7 Unexpected Flirting Tips and Hacks to Become Irresistible

For many men, seducing a woman is a complicated issue.

The Internet is full of articles with 93748372 tips on flirting with women.

And that’s part of the problem.

There is so much so called “advice” out there that you can’t see the forest for the trees. So much nonsense is spilled you don’t know who to trust anymore.

The tips are oftentimes even contradictory. Your gut feeling and social intelligence tell you that much of it has to be bullshit.

All that considered, I completely understand that you might be wondering:

“Which of these 93748372 flirt tips really work?”

(Yes, I did copy-paste the previous number)

No one in the world has time to try them all out. And even if you had the time, where the hell should you start?

But don’t be sad.

I am here (lucky you) to provide you with 7 plausible, tested and effective flirt tips.

What you get:

  • The decisive guide for flirting tips for guys, 7 no-bullshit tips
  • Flirty things to say to a girl, 10+ flirt lines
  • What exactly spark women’s attention
  • The most underrated subtle flirting tips for men
  • How to flirt with a girl in person, say NO
  • More flirting goodness…

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Flirt tip #1: Do THIS and you have zero chances

How to start flirting.

The following might sound a little strange, especially if you are new to the noble art of flirting:

“Men bore women senseless.”

All men?

No, let’s be fair here.

But definitely way too many.

At exactly this moment some random Dude asks a woman somewhere what she works/studies, what her hobbies are or where she comes from.

And unfortunately, he won’t be the last.

There are two emotions women never want to feel:

  • Insecurity
  • Boredom

There you go. Two things women HATE. With passion.

And the hard truth is: a bored woman leaves her man.

When I went to university, there was a woman in my course who can serve as the perfect example.

She was super hot and at least twice as intelligent.

Her boyfriend?

He was… how should I say this… the complete opposite.

I have never seen a guy who managed to constantly be stoned that well and he was about to fuck up his third semester as well.

Oh yes! Every time she gave him the chance, he decided to be the most stubborn man on earth.

None of us could understand…

“Is she stupid? He treats her like a piece of shit and she still stays with him?! The way she looks, she’d have a better guy in a second.”

But you know what’s interesting?

She couldn’t understand us either, because she was so fond of him that it was too late for any form of rationality.

So he must be doing SOMETHING right, yes?

So it is! One must remember that he always gave her clarity plus something many men can’t give her…


Research has shown that emotions are what women get hooked on.

It was clear what you could expect from him but it was never boring!

Ponder on this saying:

“It’s better to stick with the devil you know, than the devil you do not.”

When she finally broke up with him (women can be reasonable after all), she just couldn’t forget him.

Since she knew that I give men dating and relationship advice, she sent me a WhatsApp message in which she asked for my help. I made it clear to her that she is not addicted to HIM but to the EMOTIONS he triggers in her.

This was her answer:

“Thank you so much! You are hitting the nail on its head. I also realized that these ups and downs created an addiction within me. Sometimes I think I don’t want a guy who doesn’t know what he wants in life and needs validation from other women. The problem is that I see his face everywhere. I know he is not the most attractive, intelligent or funniest guy… he is actually very mediocre. But I have never met anyone who blew me away the way he did. I have to think about everything. I want to be sure about my decision…”

So, yeah: Emotions are the key. They help to create a connection.

So how exactly do you create a connection with your dream girl?

I wrote an entire article about this, check it out:

>> Keeping Her Interested By Being Interesting – 3 Timeless Tips

Flirt tip #2: Crystal clear intention

The second flirt tip is: Smoke weed, cheat on her and treat her like a dog…

No! Of course not!

I won’t drop names, but this kind of advice I hear from certain self-proclaimed dating experts all the time.

It saddens me that there are people who give such advice when it comes to flirting with girls.

However, here is a fundamental attitude that doubles your success:

Be her source of emotion and her safe space.

I make my intentions with women very clear and they love it.

Here are a few sample sentences I have used over the last few months:

First sentence:

“Hey, I’m Klaus, your new lover.”

Or midnight in a bar:

“Hey, I think you’re pretty cool. I’ll call you tomorrow around 8:00. Type in your number.”


“Too bad your friend is staying at your place tonight. I think it could have been wild between us…”

The next day at 8:00 via WhatsApp (flirting tip for texting coming up):

“We should cook at my place next week.”

“Hmmm, I don’t know…

Ok I honestly wanted to get you in bed with this. You got me…

“I’m only free on Saturday or Sunday. Which fits?”

So what’s the lesson here?

Be clear about your intentions and be shamelessly direct.

So women know 100% what to expect from you.

As a result, you’ll be more masculine (and attractive). Of course, there are other ways to get a more masculine edge.

If you need to get a deeper understanding of how to increase masculinity, check out this article:

>> 7 Ways to Get a More Masculine Edge (to Balance the Feminine)

Flirt tip #3: The most underrated and subtle flirting tip

Through this clarity and directness, you instantly eliminate one of the two things most hated by women: Insecurity.

But boredom is at least as high up on the hate scale for women.

You’ll never get a woman into bed with boredom. I guarantee it.

Women have a wide range of emotions and want to feel them, too.

A woman who does not experience numerous different emotions on a daily basis is like a Ferrari parked in a garage, dusty and rusty.

When you flirt with women, it’s usually in a social setting. And, you know… in these situations it is certainly best to talk about politics or genetics for hours and hours…

What I’m about to tell you may seem strange at first, but hear me out:

A woman does not get to know you through your resume, but through what you trigger in her.

A good flirting “trick” is therefore to talk unfiltered bullshit that you yourself find ridiculously funny.

Through bullshit I get into a free flow of words over time. You entertain her (and yourself!) and your personality shines through.

Of course, you shouldn’t be a clown…

But from experience it is a thousand times easier to seduce a woman with a 100% nonsense flirty conversation than with 100% logic and rationality.

I know, I know. You want example flirty things to say to a girl.

Don’t worry, I’m getting to that.

I was in a bar last night. One pickup line I often use to entertain myself is to tell women about my absolutely ridiculous job, which is so mind-boggling that it should be clear that it is not actually true.

I told a Brazilian woman that I am an international drug dealer and that I sell my goodies to school kids.

Funnily enough, she believed this absurd story and I just couldn’t stop embellishing it further and further.

When she told her friend about it, I pretended to be angry and walked off. Later I met her again, confessed that I was just bullshitting her and ten minutes later we kissed on the dance floor.

The reason this seduction trick works so well is that you entertain yourself. You give her an excellent taste of your humor and show her your true (attractive!) personality.

That’s what women want. They are not as primitive as men. They want to know your true character.

They want you to be yourself. Of course, being yourself is trickier than it sounds.

That’s why I wrote an article about this. Check it out:

>> “Just Be Yourself”, THIS is What She Actually Means by That

Flirt tip #4: Put yourself on a pedestal

I am the most important person on this planet. Do I really think so? YES.

And I hope you do the same.


Because most men make a woman their #1. They put her on a pedestal and worship her from below. They see a woman as an unapproachable, almost divine being that needs to be conquered.

A lot of people think this is what the ladies want…

Maybe now you’re thinking: “So you’re telling me I should be narcissistic?”

Yes, you shall. At least a bit.

Look… The most successful people were/are narcissists:

  • Steve Jobs
  • Donald Trump
  • Thomas Edison
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Connor McGregor
  • Elvis Presley
  • Justin Bieber :p

I am not saying you should copy their high degree of narcissism 1:1. But there is something to be learned from them and that is:

Make yourself your #1.

Even if it makes you seem a little arrogant at times… Women secretly find it so great that they see YOU as an inaccessible, divine being. That’s how you turn the tables in your flirty conversations!

Flirt tip #5: Don’t get stuck with her hamster

Now we will discuss an essential conversation technique how to flirt with a woman.

If you don’t use it, the conversation ends.  

A big problem many men (and women) have is that they talk about one topic for too long.

They think you have to finish one topic before you can start the next one. And that you need some sort of smooth transition.

Nothing is less true.

No wonder you run out of things to say when you talk about her hamster for half an hour.

When you analyze first-class conversationalists, you quickly realize that they do the following:

  • Change the subject frequently
  • Use radical transitions

Let’s start with topic changes (also called “topic hopping”). Why is it so effective?

Take not of this flirting tip.

Jumping from one subject to the next makes a woman feel as if she has known you for a longer time. You seem to have a lot in common for the simple reason that you have talked about so many things.

Topic hopping allows you to jump from a boring topic to an interesting / entertaining topic.

But how do you do it smoothly so that it doesn’t seem like a desperate attempt to change the subject?

By making radical transitions.

By this I mean PHRASES that you can use to introduce another topic.

It is good to have a handful of such phrases at hand. If you use them, you can have a conversation for an infinite amount of time.

Here is an example:

Let’s stick with the hamster. Let’s assume you’ve been talking about it for more than ten minutes and the subject is slowly getting boring. Just say something like:

“So what do you do in your spare time when you’re not feeding your hamster?”

The benefit of this phrase is that you can use it ANY TIME. You don’t have to wait for the right moment.

Phrase -> Change of topic. Simple, straightforward and just the way we men like it. 😉

It’s a great line, but you shouldn’t use it more than once in a conversation.

You’re going to need more examples of phrases that help keep the conversation flowing.

Guess what? I wrote an article about this. Read it here:

>> Short or Slow Replies? 9 Phrases That Really Grab Attention

Now let’s move to a flirt tip that will surprise you.

Flirt tip #6: Talk back

This is my mother’s biggest flirting tip for guys in a nut shell:

“Always be nice to the ladies and don’t disagree with them.“
– My Mum

This is often the only thing a young pimp gets told by his mother about the art of seduction

It is no secret that women want a man with two sides.

On the one hand he must be nice, courteous and sensitive.

On the other (and probably even more important) side he has to stand his ground.

He must not mince his words and should express his opinion with pride. Even if it means being in disharmony with the woman’s wishes.

Most men cut off their balls when talking to an attractive woman. They would never disagree with her. They agree with her, even if they don’t actually agree 100%.

Research suggests that men behave differently when they’re talking to an attractive girl.

The thing is, it excites women (even if they would never admit it) when you disagree occasionally. It shows you got balls. Not only in the truest sense of the word but above all in the metaphorical.

By being disagreeable you show leadership. You show that you can stay true to what you think.

And now it gets crazy, Jimbo… I’m not saying it’s normal but I know women who got wet when their boyfriend got in a fight. Why?

It’s not the fight itself. No woman likes violence (and if she does… run!). But what turns a woman on is a man who always has an opinion and is not afraid to state it, even if he could insult another person with it.

Use this to create attraction. If she says something you don’t agree with 100%, disagree with her. For example when you’re flirting with a woman:

I play the clarinet.

What most people would say: “Wow, that’s cool!

What you could say:

That has to be the most useless instrument one can learn…

Another example:

I’m a vegetarian.”

What most people would say: “Cool, I respect that. I’m not one, but I’m trying to eat less meat, too.

What you could say:

Cool, more meat for me!

Don’t forget your charming smile, of course. Without it seems like you think everything she says sucks.

It’s not about being right. You don’t have to be a walking encyclopedia. It’s simply a matter of being proud of the opinion you have. In a flirty manner.

I wish mothers would teach their sons exactly THAT and not some misleading wimp bullshit like “Don’t disagree with m’lady”. The world would be a better place.

Flirt tip #7: A flirt tip for guys that will get me in trouble someday

Now I present to you one extremely effective flirt tip you won’t find anywhere else.

Other dating coaches don’t talk about it either because it is politically incorrect and shocking, or (and this is more my guess) they don’t even know about it!

Before you go die out of curiosity, I better get this out fast. The flirt tip is:

To playfully put a woman down. 

In other words: Teasing.

Sorry, dear women, I wish it wouldn’t work, but it works f*cking well.

You should neither have a serious tone nor choose something that the woman is clearly extremely insecure about.

(Example: Never call a woman who is overweight “fat”!)

But this flirting tip works like a Jedi mind trick.

  • I sometimes call thin women fat (with a wink of course).
  • I give them sexy nicknames such as “Ebola-Anna” (when they have a cold).
  • I say that I hate [their hobby/ their hometown/ their job] (jokingly)

I’m not doing this to upset them, but to trigger emotions in them. Women don’t like uptight men with no own opinion.

On the other hand, women love emotions.

You shouldn’t piss on her leg all the time, but an occasional, playful and metaphorical (!) “pushes” are a great arousing stimulus.

Because this flirt tip works so shockingly well, but is still one of the more advanced techniques, you should practice it beforehand. Here’s a little “homework”:

In the first three minutes, disagree with everything a woman says.

Also take an occasional step backwards, as if she had just said something wrong.

Be playful and you will have an effective flirt technique for every situation and for the rest of your life.

Take your flirting skills to the next level

Use all these flirting tips with girls wisely. As Peter Parker’s uncle said:

“With great power comes great responsibility.“

You now know how to flirt with a woman. In theory.

You might want to take it to the next level and become as attractive as you can be. Am I right?

In this case, I’ve got something really cool for you.

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Go for it.

Your Bro,
Dan de Ram

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