These 7 Tips Saved Me from Awkwardness on the First Meeting

First meeting

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”
– Will Rogers


The first meet up with a girl. A crucial moment.

A first meeting well begun is half done.

But is your first meeting a disaster? You can never redo it, and your chances of success drop…

Now is the time to learn how to own your first time meeting someone.

In this article, you’ll get:

  • 7 Practical tips to make your first meeting successful
  • The perfect greeting for the initial meeting (no more awkwardness)
  • How to make a flabbergasting first impression that people remember
  • Intriguing first meeting questions
  • What the Donald Trump Trap is
  • And more…

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First time meeting someone: How to do it?

The first impression can make or break your success with a woman.

The minutes of the first meeting can decide if she wants to go home with you at the end of the night… Or it can mean a lonely night with tissues and hand soap.

On dates, the first impression is muy importante for the rest of the date. A bad first impression could be the reason there won’t be a second date.

In short:

First impressions matter.

In fact:

Research shows that people draw conclusions about you within a tenth of a second (!).

A conclusion that LASTS.

Wherever it’s your first time meeting someone: your first impression frames the rest of your contact.

That’s why I’ll teach you how to do it James Bond style.

No stuttering and no awkwardness.

100% smooth.

With these 7 effective tips, you’ll create a first meeting she’ll never forget.

Let’s go!

Tip #1: How to conquer the first minutes of the first meeting


It’s Saturday evening, and you’re in a crowded, noisy club.

Sadly, most people there are men… Useless.

But then, you’re looking at the bar, and you see a stunning lady.

Looking at this beautiful creature, you freeze.

You hesitate for a minute… But finally, you take action.

“F*ck it” goes through your head. You approach her with courage.

She’s seen you. You make eye contact. She looks at you critically. You get more nervous.

And then… you open your mouth.

“Hey, Bri… Brian my name is. You… You come here often?…”

It feels like you swallowed your tongue. You can’t say a sensible word anymore. Desperately, you try to get her attention, but everything fails.

In short:

This first impression failed as hard as the escape of this burglar:

It’s clear: First time meeting someone can be hard. Especially when she’s a beautiful chica bonita.

That’s why I made you foolproof first meet up guidelines, so it can’t go wrong.

Focus on “giving”

Sadly, most people are hugely focused on themselves.

We’re so busy with “not being awkward”, that it gets awkward, because we pay little attention to the other person.

Shift your focus to the other, not yourself

Make the other person feel good. Make sure that the woman (or man) feels good about you at the very first meeting.

Make eye contact

How do you make someone feel good about you during the first meeting?

Make sure you make strong eye contact. It radiates confidence.

Someone that looks away nervously doesn’t convey a feeling of trust.


Hey, you!

Put a f*cking smile on your face! It makes you 1000 times more charming.

Mirror neurons make us smile automatically when someone else is smiling at us. Smiling also makes us feel good.

Add a small compliment to top it off:

“Hey, my name is (…). Nice meeting you!”

 Now you might think:

“Great Dan, thanks for the tips. But… where do I keep my hands during the first meeting? It often goes wrong there.”

I’m glad you asked. I’ll explain everything in the next tip!

Want to know the 21 first date tips to make your first date bulletproof? Go through this article below..

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Tip #2: The right greeting for a first meeting

How to greet people the right way? And where the HELL do you keep your hands?

Handshake? A hug? Instant make out?

To make this tip as clear as possible, I’ll first tell you how not to do it.

You know Donald Trump?

You never want to shake hands in a cold, masculine way like Trump does.

You want to flirt with her. You don’t want to make her your business partner.

For example, a girlfriend of mine had a Tinder date with a man. He gave her a very manly handshake. She was completely turned off after that.

Stay away from this handshake.

This is what you want to do:

Greet her like you’ve known her for years.

Be cheerful, open your arms, and give her a short, relaxed hug.

This is relaxed, friendly and you make physical contact from the start, which is essential on a date.

Side note:

Greetings vary by situation.

The just mentioned hug is perfect for dates and can also be used in clubs.

When you meet her on the streets, only give a friendly handshake. A friendly handshake, no Donald Trump bone-crunching ‘yankshake’:

Give her your hand with your palm facing up (like you’d give her a hand-kiss). It’ll make her feel more feminine, which makes you more masculine. A win-win for both parties.

Tip #3: Best first meeting questions

So far, so good. But after introducing yourself, you get stuck…

“Sh*t… what should I say now?”

No problem. I’ll put on my cape and come to the rescue.

Of course, questions like “How are you?” or “How’s your day?” are fine at the beginning, but they won’t get you far.

When you have an ongoing conversation, there are so many other interesting questions. This way, you have an awesome first conversation, and she’ll get to know you.

Questions I ask on first dates:

  • If you’d be a cartoon character, which one would you be?
  • If you have to describe your life in 3 words, which words would it be?
  • What does your perfect weekend look like?
  • Which word describes you best?
  • What would you do if you could spend a night on your own in IKEA?

So: Nice questions she doesn’t often hear on dates and they lead to tons of conversation topics.

By the way, there are many more interesting and funny questions you can ask when you first meet her.

In this article you’ll find 131 (!) nice questions to ask her:

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Tip #4: First meeting online? Do this on the date!


So you have a match with a nice woman and already planned the first date?

Nice bro. Well done.

Buuuuuuuut… the first date can be pretty scary.

You’ve never met in real life, so it’s important that your “real life” meeting succeeds.

When it comes to first Tinder dates, a lot of people make the same mistake:

They completely start over when they meet the person in real life.

It looks like the whole Tinder conversation never took place, and you do your best to impress her again from the start.

News flash:

You don’t have to!

Your Tinder conversation contains lots of information, stories, and (hopefully) jokes which you can re-use in real life.


Read your Tinder conversation before the date.

This gives you various topics for your first meeting conversation.

Side note:

Don’t mention “Tinder” too much.

In other words, you want to create the feeling that you already know each other, apart from Tinder. Remember tip #1? Act as if you’ve known her for years.

For example: On Tinder, she told you she loves dancing. You can say that during the first date.

Don’t say:

“On Tinder, you told me you love dancing…”


“You told me you love dancing”

This way, it looks like you already know each other, which makes the first meeting conversation more natural.

Tip #5: Texting after the first meeting: Send her this

Horror story:

I know this guy who once had a successful Tinder date.

Good for him, of course. But here’s the bad news:

He never saw her again…

When he showed me their chat conversation, I knew exactly why this lady wasn’t down for a second date.

His chat conversation was too long and boring as hell.


Awesome if the first meeting was successful. But if you want to see her a again, make sure she WANTS to see you again.

Endless chat conversations won’t get you far.

Instead, do this:

Let the success of the first meeting flow through in your texts.

I had this amazing glow golf date with a sweet woman. This is after the date:

(I outscored her big time that evening).

As you can see, the WhatsApp conversation picked up where we left (right at my well-earned victory).

This makes sure the connection during the first meeting continues in your text conversation.

Repeat earlier jokes, conversation topics, and flirts during messaging…

And then: lead to a second date.

Don’t keep texting forever. Plan a date to see her in real life again.

In this article you’ll find 3 tips to get her to go on a date with you via WhatsApp:

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Tip #6: How to meet someone without online dating, 3 best spots

You know all these tips for a successful first meeting. Apply them in your next first meet up with a girl.

But how to meet someone new? Where do you find the cutest girls?

A reader of the newsletter had this exact problem:

“Dear Dan,

Thanks for all your emails! They helped me a lot with women.

Small problem…

I live in a small village with only a few bars. And those bars are not my thing. Besides, there are few women in the city center, making daygame hard (and I’m afraid to meet people I know!). It takes too much time to go to the big city… and even there it’s hard to find the right spots to meet the cutest girls. Do you have tips for good spots to meet women?

Thanks, supreme bro!”

– Joey

*Stretches and cracks joints*

Ahh… let me lend a helping hand for both Joey and you. Let’s find the best spots to leave a fantastic first impression.

How to meet someone without online dating? I’ve listed the 3 best spots below:

Spot 1: Everything that fits you

Recently, I coached a man who’s been trying to meet women for a while, but he didn’t have much success in clubs.

He told me this:

“I just don’t like clubbing; it’s not my music, and I don’t like the vibe.”

After digging deeper, I found out he goes to big (mainstream) clubs in Amsterdam…

But he doesn’t like club music, and he’s a rock fan.

I gave him some first meeting ideas and a list of good rock bars in Amsterdam.

The result?

He connects with at least one girl every time he goes out and enjoys all the juiciness that comes with it.

And no, rock bars are not necessarily the right places to flirt with women.

The reason for his success is that those places fit him.


It doesn’t make sense to ask for bread in a drug store

It also doesn’t make sense to pick up women at a spot you don’t feel comfortable.

Find out which spots fit you. What kind of people visit those places? What type of music is played there?

This way, every night out is a good one, which makes picking up women just a nice bonus.

Spot 2: Your party


You can go to the supermarket to get food… But nowadays it’s easy to have it delivered.

(Yep, this was a metaphor. And no: I’m not comparing women with food..)

This is what I mean:

You don’t always have to go somewhere to meet women; you can let them come to you.

One of our coaches mastered this.

He gives a sick house party with his friend in Amsterdam every month. Of course, he invites lots of women who take their girlfriends with them.

And all the men have to bring a beautiful lady too.

The result?

A sick party with lots of beautiful women, and HE is the one who organized it. In other words: without a lot of effort, he has high status.

Connecting with women will be 1000 times more natural for him than in a club.

“But Dan, my house is not big enough for huge parties. And I don’t know many cute girls to invite…”

No worries, dear reader.

You don’t have to throw a huge party to make this “home delivery” strategy work for you.

A small party, getting a drink or a nice dinner is enough. Invite a few cool friends and ask if they could bring ‘others’ (read: women).

How small your event may be: if you’re the host, you’ve social proof.

And this social status… attracts women. Want to know more about what women find attractive? Read this article:

-> 5 Shocking Insights on What Causes Attraction Between Man and Woman

Spot 3: A workshop or training

Last year I joined an acting workshop in Amsterdam (Yep, I like acting).

I was a little late for my first day of class. I entered the hall… and I was happily surprised.

Tens of eyes staring at me while I walked through the door. Tens of beautiful lady eyes.

This place was an oasis of stunning women.

And I like acting, so this was the perfect place.


I don’t say you have to join acting classes (although acting classes are great for improving your social skills and flirting skills).

A fantastic place to meet women is a training or workshop that fits you.

(If there are lots of women in those classes/training of course).

Chick magnets:

  • Acting class.
  • Cooking workshop.
  • Painting workshop.
  • Dancing class (Salsa is recommended!).
  • Yoga class.

There are enough places to meet nice women.

Tip #7: What to do after the first meeting?

Cool. Your first meet up with a girl is a success.

But, you’re not there yet.

Now you need to seduce her.

I’ll help you with that.

You’ll find everything you need for seducing women in my free Transformation Kit, to live a real rock star life.

It includes approaching tips, flirting tips (for real life and texting) and a step by step guide to get out of the friend-zone forever.

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