4 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Sex Without Shame

Whether it’s in movies and television, in magazines à la Playboy, in your parents’ bedroom or in your browser’s search history (if you haven’t already deleted it)…

Sex rules the world.

There is rarely anything I love as much as:

  • Rescuing men like you from their virginity
  • Passionate sex with wonderful women

But this hasn’t always been the case…

I still remember how terrifying the ‘human reproductive model’ (at this point, shout-out to my biology teacher) was to me when I was more virginal than McLovin from Superbad.

And the way my hands got dripping wet just thinking about sex with a real woman.

Damn, I genuinely was the Olympic champion of fear of sexual intimacy.

Maybe you’re facing a similar situation right now, bro.

Maybe you’ve kissed a girl or two, but you’re still a virgin or about to have sex with an intimidating, hot woman (or at least a girl, you really don’t want to disappoint).

In your thoughts, you might be fantasizing wildly about how you can give your 11/10 sex god orgasm after orgasm…

But when it’s do or die and your beautiful senorita starts to undress you slowly (or as soon as the opportunity of a similar scenario arises), strong self-doubts, or even phobia, spread inside you.

You no longer think clearly.

Your promising daydreams about your glorious sex adventures suddenly turn into pulsating panic, constricting nervousness and stinging discomfort.

But sex should be the most fulfilling feeling in the world, right?

Pfff… apparently not for you.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” you think, and you can’t explain why your body is acting the way it is.

Hold on, bro!

Before you decide to jump off any bridges out of desperation, I advise you to read this article.


Because today I’m going to show you:

  • How to overcome fear of sex phobia without shame
  • How to start your journey towards becoming a sex god by using 3 simple hacks
  • Why society suppresses our sex drives like slaves
  • 5 phrases to overcome your fear of sexuality with ease in contact with women
  • Feel like a king, even when you’re insecure about your body
  • Shocking research: what car accidents have to do with sexually transmitted diseases
  • More tips about dealing with fear of sex…

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Reason #1: Suppressed sexuality

95% percent of all men and women are suppressed when it comes to the intimate sharing of various body fluids.

This is due to one DECISIVE thing.

Let me show you some examples of it:

You’re zapping around on TV and come across love stories in which men AND women, who talk openly about their need for hot sex, are pictured like filthy pigs or dirty sluts.

You can scroll through Facebook and find posts like this:


Maybe you were even taught by your parents that sex before marriage is absolutely unkosher and that dear God himself will send you to hell if you satisfy your sex drive.

The main reason that prevents people worldwide from living out their authentic sexuality is called…

Social conditioning.

“A woman who has slept with several men in her life?”

“What a disgusting b!tch!”

Slut-shaming is a common practice in our modern society.

No wonder there is so much fear of sex.

This is also the reason why women find it difficult to be open about their instinctive libido.

After all, they are condemned hastily (by men AND women) for their behavior and thus risk landing on the social ladder next to dog excrement and green-yellow sputum.

No woman with healthy self-esteem wants to end up there, but what happens when a man sleeps with many women?

He is idolized – at least by his friends.

Even in the eyes of a woman, such a man is usually respected for his open sexuality.

All this is happening because we are forced 24/7 to behave like this.

If sex is perceived as a shameful act, it’s no wonder you feel resistance.

It’s a logical consequence.

So firstly, let’s shake off that social conditioning with tip 1.

Tip #1: Free yourself from your fear of sex

Hallelujah it’s the 21st century!

There are now countless studies documenting that women crave wild coitus at least as much as men.

Suffering from fear of sex? Have trust in science and do the following next time you face a woman. It may sound counterintuitive, but trust me. You’ll break through your phobia in no-time:

Talk about sex.

But not in a creepy way…

I’ll give you some sentences to experiment with and which will ultimately help you to realize that women absolutely love talking about sex.

At least when a man doesn’t condemn them for it:

“Hey, I saw Fifty Shades Of Grey the other day. What’d you think of that movie?”

“What makes a man attractive for you?”

“What is most important to you in a relationship?”

“You know what I find unfair? That a man who sleeps with lots of women is celebrated profoundly and women are pointed at when they do the same.”

“Don’t worry, I’m 169% gay and have slept with over 200 men. You can tell me anything.”

Try talking about sex with girls, and you’ll find out something crucial: Women love sex as much as men do.

But what exactly do they like? Very good question.

Here’s an article about sexual attraction. Read it here:

>> Sexual Attraction – 15 Things She Wants You to Know, But Will Never Tell You

Reason #2: Insecurity about your own body

‘I’m too fat.’

‘I’m too thin.’

‘I’m not muscular enough.’

The critical thoughts in your head can drive you completely insane.

Since our eyes are constantly flooded with ideal images, it’s no wonder that our brain tends to compare us with others.

Big, tanned and athletic surfer boys, with a huge bulge in their Calvin Klein socket, adorn photo-shopped billboards worldwide.

A man has to be successful – drive a Ferrari, live in a six-story villa and wear designer clothes.

No wonder we think we aren’t good enough and sink into a swamp of self-doubt.

How can you get rid of that thought?

>> ‘Am I Unattractive?’ + 10 Other Biggest Self-Sabotaging Turnoffs

Tip #2: Fear of sexual intimacy? Pimp your confidence!

Your body is not as important to women as you might think.

Sure, women find it attractive if you do something for your health and go to the gym  (in the same way that you probably appreciate this in women too).

But more important is:

  1.  How much self-confidence you have about your body.
  2.  How much you take care of it.

Self-confidence is the #1 most attractive quality a man can possess.

By the way, why this is and how you develop James Bond-ish self-confidence, you will find out in this article that I’ve written for you.

But even huge self-confidence won’t get you far if you smell like Oscar (who lives in a garbage can) from Sesame Street.

I’m sure this is already self-evident to you, but never let your hygiene be compromised.

Brush your teeth regularly, trim your whiskers, trim your nails and don’t forget to shower before you go out with your chosen one.

I’ve never seen Oscar pick up women.

Clothes are important as well, mostly because they display your personality and your tastes.

If fashion is not your thing, I wrote an article on how to dress to impress women, read it here:

>> 10 Tips – Dress to Impress for Men (Ladies LOVE This)

Reason #3: You’re suffering from performance anxiety

At least since you discovered the fabulous world of porn portals, an image of perfect sex may have become an established part of your internal beliefs.

You see how bald-headed, muscular guys penetrate busty exotic women with their 40-centimeter lulus giving them countless orgasms, almost unconsciously.

Mr. Clean has such amazing stamina that he only spritzes his sexual partner after three hours of doggy penetration (uncut) accurately between the eyes.

Do you want to know something, bro?

When you watch fairy tales like that, it’s no wonder you’re intimidated by sex.

Even though you may be aware that the dirty movies feature porn actors who have an entire film crew breathing down their necks trying to make the video as epic as possible, there’s one thing you can’t deny:

They increase your performance pressure.

You’re about to have sex with a hot woman (maybe it’s even your first time).

But what if your penis isn’t big enough to stimulate her optimally?

What if you can’t get it up?

And hell no… what if you come too fast?

Stop! Stop! Stop!

How the fuck are you supposed to enjoy sex with her when your head is filled with so much uncertainty?

Tip #3: Your journey to become a sex god

Highbrowed headline?

No, not if Prof. Dr. Dan Vagiloni Ram explains how to become a coryphaeus in sex – no matter how well-equipped you are behind your boxers.

Let me lead you by the hand and discover the realm of the sex god:

>> How To Please A Woman In Bed (Step-by-Step Guide)

However, please keep the following in mind when reading this article (especially if you’re inexperienced).

Begin with small steps.

Nobody expects you to go from 0 to 100 in one jump.

I mean, what did it look like for me anyway?

At first, I just cuddled with women, then slowly started to stimulate them with my fingers or mouth until I finally had real sex with them.

Baby steps have helped me achieve sexual freedom and I recommend the same to you. Literally grope yourself slowly towards sex and never put yourself under pressure.

It’s just like driving a car.

Trust that with every driving lesson you will become more and more experienced and gain more and more confidence.

Being excited before sex is a very stimulating feeling – enjoy it.

Reason #4: Fear of bursts

A Kinder Surprise!

We probably all used to be happy about this as curious and adventurous children.

But in the context of intercourse, this term is probably not one that you will greet with the greatest enthusiasm.

‘Become a father (again)?’

 ‘(More) alimonies to pay?’

‘No, thanks.’

A burst condom may cause existential fears in you…

Not only because it can result in the birth of offspring, but also because it greatly increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, chlamydia, or aids

Your fear is understandable.

Especially when I think about an overprotective buddy of mine.

He asked:

“Dan, how can you actually sleep with so many women and not be afraid of catching something serious?”

Ironically, he asked him this a few days before he picked up a late Christmas present on New Year’s Eve:


Where had he got this fabulous present?

From an impassioned blowjob given to him by a generous young lady.

For several weeks he urinated with great pain and could only get the disease under control with antibiotics.

Ironically, I never caught anything.

*Taps wood*

How my buddy could have prevented this and how you can avoid unwanted surprises, I’ll show you right now.

Tip #4: Prevention 2.0

You do not want to father little brats yet?

Then make sure that you wear a durable and suitable condom for your next act.

My secret tip for custom-made rubbers:

At http://www.my-size-condoms.com/ you can order high-quality condoms that fit your size perfectly.

How to measure your cabanossi correctly for the order form, you will also find on the page.

As far as your insecurities about venereal diseases are concerned, I can reassure you with an astonishing statistic:

Even the most widespread venereal disease in the world, syphilis, is statistically only diagnosed in 1 out of 1,800 people.

In comparison, you run a 1 in 84 chance of getting into a car accident in your life.

The difference is that you can easily get rid of syphilis with a penicillin injection, but car accidents can cause serious, permanent damage.

If you (and ideally, also your sex partner) get yourself checked regularly by uncle doc the risk of this is minimized even more.


Bonus: Flirt tips from a dating coach

Bro, I’m proud of you.

You probably didn’t come across this article just by chance (if you did, welcome to the AttractionGym-tribe!).

You made a conscious decision to no longer be a slave to your fears and proactively research.

In my opinion, this should be rewarded.

As soon as you’re no longer afraid of sex, you probably want to have sex.

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My Transformation Kit.

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Use it wisely

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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