with women
  • Why a certain type of eye contact is highly attractive to girls
  • How you can play with your eye contact in flirting so you don’t have to say as much
  • Eye contact practices so you will never flinch when talking to a beautiful lady
  • Many more insights about the attraction of eye contact…

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Eye contact is a powerful social signal.

My beloved mother is a fanatic when it comes to idioms and always thought it was a good idea to bombard me with them as a child.

Two of them stayed especially in my memory:

1) “A man knows no pain.”

When I was a kid, all I could think about was, “What fucking man, Mum? I’m glad that some dude doesn’t feel pain, but I’m fucking dying here…”

2) “The eyes are the window to the soul.”

Another phrase I never understood as a child. But now I finally know what she was trying to tell me. Which is:

Eye contact is a crucial (perhaps even the most crucial) component of non-verbal communication. 

Why didn’t you just say it like that, Mum? Well, anyway…

Ask yourself these questions:

What do my eyes tell about me? Does my gaze betray me or does it say what it should say?

Or are you even one to stare at women?

This scenario is certainly familiar to you:

You go into a bar at night and see a beautiful woman. You don’t dare looking her in the eyes. But you can’t help it, she’s too damn pretty…

You keep glancing over and over for a moment, furtively. As soon as you notice that she also looks at you, you immediately turn to the side and order another beer…

Many men (and women!) find it difficult to make and maintain eye contact.

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The main reason for this is that many don’t know how to deal with eye contact. Especially flirting eye contact.

But I’ve good news for you:

After this article + video, you will know exactly what to do when a woman makes eye contact with you and how to use the power of eye contact!

Flirting with eye contact: How do you do it?

I admit it: Sometimes you feel uncomfortable when you keep eye contact and you feel the need to break it off.

Now you’re going to be surprised: It’s even in our DNA!

Notice how easy it’s for babies to make eye contact.

According to a study, babies are more likely to look into eyes that look back at them.

Even animals automatically look you straight in the eye. Isn’t that strange?

Why do we humans forget this in the course of our lives?

Well, the simple answer is because we’re afraid.

Fear of rejection and of looking weird.

But here is a little hack: With the right eye contact you can minimize the fear of rejection when flirting.

Attention all players out there, now it’s getting interesting! The latest scientific researches show:

Eye contact increases physical arousal.

It’s also the most subtle way to show a woman you like her. And you can check to see if the feeling is mutual.

But to become a master of eye contact, there are a few rules you need to know better than the basics.

Rule #1: The right level of dominance

There are some rules that you need to know to achieve what you want to achieve with your gaze.

When it comes to first impressions, you only get one chance.

And here, of all the non-verbal key signs, your eye contact is the most crucial.

In fact, you can already win hearts in the first few seconds.

Which brings us back to idioms: The phrase “love at first sight” may be a bit exaggerated, but it’s not by accident.

These techniques can be used not only at night in a bar, but anywhere and at any time!

So, bro, take off your sunglasses and make eye contact!

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Lesson #1: Never be the one to break first eye contact.

I know it’s a little awkward sometimes.

But it’s essential to show you’re comfortable.

With yourself, the environment and the situation.

With it you communicate dominance and that’s certainly not something to be ashamed of. You just take your place, nothing more.

Get used to never looking away first. After a while, it becomes a habit. Then you have to find the right balance.

Rule #2: The right smile

If you find a woman charming, but she hasn’t noticed you yet, then look over to her from time to time. This shouldn’t take longer than 3 seconds.

If you keep looking over for a moment, she will subconsciously notice this and sooner or later she will look back and make eye contact with you.

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A great way to start the conversation then is to say, “You can’t look at me like that and then not talk to me.”

Rule #3: Use your facial expression

Once you’ve made eye contact, it’s time to take the next step:

Make yourself known.

You achieve this through your body language. For example, by smiling or flicking your eyebrows up briefly as if to say “Hi”.

If you don’t, you’ll give the woman reason enough to think, “He’s not looking at me, just in my direction.”

That’s not what you want to achieve!

It should be your clear goal that she understands that you want to make contact and you achieve this with the help of your facial expressions.

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This adds an extra dimension to the interaction and is certainly better than staring at your counterpart.

Rule #4: Focus on one eye

The next step may sound strange, but it works: Fuck her with your eyes.

The first time I experimented with it, I had such strong and intimate eye contact with a woman that we aroused each other so strongly that we approached each other wordlessly and immediately kissed passionately and with not too little tongue.

But how do you fuck with your look? The secret is to focus on one eye.

This doesn’t mean that you should squint, nor that you should stare into the same eye all the time.

It’s simply a matter of looking into one eye individually and then slowly changing eyes. Why? Because you don’t just want to look at her, you want to look into her.

This makes it easier to trigger emotions in another person and build sexual tension.

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How to flirt with a woman with eye contact in practice

Now that the rules are clear, they must be applied in practice.

A mirror isn’t only a great invention for this, but also your best wingman. You can perfect your vision there before you try it out on the ladies.

Try to convince yourself with your look. Hold the contact without looking away. Of course a mirror is only a reflection of yourself, so sooner or later you have to break eye contact.

The next tip is to watch your posture. Straighten up, pull your shoulder blades together and breathe deeply and relaxed.

Flirt with a critical eye

Remember, you’re not the first to break eye contact. That’s the woman’s job.

Get her to look at you. Smile, raise your glass or blink and then make eye contact.

It’s then a logical consequence to start the conversation and it will neither frighten nor surprise you.

You showed her that you’re interested and not ashamed of being that and that makes women hotter than Tabasco…

But now it’s time for my absolute secret weapon: Show with your gaze not only admiration but also skepticism.

Your slightly critical look should make it clear that you lose interest in her if she’s too so-so.

You don’t know how to open the conversation with her?

Take a look at this article if you want to finally lose your cluelessness:

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Intense eye contact between man and woman and the role of lips in it

One last tip for all those who are already in proximity to their flirt partner and exchange strong eye contact:

Let your gaze wander to her lips from time to time.

This immediately triggers the head cinema of a woman and unleashes in her the desire to kiss you.

When she subconsciously moistens her lips with her tongue, then you know that you’re on the right track.

Keep strong eye contact and look at her lips from time to time. If she holds it or blinks blushes, chances are you can kiss her now. In that case, don’t wait too long to take the step.

The advantage: With this technique you can find out before the kiss how receptive she’s to it and don’t have to risk an embarrassing rejection.

Pretty ingenious, huh?

However, let’s be real to these tips. Eye contact itself is powerful but it doesn’t help you at all if you have no clue how to seduce a woman properly besides making great eye contact.

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Have fun implementing my tips.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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