Fourth Date Moment of Truth? 12 Ways to Plan the Perfect Date

fourth date

The fourth date with the lovely lady is around the corner.

Damn, you’re on fire.

I probably feels you are getting to the end line, possibly having a cute girlfriend very soon.

Don’t start slacking now. Things can still go sideways.

Read on and get:

  • The #1 secret ingredient to make your 4th date an unforgettable success
  • What you can learn from Tarzan and Jane about enthralling women
  • Memorable fourth date ideas: How to get her to strip for you using Super Mario
  • How to win her step by step for a friendship with benefits or a relationship
  • And much more tips for date four…

My, my!

Look at you.

The fourth date is just around the corner.

This means that you have already been on three dates and she’s still interested in you.

Many men don’t make it that far.

So, congratulations, bro!

But if you think you’ve gotten through the hardest part…

…you are very much mistaken.

Yeah, you guys know each other better by now, so you’re less nervous than before your first date.

However, there is one crucial thing that you need to do now that countless men underestimate.

It’s subtle, but without it, you are likely to lose your loved one.

(Even if you’ve had wild sex several times, and she saved you with a ‘<3’ in her contacts.)

But don’t panic…

Because I’m going to give you 3 simple tips to make your fourth date an unforgettable success.

Without wasting any more time…

Let’s go!

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Tip #1: Calm your tits!

“Dan, I’ve had my third date with her. Can I finally tell her that I love her?”

“Hey, Dan. There’s this one girl. We’ve been out a few times, and we’ve had sex. When should I make it official with her?”

No, no, no.


I get asked questions just like these every week.

Don’t get me wrong. I like that you’re dating a woman you consider delightful.

However, if you are convinced that you can judge whether she’s a good match for you from a few dates…

…then you’re more naive than I thought. And, more importantly, you’re making a fatal mistake that is one of the most common reasons why relationships fail.

You’re rushing the ‘becoming-a-couple’ part.

Yeah, maybe she laughs at your lousy ‘yo mama’ jokes, shares your fascination with dwarf rabbit breeding, and seems to enjoy having sex with you…

But that doesn’t mean you’ve seen all of her facets…

I mean, everyone wants to be on their best behavior on first dates.

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Therefore, it’s impossible to know exactly how she ticks after only four dates.

Men (and women) who rush into a relationship are guided by toxic thoughts in 11 out of 10 cases:

“Man, this is the first time in months – no, years that I’ve been on a fourth date with someone.

I better make it official right away so that she/he stays with me.”

They’re tired of being alone and crave affection.

The result:

They waste tons of blood, sweat, and tears on relationships that are doomed to fail before they even begin.

But you’re smart, amigo, and allow yourself plenty of time before committing to a relationship.

I even challenge you to wait at least 10 dates before you think about making her your girlfriend

This way you not only keep your relationship lighthearted (because you’re putting neither her nor yourself under pressure to commit to each other as fast as possible).


You also get more time to find out if she’s the (right) one for you…

”Sounds logical, Dan. But how do I make sure she stays interested?”

Excellent question.

You ensure this by doing the following:

Tip #2: Inject a load of golden nectar

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

If you’re hoping that this tip is aimed at sex practices involving urine, I must disappoint you.

Rather, it’s about an essential thing that countless wannabe Casanovas forget.

This is a secret ingredient that transforms ordinary dates into memorable experiences that your chica will dream of that very same evening.

I’m talking about…


Listen, bro.

You can create all the sexual attraction you want, but if you don’t inject your dates with a touch of personality…

There’s no reason for your lady to look forward to seeing you again.

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Women fall in love with men of strong character, not with silhouettes without personality.

And if your flame doesn’t get the impression that you have a strong personality even after your fourth date…

…she’ll dump you.

With good reason.

Because it’s amazingly easy to give your dates a thick dose of personality.


By giving her a taste of what her life would be like with you.

Show her your world.

You detest shisha bars? Then, don’t take her there.

You’re a sporty dude? Then, do something that involves action.

In the following, I give you 7 original date ideas to secure a memorable fourth date.

It’s up to you to choose the one that suits your personality best.

Let’s go!

Tip #3: Fourth date ideas for an unforgettable success

4th Date Idea #1: Play Tarzan and Jane

You both have a weakness for adrenaline rushes?

Then, this date idea is exactly what you’re looking for.

Grab your chica, and head to a climbing forest.

Today, you’re going to play Tarzan and Jane.

In parkours, you can playfully challenge her to climb as high as you do…

Make sure to take a filled backpack for breaks in between those great ‘aha’ moments.

A simple picnic is a great way to get to know each other better—for example, with these deep, get-to-know-you questions:

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(Warning: With these questions, you might bring out sides in her that you didn’t even know existed.)

“Sounds promising, Dan. But what if it rains?”

Well, I guess you’ll have to call off your date…

It’s not like there’s any f’cking indoor climbing halls…

Oh, wait, there are.

Question answered.

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4th Date Idea #2: Super Mario & Chill

In each of us, there is an inner child—a nostalgic side that we associate with feelings of warmth, love, and caring from childhood.

With this date idea, you’re going to take her back in time to that sweet place by hosting a ‘nostalgia night’ in a class of its own.

Get out your Super Nintendo/ N64 or PlayStation 1 and test the dexterity of your lady.

Before that, go to the supermarket together and riot in the candy department.

With puffed rice, a bag of gummy bears, and a package of Capri-Sun, you give your evening an extra portion of awesomeness.

Pro tip:

One of my favorite game variations is ‘Strip-Super Mario’ (of course, you can apply the principle to any game).

It works as follows:

You play in single-player mode and take turns when someone loses a life.

The last person has to hand over the controller and take off one garment when they die.

If you lose, do it gloriously.

Awaken the Magic Mike inside you, turn up Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’, and give her a seductive striptease.

Play until you’re both naked and the actual game becomes a minor matter most likely…

4th Date Idea #3: Visit a concert/ festival

At this point, you should have talked about what music you listen to and what tunes you yodel in the shower…

Now, it’s time to show each other what your favorite hits sound like.

Of course, you could present your Spotify playlist to her.

But why not make it an unforgettable experience?

Open your homey Google, search for gigs in your area, and enjoy a musical spectacle up close and together.

Pro tip:

Festival atmospheres are often even more exuberant than concerts. They are like gigantic playgrounds full of crazy and adventurous people.

The exuberant atmosphere lowers inhibitions to zero, which is the perfect opportunity to discover your unfiltered personalities (and to have wild times in a tent).

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4th Date Idea #4: Go out for dinner (with a twist )

You don’t believe in fancy restaurants?

You don’t have to.

Because with this date idea, you’ll outclass every 5-star restaurant visit.


Because it includes a huge touch of originality.

The short version:

  1. You text your date something like ‘Let’s go out to dinner tonight. I’ll pick you up at 7:00. P.S.: Put on that black dress that looks so incredibly sexy on you.’
  2. You clean up your apartment, prepare a Spotify playlist with your favorite songs, set your dining table, and chill some drinks.
  3. You look for an uncomplicated recipe via Google.
  4. You dress up as if you were going to a fancy restaurant (so you match her).
  5. You pick up your date, tell her “I have to go to the supermarket for a second. I actually forgot some groceries… In 3 minutes, we’ll be done and head out.” and take her to the supermarket.
  6. Since you’ve already chosen the dish, you purposefully buy ingredients.
  7. After your shopping tour, you drive to the supposed fancy-schmancy restaurant: Your apartment.
  8. You tell her “I’ll just take this stuff upstairs,” walk into your apartment, light some candles, and play the playlist.
  9. You go back to her and say, “Hey, come on up here for a minute, I need your help,” and lead her into your apartment holding her hand.
  10. You watch the sparkling eyes of your lady, who is fascinated by your endless creativity.
  11. You cook together and enjoy a unique evening.

The long version:

I’d be an idiot to explain every single step in minute detail.


Because I’ve already written the most comprehensive article on the web about how to win her heart with a phenomenal cooking date.

You can find it here:

>> How to Make a Cooking Date More Epic Than Any Date She’s Had

4th Date Idea #5: Go waterskiing

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be able to walk on water like Jesus?

I’ll tell you:

It feels fantastic.

And no, I won’t show you how to do it (it’s a secret…)

But I’ll show you a way to get close to that experience.

It’s waterskiing.

Experience a dopamine and adrenaline rush as you drift around the curves of an idyllic lake.

4th Date Idea #6: Visit to the zoo

Zookeepers getting nibbled on in the puma compound.

Silverback gorillas cuffing each other’s necks.

Goats in a petting compound, licking their own excrement.

Hell yeah.

A visit to the zoo is the definition of pure romance.

But seriously.

If you’re both animal lovers, a visit to the zoo is one of the best things you can do.

You can you admire hundreds of exotic animal species.


Easily picnic on one of dozens of park benches and meadows.

Here you can destress and get closer to each other while taking a break from everyday life.

>> How To Have Charisma – 10 Tips to Create Attraction from Women.

4th Date Idea #7: Escape Game

Sherlock Ho- who?

On this date, you let Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson fall into oblivion and form an even more iconic duo.

The escape game works as follows:

You are both locked in a room and have to solve puzzles to get out.

Not only can you have fun figuring out how well you can combine forces…

…but also you can experience if you make a good team.

Tip #4: Don’t make THIS mistake (+ how to get after fourth date exclusive)

At the beginning of this article, I suggested that there is a mistake that is fatal for many men…

One thing that determines the future of you and your chosen one…

Something that you should do on your fourth date at the latest…

What am I talking about?

Define the relationship.

With the fourth date, it’s time to set the direction of your relationship.

Be aware of what you really want and act accordingly.

Do you want to…

  • Make her your girlfriend?
    • Monogamous or open?
  • Or have a friendship with benefits with her?

As you can see, for each of your possible intentions, I offer you a step-by-step guide.

Good luck!

Tip #5: Date four, but you haven’t been intimate yet?

You think she’s fantastic, but something inside you keeps you from getting closer to her?

Maybe it’s a feeling of insecurity that spreads to every cell in your body as soon as you even try to touch her?

Maybe you’re afraid she’ll react negatively to your advances?

Or maybe you simply don’t know how to approach her naturally?

The result?

You’ve neither kissed nor slept together yet—maybe you haven’t even held hands.

Do you recognize yourself in this?

Then, the fourth date’s going to have to change a lot from your former dates.

Because if you can’t build up sexual attraction and don’t even dare touch her, she’ll catapult you straight into the friendzone without batting an eyelid.

A sexless place darker than the dungeons of Azkaban.

R.I.P. to our fallen brother…a fate you don’t want to live.


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