How to Be More Manly – 5 Simple Hacks

how to be more manly

Some men have a certain presence. Such a presence that you catch yourself looking in his direction every few minutes.

And what you notice is that not only you’re looking but with you a bunch of other people.

Even women. Yes, especially women.

They notice within seconds that a real man has just entered the playing field (instead of just another “nice guy next door”).

It seems like the attention of everyone is focused on this man.

It probably won’t happen to him that he can’t make at least one woman crazy about him that night.

And you? You remember that nobody – not to mention women – looked at you when you came in an hour ago.

You’re trying to figure out what’s causing this effect he creates and wonders:

“How can I make sure that I have a similar effect on people so that I have a better chance with women?”

Thinking is in vain. Something seems to be missing…

There’s no more brooding.

Today I’ll give you some effective tips to show your authentic masculinity and thus increase your attraction.

This way, a woman will see you as a real man from the first moment.

In this article, you’ll learn

  • How to become more manly (in a relationship): THE #1 trait that every woman loves
  • Why there’s a big difference between men and women and why you shouldn’t only see it, but celebrate it
  • How to be more manly, confident and attractive: An extremely masculine quality that transforms your weaknesses into strengths
  • How to raise your self-esteem and make yourself as invulnerable as Superman
  • And many more tips on how to sound, feel, dress, walk and look more manly…

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So, relax, man! Together, we’re going to bring out the burning fire of masculinity that’s blazing inside you.

It’s okay to be a man

Masculinity. What is that anyway supposed to mean?

True masculinity has never really changed. What was very masculine 2000 years ago is still perceived as very masculine today.

However, in today’s society, it’s unclear what is hidden behind the term and how one can live out true masculinity.

The term is increasingly associated with wrong things…

In the last century, we’ve achieved a lot in human rights: Women finally have the same rights as men and, fortunately, are increasingly treated as equals.

Fewer and fewer men see women as only “housewives” and even accept them in management positions, which is really nice!

Recently, however, there has been so much exaggeration about equivalence that there’s an increasing trend towards IDENTITY.

However, nothing could be less true.

>> 7 Qualities What Women Want in a Man.

Men and women are equal, but anything but identical.

There are (sometimes huge) differences between men and women.

To deny it means to suffer, to recognize it, to understand it, and to use it, means to seduce.

Unfortunately, there are only a few who dare to live out their masculinity, because the term often carries negative associations:

Repression, stubbornness, and a lack of empathy…

Men feel intimidated by this.

  • Determination is avoided because nobody wants to stand out.
  • Emotions/feelings aren’t shown because they’re associated with weakness.
  • Passion is missing because everyone wants to be liked by everyone else.

This is one of the reasons why men suppress their sexuality and thus their very essence.

Now you get official permission to be convinced about something. You get it in black and white. Write it on every wall of your house, tell your mother and tattoo it on your forehead:


And it’s even more than okay.

Authentic masculinity is exactly what women seek, need, and desire in a man.

But from whom should you learn it?

There’s a lack of role models.

Boys need someone to show them what it means to be a real man.

I was raised almost exclusively by my mother. She’s the greatest woman I know.

But what can she teach me about seducing women?

The only thing I learned from her was: Don’t disagree with a woman, give her gifts, and be nice.

But that doesn’t sound very manly, does it?

Most boys are raised mainly by their mothers. The fathers either stay out of it or they’re not very masculine themselves.

As a result, many people have a false idea of what it means to be a real man…

After a while, I realized that I had to overcome my pride and learn these masculine qualities from others.

Anyone who knows me knows I can be a very stubborn mother*cker. So, it wasn’t easy for me to admit that I needed help.

Anyone who lets us coach him can pat himself on the back!

Overcoming one’s pride and working with someone to get rid of your unattractive behavioral patterns requires incredible courage and is the first step to true masculinity.

>> 7 Ways to Be More Masculine: Feel Great and More Attractive

Become more masculine: The #1 masculine feature that women find sexy

Despite my years of experience as a dating coach, I won’t tell you myself what this #1 feature is.

Some time ago, I had the idea to have this question simply answered by women themselves.

On a foggy Sunday evening, I sent an unusual WhatsApp message to many of my female contacts:

Anna! Name the top 3 most attractive qualities in a man you like. Go!

In the first place, there was almost always a characteristic mentioned that will probably not surprise you: SELF-CONFIDENCE.

After that, I searched for all possible definitions of “self-confidence,” but this search wasn’t really satisfying…

Women want a man with balls, okay. But what exactly are those balls supposed to be filled with?

“You just have to be confident.”

Wow, very helpful tip, average imaginary dude…

It’s like the word “integration” that politicians burp up time and again. Everybody has associations with this word, but nobody really knows what it means.

If I were to coach you and simply say, “You can increase your masculinity by exuding self-confidence,” the chances are that you would look at me with a glassy look, and a huge question mark would appear above your head.

That’s why I’ve taken this term apart for you, down to all its individual parts, as if it were a Lego house and put it into a practical context in this article:

>> 12 Exercises I Used to Become More Confident Around Girls

This blog post will blow away the fog that surrounds this issue like a hurricane…

But you’re here to learn about masculinity, so get ready…

How to be more manly and confident: 5 simple hacks for manliness at the touch of a button

Manliness Hack #1: Have a clear opinion

Take two magnets and hold the opposite poles together. They’ll attract each other.

This is polarity, explained in such a simplified manner that even my four-year-old cousin, who has never heard of physics, understands it.

In practice, you can polarize by having your own opinion.

The stronger and more well-founded this opinion is, the more it attracts women.

The (unmanly) “nice guys” seem to forget that.

Instead, they agree with everything to avoid tension and thus miss creating magnetic attraction.

Everyone has their own opinion. You just have to express it without fear that other people might dislike it.

A good friend had a nifty test when she went on a first date with a man.

At the beginning of the date, she made a statement on a topic. A position in which she had a clear opinion. Then she looked to see if the man would agree or disagree.

Later she made another statement, but this time she deliberately told the exact opposite of what she said before.

Again, she paid attention to whether the man agreed or disagreed.

She did this to determine whether behind the zipper are hiding balls of steel or a semi-damp slit.

A brilliant test if you ask me.

By the way, if you want to know how to rock first dates, read this article:

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Now you shouldn’t feel that you always have to disagree with women.

While it’s more attractive to disagree constantly than to agree constantly, it’s about revealing your authentic, honest opinion.

And not about becoming a negative, judgmental person.

If you have a strong opinion of your own and stand by your values and norms, your masculinity increases rapidly.

This is because it testifies to steadfastness, unshakableness, and authenticity.

Three very attractive characteristics for women!

You also create positive tension between you two. This creates positive tension between the opposite poles.

>> How to Stop Being the Nice Guy – Being True to Yourself in 12 Steps

Manliness Hack #2: Stand on your own two feet

“Stay the way you are!”

…a phrase so toxic it burns my eyebrows just thinking about it.

Do you know the game (available in most arcades) where you have to hit moles with a hammer as soon as they stick out their heads?

It has something in common with society: If you’ve got it all and are better than most, there’s a force that will try to pull you down so that you become average again.

As you’re reading this article, you’re probably giving in to this power right now.

For example, when I wanted to live alone, my parents told me that it was not necessary after all. I get everything I need. I don’t have to do much, blah, blah… They wouldn’t mind if I lived with them a little longer.

There’s nothing wrong with living with your parents, either temporarily or permanently. However, the alarm bells do ring when you hear that from a grown man.

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The problem is that in most cases, this life situation leads to half-heartedness.

Even if you’re trying to give the impression that you’re a man working hard on his own life…

In most cases, you aren’t capable of doing that.

If you want to be taken seriously, what you do must be consistent with what you want to achieve.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t only respected for his muscle mass. If that were the case, nobody would take him seriously today, because lets be honest: By now he looks like a deflated Michelin man.

But he receives more recognition than ever before.

People respect him because he has always gone 100% all-in.

Let’s assume the following situation:

You see a woman who’s totally your type…

Dressed elegantly, blonde hair, long legs, a pleasant shiver runs down your back.

You’re being brave right now, and you’re talking to her:

“Hey, I just saw you, and you seem like someone very kind…”

Question for you: Do these words embody the reality in which she’s totally your type?

No, they don’t.

This is subdued behavior.

One characteristic of masculinity isn’t to show subdued behavior.

Masculinity means the willingness to take risks while being 0% dependent.

In the above situation, you were at most 50% willing to take risks, but not 0% dependent on her reaction.

You were afraid of possible negative reactions on her part and played it safe.

Paradoxically, this increases the chance of a negative reaction tenfold.

“Hey, I just saw you, and you have a f*cking great vibe. I just had to come up to you. My name is Dan.”

This is how you can approach a woman who’s totally your type.

You say this while owning it to 100%.

She immediately knows that she’s dealing with a real man.

Do you want to learn how to talk to women? With these tips, the whole thing suddenly becomes very easy:

>> Daygame – the Lost Art of Approaching Beautiful Women Without Creeping Them Out

Now you’re better equipped for sympathetic flirting than Neo for the Matrix.

Showing 100% commitment won’t only help you with women, but also in many other areas.

Whether in your social or professional life: You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you give it all.

Women find it super attractive if you have a real passion, even if it means they can never be your first priority.

They can’t help but respect you since you dare – like so few men today – to take your life into your hands. True authenticity is hard to find.

Remember that:

100% willingness to take risks, 0% dependency.

We keep this attitude in mind and continue to show our weaknesses openly.

>> 10 Proven Ways to Become More Attractive.

Manliness Hack #3: Turn weaknesses into strengths

I can already see you scratching behind your ears.

“Shouldn’t a man be strong, Dan? Is it really a good idea to show weakness?”

Well, it depends on HOW you do it.

Look… nobody’s perfect. And if you do meet someone who is, it’s probably an alien pretending to be human to scout our planet and enslave us with other followers of his species for all eternity.

Make it clear to that woman that you’re not an alien and SHOW VULNERABILITY.

Through, for example:

  • Sharing problems you’re trying to tackle in your life right now.
  • Funny facts about your childhood.

I like to tell, for example, that as a child, I once peed in the corner of my room and blamed the dog for it.

Only when you’re vulnerable are you seen as a real person.

It shows that you feel comfortable with yourself, know yourself, and aren’t ashamed of yourself.

I had stuttering problems once. When I was very nervous – which was especially the case in front of women – I couldn’t utter a single word without a little “Hamana Hamana” coming out of my mouth.

I just kept saying:

“Whoa, you’re making me really nervous. I’m stuttering all over the place.”

That worked so well. I almost miss my stutter today…

If you stand by your weaknesses like a boss, they instantly turn into strengths.

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Manliness Hack #4: Being above things

I see it a lot during our coaching sessions…

The women are apparently happy that a man talks to them sincerely. Emotions run high like a NASA rocket that’s just been launched.

That’s a good thing! Unfortunately, however, the coaching participant is drawn into the maelstrom of emotions and reacts more and more impulsively.

A short time later, the interaction ends with a lull even though it began so explosively.

What went wrong?

The participants can’t remain calm.

The woman has noticed that the man loses his temper as soon as emotions are circulating.

This reactive behavior is unattractive for a woman. She wants a man who remains unimpressed like a deep-rooted oak tree before a breeze.

So she knows that he can handle delicate situations in a relationship, as a husband or father.

A real man sees the big picture. He doesn’t bother with details.

>> 7 Powerful Ways to Make a Girl Crazy About You.

Therefore, it’s no problem for him if there are disturbing factors such as an annoying best friend or a jealous buddy.

He remains cool, calm and always seems to have a plan, even if he’s absolutely clueless.

The mindset to help you with this is, “No matter what happens. It’s part of my plan.”

  • She says you’re too short for her? Perfect, it was part of your plan for her to say that.
  • She hesitates to give you her number? Perfect, part of the plan.
  • She thinks you suck? Part of the plan.

Manliness Hack #5: The method of the most unattractive man

Everyone has a sense of humor. Even the most introverted computer nerd can make his comrades laugh every now and then on TeamSpeak.

But then you’re standing in front of a beautiful woman…

No more humor.

And away is the beautiful woman.

The problem is that you quickly become too self-critical in these situations. You start to think about whether everything you say is good enough for her.

You’re showing signs of dependency.

And what did we learn earlier? Right. You have to be 0% dependent on her.

The words that come out of your mouth and your own sense of humor don’t depend on who is standing in front of you.

>> 5 Tips to find a girlfriend and get her crazily attracted to you.

This is about self-worth. It means that no matter what anyone says or thinks, you know you’re good enough.

Don’t take yourself (and particularly your ego) too seriously.

How can you do that?

Let me make it practical:

Jokes about yourself and self-irony work great.

Here are a few things you can tell women to demonstrate high self-esteem:

“I’m shy and never talk to women.”

“I live in Amsterdam’s most beautiful park under a magnificent bridge. The ground is nice and hard. It’s good for keeping a straight back.”

“I still live with my parents in the basement, and my mom always makes me a bedtime tea and tucks me in.”

But be careful! It should be damn obvious, you’re joking. So tell lines like these with a big smile on your face.

It’s going to be strange at first, making a fool of yourself.

After a while, this becomes normal, and you can laugh about yourself anytime and anywhere.

An excellent quality that makes you invulnerable.

When others try to insult you or pull you down, it’s like throwing cotton wool at Superman.

Progressing in your masculine development means…

Men like to take risks. This is also the reason why men mostly perform dangerous extreme sports.

They love to feel like an action hero, having adrenaline pumping through their veins and be daring.

But you don’t have to parachute down a cliff to show that you’re a man.

This is also possible in a more ordinary context.

For example, you approach that intimidatingly beautiful woman at Starbucks while all the other men are already getting shaking knees from thinking about doing it.

Or by sending the daring Tinder or text message inviting her to your home.

This is masculinity. That’s what women look for in men. That’s attractive.

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You can grab it right here.

See you on the other side.

Hasta la vista, bitches!

Dan de Ram

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