Girlfriend Wants a ‘Break’ (or Break-up!?) + How to Fix

Girlfriend wants a break

“Babe, we should take a break from our relationship,” she tells you.

You can’t believe what you just heard.

By now, you have been in a relationship for several weeks, months or maybe years.

Almost everything has been going well so far, at least that’s what you thought.

Gradually, however, you realize she isn’t joking. She actually wants a break. From YOU.

That’s why in this article you get:

  • How truly understanding her can turn things around
  • 3 Tangible tips to get her back into a loving relationship
  • What she really means when wants a relationship pause. Most men take it too lightly.
  • How the reasons for her doubts can turn you into a more attractive man to her
  • How to best deal with when your girlfriend wants a break and how you can use it as a catalyst for your relationship
  • And much more…

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What do you do if my girlfriend wants a break?

Your lady means it when she says she wants a break from your relationship

While you don’t understand it at all and think back to the epic adventures you experienced together…

Maybe you’ve even been on a vacation to Gran Canaria together.

You still remember exactly how you walked to the fruit market in your white tennis socks and flip-flops in the morning to make the most breathtaking smoothies from the loot you bought.

And how you filled your stomach with a scampi-all-you-can-eat for lunch and watched the sunset in the evening with ice-cold cocktails while listening to the sounds of the sea.

Sh!t… you guys felt so connected to each other back then.

You still remember crystal clear how deeply and in love you looked into each other’s eyes when you took her in the missionary position on the king-size bed of your hotel room.

*Flicks you awake*

There are probably tons of fantastic memories you share with your girl.

But, for now, it seems like you won’t create any new ones in the near future…

After all, you’re currently facing a puzzle that may feel as confusing as the Da Vinci Code to you.

This cluelessness can throw you off track completely.

At least, it did that to me when I first heard those words.

“Why is she saying that?

What did I f*ck up?

Did she cheat on me?

Doesn’t she love me anymore?”

… were the thoughts that bothered me.

However, in time, I deciphered why my chosen one wanted to take a break. Months passed by and I couldn’t rekindle the relationship.

I was too blind to see what was going wrong, didn’t know how to fix it and, in the end, I lost her.

This doesn’t have to happen to you, bro…

Do you want to understand exactly what she means by her words?

Do you want to learn how you can fix your situation, not only to continue your relationship soon, but also to upgrade it and learn from my mistakes?


Congratulations then, you are in the right place!

With these tips, I bring light into the darkness of your confusion.

Let’s go.

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“My girlfriend wants a break…” – What she really means by that

The words of a woman can sometimes seem like a foreign language to you.

Perhaps this situation sounds familiar to you:

Is everything okay with you, honey?”

“I’m fine.”

“Great… By the way, I’m meeting Marc and Kevin for a drink in a bit.”


*later that evening*

“I think you don’t care about me.”

”W-what the hell??”

What’s going wrong here?

Why did she say that she’s fine when this is obviously not the case at all?

She says one thing and means another.

In these situations, you may feel as if you’ve been thrown a 540-piece 3D puzzle of which you didn’t even get a picture.

What kind of person would be able to assemble this?


It’s the person who can connect the small pieces to a big picture, deciphers the function of the parts and puts them together intuitively.

I have spent years trying to decipher the ‘puzzle pieces’ of a woman in the same manner and didn’t only walk through pain when they have given the vaguest nonsense but also took more walks of shame then Cersei Lannister…

Do you know what that means for you?

That now, several years later, I can finally give you an answer to what your girl really wants to say when she tells you that she needs ‘a break from your relationship.’

Ready to hear it?

“I don’t like the way we’re having our relationship right now and you, dickhead, missed all the subtle signs I’ve been giving you for days. Now I really need some time off!”

“But Dan, if I’m responsible for that, why is she saying that ‘WE should take a break from our relationship’?”

She does that for one simple reason:

To not hurt you.

By using the plural form, she involves herself to make you feel that you are both equally responsible for your ‘relationship lull’.

In most cases, however, she thinks that you are the main person responsible for her needing a time-out.

How are you ‘responsible’ for this?

I will explain this to you later in this article.

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What is this ‘I need a break’ all about?

So, your girlfriend wants space (but not break up) but what makes her need it?

  • Maybe she met someone else she thinks is more attractive than you.
  • ‘Stress can be a son of a bitch: Maybe you’ve been going through a lot of arguments lately and she needs a time-out.
  • You’ve changed to an extent that you’re no longer attractive to her.

The scenarios above lead her to not be sure anymore if you really are an amazing match.

She wants the distance from you to be clear about whether she still loves you enough to continue your relationship.

“Is he still the man I once fell in love with?”
– She might ask herself.

Yes, I know… This interpretation can feel like drilling a screwdriver right into your heart…

I’ve felt the same way often enough.

But before I give you the tip on how to deal with a relationship break and use it as a catalyst to become the most attractive version of yourself…

I’ll show you the reasons why she questions whether she still loves you in the first place.

Your girlfriend wants space? Why she’s unsure about your relationship

Buckle up, bro.

We’re going on a little trip. To the Stone Age:

50,000 B.C.

Here, there are no social institutions that protect women and children from injustice.

They are extremely vulnerable.

Without the protection of one or more strong men, they have little chance of surviving enemy tribes in the event of an attack or other dangers.

That’s why Mrs. Caveman is always looking for strong alpha males to protect her.

So, if you were one of those strong cavemen, it automatically meant that you had many women around you.

“Does that mean that I have to train more often in the gym to keep women for longer?”


We are not in the Stone Age anymore, even if you might still use MSN to send your messages (although I think even cavemen would see that as old-fashioned…).

Today, the emancipated women of our 21st century do not need a strong man at their side for their personal security.

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The things that are highly regarded in our modern society such as money, power, beauty or fame don’t guarantee you at all that countless women will be lining up for you.

Of course, all these things help you increase your success with women…

But if you have no idea how to deal with them CORRECTLY, they’ll just walk past you.

This is because – although they find power and everything else attractive – they no longer need these things for their own protection.

Criminals are put in jail, there are policemen far and wide and we hardly have anything to fear when we venture out onto the streets.

Even though our brain has developed over thousands of years, it still carries this primal urge within itself and that makes women subconsciously look for the strong alpha-male behavior, whereas men screen for attractive, shapely women with whom they can reproduce.

This creates a strange situation

Women, as I have just explained to you, are still looking for men who give the impression that they have strength.

So, if a woman perceives you as attractive, she assumes that you must be a ‘strong man’.

More precisely:

She sees a character trait in you that shows strength.

This leads her to assume that – if SHE already feels that way – other women must surely find you also marvelous.

Until she eventually decides to get into a relationship with you.

But if during the course of your relationship she finds out that her assumption is not true, she will lose interest in you and may even decide to take a break from you at short notice (as probably in your case) – your girlfriend wants space to you.

When she says she wants space, you now know that she doubts whether you are still strong enough for her.

“Alright, but what makes her doubt it, Dan?”

I couldn’t have put it better myself, brochacho.

If you are currently stuck with both feet in the swamp of an imminent relationship breakdown, it can be extremely difficult for you to become aware of how much you’ve changed in the course of the relationship…

…and before you realize what you could’ve done better, you’re up to your neck in the shit creek.

But don’t worry. I’m going to answer your legitimate question.

There are many reasons why you can lose your strength.

Let’s have a look at the most common ones:

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Reason #1: You’re too sweet to her

She’s going into her office:

For the 13th time in three weeks, you sent her three bouquets of roses again.

She comes home and you have cooked her favorite dish for her (for the fifth time in a row): pasta with four different Italian types of cheese, sprinkled with pine nuts.

Valentine’s Day?

There doesn’t have to be a reason to give her presents. That’s why you decide to give her a giant box of chocolates 6 times a month.

However, if you’re asked to remember when she did something like this for you, you need to think…

…until you conclude that she hasn’t done the same for you EVER.

In other words:

  • Are you being way too sweet to her without her having to do earn your presents?
  • Are you being too clingy?
  • Do you catch yourself writing to her five times a day, asking everything from how she is doing to what she is doing to when she will be back so that you can finally hug her?
  • Are you getting overly romantic just because you finally have a girlfriend by your side?

If you can answer one of these questions with yes, the probability is very high that you have turned off the woman at your side immensely.


Because you have showered her with attention and ‘love’ without giving her any space to do the same for you.


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Reason #2: You got on her emotionally unstable train

Drama, nagging and unfriendliness – if she manages to manipulate you constantly through these things so that you do exactly what she wants, something is going seriously wrong.

She suspects that you have no limits of your own and that she can do everything with you as if you were her little lap dog.

The results?

She ends up losing any respect and interest in you.

By the way, if you want to learn how you can recognize manipulative women within seconds, click here:

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Reason #3: You are no longer the man she fell in love with

Think about it, bro:

Who were you when you and your señorita just got into a relationship?

How would you describe your ‘former self’?

Make a list with brief answers to the following questions in bullet point form:

  • Were you adventurous?
  • Spontaneous?
  • Did you tease her?
  • Did you passionately flirt with her?
  • Did you regularly ask her out on dates?
  • Did you use to have hot sex and give her one orgasm after another?
  • Did you have dreams and goals that you were pursuing (for example, to move up the next step of the career ladder in your profession)
  • Were you doing anything for your health, for example going to the gym regularly?
  • Were you doing something for your appearance (trimmed your neckbeard)?


Compare your result with your current situation and ask yourself to what extent you are still the man she fell in love with back then.

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“So, what do I do if my girlfriend wants a break?“

When it comes to her nine-word statement (‘Babe, we should take a break from our relationship’), I have a two-word recommendation for you:

Relax, cowboy.

Accept her decision and talk about how exactly the break would work:

For how long do you guys want to take a break?

Do you want to get in touch regularly or maybe break off the contact entirely for a while?

What is allowed during the break (contact or even sex with other people)?

Talk about it openly.

“But Dan, I don’t want to lose her.”

I understand that, bro.

But let me change your perspective:

In the list you made, you may have noticed that you are now someone else she may no longer be in love with.

Think of this break as an opportunity for you.

First of all, it’s not over yet.

Secondly, you now have time to focus again completely on yourself and collect enough energy to form a bigger Genkidama than Goku.

Book the city trip you always wanted to do with your friends, take the boxing course you always wanted to attend and get back in touch with your old passions.

It’s not uncommon for your own needs to be neglected during a relationship.

With your new gained freedom, you will not only find your way back to your old, but also a stronger version of yourself.

And if you allow yourself to date other people during your relationship break, you may even realize one thing:

There are thousands of beautiful women who might be even more suitable for you.

So, stay open for your break and for all the things that can come from it.

Maybe you’ll get back together.

Or maybe not.

But even if that’s the case, you are now in a stronger position.


Because you can reset your priorities during your time out and find out what really means the MOST to you in your life (by the way, if you feel a lot of lovesickness during your relationship break, then take a look at this article I wrote for you).

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