How do Women Fall in Love? 5 Steps How to Win a Girl’s Heart

how to make a women fall in love

He looks at her.

She laughs about his mediocre dad joke, even though it was slightly sexist.

“Nice! Finally, a woman without a stick up her ass…”,
– He thinks.

Suddenly it hits him…

He feels a tingling sensation in his stomach, and he wonders if he has eaten too much guacamole, but no – the girl has triggered this emotion.

A firework of neural impulses lights up his brain and makes him aware of the only logical conclusion:

Ok, dear homie.

I bet you are here because you want to know:

How to make a woman fall in love with you.

Today you will learn:

  • 5 Steps how to win a girl’s heart
  • Knowledge how women fall in love, 95% of men don’t know this
  • 3 Small changes to your behavior to make her heart race
  • What it REALLY means for women to fall in love (note: most people have a wrong understanding of love).
  • How to ruin EVERYTHING even when she is madly in love with you.
  • And much more…

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Why do you want to know how to make a woman fall in love?

I don’t know your story, but it is probably one of the following reasons:

  • You are in love with her
  • She is the woman of your dreams
  • You want to start a relationship with her, but she sees you only as friends
  • You just want sex, but she only wants something serious
  • She is ridiculously hot, and you want to make your friends jealous

Whatever your reasons are, I am not here to judge. My job is not to play the noble white knight. My job is to tell you what you need to hear.

Why should you bother listening?

Well, I am not some sort of wikihow trainee who has never seen real boobs but still writes articles like “5 steps to flirt with a woman”.

Nor am I some cheap, schlubby, 65-year old Gandalf Greybeard copy collecting dusty psychology books and thinking that automatically makes me some kind of dating expert.


My advice stems from:

  • Tons of personal experience: For already more than a decade I went out multiple times per week and have probably slept with more women than I should have.
  • Tons of professional experience: My team and I have helped literally thousands of men to transform their love lives.

My whole life there was nothing that could fascinate me more than the process of falling in love and making someone else fall in love.

And I have done my homework:

There is scientific work out there that I probably know better than the guys who created it. I even went back in time to analyze how history has affected the way we love.

Ok, I think I have made my point clear and you realize by now that you haven’t clicked on some article where you only get what you want to hear. FU€K NO! This blog post is going to change the way you look at love forever.

You’ve been warned.

The Hunger-for-Love-Games and their contestants

To understand the game of love and what makes women fall in love. You want to play it smartly, you have to know four things:

  • The arena
  • The rules
  • The opening act
  • The contestants

Let’s start with the arena. The place where it comes to the big showdown of love:

Your brain.

Even though the heart is often used as a symbol, the game plays out in your brain.

Who is playing?

Certain hormones and neurotransmitters.

But before the contestants step into the arena to do their thing, an opening act is needed to fire up the audience. And that is…

Ladieeees aaaand gentlemen…

May I introduce to you…


This hormone provides you with the motivation to look for potential sex partners, seduce them and make them fall in love with you. In short: it makes you horny.

That’s precisely the reason why someone I know – who drugged it for bodybuilding related reasons (not recommendable) – complained about a brutally enhanced sex drive.

That might sound nice and all, but he could literally not think about anything else than emptying his slowly but steadily shrinking balls.


This research indicates that men in a long-term relationship have way lower testosterone levels than singles or men who only recently entered a relationship.

Ok, testosterone has made the audience ready for the show. Every cell in your body is ready to witness the process of falling in love.

But then…

The terrifying voodoo trio enters the arena and an ice-cold shiver runs through the audience…

This trio is namely known for blinding people and ruining their lives.

Are you scared?

Well, you should be.

These voodoo masters can hypnotize you like no one else could. They can possess your whole body and even your brain without you realizing it.

And then you do all kinds of stupid shit, thinking you are acting in the name of love…

To weaken this trio’s power and to retain control over your mind, you have to know who you are dealing with:

  1. Dopamine

This contestant is associated with happiness and releases all his power in the arena’s area called “the reward center”.

When he is going in strong, he can make you addicted.

He can even force you to harm yourself knowingly. Think about:

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Pornography
  • Toxic women

His secret?

He makes you feel amazing when you do what he wants you to do and makes you feel like shit when you don’t.

Picture him like this:

The evil goblin of addiction – also known as “dopamine”

Iiiin the second cooorneeer…

  1. Noradrenaline

This hormone is a dark ass sorceress. She can shrink your vessels and make butterflies appear in your stomach, slowly eating you from the inside.

She gives you a shot of excitement every time you see a certain woman until you believe: “Wooow! This is the one!”

A powerful spell…

The dark sorceress of excitement – also known as “noradrenaline”

A trio without a third entity is not a trio. Never underestimate this one:

  1. Oxytocin

This voodoo master looks cute at first glance… he is associated with feeling all cuddly and cushy.

In his presence you feel deeply connected to the person in front of you.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a leather mask and a BDSM chamber with ropes and handcuffs in order to bond you forever.

The malevolent master of Fesselung – also known as “oxytocin”

We already covered that your testosterone level decreases, and you therefore get less horny in a relationship. Oxytocin, however, ensures that you keep valuing your relationship.

Mother Nature uses this master to make 100% sure the human race keeps reproducing.


All the voodoo masters have entered the arena…

and now they are dominating the battlefield.

Before you know it, you are falling deeply in love with a girl.

With time, the trio crawls back to where they came from, leaving the arena up to you – probably out of boredom.

Some men “suffer” from the voodoo effect for a long time, but usually, it gets weaker as soon as you are getting used to the woman you’re with.

Then what?

Then you have to value your relationship so much that you are fine with less sexual chemistry. You can also end the game (= break up with her) or start a new game (= get to know new women).

I know that it takes away all the magic, but in my unpopular (and scientific) opinion, love is nothing more than a hormone cocktail.

You thought it was “destiny” or “meant to be”?


Chances are the voodoo masters will make you feel exactly the same about the next nice woman you encounter. Never underestimate their hypnotic powers.

But how can you use (not abuse) this power to make a woman fall in love with you?

5 Steps to Falling in Love: How to make a woman fall in love with you

Step #1: She doesn’t dislike you

Many men leave a bad impression on women, so it’s best to start from the beginning.

How do you avoid repelling women?

Good that you’re asking.

By not looking like a useless schlub:

  • Your clothes don’t look like you stole them from a homeless person: They are clean, don’t have holes (except when they are part of your style), fit like a glove and are at least somewhat adapted to your surroundings (I know a lot of pickup artists tell you to dress “peacocky”, but no – dressing like a shabby pimp is not a good plan!).
  • You’re not a hyena when it comes to hygiene: Your teeth are taken care of, you don’t smell, and you look healthy. All that should be common sense, but apparently, it’s not.
  • You are mentally healthy: Women don’t like negative, depressive and emotionally weak men. Sorry, but life is not fair… work on your self-esteem and get professional help if needed.
  • You are physically healthy: I don’t recommend being fat. You don’t need to look like a Spartan but the less fit you are the more you have to compensate with other attributes of your appearance.

Side note:

If you need more tips on how to dress properly, check out this article:

>> 10 Tips – Dress to Impress for Men (Ladies LOVE This)

If you want a girl to fall in love with you, the first step is to bring these indicators of non-schlubbyness to a sufficient level.

I can almost hear you scream behind the screen:

“BUT DAN!! This simply isn’t true. I know obese men who don’t care about fashion and still have a relationship!!!”

Could be.

But what does the woman look like?

Is she attractive and free from psychological problems?

Probably not but if so, I have to admit that there are exceptions. For reasons even I can’t comprehend there are women who don’t like the above points.

Here at AttractionGym we don’t rely on lucky exceptions. We want to widen your choice in spicy señoritas as much as possible, so you can get the woman you want to fall in love with you.

Step #2: You triggered her curiosity

This step is all about getting her attention.

For women this is relatively easy. She only has to look good enough and boom… men are curious.

For men it’s different. You have to spark emotions in a woman otherwise you don’t even exist for her.

That’s the reason it is called “seducing” and not “choosing”.

You can trigger her curiosity in 3 ways:

  1. Solid confidence

The most confident man in the room will certainly be checked out by the dames. They can spot him by noticing the way he handles himself.

For example, he has solid body language and stays calm.

Women start to wonder:

“Why is he so calm? Why is he so confident? There must be something about him…”

Then they will position themselves at a close distance, hoping to be approached and skillfully seduced by him.

  1. You approach her

Most men do NOTHING when they are in a club or a bar. All they do is sip their beers and wait for a miracle.

When you take the initiative, you will be rewarded.

Speak to her in an attractive manner and there is a big chance you’ll make her curious.

  1. Social ladders

When you are known, liked and respected, the game is going to be way easier for you.

Social ladders are a cheat code. They give you an unfair advantage right from the start.

Women think:

“Who is this guy and why does he know my friend? They are all reacting nicely to him, so he must be a great catch.”

It is a great idea to widen your social circle even though you shouldn’t depend on it. An attractive lone wolf is attractive even when he doesn’t know any other wolves.

Now, this can be tricky if you’re not a social person.

Good news though: You can become more outgoing. Check this article to find out how:

>> 23 Easy Ways to Be More Social with Women as an Introvert

Step #3: She thinks you are cool

Suddenly the dynamic of the conversation changes…

She wants to know more about you and asks you one question after the other.


Because she wants to know if you like her as well.

You want to get her into a curious state as soon as possible. The more a woman invests in you the more she’ll convince herself you’re irresistible.

Her asking questions is a woman falling in love sign.

Because once you’ve put effort into something, you can’t suddenly just let it go.

When she’s showing interest, show her you enjoy her presence. This can happen verbally and/or physically (= by touching her).

Continuing in this stadium, she might be ready to sleep with you, if you play your cards right.

You like her too? Great. Then don’t wait too long and bring the sexual tension between the two of you to atomic bomb level.

But how do you go about turning her on? Good thing I wrote an article about this, check it out:

>> 7 Tips to Make Women So Horny They Booty Call YOU

Step #4: She gets jealous when you flirt with other women

She reacts negatively when you talk to other women.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Jealousy can be an indicator that she finds you more than cool.

Ever seen a girl you like flirting with another guy?

Yes, that feeling.

Jealousy is a powerful emotion.

Do you know its origin?

Fear of loss.

I am not saying you should make her jealous on purpose. That’d be childish. But when she never has the feeling that she could lose you, there is no reason for her to be serious about you.

For this reason, you shouldn’t be afraid to keep chatting up other women.

You basically communicate this way:

“Hey I like you. But if you don’t like me back, we will leave it at that. I can easily get to know new women.”

In every Hollywood movie the woman falls in love with the man who promises her the universe.

Reality is different, my friend.

As soon as she realizes you have other options, she gets drawn to you even more.

A formula to ponder:

Being in love = finding someone attractive + not wanting to lose them

Step #5: She is in love with you

When you have got this far, she is in love with you.

But did you know you can still ruin EVERYTHING?



But do you also know how?

I’ll tell ya:

  • By texting her every second on WhatApp
  • By telling her how much you need her
  • By telling her that one day you want to marry her. Marriage is fine and beautiful, just don’t promise to her that you will get married later.
  • By gifting her chocolate and never talking to any other woman again

She won’t immediately stop liking you, but she is going to lose her motivation to be passionate about you.

She no longer fears losing you. She already has you and doesn’t need to put in the work to keep it that way.

Then it gets boring and she looks for a man who challenges her more.

Make sure she keeps trying to show you her best side. And you should do the same for her.

Remember: You want her to be chasing you, not the opposite.

If you need some tips on how to make her want you more, read this article:

>> 7 Steps To Turn The Tables – How to Make Her Chase You

Unconditional love is a myth.

Now you know how to make a woman fall in love with you.

A woman wants to feel that you have standards and are willing to let her go if she doesn’t meet them.

This is the only way to keep the Hunger-for-Love-Game up and running forever.

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