11 Hand Picked Date Night Ideas Voted As Most Creative

Fun date ideas at night


It doesn’t matter if you met her last week or if you are happily married for 10 years. Fact is that, you sir, decided it’s time for a date night…

…and the evening is the most romantic time of the day.

Empty streets and dimmed lamp lights, and if you listen closely, you can hear how the nightlife draws euphoric people into bars and clubs.

Maybe this isn’t even your first date.

But the fact that you clicked on this blog post tells me one thing.

You need inspiration:

  • 11 fun date ideas to spend the night excitingly with your date
  • The best boardgames to get the romance going
  • Perfect date ideas for a hot night out and a spicy return home
  • A bonus to make every date idea at night a success
  • Date ideas for couples at night + Weeknight date ideas for the busy weekend-bee
  • More fun date ideas when the sun is down…

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Fun date ideas at night matter

By now you are aware that those ‘showpiece-date-ideas’ brought to life by countless schmaltzy Hollywood movies, such as going to the movies together or visiting fine restaurants, are as innovative as the invention of the kiwi-to-go box.

Wait, what? Are you telling me you don’t have a kiwi-to-go box yet?


How can you even live like that?

But let’s get back on topic.

Unimaginative dates guarantee that she will leave you faster than you can pronounce ‘Aequeosalinocalcalinoceraceoaluminoscupreovitriolic’.

So, if you don’t want to lose her, spend a unique evening with her. Were’s what you do:

  1. Open your eyes widely.
  2. Borrow your grand cousin’s magic drawing board and take notes


Here they come:

11 late night date ideas.

Date idea #1: Cocktail mixing session

You want to know what the best 20 bucks of my life were?

A cocktail set I ordered from Amazon.


Let me answer your question with a counter question.

Have you ever wondered why women perceive bartenders as sexy?

Well, because in their job, they…

  • Show creativity (by mixing stunning new cocktail variations)
  • Have to prove charisma (one shaker flip after the other while making small talk with guests at the bar)
  • Exude passion (trickling beverages over glasses as if their lives depend on it)

This date idea not only offers you the chance to present these attractive ‘traits’ to your chosen one.


You also get to check how imaginative your date is.

So, fill your minibar with exotic fruit juices, tasty syrups, and sparkling soft drinks and let the magic begin.

Create your own recipes as you forge a glorious master plan to seize world domination.

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Pro tip:

Need some recipe inspirations? Then check out Liquor.

Date idea #2: Board games & ‘Let’s get it on’

Discover your playful side and put your smartphones aside.

A juicy game of Looping Louie means testing more than just who has the faster reflexes.


True to the rule:

The one who loses a thaler has to take off a piece of clothing’, and, accompanied by Marvin Gaye’sLet’s get it on’, this game turns into a hot strip show.

Don’t have Looping Louie?

Don’t worry, bro.

Other great games for this exciting date are:

  • Twister
  • Jenga
  • Mikado
  • Poker

Of course, this date idea is more suitable for second or third dates or a rendezvous with your girlfriend.

Not every woman is crazy enough to do something like this on a first date, so I have a top-class board game recommendation for you:

The Lie Detector Game

I can’t thank my parents enough for giving me this PEGI-18 game for my 12th birthday.

The game design is perfect for first dates or when you generally want to get to know each other (better).

Each of you gets a deck of cards.

On each card, there are two (intimate) questions.

The twist: You’re only allowed to choose one of those two questions.

Based on the questions your date chooses, you can find out how sexually interested she is in you.

In addition, you can find out a lot about her sexuality without being condemned by her (for instance, through questions like, ‘Have you ever had a holiday romance?’).

After all, this may be the most harmless question on your card.

Date idea #3: Drive-in theater deluxe

Tell your date to take care of snacks while you bring the drinks.

Drive your car through the car wash beforehand and vacuum clean it thoroughly, because:

Tonight, you’re going to the drive-in theater!

With the seats shifted to the rear, you can enjoy your view of a 15-meter-high screen.

Because it is just the two of you in your car, you can fully focus on the ‘real program’:

Your lady.

In this cozy setting, you can’t help but start cuddling.

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By the way, the biggest drive-in theaters are offered by the chain Drive-In.

Occasionally, however, smaller providers also offer drive-in theaters.

Google is your best friend here.

Just enter the name of your city + ‘drive-in theater, et voilà!

Date idea #4: Disco bowling

Laser show, blacklight, and some deep bass:

During a spicy game of disco bowling, you’ll get your heads and arms moving too.

Get closer while you figure out which one of you is shooting the most strikes.

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The unique thing about disco bowling:

Often, a large screen is used to project which lane is hammering out the most points.

The winners often win promising prizes, such as free food at the bar.

So, stay eager and conquer the bowling arena!

Date idea #5: Night picnic

Starry heavens, fresh fruit, and a large picnic blanket.

Even if this date idea sounds a bit cheesy, it shouldn’t be missing from any list.

The atmosphere that emerges from star-gazing is incomparable.

You’re both adventurous and spontaneous, and you want to spice your date up?

Then do the following:

  1. Download a letter generator app (like ‘Letter’)
  2. Draw by a random letter
  3. Get to a spot/place beginning with the letter
  4. Watch as your date’s eyes fill with excitement because she has never met a man like you before 😉

Date idea #6: Karaoke bar

SingStar on the PlayStation was already amusing.

So why not take it to the next level?

Go to a karaoke bar.

Pick ridiculously romantic duets and enchant your audience.

After you’ve been pelted with tomatoes by your raging spectators, you can plan your tour together.

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Date idea #7: Five-star cuisine in your own Maison

Tell your lady you’re going out to dinner together.

When she arrives at your place, however, you drive with her without any comment to the closest supermarket.

Plot twist:

Today you cook at home.

Ideally, you already have a simple recipe in mind.

So, you grab a shopping cart and get the necessary ingredients.

But don’t tell her yet what you’re going to cook together.

When you arrive, you give her a simple task, such as cutting vegetables.

Make sure that you’re having fun. Let her turn up her favorite Spotify playlist and do some dancing.

If your dish tastes good, you’re both automatically proud of yourselves.

Or, you can laugh at how incredibly untalented you are while feeding the tasteless mud to your farmer neighbor’s pigs.

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Date idea #8: Trash movie & chill


  • Sharknado (a film about a tornado of sharks destroying cities),
  • Rubber (the leading role: a murdering car tire), or
  • The Room (my absolute favorite: a drama that is involuntarily so bad that it’s absolutely hilarious)…

…even our homeboy Gandhi knew the power of trash movies.

Enjoy the phenomenally unphenomenal scenery of third-string CGI-effects paired with amateurish acting ‘brilliance’.

On a comfortable couch and by candlelight, it’s almost impossible not to get closer.

Date idea #9: Billiards

But I’m not talking about pocket billiards when you’re having a NoFap-Challenge with your friends and can hardly resist the temptation to touch your eggerillos.

I’m talking about the timeless classic.

Which of you mercilessly crushes the other along with every honor you ever had?

Challenge your precision playfully in a relaxed atmosphere.

If she does an incredibly bad job, you can help her out. 😉

The loser buys the winner a drink at the nearest bar.

Date idea #10: Campfire melancholy

Borrow your great-grandfather’s fire basket and grab a bench:

Stick bread time!

Within 5 minutes you can easily mix a stick bread dough (just type ‘stick bread’ into Google).

Unpack your sticks (that’s what she said), wrap them with your self-created dough, and let the evening end under a crystal-clear starry sky.

There’s hardly a better setting in which you can philosophize about bad life decisions and your visions.

Pro tip:

For maximum camping vibes:

Set up a tent and watch the birds flutter away as the night progresses while you have passionate sex in your own garden.

Date idea #11: Drink connoisseurs

Welcome to my personal favorite.

You meet at an agreed upon place (for example, in front of a statue in the city center). From there, your fabulous adventure begins.

You’re testing the most culinary beverages your city has to offer. In all your spontaneity, you will look for the closest cozy lounge.

You’re only staying here for one drink, though. Right after you finish your drink, you’ll continue your adventure.

A hookah bar, you’ve never been to before.

I wonder what the Virgin Colada tastes like in this ‘establishment’?

Find out while you imitate Apache smoke signals.

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Afterward, you can go to the next bar.

By spending your evening in more than one place, she develops a feeling of security.


Because you’ve had several experiences in a very short time.


Guide your date SELF-ASSERTIVELY to the respective locations.

A stammering ‘uh, uh, I’ve no idea where to go’ indicates a lack of self-confidence and is a real attraction killer.

Take on the burden of your date as if you were Atlas carrying the globe on his shoulders, and offer her an unforgettable evening.

Want to boost your confidence?

Then take a look at this article to develop James Bond-esque self-confidence.

Fun date ideas at night are USELESS without THIS

Now you know a bunch of

  • First date ideas at night (you can use almost every idea for you first rendezvous)
  • Cute date ideas at night (think about the campfire melancholy)
  • Weeknight date ideas (think about the bar tour)
  • Date ideas for couples at night (*coughs* board games & ‘let’s get it on’ *coughs*)
  • Pretty simple date ideas at night (think about cocktail mixing)
  • Date night ideas at home (think about the cooking session)
  • And much more fun date ideas at night…

But creative ideas are only the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. Which mistakes you should avoid at all costs when on a first date
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