List of Facial Expression (With Examples) + The 5 Looks Women Find Most Attractive

Men possess 26 facial muscles which he uses – consciously and unconsciously – for communication.

Microexpressions are expressions that automatically flash in your face for a split second when you’re confronted with something.

They can expose your true emotions. No one can hide them entirely…

It’s a universal communication.

Even if you’re out in the sticks and don’t understand a single word of the local language, you know you have a tiny problem when you feel a cold breath on your neck, turn around and see a colossal man looking at you like this:

Time to run, I’d say. Or ask him what the hell his problem is.

The former is probably wiser…

Today you learn:

  • How you can use microexpressions to improve your social life
  • What Darwin underestimated and why it can lead to misunderstandings
  • Microexpression crash course: 7 facial expressions examples + what you really subcommunicate through them
  • The 5 types of facial expressions that women find irresistible
  • Much more insights about the language of facial expressions

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When you learn the global language of microexpressions, you gain an insight into the world of emotions.

Many companies – including Goldman Sachs and Unilever – are aware of this and use complex artificial intelligence programs that analyze these micro-expressions in humans during a job interview.

Since these expressions can be very subtle and above all short, they often escape the human eye, but high-speed cameras can perceive them without any problems.

In this way, an applicant is scanned at a non-verbal level and classified in terms of competence for a particular job.

I know, I know… scary shit!

But on the other hand, a very logical approach. When I assess a person, I pay much more attention to his non-verbal communication. It’s much more reliable, because you can tell a lot when the day is long.

Men are rated similarly by women. Every wannabe Casanova tells women whatever he has to to win them over.

She’s been through all this…

Either she has never blindly trusted words before or she used to be gullible, has had bad experiences, and now only scans all the more for the non-verbal communication of men.

No matter how good your words may be… If your body (especially your face) says something else, you won’t get very far with it.

As you can see, it isn’t only interesting to deal with this topic, but also damn useful.

Now don’t go thinking that what you say has zero impact. There are tons of things girls like to hear you say. For example:

>> 15 Powerful Examples of What Girls Want to Hear

Why it’s important to recognize microexpressions

Reason #1: Improved social awareness

Reading micro expressions is the key to increased emotional awareness and thus to social intelligence.

If you can read people like a book, you have a clear advantage in any social situation.

Poker players are true masters in the art of recognizing micro expressions. They’re human lie detectors and that’s why so many of their fellow players wear sunglasses…

They know that you can’t fool them with a poker face.

But this ability is not only useful for catching people in a fib, making millions in poker and living like Dan Bilzerian

You increase your general knowledge of human nature: You can notice that your best buddy is sad, that a person is aggressive and you should stay away from him, and that a woman thinks you’re great and is just waiting for you to get closer to her…

The areas of application are immensely extensive.

You can consider the ability to read micro expressions as a real-life super-power for these reasons.

Reason #2: More charisma

You shouldn’t only be able to read micro expressions, but also to master them in your own face.

I once had a coaching student whose face was more expressionless than a potato.

He was a funny and incredibly nice guy, no question about it, but because he let his facial muscles communicate very little, success with women failed to materialize because it made him look like an unfeeling robot.

You can hardly assess these people and because you can’t be sure that you aren’t dealing with a serial killer, you prefer to avoid them.

To help him with this problem, I made it clear that I would only answer his questions if he gave expression to his face.

He put it into action immediately by putting on a big grin, lifting his thumbs and saying “ok”.

I immediately found him more likeable! (And the women he approached later on as well.)

Simple changes, big results.

More can be found in my free Transformation Kit, right here.

Reason #3: Improve your relationships

When my cousin meets with her girlfriends, they reportedly talk about one topic most of the time: Men.

Especially about how insensitive they are.

“He just doesn’t get that I’m mad at him!”

In the men’s defense: Just let him know, how would that be?!

In defense of the women: Very few men are actually insensitive. They’re simply not very good at reading micro expressions.

If you can recognize the emotions of others, you can respond empathically to them and strengthen the connection between you.

Why micro expressions are less universal than many scientists claim

Charles Darwin wrote in his book “The expression of emotions in humans and animals” that facial expressions of emotions are universal and don’t depend on the respective culture.

Since then, the scientific community has argued back and forth.

Some claim that the human face isn’t a reliable source for interpreting emotions and others are firmly convinced that humans are very good at interpreting the minds of others with a single look.

Both extremes are of course nonsense and as it’s so often the case with disagreements, the truth probably lies in the middle.

No, it isn’t easy to interpret another person’s emotional state. How often do misunderstandings arise between two people?

And how often does a person commit suicide or a crime and then it’s: “Well, I never thought that he would do this to himself…”?

So, it’s by no means easy to recognize micro expressions and all those who claim the opposite probably live on a desert island where they drink liters of coconut milk instead of socializing…

That all people express emotions in the same way is also bullshit. Sorry, Darwin…

This study shows that Asians are more likely to use their eyes when communicating and Western Europeans are more likely to use their eyebrows and mouths, which can lead to misinterpretations.

Yes, there are universal trends and it’s especially interesting that animals and human babies express similarly the 7 basic emotions we will discuss in a moment, but never underestimate the power of cultural and social influences!

For example, foreigners often claim that Germans are aggressive.

I have a completely different experience in that regard. Yes, I even think Germany is a very peaceful country with extremely friendly people.

I spend a lot of time with foreigners and always ask when they say something like that:

“What makes you think that?”

The usual answer:

“They have such grumpy faces”

Japan, one of the most modern and richest countries in the world, has been struggling for a long time with an extremely high suicide rate.

If you have been to Japan before, you can probably confirm that the people there are overly friendly. They actually smile all the time when they speak.

Laymen would think that Japanese people are happier than average, which seems not to be the case…

The 7 basic emotions according to Paul Ekman

So, you realize that micro expressions are a complicated subject. To read them requires training.

Let’s start with the first exercise and determine the main characteristics of the 7 basic emotions according to Paul Ekman.

He is a pioneer in emotion perception research and has characterized the emotions fear, anger, sadness, surprise, disgust, joy and contempt.

Later he added more states of mind such as contentment, pride, exhilaration, embarrassment, relief, shame, and sensual pleasure.

First look at the pictures and try to recognize the features yourself before you look at my resolution.

Fear facial expression

Distinguishing features:

  • Heavily opened upper eyelids
  • Dilated pupils
  • furrows in mid-frontal area
  • Raised eyebrows
  • Open or retracted mouth
  • Tense lips

Anger facial expression

Distinguishing features:

  • Wrinkles between nose and forehead
  • Lowered eyebrows
  • Squeezed, lower eyelid
  • Compressed lips

Grief facial expression

Distinguishing features:

  • Empty, unfocused gaze
  • Lip corners pulled down
  • Lowered, upper eyelids
  • Slightly tensed, inner eyebrows

Surprise facial expression

Distinguishing features:

  • Lowered jaw
  • Opened, relaxed mouth
  • Raised eyebrows
  • Open eyelids

Disgust facial expression

Distinguishing features:

  • Raised cheeks
  • Upper lip tightened
  • Wrinkles on the bridge of the nose
  • Narrowed nostrils

Joy / Happy facial expression

Distinguishing features:

  • pinching of the eyelids
  • Lip corners pulled up and back
  • “Laugh lines.” Furrow from the nose to the corners of the lips

Contempt facial expression

Distinguishing features:

  • Focused look
  • Asymmetry through:
    • Tilted head
    • Tense one half of the lip

The subtle reality

If you’re thinking, “Haha, that’s super easy,” don’t get too excited.

I have chosen very clear examples here. In practice, most people are restrained and the micro expressions express themselves much more subtly.

Let’s look at a more realistic example. Could you interpret the right emotions in this picture?

Not so easy anymore, huh…

Moreover, a person can feel more than one emotion at a time. Could you recognize mixed forms as well?

But that isn’t even necessary. After all, we’re here to learn how to use micro expressions to increase your success with women.

And you really don’t have to be a CIA agent who can see through people to do that.

There’s only one thing that matters…

5 Different facial expressions that women find irresistible

As already mentioned, micro expressions happen involuntarily. But as soon as you become aware of them and gain control over your facial muscles through training (like actors), you can use them to your advantage.

Have you ever wondered why women go for certain Hollywood stars?

Sure, a lot of them are damn good-looking… but there are a lot of good-looking actors that women don’t rave about.

How do you achieve this legendary sex symbol status?

Of course, several factors come together here, but a strongly influential one is the facial expression.

If you have a powerful, captivating, and erotic facial expression, then you can really fascinate women with it.

From the classic James Bond look to the flirty facial expression of Joey Tribbiani.

We take a close look at the most attractive expressions, so you can use them to drive women wild.

All you need is a mirror and the determination to increase your attraction.

Let’s start right now with the look that will probably surprise you the most…

More attractive traits can be found here:

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Facial expression #1: The “You must be kidding!” look

I’m almost sure you’ve gotten this look from a woman before, after you’ve done or said something that she didn’t like 100%.

She kept looking at you with those eyes until you got soft. You submitted to the pressure that woman put on you and you withdrew your action or your words:

“I wasn’t serious.”

“I’m just kidding.”

“Just fooling around.”

At this moment a clear shift of influence occurs and it’s clear who is in control of the conversation: She.

The good news is that men can use that look just as much as women do.

All you have to do is:

  • Pull one side of the lip corners slightly back.
  • Just pull up the inner ends of your eyebrows.
  • Frown.
  • Pinch the lower eyelid slightly.

Sub-communication is here:

“Really, young lady? Are you serious?”

Once you have put on this look, it’s important that you hold it. I call that a FREEZE.

Freeze your expression until SHE becomes soft.

And she will. You put positive pressure on her, so that she feels the urge to justify herself.

Even the toughest alpha woman will then become all girly and that’s exactly what you want to achieve with it.


If you look at her like that all the time, she’ll eventually think that you don’t like her or she’ll even think you’re arrogant.

Therefore, it’s important that you smile and only use your gaze in the right situations.

Don’t look at her with that “You’re serious?” look when she’s being sweet, kind and warm to you.

Otherwise she feels criticized for it and will let it go quickly.

Use it instead when she tries to get ahead of you or when she’s playing hard to get.


“You’re going to buy me a drink later anyway.”

You: *puts on the “you serious?” look*

(Don’t forget to freeze your expression!)

If she doesn’t respond even after 5 seconds, you can just look past her and change the subject by saying:

“Well, anyway…”

Facial expression #2: The sincere smile

This is the look that immediately gives others a good feeling.

What you have to do for it:

  • Smile wide – wider on one side than the other.
  • The eyes should be wrinkled at the outer corners (by the way, this is how you can tell a fake smile from a real one).
  • Show your teeth without opening your mouth too wide.
  • Raise your eyebrows slightly.

If you do it RIGHT, you seem safe, friendly, and like a person with whom you can have a good time.

However, the degree can be very narrow, because if done incorrectly, you quickly look like a serial killer.

For this reason, this expression requires a lot of practice.

Facial expression #3: The “sweet and sexy” look

The “sweet and sexy” look is the daily bread when it comes to interactions with women.

It ensures that she immediately puts you in the “attractive type” pigeonhole and you should suspend it as often as possible – yes, even make it your standard expression!

It isn’t too greasy, which doesn’t make you look shabby, but sexy in an innocent kind of way…

The features:

  • Light, playful smile
  • One lip corner raised higher than the other
  • slightly raised eyebrows
  • Body turned slightly to the side

When you get these details out, a gun next to your face is no longer necessary to attract attention: I’m a sexy motherfucker!

Of course, that expression doesn’t seduce women for you. You’ll have to do that yourself.

But if you want to make it easier for yourself, then this look is for you:

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Facial expression #4: The intense look

There are people who have such an intense gaze that it’s difficult to keep eye contact with them.

Coach Mathijs has perfected this facial expression and its effect on women has surprised even me a little.

The aim of that look isn’t to scare the woman.

However, if you plan to intimidate other men, for example because you live in a dangerous area, then it’s also useful for this.

This gaze is there to symbolize: I’m a strong person.

The key to this is intense eye contact and maintaining it.

When you look at people like that and endure it, you sub-communicate:

“I know I look scary. But I don’t care. I’ll keep the look anyway because I want you to see me and react to me.”

The features:

  • Eyebrows lowered
  • Slightly lowered chin
  • Squeezed, lower eyelid
  • Slightly narrowed nostrils
  • Slightly tensed jaw
  • Most subtle smile in the world

It’ll be much easier for you to perform this gaze if you focus on ONE EYE of your counterpart.

Facial expression #5: The “I know you want me” look

Ladies and gentlemen! Today you’ll see a sensation. Let me introduce… *drum roll*… the most seductive look the human face has to offer.

It’s the most effective expression you can pull off in several situations:

  • If she tries to resist you
  • When she goes all “hard to get”
  • When she tries to reduce the sexual tension
  • If she wants to put you in the Friend Zone or the “Only boyfriend material” box

It’s a great way to communicate: “Nice try, babe. But I know you want me.”

This is good for demonstrating your self-confidence and to charge the sexual tension more than a power generator.

What you have to do to rock that look:

  • Sly smile on the lips
  • One lip corner tightened higher than the other
  • One eyebrow slightly raised
  • Chin tilted down
  • eyes slightly closed (especially the lower one)

There’s one thing I have to say: You have to be really confident to turn that look into a work of art… you have to be absolutely convinced that you’re a hot piece.

As soon as you think that and communicate it with that facial expression, women often start to think that too.

Flirtatious looks in practice

When should you use these expressions?

Only on hot women you’re interested in?

And what about men?

In my opinion, you should use these looks ON ALL PEOPLE.

Whether it’s a male, female or an alien with three tits…

Of course, you can be a little more selective about the “I know you want me” and “sweet and sexy” look. But even with them, there’s no harm in using them on women you don’t want to get into bed with.


Because facial expressions are based on habit.

Look at private photos (for example on Instagram) of the actors I used in this article. You’ll find that Ryan Gosling not only uses this look on the set but has also implemented it in his everyday life.

After a while it’ll feel less like an acting act when you put on one of these facial expressions.

You make it YOUR OWN VERSION with practice and then you unleash an attraction potential that you never thought you had before…

You got this, player.

To help you out more, I’ve created a free Transformation Kit for you.

You can download it for free below.


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