Finding Love Again Even If You Don’t Believe It’s Possible

finding love again

You really thought it was her.

Of all the women you’ve met, she stood out.

She wasn’t just beautiful.


Even her personality made it seem as if she had been created for you personally by the good Lord.

You were not only a happy couple, but also:

  • Best friends
  • Discovering adventurers
  • Soulmates

But that is now a thing of the past for days / weeks / months or even years.

You broke up.

Maybe because…

And all that while you were sure she was your Mrs. Right at the beginning of your relationship.

The one queen who has found her king in you and rides with you on a metaphorical white horse towards sunset – which is called your ‘epic life’.


That’s all over now.

And you’re sure you don’t want to win her back.

After all, you have finally got your heartache under control and are longing for a new love.

A beautiful woman who matches you perfectly and with whom you can perform passionate coitus.

A lady who outclasses your ex effortlessly.

Easier said than done…

You know WHAT you want, but you have no clue HOW to find her.

So, endless question marks shoot into your skull:

  • ‘Where can I meet attractive women, anyway?’
  • ‘How long will it be before I finally find my love?’
  • ‘And how do I know if a lady is the right person for me?’

And to take away these uncertainties, I show you in this article today

  • Never finding love again after heartbreak: What a stubborn donkey has in common with 99% of all men who embitteredly search for their new love
  • My simple 3-step plan to get to know quality women at the speed of light
  • How to fill your dating life with burning passion using the Bible (even if you are a convinced Satanist)
  • Can you love again? What the hell a car inspector has to do with your choice of partner and how he can help finding love again after a divorce / breakup
  • And many more tips on how to be in love again…

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“Will I ever love again?” Yes, you will – with THESE 5 tips

Tip #1: Don’t be a stubborn jackass

Countless men limit themselves in their possibilities to get to know a spicy señorita:

  • ‘Go to the club? There’s nothing there but drunk idiots.’
  • ‘Visit the pub? Pfff… there are only 55-year-old sweaty truck drivers.’
  • ‘Register on Tinder? That’s just for frustrated people who are looking for one night stands.’

It’s this, it’s that…

They judge every place and make dull assumptions about it without even checking them OR associate one negative experience with every bar/ club/ location.

However, in doing so they resemble a blind horse race contestant who puts his entire fortune on a limping donkey and thus incurs enormous losses.

In plain English:

The less places/ways they keep open to get to know women, the less chances they have of making new, sexy acquaintances.

Listen, bro.

If you belong to this category of men, I guarantee you one crucial thing:

You’ll have it way harder to find your new flame.

Therefore, it’s better for you to be the contestant who bets on several horses and thus increases his chances of winning:

Trust me.

Your negative assumptions are completely unfounded.

I could make a 10-meter-long list of situations where I have met fantastic women in the strangest places.

From one with whom I exchanged numbers during a dripstone cave tour (and invited her a few days later to a game of ‘Twister’ at my place 😉) to a lady with which I escaped from a death metal concert to ‘play karaoke’ in her rooms.

The interesting thing about the latter was that both her and I loathed death metal, but we each gave our friends the privilege of inviting us to this event.

And I mean:

If I can find a wonderful woman at a death metal concert, you can also swing your butt into a club to have an interesting conversation with at least one beauty. ;P

Because what I can guarantee you, like already said:

If you don’t go anywhere, there is a 0% chance that something memorable will happen.

However, as soon as you venture into places that you normally condemn, you will increase your chances to meet interesting women.

And to save you tons of time and nerves, I prepared something for you:

An article with the best places to meet attractive mademoiselles:

>> 15 Hotspots to Meet Women Near You that Are 100% Your Type


Tip #2: Have a date orchestra

Now that you know WHERE you can meet women…

…you’ve created the perfect conditions for yourself to:

Have a date orchestra.

Like a conductor, you filter the musician/ma’ams with whom you play potential relationship melodies.

“But, Dan, how many women do I have to date till I found my love?”


You probably lost your last love because you (possibly both of you) didn’t think you would make a charming match.

Jay-Z couldn’t find his Beyonce.

Bonnie didn’t see you as her Clyde.

Which isn’t bad…

The thing you learn from this, though:

To be able to enter a healthy relationship, the first thing you need to know is what kind of woman you like AND suits you best.

  • The spiritual hiker?
  • The extrovert party girl?
  • The shy bookworm?
  • The elegant fashion student?
  • The diplomatic workaholic?
  • The fitness enthusiastic yoga teacher?
  • Or, or, or, or…

Exactly for this reason, it is inevitable to go on as many dates as possible.


Because there is no better way to really get to know different types of chica bonitas.

By the way, to make the getting-to-know-each-other process more fun, I created a simple three-step plan for you:

  1. Take her out on a phenomenal first date where you can get close
  2. Ask her original questions
  3. Talk with her about these topics that she has probably never confided in anyone else

But, to get back to your question of how many women you need to date until you find your potential new Mrs. Right:

You may already feel that the third woman you take out for the first time is the right one for you, maybe not.

For some, you need several dates to filter whether they are good for you or you are a mismatch.

“Holy shit. And what if she’s the 100th girl I take on a date?”

Whoa, easy, cowboy.

Why you don’t have to live like a sexless emeritus until then and how you manage to not lose your passion for dating during all the rendezvous, I’ll tell you exactly…

*looks at his imaginary wristwatch*

… NOW.

Tip #3: Spread altruism that would even knock Mother Teresa out of the socks

As you have probably noticed in other articles, we at AttractionGym are true dating nerds.

We don’t care if it’s an…

  • Unread document
  • Unknown video
  • Interesting everyday situation

Like a Dyson vacuum cleaner, we absorb ALL inspiration we can draw from any source and somehow relate to dating/seducing attractive women…

And from that we develop in surgical thoroughness new principles and methods, with which we can take your love life to the next level.

For this tip, for example, the good old Bible had to be used.

So it says in Matthew 22:37-39:

“Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

While I am certainly one of the most impious Homo Sapiens on the planet, I must admit that this passage contains a very valuable message that you can carry over to your dating life:

Love thy neighbor.

“And what the fu*k exactly is this supposed to look like, Dan?”

As I already explained to you in my previous tip, it isn’t impossible that you will only find true girlfriend material at your 100st date.

However, until you reach number 100, you will probably miss two important things to get excited about further dates:

  1. The fun of going out
  2. The open-mindedness to meet the next señorita

And to counteract exactly that, I’m going to present you with a simple rule with which you can continue to motivate yourself.

I pronounce it the…

1 + 1 = 3 rule.

Through it you create a powerful synergy effect.

You only arrange dates where you both can only win.

Irrespective of whether your counterpart turns out to be Mrs. Right potential or not.

You can achieve the effect as follows:

  1. With EVERY girl you take out, you look for at least one thing in her that you really like (for example, her black humor): This way you shift your focus and force the pink mud between your ears to focus on the attractive qualities of your counterpart; thus you avoid any negative feelings about wasting your time, since you gain new impressions with every chica (first 1)
  2. You take your mademoiselles on dates, where you both have a great time → You will find unique ideas for this in this article I wrote for you; this is a win-win situation, because even if you don’t like your lady very much, you have shared a memorable moment with her (second 1)

If you follow both approaches, it’s almost impossible to have bad dates (1 + 1 = 3).

This way you won’t burn out in endless despair after your 7th date and keep your fun and excitement of making new acquaintances.

In an emergency, you can also end your date early by telling her something like:

“Hey, I think we both agree when I say we don’t really connect.

I don’t want to pretend and of course I respect you – even if we don’t fit together.

I think that we are both tolerant and mature enough to be honest with each other. Thank you very much for your time. I appreciate it.

If we hadn’t even met, we wouldn’t even know if we were on the same wavelength …”

So, you save both of you tons of time and nerves in the long run (because you would be too different anyway).

Tip #4: Play the car inspector

Alrighty, brochacho.

If you have dated a lot of women by now, it isn’t unlikely that there are several that you like very much.

Attractive señoritas who could be your next flame.

But among them you want to find your queen, the crème de la crème, who will ascend to your throne with you.

But how can you even determine who that is?

I’ll tell you.

You can do it by filtering.

More precisely, separating the chaff – through two metaphorical sieves – from the wheat.

  1. Find out which lady meets most of your requirements as a ‘potential new love’
    • I recommend you to make a list on which you write down exactly which character traits and values you appreciate (for example: she should be humorous and respectful towards other people)
  2. Check to see which chica is the more emotionally stable, confident woman

Et voilà!

Tip #5: Realize the awesomeness of being single

As corny as it may sound to some people, Dr. Wayne Dyer’s statement isn’t deniable.

If you’re frustrated about being single and crying into your 4-year-old cousin’s cuddly bear every night to tunes like How To Safe A Life by The Fray, your ‘With-This-Attitude-Stay-Always-Single’ alarms should ring deafeningly.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s perfectly fine to feel grief or bitterness.

However, they shouldn’t be an endless state of yourself and determine your life.

Imagine having a partner at your side who perceives herself as a little piece of shit and isolates herself from the outside world every day, neglected in a basement?

Doesn’t sound like a dream woman, does she?

So why the hell would you even expect to have a beautiful woman by your side, who loves you unconditionally as you are…

… when you can’t even accept yourself or your current situation?

So, it’s better for you to realize how phenomenal it can be to be single instead of cursing about it.

What it offers you above all else is:

Unlimited freedom.

  • You haven’t found your new love yet? No problem. That doesn’t mean that you have to stay sex-less: Make women who don’t have girlfriend qualities for you or who aren’t currently looking for a monogamous relationship your hot affair → in a monogamous relationship this is a physical impossibility
  • Spontaneous party trips and wild nights in the city: As a single person, you can take your bros out on the streets of the city at any time without having to worry about anyone. You can stay as long and leave as early as you like. One-night stands aren‘t uncommon
  • You have almost infinite time for yourself: Learn the instrument you’ve always wanted to play, go for the promotion you always wanted, take the sushi cooking course you’ve always wanted to take – single life gives you the opportunity to spend your time on whatever you like; without a partner at your side, you have more flexibility to do whatever your heart desires than ever before

The moment you realize what a wonderful blessing single life can be, but also act accordingly (free)…

…you begin to exude a quality which is enormously attractive to women:


Instead of being a bitter little worm, you seem more like a proactive man who takes his life into his own hands and accepts and loves his existence – just as it is.

Your mindset is like this:

“A fantastic señorita by my side, who is a perfect match for me, is a nice bonus. But I also feel complete and happy without her.

After all, life offers me enough epic adventures as it is. Of course, I would be happy if I could share my experiences with a lady – but I don’t need her. ;)”

The irony:

The more you are convinced of this belief, the more quickly you will find love again and attract amazing women.

The final piece of the puzzle

Of course, praying alone is of no use at all if you don’t actively approach les dames and seduce them properly.

Even if you have found your potential Mrs. Right, she will leave you faster than you can say ‘shimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy ya’ unless you have a goddamn plan for how to deal with her.

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