The Only 11 (Indoor and Outdoor) Fall Date Idea Inspiration You Need

Date ideas fall

Trees hoist themselves into colorful garments.

Panicked people sprint after blown-away clothes that they had hung on their clotheslines.

Across Germany and other countries, in which Oktoberfest is celebrated, tipsy people shout a joyful ‘It’s tapped!’ as they chink huge glasses.

More and more often Mother Nature transforms our days into a wet T-shirt contest.

Yep, here we go again.

It’s fall.

And you have a date around the corner.

What are some great and unique date ideas for fall? You’ve come to the right place:

  • The best 11 date ideas to get your through fall
  • Outdoor activities for the sunny days
  • Indoor activities for the rainy fall days
  • Why fall might be actually the best season for dates
  • The key to successfall dates (pun intended)
  • More fall date ideas…

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At first glance Fall is probably the worst season on the planet for dates.

Outside it’s too cold to slouch around in your T-shirt and still too warm to do third-class pirouettes with ice skates in nearby lakes.

Looks like the next few months are going to be quite ‘meh’, especially if you’re not a beer enthusiast and want to stay away from dirndls, lederhosen and rustic Schlager music.


And now, of all times, you have a date with a cute girl.

“What the hell should I do with her?”

After all, you want to give her an original rendezvous – so that she wants to see you again.

Bars and café visits you might find boring (I agree with you one hundred percent: they are indeed unoriginal) …

… and we don’t need to talk about trips to the cinema or restaurant (because at latest after you’ve read this article, you should know why these ideas are bad for getting to know each other deeply).

However, before you bury your head in the sand like a nervous ostrich – let me tell you something…

Your salvation is at hand…


Because in this article I show you 11 fall date ideas, with which you can turn your dates into memorable moments that she’ll tell her great-grandchildren about.

True story.

Hint: All of these sometimes “cute” date ideas for fall can be simultaneously seen as fun activities for couples (in case you are in a relationship and want to add more spice into your partnership).

And to not lose any further time, let’s start:

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Outdoor fall date ideas

Fall date idea #1: Go on a harvesting ‘crusade’

Whether apples, pears, blackberries, quinces, plums or maize – in September and October many farmers invite you to their plantations for self-picking.

So, grab two straw baskets from your grandmother Mary and go on a collecting trip with your lady.

Challenge each other and find out, who can fill his basket faster.

Afterward, test which of you has collected the more delicious vitamin snacks.

To give your trip that certain ‘wow’ moment, prepare a dish together from your collected goods.

Your homey Google offers you countless recipes for this.

Pro tip:

If you two aren’t the most talented cooks/bakers, I highly recommend you visit a corn plantation with her. After all, popcorn is the easiest dish you can make and it’s a great way to improve a movie night.

Fall date idea #2: Play Airbender

In contrast to all other seasons, fall is often cursed for this very reason:

Strong winds blow across the nation’s prairies almost daily…

… and destroy every hairstyle.

What a cruel world.

The ‘heaven-born wind’ offers you the chance to try out various culinary wind sports with your chica bonita.

Kitesurfing, sailing, paragliding, kite skating, or riding a kite buggy: For part-time jumping jacks, fall is a true festival of exotic sports.

So, take your chosen one out for an unforgettable experience.

And in case you both are convinced couch potatoes, you can still steal your 7-year-old cousin’s kite and compete with your mademoiselle in ‘air aerobatics’.

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Fall date idea #3: ‘Trick or treat!’



It keeps ringing the doorbell.

When I open it, a little boy shouts a ‘TRIIIIIIIIIIIICK OR TREEEEEEEEEEAT!!!’ in my face.

It’s the spoiled neighborhood kid, Felix.

And it’s Halloween.

A fact that I have forgotten in the everyday stress.

Because I can’t find anything better, I toss Felix a zucchini in his bag full of sweets and slam the door in his face.

Five minutes go by.


The doorbell’s ringing again.

Slightly annoyed because I am already interrupted in my workflow again, I grab the next zucchini from the kitchen and open the door.

But what my eyes see this time knocks me out.

It’s a dressed-up lady holding a bottle of wine in her hand.


A woman I had arranged to meet tonight.

Thing numero dos, I forgot under everyday stress…

She asks me with bright eyes:

“Why are you holding a zucchini in your hand… are we cooking?”

And that’s when it hit me…

A date idea that would make the world a better place…

An idea that would save millions of children from caries and diabetes (as far as it’s shared).

I answer her in a determined, confident tone:

“No, Lara. Today we are going candy hunting”

Thereupon I get us two old bedsheets, a pair of kitchen scissors, and a marker.

By now her eyes shine brighter than Chernobyl and Fukushima combined.

An hour later we are knocking on other people’s doors in shabby ghost costumes and scrounging for pounds of sweets.

Three hours later we feed each other with Snickers and have our ghost costumes and underwear thundered into the corner of my bedroom…

Yeah, that Halloween date was unforgettable for both of us.

And as of today, you are also privy to this original date idea.

So, make something of it.

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Fall date idea #4: ‘Dora the Explor- who?’

You’re both adventurers through and through, always looking for a thrill?

Then open your eyes wide now, bromigo.

To satisfy your spirit of adventure in a special way, I recommend you to do the following:

Play urban explorer with her.

Travel with her to deserted places and discover for example abandoned school ruins, deserted psychiatries and centuries-old castles.

Especially if you have a passion for photography, you can take phenomenal snapshots.

By the way, here you can find out abandoned places you can visit.

Even Dora could take a leaf out of this…

Fall date idea #5: Stick bread & chill

The BBQ season is over and all barbecue groceries disappear from the shelves of the supermarkets.

The perfect way to ring in a ‘back to the roots’ and put on a campfire.

No matter whether you accompany your evening with stick bread, marshmallows, skewers or bratwursts – under the crystal-clear starry sky you can philosophize about life and forget about everyday stress for a moment.

Bonus points if you unpack your ukulele or guitar and play a little campfire song.

By the way, with cuddly blankets you are guaranteed to collect further extra points.

Fall date idea #6: Swimming in the (heated) outdoor pool

You are both water lovers and like to spend time in the fresh air? Then head for the next wellness spa!

In the muscle relaxing warm water, you can relax your souls and massage each other while you make plans to take over world domination.

Indoor date ideas

Fall date idea #7: Visit to the planetarium

A deep look into the infinite vastness of our cosmos and all your worries become trivial.

The planetarium transforms you into Aristotle and invites you both to dream and philosophize.

Especially if you both had a stressful day, you can relax.

Cinema? Pfff, how outdated.

Fall date idea #8: Thanksgiving @ home

Corn soup for starter.

Crispy turkey with cranberry sauce and a glazed potato souffle for the main course.

Chilled pumpkin tart for dessert.

Is your mouth watering yet?

Then invite your chosen one to a first-class cooking date and celebrate Thanksgiving with her.

In several pages on the World Wide Web you can find thousands of dishes that are easily prepared.

Coincidentally, I’ve already written you the ultimate step-by-step guide on how to effortlessly transform your cooking dates into spectacles.

You can find it here.


Fall date idea #9: Build a cushion fort

Admit it.

When you used to tear apart your parents’ house to build a cave or castle from the collected cushions and blankets, you felt like you were the king of this planet.

So why not do the same with m’lady?

Silly things like this remind her that the world is a much better place if you don’t take everything too seriously.

Especially when the weather outside is bad, there’s probably nothing more comfortable than hosting a games evening in a cushion fort.

Fall date idea #10: Go to the trampoline hall

…is there anything else I need to say?

Triple backflips put everyone in a state of constant euphoria.

So, grab a picnic basket, fill it with delicious sandwiches and drinks and treat yourself a trip to Wonderland.

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Fall date idea #11: Play the wine connoisseur

Fall is wine season.

The perfect opportunity to look skeptically into a wine glass, swing them around aimlessly, gargle it like a bottle of mouthwash and swallowing it appreciatively.

At your local wine merchant of trust you can get drunk stylishly.

The perfect start for the evening.

If you are still able to walk afterwards, a visit to the next karaoke bar is inevitable to lilt a cheerful duet.

After all, you only sound like Whitney Houston for a limited time in your perception.

The #1 key to make every date an unforgettable success

Ok, amigo.

Now you have 11 original ideas for fall at hand, from which you can profit from gloriously.

However, even the most innovative and world’s best date ideas will be of no use to you if you don’t know how to do this:

Seduce your lady properly.

Without that ability, she will find the date entertaining…

…but see you as a pleasant friend.

So, she condemns you to the darkest dungeon of the friendzone – and trust me, you won’t get out of there easily.

“Dan! How can I achieve the opposite?”

That’s the question I was hoping for.


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Your bro,
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