How To Be Playful? 3 Must-Have Tips + 7 Examples

how to be playful

He: “What’s your name?”

She: “Lena.”

He: “What are you studying?”

She: “Law.”

He: “How old are you?”

She: 21.”

He: “Who are you here with?”

“Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom,” she replied and never returned…

Raise your hand if this situation sounds familiar.

You know what, bro?

Even if you could NEVER imagine it, I haven’t always been this incredibly charming, comedy prize-worthy (and not at all self-indulgent) womanizer.

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In fact, there was a time when this kind of basket haunted me more often than Freddy Krueger’s dreams of small children.

Maybe you recognize yourself in my example dialogue and ask yourself (like the past Dan) why the conversation ended so quickly.

At that time, it took me countless months to discover this one skill that I lacked when dealing with women.

Without it, I didn’t just get often rejected.


I ended up permanently in the probably darkest (and most sexless) place in the world for lack of this ability.

The friend zone.

Do you want the same fate to befall you?

If you answered no.

Then read carefully.

The skill that took my success with women to a new level is:


That’s why I’m going to show you in this article:

  • How to be more playful and why it is essential when flirting with hot women
  • What rollercoaster rides have to do with the friend zone
  • How to be playful with your crush (or in a relationship): The 3 most fatal mistakes in being playful and how to avoid them
  • How be playful in conversation and over text: 3 must-have tips to get her under your spell
  • My secret tip: How to become an unstoppable chick magnet
  • And many more tips on how to be more playful and flirty…

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“Love is a tease.” That’s what science says.

9th grade: Math class.

You scribble a tiny line of ink on the notepad of your neighbor Lisa.

“You goofball!” she smiles at you while she draws a gigantic penis on your pad with her pink marker.

*bell punch*


“Lisa is such a stupid goat.” you start your story angrily as you tell your classmates about your experience.

Their reactions:

“Haha, love is a tease!”

Yeah, yeah.

You’ve probably heard this tired old saying hundreds of times before.

Even if you can no longer hear it, there’s still an important message hidden inside it.

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Teasing is an essential element of seduction.


Because it brings a crucial point to your conversations:


Like a pinch of salt in a dumpling soup, tension is the necessary spice that makes your conversations with sexy señoritas come alive.

They notice that you don’t just want to become their gay best friend who blows glitter dust up her ass 24/7 and shoots wildly around with third-string compliments.

Through tension, you transform yourself into a sex worthy man, who dares to spread negative emotions in addition to positive ones.

If you butter her up nonstop, you’ll bore her faster than a Bugatti Veyron accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (which it does in 2.5 seconds, by the way)…

Let me give you an example.

Think about your favorite movie of all time.

What makes it so special?

Even if it’s a comedy, I bet you it doesn’t go all “peace, love and harmony” style.

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It offers you a dynamic.

Even in Dumb & Dumber, an absolute comedy classic, Lloyd and Harry reach an emotional low.

During their road trip to Aspen, they run out of money COMPLETELY.

Their long-awaited dream threatens to burst until they come up with a clever idea that will make it happen in the end.

Without this rollercoaster ride of emotions, this strip would never have reached its legendary status.

And what do you think happens when you can offer your lady this unique ride?

Spoiler: She’s going completely crazy for you.

But teasing isn’t only a key skill that’s essential when seducing new women.


It also plays a significant role in the life of relationships.

Dacher Keltner, a psychology professor at the University of California, conducted countless studies on the effects of playful teasing in a relationship.

The results speak for themselves.

Couples who know how to tease their partner properly were compared to couples who don’t do that…

The results showed that those that tease their partners are….

  • Much happier
  • Much more peace-oriented in dealing with conflicts
  • With a significantly higher probability longer together

“That sounds good, Dan. But what does teasing specifically mean, and how do I tease a woman anyway?”

Excellent question, muchacho!

In order to understand exactly how to tease your 10/10 correctly, you should first know how NOT to tease someone.

Wrong teasing is even MORE FATAL than not teasing her at all.

So open your eyes widely.

The three biggest mistakes: You should NEVER tease her like this

Mistake #1: You put yourself above her

“Are you a geriatric nurse? Shit that has to wipe shit. That matches.”

You may provoke strong emotions in her with provocative statements like this.

But any woman with a healthy amount of self-esteem would distance herself from you faster than the Roadrunner would.

So, by considering yourself a superior species and her an inferior one, you’re gambling away any chance of flirting with her.

Tastelessness and insults that become personal are evidence of the weakness of character and purely pathetic.

So, better save it.

Mistake #2: Comments about her self-doubt

“You’re a bit of a relaxer. When was the last time you went to the gym?”

This is obviously not a clever saying if she’s unsure about her body.

Of course, some women are very self-confident and would take your comment with humor.

But even in this case, she’ll wonder why of all the ways to tease her, you can only think of one insult…

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Mistake #3: Missing smile

“Oh, God, you have an incredibly bad sense of humor. You should stop making jokes!”

Imagine someone wants to tease you with this but forgets to smile.

Or better yet, looks at you with disgust.

Does it really make you feel teased, or does it feel more like a dull attempt to belittle you?

If you’re not a sociopathic psycho, you’ll probably agree with me when I say “rather the latter.”

So never forget to smile.

The good Lord, the flying spaghetti monster or the universe (whatever you believe in) gave us two lips for a reason).

With a simple smile during your teasing, you exude lightheartedness and playfulness.

Mucho atractivo!

Okay, bro.

Now you know the three mistakes you should avoid at all costs…

Are you ready to discover how to do it right instead of taking your success with women to the next level?

Then grab a blank A4 sheet and a pen from your Pokémon pencil case.

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3 Must-have tips on how to be lighthearted and playful (incl. over text)

Tip #1: Misinterpret her statements intentionally

In times of global slut-shaming our women of the 21st century want to be perceived as neat creatures.

She wants to show etiquette.

She wants to make you believe:

“Wicked thoughts of sweaty, wild sex… Pfff, I certainly never think about that.”

But have you ever overheard two women talking when they thought nobody was listening to them?


They’re at least as filthy as us men.

Secretly, they love talking about sex.

However, the dilemma is that they’re socially labeled as “sluts” at the speed of light as soon as they talk openly about it.

But when she meets a man like you, who doesn’t judge her for it, a new world reveals itself to her.

A world in which there’s a place for even her dirtiest fantasies.

“That sounds great, Dan, but how do I get more sexual without it getting too weird?”

Good question!

A great way is to misinterpret her statements sexually.

You put words in her mouth and turn the tables.

Like she’s one of you who got sexual first.


“I’m studying Management of Social Services.”

“So you become a pimp, and you’re just looking for suitable prostitutes so you can go ahead with your business.”


“My favorite thing is to watch movies with animals.”

“Are you trying to tell me you have a penchant for documentaries on the mating habits of koalas?”

Of course, you can use this technique in any other context.

“I’m a lawyer.”

“So you help the criminals not to end up behind bars?!”

As you can easily see, it’s easy to misinterpret everything.

Try it out and surprise yourself with what comes to your mind the next time you talk to a hot woman.

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Tip #2: Cold reading deluxe

At the latest since the magic show “The Next Uri Geller” we know them:

Wannabe mentalists and magicians who can read the darkest secrets of their audience from their palm lines.

That’s exactly what you can do from today on, young Uri.

Give your chosen one a critical look as you slowly “walk” with your eyes from her head to her feet.

After you did that, it’s…

Prime time!

Tell her about the amazing conclusions you came to in your detailed analysis.

The more absurd, the better.

You can also grab her hand and pull a meaning out of your ass for each of her fine lines.

If she’s obviously a proud Big City girl, you can tease her by the following “assumption”:

“You look like a typical country girl. Yes, I can picture you milking cows every morning and then going out to the cornfields for the harvest…”

Or if she looks a little younger and you meet her at the club:

“You’re cute. I wonder if you’re allowed to drink alcohol yet.”

As you can easily see, my friend, there are no limits to your creativity.

This saves her the emotionless interview mode that 99% of other men already offer her.


  • “What do you do for a living?”
  • “What are you studying?”
  • “How old are you?”
  • “Where are you from?
  • “What are your hobbies?”

It’s more interesting if you tease her with cold reading instead.

Trust me; she’ll absolutely love it.

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Tip #3: Mixed compliments

  • “I like your shoes.”
  • “You have beautiful eyes.”
  • “Your hair is great.”
  • “Your dress is sexy.”


With these run-of-the-mill compliments, beautiful women are tormented every day.

They’re not special to them anymore.

Therefore, these kind words hardly trigger any emotions in her.

But if you playfully inject a slightly negative aftertaste into these compliments, they’ll transform into true attraction boosters.

I’ll show you how you do it with two examples:

“I like your shoes. They remind me of Crocs.”

“You’ve beautiful eyes – are they real, or are they contact lenses?”

You start with the positive thing you want to compliment her on and then add a statement that somewhat invalidates your positive opinion (PLAYFULLY).

Et voilà – you make her blush, and she suddenly becomes vulnerable.

She wonders why you behave so differently from the other men, while the following thoughts creep into her head:

  • “It seems my looks alone, don’t impress him. That’s never happened to me before – how do I convince him for myself?”
  • “He’s brave and confident. Not like most guys.”

My secret tip: This is how you become a chick magnet

Alrighty, bro.

You now know how to create tension between you and a fantastic mademoiselle by teasing.

But there’s one important thing I’d like to share with you.

A competent, charismatic, and attractive man can do more than that, though.

What he also knows, however, is that teasing is only one part of his seduction repertoire in order to win countless 11/10 for him.

“What is the rest of his repertoire, anyway?”

This is exactly the question I’ve been waiting for!

So, to remove all the question marks from your face, I’m presenting you with a Kit that’s guaranteed to help you.

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Your bro,
Dan de Ram

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