My Girlfriend Cheated on Me – 5 Ways This Can Be a Good Thing

girlfriend cheated on me

The worst has come to the worst…

Your beloved partner in crime has cheated on you or confessed to you that she’s now in love with another man.

Your girlfriend cheated on you.

But before you do any unreasonable things, listen how this article can help you.

Because today I show you:

  • Why it doesn’t help you to behave like a little mimosa when your girlfriend cheated or has fallen in love with someone else
  • Does she have a negative influence on you? How you can tell if it’s even smart to continue a relationship with her
  • How my step-by-step plan will make you the best man you can be (this will rapidly increase your chances of winning her back)
  • Do THIS when she cheats on you and make her crazy about you (again) and lose all the heartache
  • And much more on what to do if you are currently in a “she cheated on me”-situation…

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How my girlfriend cheated on me

That’s what it must feel like when an atomic explosion is set off in the middle of your apartment when your girlfriend cheated on you.

“Everyone else maybe, but not her”, you might think.

You feel horribly shitty and you can’t understand our blue planet anymore.

Perhaps you’ve already experienced this ‘incident’ among your friends.

But you would have never guessed that this could happen in your relationship:

Your beloved partner in crime has cheated on you or confessed to you that she’s now in love with another man.

Frozen you sit opposite her when she confesses it to you, while you can only think one thing:

“What. The. F*ck.”

You might look around for hidden cameras, hoping it’s just a prank or a bad joke.

But even after thorough investigation, you can’t find any…

Welcome to brain chaos.

“Am I not good enough for her anymore?

“Have I done something wrong?” or

“How long does she feel like this?

… may be some thoughts going through your head right now.

And as if that wasn’t already enough stress for you, she might even tell you exactly what she likes so much about her new lover…

Hold on!

Stop for a second.

That’s easy for you to say, but trust me when I tell you:

I understand only too well the immeasurable chaos going on in your head right now and how angry and frustrated you might feel.

This wonderful experience I’ve also felt in my own body.

I was hopelessly in love with her.

No matter what she wanted:

The naive Dan, always left everything for his queen.

When she told me one evening that she had cheated on me, I could only imagine to well what the electric chair must feel like for the inmates of Guantanamo Bay.

The cherry on the cake was that she fell in love with her new lover…

We, at AttractionGym, have coached countless men who have had similar – if not worse – experiences than we had. Yeah, I’m talking about you and me.

Quite frankly, I think it’s anything but heady that there are so many suffering souls in the world.

Therefore, I am even more pleased to know exactly how I can help you out of your dilemma in the best possible way.

So, bro, before you jump out of any windows, read this article first.

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THIS you should avoid at all costs if you want to win her back

What do most men as soon as they heard that their girl cheated on them/ is in love with another dude?


They fall into victim mentality.


Many men have a huge lack of healthy self-confidence.

Even Captain Birdscare, the plush Savannah cat of Mike, a buddy of mine, has more backbone than they do.

Captain Birdscare (unbelievably tender name, I know) occasionally walks into the kitchen in the hope that some tuna will be served to him.

But what does he do when there is no one to give him something to eat?


Captain Birdscare wouldn’t be Captain Birdscare if he didn’t know perfectly well how to kill birds cold-bloodedly to satisfy his insatiable thirst for fresh meat.

He simply sneaks through the cat flap and the hunt begins.

Most men simply don’t have this confidence to always find somebody.

As soon as their partner tells them that she has cheated on them or is now in love with someone else, they see their whole life flash in front of their eyes and imagine a dark future without them:

  • They’re condemned to self-satisfaction with their Don Schlong
  • You’re lonelier than a cloverleaf in the Gobi Desert
  • Nobody listens to their ‘exciting’ office stories, such as how they sank a paper airplane directly into a bin 1.5 meters away
  • No one watches them shatter their rivals in a juicy game of League Of Legends
  • They fantasize how their partner lets herself be ‘loved’ by her new lover, doggy on a McDonald’s toilet
  • And when they were married, they already think of their ex-wife emigrating to Guatemala with their children and her new lover.

Doesn’t sound like an optimistic outlook, does it?

Of course, desperate men who think so negatively do everything possible to convince their partner logically not to continue seeing their new lover.

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But listen to me carefully:

It’s perfectly normal to fall in love with someone else while you’re in a relationship

Dorothy Tennov, former professor at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, has already found out in several studies (which she has published in her books such as ‘Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love‘) that a monogamous couple is in love with each other on average between 18 months and three years.

18 months to 3 years, bro.

Have you ever thought about what you’d do if she stops loving you?

She doesn’t wake up next to you one day because she had a one-night stand at her friend’s housewarming party?


Don’t worry.

I’m going to give you my five-step plan to make the best of your situation.

Step #1: Relax and realize that it’s normal

In a representative survey of the Health Testing centers, 441 people were asked about their behavior when cheating

The result will probably shock you:

Yup, these are the hard facts.

Almost every second person in America has cheated on his partner at least once.

Does this mean that these strangers are true sub-humans who would compete with Dr. Evil himself?

Of course not.

Otherwise, 46.10% of American would be terrible people.

But before you fall into absolute paranoia, ask yourself the following question:

What do you hope to gain from your anger and mistrust anyway?

That she’ll love you more if you forbid her to have contact with others?

Then I’ve to disappoint you, bro…

By distrusting you only drive yourself crazy and a chaotic head does not help you in your predicament.

Do the following instead:

Yeah, I know, it’s easier said than done.

If your partner has just confessed to you that she loves someone else or cheated on you, I allow you to do the following:

  1. Go outside
  2. Take a deep breath
  3. Scream as loud as you can
  4. Give your trash can a good kick
  5. Set it up again
  6. Go calmly back to your apartment/ your house
  7. Let what she told you sink in and don’t talk to her about it in detail.

”Got it, Dan. But how does that help me exactly?”

I like your question, bro.

If you cling directly and beg her to stay with you and just forget about her other guy, only one thing happens:

Her vagiloni dries out quicker than a wet wipe in a preheated stone oven.

The only thing you’re giving her then is that you’re weak.

She will therefore yearn even more to be surrounded by someone who is stronger and knows how to satisfy her.

So, by begging and pleading, you only make it more attractive for her to cheat on you or leave you for someone else.

That is why it’s crucial that you remain calm and don’t let your emotions influence you into bitter deeds.

Step #2: Put yourself to the test

How have you changed during your relationship?

Are you still the same man she fell in love with?

It isn’t rare that your partner loves you AND someone else.

In most cases, however, she is a little more interested in her new lover.

That puts you in a huge dilemma.

Your top priority in your relationship should then be as follows:

Make her aware of what she’s missing if she doesn’t continue the relationship with you.

One thing you cannot choose freely during your relationship.

Which one?

You can fall in love with another person, just like her, without choosing it.

But what you can freely choose is WHAT MAN you want to be.

So, compare yourself with your ‘past version’ – what the hell was different?

Many men allow themselves to be manipulated by their wives during their relationship.

Faster than you can look, you’ll be dressed in robes that look like Aladdin, driving a bright pink Smart and have painted all the walls of your apartment in a delicate ‘lilac’.

Maybe you have lost contact with many of your friends by now and you don’t even go out with them anymore.

Then it’s more like Netflix & Chill instead of Party & Grill.

And all because she wanted it that way.

But NEVER condemn her for it.

Most of the time, she’s not even aware that she has such a strong influence on you.

All this happens in most subtle ways.

She doesn’t even notice that she weakens you and makes you less attractive – until she herself loses interest in you and perceives you as a huge washcloth.

In this article, by the way, you will learn how to recognize a manipulative woman, from whom you should rather stay away: Spot Manipulative Women: 3 Most Common Signs She’s Trying to Control You

She wants a strong man whom she cannot change negatively.

Someone who prefers to work on his dreams and visions instead of going through worklessness and watches third-string soap operas every day.

Sure, occasional lounging together doesn’t hurt, but if you have nothing better to do seven days a week than to hang soullessly with her in front of the TV, she loses her respect for you.

So, become the man she can fall in love with again.

Someone who won’t let anything, or anyone stop him from achieving his goals.

A proactive man who stands up for himself and cannot be weakened.

The faster you let her change you, the faster she loses interest in you.

And that’s probably about the last thing you want.

Step #3: Be the best man you can be

There’s a species of man out there who stops doing his best the minute he gets into a relationship.

A fatal decision.

He isn’t even aware that his partner is already longingly looking for men who can offer her what he neglects.

How about you?

In the beginning or before your relationship you probably did some of these things:

  • You made sure that you showed her several facets of you
  • You knew exactly what she was into, so she got all excited before your dates
  • You were teasing her about how much you really like her
  • You weren’t available to her 24/7, so she was never quite sure how much she could really count on you
  • You dressed up for her
  • You took her out
  • You’ve tried to give her variety

Countless men neglect these things once they’ve dipped their meat whip into the pusserella of their girlfriend material (this might just be the most wonderful expression for sex you’ve heard in a long time).

And without you really realizing it, you transform into an Adidas jogging suit wearer who doesn’t want to miss the next football game (replay) and seriously expects his chosen one to give him a passionate blowjob while he watches.

What a hero you’ve become…

Do you find it strange in this scenario that your partner doesn’t even think about rewarding you for this rancid couch potato attitude?

Then I have a short and snappy answer for you, TV cowboy:

Wake the fu*k up and reflect your own behavior!

There, I said it.

Hopefully you have now awakened from your dream bubble.

If she’s in love with someone else, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll leave you.

But if you continue to neglect her, you don’t increase your chances of a rosier future together (at all).

Be proactive and consciously contribute to a more fulfilling relationship.

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For example, by thinking about what you can bring joy to your relationship and putting it into practice.

And with that I don’t mean that you should walk into the next Walmart to get her some flowers.

Do something she thinks is romantic, not something you think is incredibly charming.

Isn’t she impressed when you give her a rose bath with champagne glasses provided?

Then stop it.

The golden gesture rule:

Just because the sex with her is amazing doesn’t mean you have to picnic with her even though she behaves disrespectfully to you.

‘Reward’ her only if she earns it.

Self-control is essential in this respect.

Does she show you less love than Gargamel the Smurfs?

Then don’t offer her a long trip to the lake.

You know better now, Brainy.

Step #4: Be her sex god


If you don’t know how to satisfy her properly, you have a serious problem.

The first days, weeks and maybe even months (if she is patient with you) she may not break up with you yet.

But one day your mademoiselle’s frustration is so bis that she simply cannot resist:

She cheats on you with someone who knows how to give her more orgasms than Ron Jeremy.

Maybe he looks like Ron and the whole romp will be even more depressing for you…

Many men are an absolute disaster in bed because they don’t respond to the needs of their partner.

They climb on her briefly, butter their cob in her 3 times, moan once like a Galápagos turtle and then fall asleep right away.

So, what to do?

Learn how to give a woman intense orgasms and make her crazy about you.

Be her sixes in the lottery instead of the loser she can find at any corner around the street.

Because once she has won you, she doesn’t want to lose you at any prize.

‘And how the f*ck am I going to do that, Dan?’

I’ve got your back, buddy!

Fortunately, I’ve already written multiple articles for you, which will significantly accelerate your development into a true sex god.

Check it out:

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Step #5: Focus on other areas of your life

“If I love a woman, I don’t want to lose her.”

Have you ever thought like that?

I felt this way, at least in my teen years, extremely often.

I waddled after the women I was head over heels in love with like a hatchling after his mother duck.

The result:

They were more disinterested in me than ever before by my needy nature, and at the end of the day I was alone again at ground zero with my tennis arm (and emptied dozens of packs of tissues).

Fortunately, because I know better now (after countless trial and error experiences in flirting with women), I advise our coaching participants who seem particularly needy to use the following life-changing mindset:

“I need her less than she needs me.”

But what is so powerful about it?

When this thought burns into your brain, you begin to behave like it.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of her and treat her coldly.

But there is a crucial difference between a man who strives at all costs to please his wife and a strong man who believes this:

“Listen, I think you’re cool, but whether you want to hang out with me or not, I’m leaving up to you.”

‘Wait, what?’, is what your partner might think.

A man who gives her the choice to stay with her…

Where does she find him?

This makes her wonder how much you really like her.

Apparently, you must have several fabulous alternatives up your sleeve if you don’t care (too much) if she leaves you.

And guess what? It makes you more attractive.

Hell, f*cking, yeah!

But how do you manage to build a fulfilled life for yourself next to your mindset?

The solution to this riddle is easier than you probably think. 😉

By focusing on other areas of life:

  • Work harder at your job and pursue the goals you have always set yourself. This makes you more independent of others at the same time. If you earn more, you will most likely be able to fulfil more dreams, for example.
  • Spend more time with your best buddies and go out with them. At the same time, you’ll realize that there are countless other phenomenal women who might be even better for you.
  • Go to the gym and do something for your body. You will be surprised how dazzling you feel after a hard training session. Bonus: It makes you look even better and is awesome for your health.
  • Flirt with other women. You don’t have to cheat on your girlfriend/ wife, but if you’re better at interacting with women, the following will happen: Your partner gets wind of this and gets in a weaker position. After all, you could quickly find a new partner. This makes you incredibly attractive, because she sees it more and more as a privilege that you choose her for all your choices.

The consequence of the listed actions?

>> Does She Love Me? Test It With ONLY 9 Surefire Signs.

You become emotionally independent of your partner.

After all, your whole life is no longer based on her (if it was before).

You stand on your own two feet, have your own priorities and can determine the course of your life as a proactive man with your own hand.

We’ve come a long way, bro

Okay, now you know answers to your questions à la “What should I do if my girlfriend cheated on me?”, so in summary, you want to be(come) the best man you can be for your partner.

Check to see if it really wasn’t your fault that she cheated on you.

If she wants to talk to you about it, you can listen to it, but you don’t have to dive into it further.

Give her time.

She must clarify for herself whether she still wants to continue the relationship with you.

Being extremely reactive and pissed off at her cheating-action doesn’t help your relationship.

You know that by now.

The steps I’ve given you will provide you with an optimal template to make the best of your situation.

I am aware that this might only feel like a band-aid for you and it’s perfectly fine if every step doesn’t work perfectly right away.

As corny as it sounds – great-great-great-grandfather Jeff was right:

Practice makes perfect.

And even if you’ve tried everything and your relationship still fails, I have some pretty good news for you:

In your region alone there are hundreds of thousands of beautiful women who can hardly wait to get to know you. Not to mention other cities, states and the rest of the world.

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