10 Flirty ‘Get to Know You Games’ to Make Her Fall For You

Whether it’s through online dating, on the street, through friends or in a club…

You met a woman you like.

The way she looks at you, smiles, laughs at your jokes… you just have to get to know her better!

That’s why in this article you will get:

  • 10 Get to know you games to get to know each other in a fun and flirting way
  • Powerful example questions you can ask during your games
  • Why getting to know someone through a get to know you game is better than just asking questions
  • A get to know you game for every kind of women you’ll meet
  • Much more…

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Lots of men have problems getting to know a lady

It’s not because they’re not trying hard enough. On the contrary: they try so eagerly to get to know the lady that they end up doing everything wrong.

That includes:

  • Talking too much about her
  • Compulsively trying to make the conversation interesting
  • Trying to impress her
  • Seeming overly interested
  • Always liking every single one of her answers
  • Boring Small-Talk

Each and every one of these mistakes has the potential to ruin the entire date with your desired one – even if you do everything else right.

Nervous yet?

You don’t have to be. In fact, there is something that prevents each of these errors in a foolproof way:

Games to get to know each other.

Why Get to Know Someone Games Make Sense

On a date you should have two missions:

  1. Trigger positive emotions in her
  2. Freeing her and yourself from any anxiety or nervousness

“Wha-Wha-What women are nervous about dating, too?”

Yup, women are just like people, you know. 😉

She has every reason to be nervous. After all, there are enough psychopaths out there.

Besides, she liked you, or she wouldn’t want to date you. This means that she too is afraid of making mistakes.

Now comes the prize question: How can you take away a woman’s nervousness and trigger positive emotions in her at the same time?


Trough… *drum roll*… Playfulness, of course.

The genius thing about getting-to-know games is that you not only bring playfulness into the date, but also make yourself familiar with her. That’s what I call efficiency!

Moreover, you don’t only get to know superficial facts about the woman, but also get a feeling for how she reacts in different situations and how spontaneous and humorous she is.

But the #1 reason why I find getting-to-know games effective is that playfulness makes it easy to get anyone to open up.

When she confesses things to you that only her best friends know, she puts a lot of trust in you.

Whether you want her to fall in love with you or just have some casual fun with her…

A certain degree of trust is essential.

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10 Fun Question Games to Get to Know Someone

Get to know game #1: Question ping pong

No, I’m not talking about actual ping-pong.

I wouldn’t have the authority to do so. I suck at this…

What I am good at, though, is making dates interesting. For this I often said to my dates:

“Get ready for the game of the year. We take turns in asking questions and the other person must always answer with the absolute truth. But you can also say you pass. The only rule is that you can’t ask the same question back.”

If that doesn’t make conversations more exciting, I don’t know what will.

She may be reluctant at first because she’s afraid of your questions. It’s up to you to take that fear away.

Just say:

“Don’t worry, my questions are totally harmless. My first one is: What country would you go to if you could go anywhere in the world?”

Make your questions deeper and more intimate over time, depending on how comfortable she feels.

It’s a good idea to ask crazy questions as well. You can use the following examples in exactly this order:

  • “What is your absolute passion and why?”
  • “Which person is closest to you?”
  • “And now the most important question of all: Oreos or Skittles?”
  • “If you had to eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would you choose?”
  • “Have you ever kissed a woman?”

Have fun with the game. Ask the most unusual questions and enjoy her answers. Don’t forget that you are also a player, so you must be prepared to open up yourself as well.

I cannot emphasize how many women have already revealed things to me that they “have never told anyone else before” because they were inspired by my confident and carefree way of opening up.

Want another get to know you game?

I’ve got one right here:

Get to know each other game #2: Would you rather

I originally played this game over Tinder.

Since it worked great and was a lot of fun, I started playing it on dates as well.

These are simple either-or questions that are asked alternately.


  • “Day or night?”
  • “Would you rather marry an unattractive but rich man, or an attractive but poor one?”
  • “Would you rather dance all your moves or sing all your words?”
  • “Would you rather be Batman or Superman?”
  • “Would you rather always wear pink clothes or socks and sandals?”

It’s amazing how well you get to know each other through a simple game. Certain preferences say a lot about their character.

You can build your own questions, but if you’re as creative as a cucumber, feel free to visit this page on your smartphone and click through the questions.

It even shows the percentage of people who have chosen a particular preference. So you can make fun of the average opinion.

Get to know game #3: Thumb wrestling

“1,2,3,4… I declare a thumb war!”

(I just realized that I earn my living by explaining the rules of thumb wrestling…)

Actually I would like to spare myself the explanation, because even Martians know this game, but for the sake of completeness, here are the rules:

You take each other by the hand so that both thumbs are free and point upwards. Remember to let your thumbs bow respectfully before fighting for life and death. That’s part of the experience.

The aim of the game is to press the other’s thumb down and hold it down for three seconds.

Now you have reached enlightenment

You won’t learn new information about her that way, but you will EXPERIENCE her.

You’ll get to see how competitive she is, how she deals with victory or defeat, and how much she enjoys spontaneous shenanigans.

Another advantage is that you playfully build in physical touch.

And as a loyal reader of our articles, you know that it’s hard to kiss a girl if you don’t touch her once before.

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So I guess you could say: thumb wrestling brings you a little bit closer to tongue wrestling.

Get to know game #4: Paper plane race

Even the childish, family-friendly version is funny, but I have an additional “not safe for work” twist.

It’s quite simple. You both make a paper plane and check which one can fly further.

The winner will immediately receive a job offer at SpaceX from Elon Musk himself.

Okay, a win is not that epic, but you can decide what the prize is.

You might even play for a kiss. Well, if you know how to lead first dates correctly, she will probably lose voluntarily, but it still brings excitement to the game.

With my “not safe for work” version it turns into an entertaining drinking game, which works as follows:

  • Order drinks
  • Every time you fold the paper once, you have to take a big sip
  • Loser has to down a shot

I’m sure she’s never done this on a date before, so you got a 100% chance that she’ll remember this get to know game.

And you.

Get to know game #5: Sherlocked

This game is ideal for those who can read people well.

But even if you can’t, you have nothing to lose.

It works as follows:

You take turns guessing facts about each other.


  • “Your favorite color is purple.”
  • “You are an only child.”
  • “You like reading books.”

If you are right, she will be impressed. If you are wrong, she will correct you and you will get to know her better. And if she’s wrong about you, you can playfully tease her.


Get to know game #6: Who am I?

I love that scene from the movie Inglorious Bastards…

“Who am I?” is an absolute classic. The game is fun and can be played anywhere.

How it works?

Each person chooses a fictitious or real person for the other. Then you have to guess them by asking yes or no questions.


  • “Am I female?”
  • “Am I from a movie?”
  • “Am I a superhero?”

But be careful: As soon as the answer is “no”, it is your turn and – as long as the answer is “yes” – you are allowed to ask an unlimited number of questions until you guess right.

When your date is on the verge of turning into a platonic, dull meeting, this game can catapult you out of boredom.

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Get to know game #7: New names

I loved to play this one with one of my ex-girlfriends. We played it in a restaurant in Italy for over an hour and laughed our asses off.

I looked deeply into her eyes and said out of the blue:

“You know, the name ‘Lisa’ somehow doesn’t suit you at all. It should be ‘Jessica’. Yeah, that would suit you better. Sounds more naughty. ;)”

She replied:

Dan’ doesn’t suit you either! I think your name should be Nathan.”

(I don’t know how she came to that conclusion…)

And so it went on.

“What name would you give this waiter?”

“Massimo! Clearly.”

“Ha-ha-ha, you are god damn right.”

It’s amazing how often you agree on this and how much you have to laugh about it.

Since then I have played the game with other women and always had a lot of fun.

Get to know game #8: Truth or dare?

This is a party game classic that everyone knows.

It is usually played in combination with a spinning bottle. But since there are probably only two of you (unless you’re on a double date with your wingman or you’re trying to get two women for yourself), you can simply take turns.

A player decides whether to answer a question with the absolute truth or to undergo a crazy test of courage.

Examples for truth:

  • “What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?”
  • “What is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten?”
  • “When and how did you make a fool out of yourself?”
  • “If you had to sleep in this room with someone, who would you choose?”
  • “What do you love in men?”

Examples for duty:

  • “Draw a mustache with your mascara and order a new coffee.”
  • “Go to the bathroom and put your hand in the toilet water for five seconds.”
  • “Walk into that store and ask for XXL condoms.”
  • “Carry me piggyback across the street and make horse noises.”
  • “Go to this group of people and ask if you can show them a dance.”

It’s a great game to test whether your date has balls. Metaphorically, of course! 😉

Side note:

This game can be highly amusing. But be sure not to choose something that would be dangerous for her or make her feel very uncomfortable. Relax, it doesn’t have to be crazy to add some pep to the date.

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Get to know game #9: Two truths, one lie

This game is also great for online dating.

It tests her creativity and makes getting to know her more fun.

Both players tell two truths and one lie. The goal is to guess which of the three facts is made up.

Let’s just play a round, then you’ll understand right away.

Here are three facts about me:

  • I eat noodles almost every day
  • I have a lesbian sister
  • Booty is more important to me than breasts

Which one of these three facts is a stinky lie?

(Loyal readers of my articles are clearly at an advantage)

I’m gonna be an asshole and not tell you the answer.

Get to know game #10: Never have I ever

I saved the best game to know you game for last.

Why do I think it’s so good?

Because a lot of secrets will bubble out of that woman, if you play it with her. I guarantee it.

This game was designed for the sole purpose of helping people get to know each other better.

I played it once on a car ride with my parents.

My father is a very reserved person, who never reveals anything about himself, and of whom I did not have much in my childhood. #daddyissues

Anyway, I was amazed how many – partly dirty – stories I got out of him.

He was apparently a real daredevil in the past, which I would never have imagined him to be.

Since then I see him with different eyes and it has strengthened our relationship together.

How it works?

You both hold up one hand. You just start, use the standard phrase “Never have I ever…” and finish the sentence by saying something you have never done before.

If your contestant has done this thing before, she or he has lost a point.

Whoever‘s hand reaches fist level first loses.

Don’t immediately start with intimate sex talk. Take your time for this one until the game warms her up.

The following is a recommended order, but you should not blindly follow it. If you feel that she is still a little reluctant, stick a little longer to the innocent statements.


  • “I’ve never broken a bone in my life.”
  • “I’ve never had to run away to save my life.”
  • “I’ve never been arrested by the police before.”
  • “I have never kissed a person of the same sex.”
  • “I never had a threesome before.”

Of course, you can ask her why she had to lower her finger or to even tell her crazy story.

The more sexual secrets she tells you AND YOU DON’T JUDGE HER FOR THAT (!), the more she opens herself up to the thought of letting out the sex freak inside her.

Bonus tips for first dates from a Dating Coach

So, you’re equipped with outstanding get-to-know-you games.

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