Did You Find True Love? These 9 Signs Tell If She Is The One

For thousands of years, people of different ages, ethnic backgrounds and religious orientations have been cracking their skulls over questions like…

  • To be or not to be?
  • Red or green Jell-O?
  • The left or the right Twix?
  • Or: Is it true love or not?

Buenos días, amigo!

If you have clicked on this article, chances are the last question is currently bothering you most.

*picks up his crystal ball*

Right now there’s this one lady in your life that you’re dating or maybe even in a relationship with.

You adore her.

She might be it, you think…

The love of your life.

At least that’s what you think most of the time…


But something in you sometimes doubts if you two are really supposed to be together.

A gut feeling that makes you wonder:

  • ‘Is it really her: My Mrs. Right?’
  • ‘What if she’s not?’
  • ‘What if I’m just wasting my time with the wrong woman at my side?’
  • ‘And what the hell is true love anyway? Does it even exist?’

Take a deep breath, bro, and relax.

After this article you will never have to doubt again whether a woman is ‘the love of your life’ – because today I show you:

  • How to find the love of your life in simple steps
  • How schmaltzy Hollywood movies distort the idea of ‘true love’ worldwide
  • The crucial difference between a toxic and fulfilling relationship
  • The secret key that will take your relationship to the next level
  • 9 subtle signs that clarify if your señorita truly loves you
  • And much more…

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‘And they lived happily ever after…’: How to find true love in life

She’s late for work.

With a coffee-to-go cup in her hand she sprints in her pumps around the building blocks of the streets.

Out of stress, she loses awareness of the people she is running towards on her half-marathon.

Until the inevitable happens…

She runs straight into him and pours her brewed morning drink over his shirt.

Dozens of sheets blow out of his briefcase.

A smell of sweat and coffee beans burns in the air.

“I’m sooooo sorry!!!”

She says as she helps him to pick up his sheets from the floor.

“Don’t worry, I’ve been wanting to say goodbye to that shit for eons anyway. It’s just not up to date anymore…”

His answer in a calm tone, with a smile on his lips as their eyes meet…

Suddenly, for 10 seconds, everything else around them gets completely irrelevant.

Any hurry.

Any stress.

Any people.

Love’s in the air as a rainbow extends to the horizon, a swarm of white peace doves circle the sky and roses sprout in a flash from the cracks of the paved road.

She suggests returning him a favor for her coffee attack and hands him her business card including her number.

“I’m afraid I owe you a debt of gratitude as well. After all, it’s me keeping you from getting to work on time.”

Two years later…

‘Fate’ was kind to them:

By now they’re married, have 2 children, 3 cats and 4 turtles and live in full harmony in a house by the lake.


You have just witnessed love at first sight and its glorious consequences.

At least that’s how this ‘phenomenon’ has been portrayed in every Hollywood tearjerker for decades…

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But the reality is different.

Of course, there are handfuls of stories about how couples were sure about their current partner from the first second and fell hopelessly in love with each other…

… or perhaps you have already had the experience of running into a delightful señorita and your heart was pounding enormously when your eyes crossed.

You were all gaga about her in split seconds.

But regardless of the stories you hear and your own experiences you may have had, I must tell you one pithy thing that will probably knock you off your socks:

Love at first sight doesn’t exist.

In 2017, for example, a study conducted by international scientists (in the Netherlands) examined the extent to which strangers perceive themselves emotionally.

In the study, 400 heterosexual men and women were each asked to complete a detailed questionnaire immediately after being confronted with a counter sexual stranger for a few seconds.

In this questionnaire, questions were asked primarily about the extent to which the respective test persons could imagine a romantic partnership with their acquaintance.

The result:

Strangers who seemed attractive in the eyes of the respective test person were attributed a high relationship potential – less attractive strangers, on the other hand, were attributed a lower relationship potential.

In addition, the evaluation of the questionnaires quickly showed that the feelings described by the subjects towards their acquaintances with high relationship potential were not only superficial…

… but had absolutely NOTHING to do with love.

They rather described the perceived attractiveness of their counterpart.

So if your sweat glands are running at full blast, if you meet a complete stranger, or if you hear stories about how couples ‘who fell in love the first second they saw each other’, you can be sure that they only mean one thing:

‘I thought she/he was attractive from the first second – she/he’s in fact so much my type that my brain even had to make my body aware of it in in the form of kneejerk reactions!’

“But, Dan. If there’s no love at first sight… what is true love anyway?”

Great question, bromigo.

I’ll give you the exact answer…


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Is it true love? THIS is what makes the difference

The whole world revolves around me

‘Cause I’m just an egoist

The person who is closest to me

Is me, I’m an egoist’

Now, if you’re wondering if this isn’t the lyrics of Austrian superstar Falco’s ‘Egoist’, I can tell you something:

You’re right.

Funnily enough, Falco’s lines also describe with shocking precision how most relationships are conducted on our blue globe.

Most couples on this planet live in a selfish relationship.

On this relationship, they don’t give a bloody camel-fart about the needs and concerns of their partner.

The wannabe turtledoves are only together in order to benefit from their cohabitation.

They may claim their relationship is based on ‘love’ – but it’s conditional:

  • ‘As soon as we stop doing what I want to do, I don’t want to be with her/him anymore.’
  • ‘If she/he continues to meet/ text people of the opposite sex, that’s it.’
  • ‘As long as we only have sex when I feel like it, everything’s fine.’

As soon as their needs are no longer met, the selfish couple does the following:

It breakups more quickly than a spaghetti ice cream melts in the Sahara.

The relationship resembles an economic trade:

  • ‘I’ll give you a blow job three times a week if we do what I want to do on the weekend.’
  • ‘I’ll buy you your much-longed-for makeup kit if I can go out with my boys this weekend.’

Even if they would never talk to each other the way I just portrayed, in reality, is nothing else behind it.

The mindset of the two is:

‘If I pretend to have some love and affection, I get something in return.’

Sounds incredibly romantic, huh?

If it has already clicked in all your synapses, you’re probably aware that true love most likely looks different.

In what way?

True love is…


In this relationship you two love each other without any restrictions.

You focus on your partner’s needs and do everything possible to meet them – without expecting anything in return.

However, you don’t stand up for each other because you’re afraid of losing your partner if not doing so.

Rather, you behave this way because you’re deeply convinced that your beloved counterpart deserves it.

You ACCEPT and RESPECT the faults and peculiarities of your beloved – just as they are.

You’re aware that you don’t have to think about anything the same way to love each other.

However, there is one exception to this.

If you’re different in a certain way, you will NEVER experience true love with your lady.

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What I mean by that, you’ll learn now:

The fundamental seed that lets true love flourish

As I said, it’s utopian to believe that true love can only be experienced when you’re 100% compatible with your mademoiselle.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should have zero expectations of your future wife.

On the contrary:

In some areas, it is crucial to have requirements for your señorita to live in a fulfilling relationship.

Especially when it comes to this:

Your values.

Are your values, for example…

  • ‘Respect and tolerance for my fellows is essential to me.’
  • ‘I prefer people who are open-minded and adventurous.’
  • ‘Family is golden to me – I want to start my own family one day.’

… a lady that’s exactly the opposite wouldn’t be excellent Mrs. Right material for you.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Unconditional love also doesn’t mean that you give up your boundaries.

If you’re treated like a dry dog turd by your flame, you should call her out on it.

And if she doesn’t want to change her attitude, breakup from her as soon as possible – but respectfully.

“I see, Dan. I think I get the point. Also, what true love means. But what are the signs that tell me that I’m unconditionally loved?”

Great question, bromigo.

Find true love: 9 subtle signs she loves you unconditionally

The signs your girl gives you are often subtle.

Men often don’t realize what a woman’s actions mean.

But from now on you will know exactly how you can tell if your chica bonita really loves you.

You can recognize it by these signs:

Sign #1: She shows you her world

No matter whether:

  • Her beloved great-grandma Marge celebrates her 112th birthday
  • She attends a hobby volleyball tournament
  • Invites her best friends to a raclette evening

When your ma’am invites you to events with her family or her besties, it means one thing:

She cares about you… a lot.

In fact, you mean so much to her that she wants you to be a part of her life.

She actively involves you and no longer calls it just ‘her life’, but ‘your life’.

Sign #2: If you’re happy, so is she

You got stood up at work?

Your favorite guinea pig Peter literally bit the dust?

Most likely, you will feel horrible at moments like these.

If the madame at your side tries everything to cheer you up in these negative phases and proactively takes care that both get back in a better mood, you can be sure that…

…she’s quite infatuated with you.

She prefers to see you with a smile between your cheeks and can only then be happy herself.

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Sign #3: She supports you even in your hardest times

How does your lady treat you when you experience hard times?

If you have lost your job/ a family member or even have health problems?

Does she give a damn about you or is she there for you?

If the latter is the case, you can be sure:

Comparable to sign #2 (If you’re happy, she is too), your Bonnie shows you that you mean a lot to her and that she wants to live a happy life with you.

She wants to support you and see that you can experience rosier days together again as soon as possible.

Sign #4: She’s a conflict resolver

You didn’t clean the garage even though you promised her you would.

For the fourth time in a row.

The little mosquito transforms into a huge Moby Dick:

You guys are fighting.

What’s the attitude of your señorita?

Can she never stay mad at you for long?

Do you generally notice how she often gives way first even during a heated argument?

Listens to you and meets you halfway, if you can get to a prudent solution to your conflict?


Then I can only congratulate you, amigo.

Your chica seems to really love you.

Of course, in this case you should never take advantage of her high tolerance and treat her more miserably than pharaohs their slaves.

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Because that would just be pathetic.

Instead, be as attentive and respectful to her as she is to you.

Sign #5: She’s really with you

When you spend quality time together, your mademoiselle shows her best side.

While you talk to each other, she keeps deep eye contact and listens to every single word that comes out of your mouth.

Looks familiar?

Is your lady as present as she can be if you’re talking to her?

Sometimes you don’t even have to say anything and she recognizes how you’re in a good mood from your facial expressions?

Then she seems to appreciate more than words can describe.

After all, it’s more important for her to be mentally present with you than to scroll blatantly through her phone.

>> List of Facial Expression (With Examples) + The 5 Looks Women Find Most Attractive.

Sign #6: She’s addicted to spending time with you

You’re one of her highest priority.

She loves spending time with you.

Even if everyday life causes a lot of stress inside her, she will at least find a few minutes to see you.

Even if you want to do something with her that she finds dull, she’s willing to do it with you because she knows how much it means to you.

In the end, she just wants you to be happy and have you by her side.

Sign #7: She’s talking about you

As if she were Jesus himself, she spreads the good news about you.

She’s proud to call you her partner and tells her friends and family about you and your epic rendezvous.

Sign #8: ‘We’ is her favorite word

When you talk to her, or when you visit friends of hers together, she speaks remarkably often of ‘we’ (you and her), rather than just in the ego form.

In this case, it indicates that you’re an integral part of her life and not just a fling.

She’s proud to have you in her life and she shows it.

Nevertheless, you’re independent individuals.

You share a life together – but you’re also aware that you don’t need to change your Facebook profile picture to a tongue-kissing snapshot of yourself…

… or create your own website with your name on it to show others how much you love each other.

You know that you love each other and don’t use your love to portray an exaggerated ideal image to get validation of others.

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Sign #9: She lets you know how much you mean to her

With this indicator even a blind mule would conclude that she seems to perceive you as her true love.

Your lady shows you how much you mean to her not only by her actions.


She also tells you this as she looks deep into your eyes and also lets you know how much she misses you in your absence.

Are you getting a déjà-vu?


You can pat yourself on the back – your flame seems to really love you.

How to find your true love = check! What’s next?

Alrighty, bro.

By now you know the definition of true love.

You now know what indicators suggest that your lady truly loves you.

But regardless if:

  • You were able to find all the signs within your lady
  • Or didn’t recognize a single sign

In both cases one thing is inevitable:

If you wish to continue or enter a fulfilling relationship with your girl, you must know…

how to seduce her properly.

  1. So that her love for you doesn’t diminish and even becomes stronger
  2. If she doesn’t show you any of the above signs, overwhelming feelings for you begin to develop

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Your bro,
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