10 Ways to Smoothly Transition from Friendship to Relationship

There she is.

Your best female friend you’re desperately in love with.

However, she doesn’t know your craving.

How do you make sure she’ll also see you as a potential boyfriend or lover? How do you turn from friendship to dating? And how do you prevent failure?

Read on, because in this article you’ll get:

  • 10 tips on how to turn your friendship into a relationship
  • The #1 mistake that will decimate all your chances with her
  • My magic box to teleport yourself out of the Friendzone
  • Conversation tips to induce feelings of love in her
  • Texting tips to tell your friend you like her
  • How to motivate her to chase you into a relationship
  • More insights how to friendship into a relationship…

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After reading this article you’ll have the right tools to work on turning your friendship into a relationship.

Tip #1: Know where you stand right now

Before you scroll down, and blindly apply my tips without second thought, pay attention.

Because firstly, you want to determine what kind of relationship you have right now. This prevents mistakes down the line.

If you want to turn the friendship into a relationship of any kind, the feelings can be mutual or one-sided. Or even something in between.

Is it still one-sided right now?

No worries, you can change that.

Unsure about the relationship between you?

Then make sure you don’t suddenly verbally pour all your feeling out to her.

It’s completely fine to EXPRESS your feelings.

Have a look at the situation from her perspective:

Say she just wants friendship. She’ll get a massive reality check if you suddenly do your ‘coming out’, and declare your love for her.

That’s why it’s so important to figure out what the relation is between the two of you:

  • Does she see me as a friend or more?
  • Have I been flirtatious with her?
  • Is she giving off signs that she likes me?

Come to any conclusions?

In this article you’ll learn how to attract her. And how to convert your friendship into a relationship.

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First up, 3 signals to figure out if she actually already likes you.

Tip #2: Maybe your girly friend already likes you

It’s possible that she’s into you.

A grave mistake is not acting upon that. Feelings can linger for a while, but fade if nobody pursues them.

Luckily, there is a safe way to tell if someone likes you. This way you can be sure you can express your feelings. Pay attention to the next 3 signs of flirting.

Her back speaks volumes

Intuitively, a woman knows exactly what you find attractive.

And she will emphasize this asset of hers when she likes you.

It could be her:

  • Waist in a tight skirt?
  • Lips with lipstick?
  • Sexy dance moves, performed right in front of you?

Aye and nay.

The thing men find universally attractive about women is her curves.

When she accentuates her curves for you, you know she is flirting with you.

Sometimes she’ll do this intentionally, with a push-up bra for bigger breasts, or lipstick for fuller lips.

Oftentimes she acts more unknowingly using her body language. Putting ‘her blessings’ more to the front.

Have a look:

She arcs her back, pushes up her breasts, and sticks out her butt.

Everything sticks out, seems bigger and is more voluptuous.

The sneaky one even pushes up her breasts some more with her arms. And pulls my attention to her lips with her hands and painted nails.

See, everything that’s visually attractive to us guys is emphasized.

Me, on the other hand. I’m enjoying some of the best cat videos YouTube has to offer. My interest is elsewhere.


Do you notice the friend you’re in love with sticking out her curves towards you? Big chance she may be seeking some of your flirtatious attention.

Now you’re probably wondering if YOU can also be more attractive by showing off your curves the same way.

Well, in short… that’s rather…


Let’s continue with a sign straight out of the best-selling book ever.

Keep this in mind from 50 Shades of Grey

A favorite of Coach Patrick’s top 10 pickup books.

Maybe a book not immediately apparent to you, seeing as it is a book that made millions of WOMEN slither from their chairs.

Now I’m not saying you should immediately start reading 50 Shades. However, do take a look at the next sign to find out if your friend likes you.

Because what I noticed is that on dozens of pages, a reference is made to the main characters biting their lips.

So often even that Mr. Grey forbids Miss. Steele to bite her lips one more time.

Or else…

What people don’t know is that the lips of a woman are the mirrors of her ‘other lips’.

That’s why it’s normal that men often compliment women on their full lips. Something you’ll never hear a woman say to a man.

Do you see her wetting her lips often while talking to you? Then you’ll have a sign glowing red hot like her lips – she likes you.

Noticed her doing it more than once in a short while? Then you can be fairly certain. Especially when she looks at you while doing it.

Now for the last sign…

You act more and more alike

Something caught my eye recently.

Together with Coach Mathijs and a few assistants, I was shooting new videos in sunny Barcelona.

Pretty frustrating from time to time. And we tend to express our frustrations verbally… without any filter.

After two weeks I started to notice that our assistants were taking over our foul-words-vocabulary rather well.

Haha, fvck.

It comes down to this:

When people like each other, they tend to behave like one another.

Both verbally and physically.

When people copy the other’s body language it’s called mirroring. This behavior stems from our mirror neurons. Neurons with the sole purpose of allowing you to behave in a similar way to the way you’re attracted to. To the other person, this is a clear signal that you like them.

Have a look what I mean:

My lovely assistant takes on the same pose as me.

So for this, take a glance at the girl you’re talking to from time to time. Do you notice she is copying your pose? And even following along when you change yours?

Caught red-handed!

You can be sure there’s some chemistry.

Haven’t noticed any of these signs? Then it’s possible she doesn’t yet see you as a possible romance.

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To change that, I have the next tip for you.

Tip #3: Why she perceives you as friendly, not flirty

So you didn’t notice any of the above flirting signs?

Are you having fun together, but does she only call you sweet and nice?

Or are your conversations always serious, or worse, about here love life?

Then you’ve probably already figured by now, your relationship is friendly.

And you wonder how it ended up like this.

Chances are, tension lacked in your conversations.

Bonding chatter, but no teasing and flirty touch.

You probably know you want to be a flirt around women if you want to seduce her.

But because you have been behaving so nice together, the boredom-momentum is high. Suddenly turning the tide isn’t an easy task.

This impotence might feel frustrating and you’re clueless about what to do.

Your last resort, you decide, would be to pour your feelings out to her. As discussed before, this isn’t going to cut it.

But then how?

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Read to find out.

Tip #4: How to have flirty conversations with her

It’s important you start flirting with her.

Don’t CONFESS your feelings. ACT according to your feelings.

You do this by playfully touching and teasing her, for example.

Take this example:

One day she walks into the room in a beautiful red dress. Her red lipstick matches it perfectly.

Then give her a killer compliment about it.

But don’t say:

“What a nice dress you’re wearing.”

This is an utterly boring compliment for women.

A woman at a wedding told me not so long ago:

“If a man tells me my dress is ‘nice’, I would take that as an insult”

Calling her sweet and nice… that’s something her bro could do as well.

But you don’t want to be her bro, do you?

Thought so.

So, make your compliments more specific. And more exciting.

For example:

Tell her her lipstick is distractingly beautiful.

Tell her her perfect dress hurts your eyes.

Sometimes I tell a girl:

“Hi, I noticed you and I think you’re crazy… beautiful”

This way you play with the tension.

For a second, she’ll think you’re insulting her. Only to find out it’s a playful compliment. Because of this push and pull, the compliment is so much more effective.

Try it.

And as you can see, having some example sentences helps a lot.  

Talking about convos, how do you flirt over text and turn your friendship into a relationship there?

Tip #5: How to flirt better over text

Seeing as it is your best friend, flirting with her over text is going to be a walk in the park.

You may not see it yourself yet. That’s why I’m going to give you a simple but powerful way to arouse some much-needed tension between you.

Sexual tension, to make it clear.

Chances are big you both enjoy the same things.

She ain’t your BFF for no reason after all.

So, the next time you’re chatting about a topic you both love, apply this tip immediately.

Not to bust your balls, but obviously it doesn’t make her fall head over heels right off the bat.

No, these are the first droplets in the bucket that will make your friendship eventually tip from friendly to intimate.

So what do you want to do?

Have a look at the screenshot:

The conversation starts off with a friendly vibe. We’re talking about what we both love: VR.

On one hand, a good conversation topic. On the other absolutely the least flirty topic ever.

That’s why I give the conversation a 180 degree turn to the sexual and slowly change the overall vibe to a preferred one.

And this is just one of the sentences you can simply copy-paste to light her fire.

As you can see, it works.

For another 20+ lines, I recommend you check out my free Texting Kit right here.

Tip #6: You want to go from friendship to a relationship, but it’s not mutual

Have you tried everything but figure out she simply just sees you as an ordinary friend?

That means the love isn’t mutual.

I can imagine how much of a bummer this is.

As if she rips your beating heart out, beating for her, in one swell swoop.

What remains is an empty black hole and maybe a feeling of aimlessness.

That sucks.

Will you ever get over this?

Well, let me help you rise from the darkest depths, because worrying has never helped anyone move forward.

An effective way is gaining strength from the stories of others. People who were in a similar situation as you. And using the same steps they’ve taken to rise again.

Think about Michael Jordan for example. He wasn’t born a basketball star. He had to go through tough times and tons of setbacks to become the best.

Tip #7: Dare to make your conversations sexy

There is one talent we men all possess.

Turning conversations deadly boring. Especially with women. And most definitely online.

Funnily, we choose to do this. Simply because our way of communication differs from that of women.

We like to talk about facts and details. And thus end up with topics like study, hobbies, and career.

Go ahead, yawn along with me.

But this masculine way of communication doesn’t make a lady’s heart race.

These factual topics lack emotion and drama.

To make conversations fun and interesting for them, you want to choose more exciting topics.

And which subject is the most exciting of them all?


Well done, dear reader. We’re on the same frequency.

At the same time, I can imagine the following thought going through your mind:

“How can I make my conversations sexy, without coming across as a creep?”

Excellent questions, particularly in this day and age.

The way to go about it, is subtle.


Sliding this one in in a more subtle way would be impossible.

Alright, enough joking.

Again, you see that one message is enough to turn the conversation from sweet to sexy.

Slowly over time that can turn a friendship into a relationship.

Let’s continue

Tip #8: How to get out of the friendzone

Is it clear you’re a museum piece in her friendzone?

Or does she talk about the wonderful dates she has with other dudes?

Or when you swing by her house, she welcomes you in her pajamas?

Yes, yes and…yes?

Then I can say with absolute certainty that the shackles of the friendzone are cutting deep into your wrists.

If only there were keys to free you from them…

How happy would that make you?

A way to give you a second chance with her.

Ha-ha my dearest bro, those keys exist.

My Friendzone Escape-Room Trick is your skeleton key to freeing yourself.

And next to that, two friendzone laws will prevent you from ever getting caught in the friendzone again.

Because there are enough people online giving tips on how to escape the friendzone, but I’ve yet to find the person who also teaches you how to avoid it. Better yet, how to traverse to her lover zone.

By the way, you can get my Friendzone Escape-Room Trick for free right here.

Now go, free yourself from those shackles and give yourself that second chance.

You deserve it.

Tip #9: In love with your best friend’s girlfriend

Now the big issues arise.

A buddy of mine is in love with a super attractive girl. She’s totally his type, and he bumps into her regularly.

They have great conversations. Theirs even tips towards the flirty side.

You might wonder why this is such a big problem.

There’s one catch.

This extremely attractive girl, walks hand-in-hand with his best friend.

His friend and the girl are in a relationship.

Do you happen to be in a similar position? Then carefully read the advice I also gave my buddy.

Since then he’s been able to relax again whenever he comes across the two of them. And the relationship between him and his best friend and him and the girl has benefited from it tremendously.

Because the last thing you want is to stir around in the relationship of your best friend.

(at least I hope so)

When having a flirty conversation with the partner of your best friend, it can feel as if you are interfering in their relationship.

You might be scared you are jeopardizing your friendship. Perhaps you worry your friend will start to dislike you more and more.

You’re wondering whether you should talk to him, since you have feelings for the girl. Or maybe just avoid them from now on.

At the same time, you’re scared of the reaction your best friend might have.

Both options suck and you’re in limbo.

This is what I told my buddy:

“100% talk about it with your friend. Face to face and make it clear that the situations is extremely frustrating for you. Tell him you’re scared the friendship you have is suffering because of it.

Whatever you say, make it clear that your friendship is the most important thing”

Opening up like this might feel really uncomfortable for you.

But by being honest you’ll feel the anxiety levels dropping fast. Because when you allow the topic to haunt in your mind, it only gets more entangled with your thoughts.

Added benefit of talking about it:

Your level of friendship with both persons will probably deepen.

If it’s possibly I would advise you to distance yourself from her for a little while. Maybe your friend can help you with this. For example, by coming alone when you two are meeting.

Next, most definitely meet other women. Love causes tunnel vision. She might seem like the one, but only because you put all your focus on her.

Once you zoom out, and see that there’re other girls, you’ll be able to compare.

So, get off your ass and start going out. Before you know it, you’ve hooked a cute girl to your rod.

That little rascal’s already got some talent.

Doing these 3 things will reduce your anxiety.

Talk about openly, distance yourself from the girl, and focus on other ladies.

And before you know it, you’ll be able to once again have the best conversations with the girl of your best friend, without having to worry about anything.

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Tip #10: She likes you, but doesn’t to turn the friendship into a relationship

Houston, we have a problem:

You love her, she merely likes you.

Maybe she likes you just as friends. Perhaps she likes you with some benefits.

However, anything more is no part of the tale.

This tip will zoom in on the mistake. The mistake that could lead to the end of this fairy tale you have.

Preventing this mistake could result in a ‘and they lived happily ever after’.

First you need to understand something…

Chances are you know about self-development. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t have found this article anyway.

Then you must also know how hard it is to change your own character.

Let alone someone else’s.

Good luck with that my friend.

That change has to come from within, something known as intrinsic motivation. Otherwise it is a hopeless act of trying and failing.

So, if you fail to give that lady you want a relationship with a reason for intrinsic motivation, the fairy tale won’t end ‘happily’,

Most likely you are trying to convince her into a relationship. Am I right?

While at the same time, she agilely evades all your advances.

And because she doesn’t help in building the relationship, you’re going to work for two. Pushing even harder for that relationship.

It’s normal running after what is running away from you. Thousands of years ago, we also ran after our prey in the prairie.

This hunting is exactly what you want to avoid now.

It might work with hairy mammoths, it all but works with cleanly shaven women 😉

“But Dan, how can I let her start putting in effort for the relationship as well?“

You’re already a step ahead of me, I see. That’s what I’m going to tell you now.

So you know you need to intrinsically motivate her.

Flipping that switch isn’t done in 3-2-1. What you want to do is give her the space to be able to invest.

And with space, I mean giving her less attention.

Difficult I can imagine. You probably think by giving her less attention, your connection will suffer. Resulting in everything but a relationship.

Fortunately, the opposite is more common.

So, what can you do?

  • Stop initiating the contact every time. Let her send that first message, or let her start a conversation topic for a change.
  • Be a bit shorter over text. Reply positively, yes. But keep it short.
  • Does she invite you somewhere? Say you can’t on that day, but do give one other option. In other words: make yourself busy with other things but her.

This will create the space that motivates her to invest.

Giving her the chance to hunt you.

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Activating her hunter instincts

As you’ve just read, giving her space is a huge motivation for her to start chasing you.

There are more ways to make women go after you.

And these ways cost you way less effort than you might think.

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By using my Transformation Kit.

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And we’ll see each other on the other side.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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