Flirting With a Girl Over Text: 7 Must-Have Tips with Examples

Are you occasionally unsure of what to text?

So insecure that you overanalyze every message for minutes – maybe even hours – before you send it?

And even then, still pray that she responds?

You feel like you can only attract women out of sheer luck?

And you just don’t know how to flirt over text?

Then read what I have to tell you, implement my tips and buy yourself a diamond-set walking stick with a white top hat…

Because after you read this article, you will be the biggest pimp she will ever text with.

You’ll learn:

  • My golden tips for texting a girl: two questions you should ask yourself before each text (and through which you’ll ensure you send divine messages)
  • How you effortlessly create texts that catapult her on a rollercoaster of emotions
  • What you can learn from Thanos about exquisite chats (and how you can benefit from them)
  • A powerful hack with which you can create massive attraction (all you have to do is use one finger)
  • Secret access to unpublished flirty texts to send a girl
  • And much more ways to flirt with a girl over text…

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How to Seduce a Lady By Text Message: 7 Must-have Tips (incl. Text Flirting Examples)

Tip #1: Create a painting that makes even Van Gogh look old

The method you will now learn is one of the many hacks I give my coaching participants – especially if they don’t know how to keep a conversation going with a girl (over text).

And if you pay close attention, you will transform your interactions from “dry job interview” to pure magic from today on.

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Here are two questions that many men ask:

What do you do for a living?

What do you like to do in your spare time? 🙂

If we were together at one of my Attraction Bootcamps and I asked all men to raise their hand who are guilty of using such questions.

Then we would see something like this:

Everybody is guilty of this from time to time and uses such questions.

Whether if it’s in the context of having an interaction at a club, a bar… on the street, while meeting friends or texting with a chica bonita.

And don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with asking such questions if you’re genuinely interested in the respective answers to these questions.

However, with a simple twist, you can turn questions like these into powerful tools.


Well, by doing this:

If you’re curious about what her job is and you’re about to ask her

ask yourself first!

  • What do you think she does for a living?
  • What could a typical day in her life look like?
  • What could be her motivation for pursuing this profession?

Does she look like a typical law student to you? Great, then you can work with that exact assumption!

A bit random… but you seem like a lawyer-to-be to me who’ll keep criminals out of jail… Yeah, I can imagine that when I look at you.

Does she seem more like a strict teacher to you? Perfect. Then share your intuition:

With you, I’ve the feeling that you are a teacher… One who looks beyond the edge of her glasses and banishes attentive students to the quiet corner… Yes, that’s how you seem to me.

Why are these statements so incredibly powerful?

  • You make her curious about how you came to your assumption and motivate her to respond
  • They trigger emotions in her through their imagery (and inspire her to respond teasingly – which creates tension between you)
  • Even if you’re wrong with your assumption, you will find out her actual profession (after all, she can correct you in the “worst case”)

The great advantage of texting:

Compared to face-to-face interactions in a bar, club or on the street, you have relatively more TIME to create your text.

After all, you can think first about how to turn the things you want to know about her into statements.

Time in which you make original statements out of run-of-the-mill statements.

For example, if you want to know what she does in her spare time and make a statement like…

You seem a little nerdy to me.

… you can – since you are only texting with her via chat – think a few seconds longer about how to give your statement more depth and make it more visual…

You seem a bit nerdy… Yeah… I can imagine you collecting Star Wars figures in your spare time and occasionally taking them out of their boxes to re-enact the Clone Wars… At least that’s what my intuition tells me.

Will she LOVE statements like this GUARANTEED? Not always. But at that point when you’re wrong or she feels the need to defend herself (for example because she doesn’t want to be perceived as a nerd like in my demo), you bring a lot of tension into your conversation.

Most people want to know WHY you think the way you do.

And then you can either keep teasing her or you can weasel your way out of the situation by texting something like…

Oh, I don’t know why, I just kind of had the feeling haha

Not too hard, huh?

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Tip #2: Don’t be a normie

For whatever reason, many men consider it a brilliant idea to bombard their chosen ones with irrelevant questions (just like implied in tip #1).

  • “Hey, what are you doing?”
  • “How are you?”
  • “How was your day?”
  • “What did you do yesterday?”
  • “What were you doing the day before yesterday?”
  • “What are you doing tomorrow?”
  • “And the day after tomorrow?”

Just reading these questions alone increases the chances of her falling asleep (even when standing) by 169%.

But why are these questions so damn boring?

“I know it, Dan. Because they don’t trigger emotions!!”

Ah, I see you’re a devoted AttractionGym reader.

Nice answer, amigo.

And yes, when you ask questions like that, she actually feels like a wet fart.

In fact, in 11/10 cases, even the questioner feels absolutely nothing when asking such questions.

Uncertainty at best because he can’t think of anything better…

But that isn’t the only reason why most of the interactions are doomed to failure.

It isn’t just the fact that the questions are themselves deadly boring and add nothing to someone’s life.


They’re also damn inauthentic 99.8% of the time.

I mean hand on heart, bro.

Are you REALLY interested in what your lady did yesterday or are you just asking her because it’s the only thing you can think of right now?

Women have a sixth sense when it comes to authenticity.

She notices it when you aren’t genuinely interested in what you’re texting.

So, the lesson of this tip isn’t that you should never ask questions

It’s this:

If you’re asking questions, they should always belong to one of these two question categories:

  1. Questions whose answers genuinely interest you
  2. Questions which trigger EMOTIONS in your chica

A combination of both is a powerful reaction trigger that you can easily incorporate into your conversations.


Here I even used a question as an opener.

Spoiler: You can also use this tip in your “real life” interactions. But don’t be too amazed at how well it works…

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Tip #3: Awaken your inner Thanos

Many men become TOO euphoric when they get a match or when their chosen one responds.

Like a squirrel on crack, they tap hastily into their keyboards to adorn their flame.

The result?

Their messages turn into bible-long monologues.

Unfortunately, they don’t realize that their – actually positive – intention to share as much of themselves as possible makes them UNATTRACTIVE.


Because they are sub-communicating that they can’t control their excitement.

They seem to want to convince their flame at all costs and invest MASSIVELY in the conversation.

Even though their chica doesn’t deserve that investment yet…

Completely deterred, women usually don’t answer them at all or respond very briefly…


So that you don’t run into the same dilemma in the future, I’ll give you a piece of advice now, which you should hammer deep into your brain.

It reads as follows:

Awaken your inner Thanos.

And I don’t mean you should wipe out half the intergalactic population to ensure the balance of the universe.

It’s that when you write, you make sure that you invest about THE SAME as your madam does.

Our homey Thanos seems to like this screenshot too…

Pro tip:

Use this investment balance as a compass for your text conversations – NOT as a strict texting rule.

If you notice in your chats that you often over-invest, then try for a while to text only ⅔ of the amount she texts to you. Just for practice.

Experiment with an absolute 50:50 balance and the ⅔ exercise and be surprised at how your conversations will develop.

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Tip #4: At THIS time, you should reply

Hey, Barney, can you tell me again when I should text her?

Thanks, Barney.

This is going to end legen-…

Wait, for it…

…in a HUGE FAIL!

It’s always good to be told how you should NEVER behave.

And instead of explaining everything to you on the basis of dust-dry theory, I will give you a real-life example:

A friend of mine, let’s call him Alex, has been living the “player lifestyle” for a healthy number of years.

He has no problems in approaching women, taking them on memorable dates and sleeping with them.

What he has trouble with, though, is keeping his mademoiselles interested.

What do you think he could be doing wrong?

Is he miserable in bed?


I already know from various trusted sources that Alex is relatively talented at leading women to orgasm.

The real reason for the growing disinterest after his rendezvous is rather banal:

His writing habits are sloppy.

After sharing a bed with a lady, he tends to text her back far too irregularly. At times, he even forgets to write.

If he then contacts his girls again, the vibe between them is ruined.

His women feel like Alex doesn’t give a damn about them. Even though that’s not always the case.

Alex leads a busy life and texting with him can be an absolute nightmare.

And because he usually takes longer than 24 hours to reply, he often loses women who really like him.

Even if he’s already had several dates with them!

So, screw what Barney says.

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So, don’t worry too much about playing “hard to get”.

Try to get in touch with her within 24 hours.

“Yes, alright, Dan. But what if she calls me the day after, for example/ forgets me, so to speak?”

You’re about to find out…

Tip #5: Here’s what she owes you

The sooner you accept what I’m about to share with you, the quicker you will get rid of your frustration when she doesn’t text back.

There are countless screenshots on the net where guys lose their perfect poise when women don’t give them what they’ve hoped for.

Nice guys who seem to have a fetish for uncontrolled freak outs, and insult women in the shabbiest way.

Now I know that most of the AttractionGym readers are far too well educated to make such a social suic!des…


Just to be sure…

>> Here’s What to Do When a Girl Ignores Your Text (+ Examples).

Here’s a list of things a woman owes you:

  • Nothing

There you go. Did I forget something?

Nope, looks pretty complete.

Watch it, bro.

Just because a woman replies, doesn’t mean she’ll go out with you.

Maybe she just wants some validation. Maybe she just likes texting but doesn’t feel the need to meet with you.

It’s her right to text with you and have some fun – just as it’s your right to stop texting with her if she texts disrespectfully.

Save yourself unnecessary frustration if she has a different goal than you (and isn’t interested in dating, for example) and end with her respectfully. Your rage won’t change her attitude. Not in any parallel universe.

Tip #6: Treat her like a vegetarian

Here I will keep myself SHORT.

Because this tip shouldn’t need a long explanation.

“Treat her like a vegetarian” means in plain English:

Keep your sausage to yourself.

Your flesh flute, your perch, your snake, your baseball bat.

This malaka doesn’t seem to understand me… Don’t be like him!

Never send her a d!ckpic if she doesn’t ask for it or if you aren’t in the middle of a spicy sexting sequence

And even then, your slug can take a lot of the tension out of it. A subtle image, by implying a boner, can be much hotter for a lady in this scenario.

Tip #7: Master THIS and make your texts sound like a symphony in her ears

With the tip I’m about to give you, you’re going to wish someone had given it to you sooner…

And since we’ve already reached the end of this article, I’m going to give it to you in no-bullshit style. Straight to the point.

Prize question: What is lost in texting compared to ordinary face-to-face interactions?

That’s right… a bunch of things.

Among other things, HOW you speak.

Unfortunately, you can’t work with speech rate, your tonality and expression when you text.

However, there is one underrated secret weapon that you should be aware of…

Voice messages.

Sure, you could just call your chica, but there is no guarantee that she will actually answer the phone.

With voice messages, on the other hand, you can sit back, relax, take all the time you need to record and send it out as you please.

And yes, I know… maybe you think that you’re not the most expressive speaker or your voice isn’t sexy or masculine enough.

But f*ck THAT!

I can count on one hand how often I’ve received a compliment for my voice in real life. And this is the case even though I’ve already spoken to at least 69 million people (110% true story).

But as soon as I send a voice message… Oh loooord.

It’s almost like I won the compliment lottery.

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Important: Even if you can’t change your voice directly in the short term, you will sound much sexier and more masculine by following these 3 simple steps:

  1. Speak slowly and controlled (as if you were underwater)
  2. Avoid “uhm”s and “eehhm”s – just pause for a moment
  3. Smile into your microphone while recording your message – this hack has been used by customer service hotlines for years; Why? Because you automatically sound more charismatic – after all, she can hear your smile



With my tips you’re now better equipped than a samurai and know some powerful tips on how to flirt over text.


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